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Class Announcer

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 238 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 56,134 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/28/2014
  • Created 05/03/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: ClassAnnouncer v1.1.6

About Class Announcer

When you change target, if the targetted unit is an enemy player, the addon will announce the class of that player. Can be useful in battlegrounds as quick confirmation of a player class without having to look down at the tooltip.

v1.1.6 Bugfix release - corrects error when deselecting a target v1.1.5 Bugfix release - thanks for the feedback! v1.1.4 Compatibility update for WoW 6.x v1.1.3 Compatibility update for WoW 5.2 v1.1.2 Fix for error message (thanks Icesaber40k)


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  • #39

    Thank you so much for updating this addon because I really missed it the last few weeks. Works perfectly now! Kudos and keep up the good work ;)

    I have a small question/suggestion. When I type /clann it shows me:

    Class Announcer is currently Enabled.
    Type '/clann off' to disable.
    Class Announcer: Pet Announcements Enabled.

    The line "Pet Announcements Enabled" suggests that it is optional and can be switched off. Is this true? If so, how do I turn it off? If this is not true then I believe this might be a nice idea for a next release. Have me type "/clann nopets" for example to disable it. Just my two cents. And thanks again!

    Last edited by ustoopia on 11/30/2014 5:11:39 AM
  • #41

    Hi ustoopia, thanks for that :)

    Yes you can turn off pet announcements if you wish... just type '/clann pet' to toggle it off/on.

  • #38

    Thanks notta3d, well spotted - I've added your change and will upload later today :)

  • #37

    Nice fix and cleaner :) Still getting one small error when you deselect a target. Select a target and hit esc. Giving nil vlaue error. FYI, changing this line fixed it for me:

    if event == "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED" and not (UnitClass("target") == nil) then

  • #36

    Bugfix release currently awaiting approval - thanks for your feedback!

  • #34

    The problem seems to be in the block of code beginning with if (announcePet) then (around line 72) in the classannouncer.lua file. I just commented out the block of code (adding -- in front of each line) and I'm not getting the NPC error anymore.

  • #35

    The part that was cut out by commenting above was the announcement of a pet. I kind of need this feature when I'm cycling through targets so I hacked it up to try and get it working until the author officially fixes the issue.

    Change this:

    if (announcePet) then
    --Get unit GUID, to determine if it's a pet....
                            local CAtargetguid = UnitGUID("target");
    -- trap a null GUID, ignore if it is null
                            if not (CAtargetguid == nil or CAtargetguid == "") then
                            local B = tonumber(CAtargetguid:sub(5,5), 16);
                            local maskedB = B % 8; -- x % 8 has the same effect as x & 0x7 on numbers <= 0xf
                            local knownTypes = {[0]="player", [3]="NPC", [4]="pet", [5]="vehicle"};
                                if (knownTypes[maskedB] == "pet") then


    if (announcePet) then
    --Get unit GUID, to determine if it's a pet....
                            local CAtargetguid = UnitGUID("target");
                            if not (CAtargetguid == nil or CAtargetguid == "") then
                            local B = CAtargetguid:sub(1,3);
                            if B == "Pet" then

    Last edited by notta3D678 on 11/26/2014 2:58:21 AM
  • #33

    Uninstalled due to LUA error while clicking non Player

  • #32

    I got so used to having this addon that I can't, and don't want to live without it. That's why I'm posting a ticket for a problem I'm having with the updated version. Whenever I target a non-player I get a LUA error. Here's the ticket:

  • #31

    Hello and thanks for your addon!  Any word on updated version, or is this DOA?


    10/18/2014:   Thanks for the update I see the program is up and running!!  Thank you!!

    Last edited by justbecawz on 10/18/2014 3:45:47 PM
  • #29

    Had to modify Classannouncer.lua line 75 from:

    if not (CAtargetguid == "") then

    to this:

    if not (CAtargetguid == nil or CAtargetguid == "") then


    To get rid of a reoccuring error.

  • #28

    Keep getting this error...


    85x Classannouncer\Classannouncer-1.1.0.lua:74: attempt to index local "guid" (a nil value)
    Classannouncer\Classannouncer-1.1.0.lua:74: in function <Classannouncer\Classannouncer.lua:14>
    <in C code>
    FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3100: in function "ToggleGameMenu"
    <string>:"TOGGLEGAMEMENU":1: in function <string>:"TOGGLEGAMEMENU":1

    (*temporary) = "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED"
    (*temporary) = "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED"
    (*temporary) = <func> =[C]:-1

  • #27

    (Sings) Have I ever told you, your my hero, and everything I coul....naw hahahaha! Thank you so much for the update. You are the wind under this commuinty wings...(I had to go their)

    Last edited by ognomad on 11/16/2012 1:08:43 PM
  • #25

    Update incoming soon, currently testing.  Monk added and sounds re-recorded (hopefully louder and clearer).

  • #30

    I love this addon, but I wish you would add non-British sounds! It took me forever to figure out that it was saying Death Knight!

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