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ClassMonitor Tukui&ElvUI&BlizzardUI

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 116,901 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/12/2013
  • Created 09/21/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 3.5.3
Support development! **

About ClassMonitor Tukui&ElvUI&BlizzardUI

**** New ****
Statue plugin added (monk statue, priest light well, dk ghoul and warrior banner)
****Coming soon****
Free anchoring for each plugin

Monitor class resources such as combo points, energy, runes, soul shards, mana, eclipse, mana tea.
This version is compatible with standard Blizzard UI, Tukui and ElvUI. This replaced old versions Tukui_ClassMonitor and Tukui_ElvUI_ClassMonitor

To move frames, you can use /clm move or /moveui if you're using Tukui/ElvUI
To config, you can use /clm config (or /ec in ElvUI)

If you see blurry borders on top/bottom of bars, try with multisampling set to 1 (it's impossible to perform pixel perfect with multisampling set higher than 1) You may also try to set an even value for bar height and/or move your bars one pixel above/below

You can still modify your config by creating a new file profiles.lua in /ClassMonitor/config/ but it will be lost each time you perform an update of the addon.

Default configuration by class:
Druid: mana/rage/energy, combo, eclipse, mushrooms
Paladin: mana, holy power, sacred shield
Warlock: mana, soul shards, burning embers, demonic fury
Rogue: energy, combo, anticipation, bandit's guile
Priest: mana, shadow orbs, rapture ICD, Light wekk
Mage: mana, arcane blast, ignite, combustion
DK: runic power, runes, shadow infusion, bone shield, blood shield, ghoul
Hunter: focus, pet's frenzy
Warrior: rage, shield barrier, banners
Shaman: mana, fulmination, maelstrom, totems
Monk: mana/energy, chi, mana tea, elusive brew, tigereye brew, stagger, guard, statues

Additional plugin (must be added in config.lua or with config UI):
Health, CD, Recharge (points and bar  CD with charge like monk's roll) , Aura (points and bar   check buff or debuff)

This addon is based on sCombo by Smelly and Hydra. It has been totally rewritten and many new features have been added. Ildyria also wrote some plugins.

Updated for 5.4
Minor bug fixed
Config: AURABAR missing Filter config option added
AURA and POWER can be displayed from right to left or left to right (reverse option)
Config: Rune map saved (at last :D)
Config: Aura max count up to 16 instead of 10

Patch 5.3
TOC updated
Quick and dirty workaround for problem with ElvUI config. Will be fixed later.

Updated for patch 5.2
4 arcane charges instead of 6
Addon always in curse client status modified fixed, thanks Acend from Curse team
Bug fixed in ENERGIZE plugin, duration was always reset to 10 :/ (thanks Nize)

Statue plugin added (monk statue, priest light well, dk ghoul and warrior banner)
Bug fix with outdated message in BG
Rare issue fixed with RegisterAddonMessagePrefix

AURABAR: count removed and show spell name added
RUNES: runes order added in config UI

TOC updated for 5.1

IMPORTANT change for plugin developer: .enable renamed to .enabled, you should now use self:IsEnabled() to check this value (instead of using self.settings.enable
Graphical glitch fixed in DEMONICFURY, RECHARGE plugin
SetInside used with each statusbar instead of setting manually anchoring (Pixel perfect correct with ElvUI)
GetColor added in public namespace
GetAnchor, GetWidth and GetHeight added in Plugin metatable (mandatory for external plugin if you don't want to break autogrid anchoring)
External plugin sample HelloWorld and Castbar added
Unit reaction added in Native UI
Safecall methods from plugin to avoid crashing ClassMonitor with bugged external plugins
Plugin with OnUpdate event handler modified to avoid refreshing on every call
Colors can be set again in COMBO plugin
Anchor cycle and unknown anchor handled more efficiently
Bone shield default position fixed
Bug fixed in ECLIPSE plugin (never code when you're tired)
Plugins should now use ElvUI border color, texture, ... correctly
Simplified chinese localization by Puffina
IMPORTANT change for plugin developer: D.Helpers.Enable renamed to D.Helpers.Enabled
Bug fixed in plugin creation
Description option added for each plugin
Better default anchoring when creating new plugin
ReloadUI added in reset
Simplified chinese localization by Puffina
Bug fixed while creating new plugin + autogrid anchor, sometimes frame was pointing to a not yet existing frame
Bug fixed in autogrid anchoring master assignation
Bug fixed in ElvUI unit color
Bug fixed while re-creating a deleted plugin during the same play session
Bug in width/height config (stupid copy/paste)

Auto-grid anchor activated (still experimental)
Add new plugin instance implemented
Delete plugin instance implemented
External plugin allowed (see README)
Old plugin code removed
Bug fixed in TANKSHIELD plugin
Bug fixed in CD plugin (graphical glitch)
Bug fixed in TOTEMS plugin
Typo in french localization
Width and height grouped
Auto-grid anchor added
Plugin instance creation/deletion added
Plugin option definition rewritten
Description added for each plugin
Debug mode
Bug fixed with DOT plugin. Yes, again.
Bug fixed with buff/debuff on pets

