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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 1,149,482 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2014
  • Created 04/17/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License
  • Newest File: 6.0.3
Support development! **

About CLC DK

Intro: This is a mod designed to put all the neccessary Death Knight information together in an easy to see display. The author hated looking all over the screen for multiple information (Disease Duration, Cooldowns, buff durations, GCD timer, runic power, runes, etc.) So he developed this addon to have all the information in one place. He then noticed there was a sort of similar addon called clcret that helps ret and prot pallies with their rotation. He decided to sort of borrow the idea and have priority box that suggests a move for you. I came along some time later and, having been distressed by the lack of knowledge most players had about how to effectively play Death Knights, found this addon to be an amazing help when I referred people to it. I made use of the CD and rune display as well and after the original author stopped support I found I missed it dearly. Other DK runebars out there simply didn't have the flare, versatility, or the extra CD tracking functionality. I got in touch with him and he honored me with the role of continuing the project. Since a serious overhaul was needed to make it function in MoP, I quickly became invested in it, and now take great pride in this little piece of art. Here is how it works.

Features: (See pictures above for a better idea)

Runes: The Rune cool-down is an borrowed idea from some ideas that popped up on EJ years ago.

  • = rune is off cool-down.
    X = on full cool-down.
    number =how many seconds is left on the rune.
    -Graphical Runes option displays growing bars to represent time remaining, making it easy to approximate them at a quick glance.

Runic Power: Self Explanatory.

Frost Fever and Blood Plague Durations: Self Explanatory.

Priority System: -options to include/exclude diseases, talents and CDs in the rotation.
-option to show recommended AoE priority as a smaller icon included in the priority window.
-option to suggest when to interrupt
What the Priority is, and is not:
-Rotation support for all three specs
-This is intended for Single Target Boss Fights
-This is only a base rotation, sort of a starting point. There is allot more that goes into a rotation, and I suggest you read up on that. Whether it be on EJ, Noxxic, Icy-veins or some other theory-crafting page.
-There is going to be some situations where your own judgment is going to be better (Pestilence, refreshing disease before you run out, etc.).
-That being said, I have put a lot of work into designing the rotation to be as optimal as possible.

-There are eight cool-downs you can customize
-You can hide each set of two (right set, left set, far right set, far left set)
-These include all DK cooldowns, as well as important buffs and procs (such as Killing Machine, Sudden Doom etc.), and trinkets.

Disease Tracker:
-tracks your diseases across multiple targets

Customize: Visual Settings:
Normal - which shows the frame only in combat or while targeting an enemy.
Show - which will always show the frame.
Hide - which will always hide the frame.

-Can adjust transparency and scale
-Can hide any aspect you do not want in the addon
-Can move any aspect of the addon to any part of the screen you want.

-While running it is at about 240-270 kb in memory.

Q: Can you make the priority icon clickible or bind it to a hotkey?
A: No, it is impossible to do with the changes blizzard made back in BC.

Q: Diseases don't seem to be tracked in the priority, whats up?
A: Check the options (/clcdk) and look under "Disease Options" and make sure its set to what you want.

Q: Does it work for tanking?
A: Yes and no. While it shows you a basic single target rotation, it will not show you when to use cooldowns, or when to use more aoe threat moves, again like DPS priority, its a starting point, not a scripture.

Q: I want you to add something to the rotation.
A: For the most part, rotations are pretty much set in stone based on the best single target rotation. Most stuff I will NOT add for multiple reasons, mainly that most moves are extremely situational and you should really learn when to use them. If the addition makes sense and is decent utility, I may add it. I'm still throwing some things up in the air on this topic.

Q: I have a CD or Buff that isn't being tracked.
A: Tell me what it is and I will add it. I have tried my best to add all cooldowns, but I might miss a few (especially ones in specs I don't play that often). This is particularly true of trinkets. If there is a trinket you would like tracked that it is not recognizing just tell me what it is. There are far toomany to be sure I get them all.

Q: I think I have found a bug, what do I do?
A: Leave a comment or send me a private message with as much information as you can. Just saying that there is a problem does not help me at all. Send me screenshots, which version it started happening in?, is it only one spec?, does it occur with default settings? etc.

Q: Why is there a rotation? Deathknight rotation is easy enough.
A: The entire intention of the rotation is for new deathknights to learn the rotation easily, and know what moves to do in different situations. There is much much more into a rotation, and if you know of these things, you should hide the rotation by changing the icon to something different. (/clcdk -> Cooldown Options -> Priority Dropdown)

Contact: -Any suggestions on how to improve the addon or any bugs, please leave a comment and I should respond in a few days.


This addon is only being supported through Curse as of this time. WowInterface update forthcoming.

Thanks: Baine for German Translations (deDE)
yeah-chen for Chinese (znCN) and Taiwan (zhTW) Translations
Everyone who has used this addon and helped make it better.
Very special thanks to the original author Nuta, for coming up with this whole thing, and giving me the honor of continuing it.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

-Updated spell listings for WoD
Many spells removed from the game, and a few added
-Updated rotations
Added new optional abilities to rotations
Added new talents and spells to CD tracker
Added Necrotic Plague to Disease tracker
-Bug Fixes
Glyphed Interupt removed for now, will return it at a later time if it is called for. (Nobody used that glyph anyway)
Some holes in Blood rotation, to be addressed in future update
New trinkets to be added in future update

-Updated rotations for all three specs
Soul Reaper is finally included in Blood Spec
-Added new optional abilities to rotations
Blood Tap
Empower Rune Weapon
-Added Some long CDs to be tracked not previously included, and CD for Symbiosis, when available.
-Added "Talents" menu to CD dropdown and moved Talent choice abilities there to eliminate long CD list going outside of monitor on some displays.
-Bug Fixes and old/redundant code removal

-Added "Festerblight" Alternative Rotation for Unholy spec
-Bug Fixes

-Added functionality for Tier 15 4 piece Set Bonus. Find this on the Rotation Options Panel under Alternate Rotation.
-Added Season 13 PvP trinkets

-Added a few choice trinkets
-Unholy Strength buff returned
-Bug fixes*
-Compatibility update

  • known issue when changing specs to and from Frost being unable to change alternative rotation selection without reloading ui. Unable to localize error at this time.

Finally back up and running, thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. So here we go:
-Added Soul Reaper
-Added check-box selections for Plague Leech and Unholy Blight in the priority window. (a lot more work than it sounds like :/ )
-Some changes to rotations for Frost and Unholy.
-MoP Trinkets will be added gradually over the next week or so. (There are a ton of them)

-All Specializations updated
-Updated default settings and CDs to more appropriate settings
-Frost Alternate Priority changed to Dual-Weild, and RP variables updated
-Pool RP for Interrupt reworked into Pool RP for Glyphed Interrupt, and variables updated appropriately. (Check this box if you took the Glyph of Mind Freeze)
-Removed holdovers from version 4.3.0 including Unholy Strength Buff (now passive), and Chilblains (now adds functionality to Frost Fever)

-Fixed Specialization detection for Frost and Blood
-Added MoP Talent Cooldowns in Normal(any spec) drop-down menu
-Updated Spec specific Cooldowns for Frost and Blood Specializations
-Preliminary rotation recommendations for Frost and Blood Specializations
-Updated version information for compatibility with 5.0.4

Coming Soon: Unholy Specialization(Sorry guys I don't play that spec very much)

-5.0.4 basic functionality fixes for runic power, disease tracking, runes and CDs.
-Updated base disease duration to reflect in game values.
-This is an alpha release for BASIC FUNCTIONS ONLY. It is unable to identify specialization, and therefore spec related CDs are currently unavailable. Because of this, and the complete change in priority, DO NOT USE THE PRIORITY BOX, it has no idea what to do with itself. The intent of this quick release is to satisfy the needs of players who are accustomed to this layout for tracking diseases, runic power and runes.

Coming Soon: New Specialization Compatibility, and Talents

-added Unholy Strength buff
-added following trinkets: Fire of the Deep, Spidersilk Spindle, Master Pit Fighter, Moonwell Phial, Scales of Life, Resolve of Undying, Indomitable Pride, Soulshifter Vortex, Veil of Lies, Varo'then's Brooch and tons of PvP trinkets
-added t13 4pc buff
-added Brazilian Portuguese translation courtesy of Ansatsukenn - Gurubashi US
-added Masterfrost rotation (check off Alternative Rotation in rotation options)
-removed blood barrier and as a result tweaked blood rotation

-4.3 fixes
-added lichbourne to blood cd
-added Essence of the Eternal Flame (thanks zahirtezcan)
-added following trinkets Eye of Unmaking, Creche of the Final Dragon, Rotting Skull and Rosary of Light
-As far as I can tell 2pc doesn't give a buff and no one has found the 4pc buff spell yet :(

Coming Soon: Tanking trinkets and Shadowfrost Rotation

-Added new firelands dps trinkets (tank ones coming soon)
-Added t12 2pc
-Fixed errors when no trinkets are equipped

-Fixes for 4.2

-Sorry for the delay, I've been settling in my new job, but all is fine now
-fixed blood shield for other locales
-fixed runes displaying "10" for good
-fixed bug where some diseases in the tracker weren't being saved
-fixed bug where some disease options weren't being updated
-added hungering cold to disease tracker
-added main frame and disease tracker transparency
-added some code for when 4.2 comes out
-tweaked blood rotation a bit so it shows death coil when not in blood stance
-updated zhTW & zhCN local (thanks yeah-chen)