Plugins rewritten to allow on-the-fly settings modification without reloadUI (==>no more reloadUI when modifying options)
Anchor added in config UI
Code refactored
Default height set to 16 (stupid workaround for multisampling and pixel perfect)
Popup to inform about problems with multisampling and pixel perfectness
CD and Recharge/RechargeBar plugin added (must be added manually)
UI namespace cleaned
Bug fixed in Tukui skin
Use ElvUI colors when possible
Bugs fixed in DOT and ENERGIZE plugin
hideifmax option added in RESOURCE plugin
Default color for Demonic Fury and Burning Embers
SendAddonMessage added to check if a new version is available
Unused code removed
Auto-grid anchor added (experimental)
Bug fixed in Eclipse:UpdateGraphics
Default values set in plugin instead of main loop
Color defaulting added

Bug fixed in Tukui Ace3 skin

Bug fixed with option control panel in ElvUI

Config UI Tukui skin bug fixed
Reload UI less spammy
Global width/height setter
LibStub and CallbackHandler library were missing

IG config continued, edit panel done except anchor/colors
Bug fixed in ElvUI skin
Plugin with count doesn't specify point width+spacing anymore but total bar width (point width and spacing are computed dynamically)
spec replaced with specs (table instead of value)
anchors removed, only one anchor
Tank shield plugin (more shields will come later)
TOTEM kind renamed to TOTEMS
Demonic fury and burning embers config has been removed from power config
Bug fixed in Runes and Stagger plugin

Basic config UI
Shadow removed from from bar/points
Bug fixed in Health plugin

Stagger plugin added
Regen renamed to Energize

Bug fixed with autohide on resource/eclipse/demonic fury/health
New plugin: Bandit's Guile (Rogue combat)
Bone shield added in DK config
Frenzy added to Hunter config
Add event to handle unit = "pet"
Mana Tea/Elusive Brew/Tigereye Brew reactivated

Engine.GetConfig function added, it makes easier to edit profiles.lua (profiles_template.lua modified)
Bug fixed with Eclipse, power max was set to 0 while connecting (and not after /console reloadui)
Autohide added for each plugin

Shadow can be disabled by setting Engine.UIConfig.shadow = false in your profiles.lua
Elusive brew and Tigereye brew added for monk (thanks Soulshard)

Default bool value overwriting set value bug fixed
Additional option 'unit' in Aura plugin
Typo fixed in config explanation
Another pixel perfect bug fixed :)
Missing method in native UI

Pixel perfect bug fixed
Addon structure modified a little bit

Doesn't need Tukui or ElvUI anymore but still compatible with them

Bug fixed in Health plugin
Additional option 'unit' on Health plugin
profiles.lua added to .gitignore + profiles_template.lua added

ElvUI compatible
Shadow infusion aura added for DK

Additional info in config file
Totem plugin rewritten to be more generic and include wild mushrooms
Multi spec restriction added

Additional layout for aura plugin, bar+text+duration instead of points (useful to track mana tea)

Shadow orbs, Shaman maelstrom/fulmination fixed
RSA removed

Eclipse fixed
Unused code removed

Movers added

Bug fixed
Unused code removed

Plugins are now in addon namespace instead of global one
Wildmushrooms and Regen readded
Framestrata fixed for every plugin
RegisterUnitEvent used when possible (instead of RegisterEvent)

Demonic Fury, Burning Embers added
Number of power unit handled dynamically
Bug fixes

Monk config added
dynamic power unit

MoP ready

Regen plugin by Ildyria

Dot plugin by Ildyria

Shaman config
Bug fixed

Totems plugin by Ildyria

Health plugin by Ildyria
Movers out of Tukui added

Runes fixed

Patch 4.3 ready

Config structure modified

Aura, power, resource bug fixed

Totally rewritten

First commit


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  • #57

    At last we found the bug with Status modified in Curse client. Thanks Acent from Curse Team =) available

    Last edited by sinacbe on 12/12/2012 1:35:03 PM
  • #55

    This Addon is very cool! Thank you. I have a question:

    How can I change the font size? The font size is too smallCry. Sorry, my English is poor.

    Last edited by iammilo on 12/9/2012 6:21:21 PM
  • #56

    Are you using ElvUI/Tukui or standard blizzard UI ?

  • #54 + Important bug fix with out of date message in BG

  • #53

    3.4.5 available
    AURABAR: count removed and show spell name added 
    RUNES: runes order added in config UI

  • #50

    Is there anyway to re-arrange the order of the rune bar? The default shows Blood/Death/Unholy/Frost. Is there anyway I can configure it to make it Blood/Death/Frost/Unholy? Thanks.

  • #51

    It's possible but not without any lua coding for the moment. I didn't yet find a way to add this option in config UI  (option already exists but cannot yet be configured)

    As temporary fix, you can edit ClassMonitor\config\config.lua, search for CM_RUNES, find line with runemap = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 }, and replace it with runemap = { 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4 },

    EDIT: next release (next monday) will have rune order configurable in UI

    Last edited by sinacbe on 11/29/2012 2:06:50 AM
  • #52

    Alright, thanks.

  • #49

    Updated for 5.1

  • #47

    3.4.3 released: many bugs fixed + chinese localization (Thanks again Puffina). See changelog for more informations.

  • #43

    how do i change bar texture and borders? can't find it

  • #44

    Are you using Tukui, ElvUI or none of these ?

  • #46

    I'm not an ElvUI user but when I tried with it and changed ElvUI font (/ec > Media > Default font) it changed the font in ClassMonitor. The same goes for texture and border color.

  • #45

    i'm using ElvUI, but for some reason the addon doesn't seem to get the texture and font settings from the media panel of the UI config. The addon works great tho, it would be awesome to have more control on the layout to even override Elv/Tuk settings.

  • #42

    One month since last feedback :/

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