-Added allot of PvP trinkets
-Added Blade Barrier to all spec buffs since it can be easily obtained
-Fixed and issue with clicking on corners of the frame still worked after the frame was hidden
-Fixed (well attempt to) blood shield tracker for different game localizations

-Fixed a bug where text runes would show 10 instead of X
-Made some changes to the graphical rune bar to make it easier to see off cooldown runes
-Added a blood shield "tracker". Set one of your cooldowns to track Spec CDs/Buffs - > Blood Shield (Buff) and the stack number at the bottom is how much it absorbs. I haven't tested it in other localizations, but if it works or doesn't work, shoot me a private message, I would greatly appreciate it.

-Updated Frost Rotation
-Fixed Didease Tracker for 4.1
-Added a very early version of a graphical Rune system for people to try
-Updated zhTW & zhCN locals (thx yeah-chen)

-Updated for 4.1
-Added option for disease tracker to display health instead of threat
-Updated zhTW & zhCN locals (thx yeah-chen)

-Added Gnaw Cooldown
-Added Racial Cooldowns
-Added Crimson Scourge
-Re-Added DnD mini-icon
-Fixed bug where dot timers would still show after unit is dead
-Adjusted Blood Rotation a bit
-Updated some translations

-Added option to change rune ordering
-Some options to help with some disease tracker lag on computers with allot of addons
- -Added option to disable combatlog watch
- -Added option to adjust update rate of target updating
-Tweaked Disease tracker to cause less lag in general
-Updated locals (Thanks yeah-chen and baine)

-Added a Disease Tracker
-Added a very early stage of per-item scaling
-Added alt-code modifier for quick movement
-Updated locals (Thanks yeah-chen and baine)
-Code Cleanup

-Fixed bug where addon would initialize before fully loaded
-Fixed bug where interrupt icon would show on un-interruptible channels (Thanks Zhiva)
-Fixed allot of little LUA errors
-Fixed bug where moves would show when requirements were not met
-Added a settings check to make sure everything is in working order
-Added Mirror of Broken Images to trinkets
-Added option to show death grip when not in range (Thanks drylar)
-Added option to show Cooldown spirals
-Reworked how the addon loads to cause less problems with people with allot of addons loading
-Reworked Dark Sim. so now the tracking the buff also shows the new spell acquired
-Reworked Unholy and Frost AOE icons, they now have a "rotation" to them
-Updated locals (Thanks yeah-chen and baine)

-Fixed Issue with LUA errors from CDs not properly set (A change to Lichborne is what caused it)
-Changed how Trinkets are handled a little bit
-Removed some un-needed code
-Tweaked some stuff to reduce memory usage

-Fixed Icon pillar bug again
-Fixed Crushing Weight SpellID
-Fixed Options displaying for non-DKs
-Fixed Crimson Scourge
-Another Attempt to fix the Interface options displaying at random times (Please let me know if it works)

-Added 4 more cooldowns
-Added AMZ
-Added option for transparency while in combat and not selecting target
-Added new view option for only when targeting
-Added Trinkets to Cooldowns(if your trinket does not show up, send me a a message and Ill either add it in or fix it, PvP trinkets will probably not be added)
-Updated Frost's default rotation to both diseases
-Updated Unholy Rotation for 4.0.6
-Updated Translations (Thanks yeah-chen and baine)
-Fixed bug where CD menus would show in-correct selection
-Fixed bug where settings would not reset after hitting the button
-Fixed some spell's SpellID
-Fixed bug where if settings were blank addon would give errors
-Attempt to fix addon frame not showing up (cant re-create bug so I cant really tell)
-Attempt to fix menu randomly popping up for no reason (cant re-create bug so I cant really tell)

-Fixed Rune Strike bug
-Fixed bug that allowed moves not available to the player to be selected
-Added range colouring for all cds and moves
-Added option for per-spec rotation (Dark Transformation for Unholy, Howling Blast for Frost, Bone Shield for blood)
-Moved some Menu items around
-Attempt to fix some menu problems (If you have any, please send me a private message with as mush info as you can)

-Fixed issue that caused raid icon pillars not allowed to be placed
-Fixed issue where the priority icon's backdrop would not be adjusted by options
-Added option to display a specific move in CD/Buff Icons
-Added option to hide range colouring
-Added option to pool runic power for interrupts
-Added option to show an AOE icon (only shows DnD right now, will work on adding more later)
-Added option to show an Interrupt icon when unit is casting and you can interrupt (Disclaimer: If you want to use this, then do it at your own discretion, there is a time to, and not to interrupt, and if you wipe and try to blame the addon, I will laugh at you)
-Removed Blood Boil from Tank rotation (4.0.6 will be putting it with diseases, and it is already brought by other classes, so it is removed)
-Update DE translations (thx Baine)
-Update CN & TW translations (thx yeah-chen)
-Revamped options for more space for future options
-Optimized the code
I am taking a break from the game for a few weeks to focus on school, if there is major bugs I will fix them, but for the most part the development will be dead for a few weeks

-Added option to lock pieces together
-Added button to reset only the frame positions
-Fixed bug where priority would not change range colour
-Re-Added Blade Barrier (Oops)
-Added option to ignore runic power in rotation
-Allot of Code Cleanup

-Updated zhTW and zhCN locals
-Added Unholy Strength and Blood Shield
-Attempt to fix priority not displaying (don't have a none US client, so cannot really test)
-Fixed Button Facade Borders still showing when no icon was there
-Fixed Tier Buffs not displaying properly
-Added Tier 11 4pc Buff
-Made every element of the UI movable, some of the pieces are connect to each other, so if you want to separate them, you need to move the lower of the pieces first.
-Removed option to change just the CD backdrop transparency, instead they all share the same

-Completely re-worked the code for the cool-downs:
- -Most of it wont effect you at all, it mostly makes it easier for me to add new cool-downs as they come out
- -You can now select priority or presence for any 5 of the CD/Buff icons
- -Added Tier Piece Buffs (Still need to find what the T11 4pc bonus buff is called though)
- -Reworked how the cool-downs are selected through the menu to be easier and use less space (still needs minor tweaks)
-I've started leveling a DK from scratch to test the addon and noticed allot of stuff was broken, I am pretty sure I missed a thing or two, but for the most part it should work properly now

-Added more buffs for tracking (Dark Simulacrum, Necrotic Strike, Strangulate)
-Added framework for Tier Piece Buffs to be tracked (just the buff's name in the drop down for now)
-Major Code Cleanup, there may be some bugs
-Fixed bug where where if you in a non-vehicle vehicle (if that makes sense) the addon would not work. (ex 3rd phase Al'akir, Jumping rock to rock quest in Deepholm, etc.)

-Fixed bug where default had disease timers hidden
-Fixed bug where the little DnD "Alt" icon wasn't being skinned by Button Facade
-Moved some files around for better organization

-Fixed CDs not hiding
-Fixed Outbreak and Horn Settings not saving
-Fixed HoW in rotation (was displaying when not available and giving errors)
-Improved Low-Level support by allot
-minor code tweaks

-Improved Unholy Leveling
-Added Alternative Move icon for DnD
-Tweaked Frost Rotation

-updated CN, TW and DE translations
-CDs and rotation options are saved per-spec, not just primary and secondary talents trees
-Because of above, CD settings got reset
-Added chilblains to buffs
-fixed horn of winter mid-gcd
-removed DnD from unholy rotation for now, still trying to figure out some stuff before I put it back in
-Started work on improving leveling support

-added better disease selection
-added DnD to Unholy Rotation

-fixed outbreak bug when in gcd
-fixed bone shield bug when in gcd
-fixed mind freeze cd not showing
-updated description a bit

-added Disease-less Blood. Not sure if the rotation is correct or not, if it's not, then let me know.
-added Chinese (znCN) and Taiwan (zhTW) translations (Thank you yeah-chen)

-Fixed a Bug with Outbreak
-Addon will no longer remove Runebar
-added Ebon Plague to cooldown watch
-fixed Scarlet Fever not showing in blood rotation

-Changed font to be monospaced. Meaning that runes wont move around depending on the number (5s are wider then 1s, etc)
-Updated the German translation.

-fixed bug where fresh install would cause errors
-fixed bug where disease timers would not hide all the time when set to
-fixed bug where 2 rune abilities (Obliterate and Death Strike) would be shown when they cannot be used
-improved rune detection allot (notably death runes), thus improving unholy and frost rotations a fair bit in certain situations

-Apparently I made more bugs then fixed with the little code re-write, Im sorry for the spam of updates
-Fixed bug where adjusting scale or transparency would cause an error
-Added option to hide Horn of Winter in rotation
-Added option to change cooldown background transparency

-fixed bug with glyphs not being registered
-fixed bug where buffs on target would not show
-fixed some typos
-fixed bug where cooldown wouldn't reset count and time when completed

-started basework for checks of moves (i.e. if you don't pickup boneshield for some reason. etc.)

-Fixed bug where settings reset everytime you relog

-Sorry for updates back to back like this, just wanted to get this stuff out before tues restart.
-Settings needed to be reset for this one, due to some changes in how settings are stored.
-Fixed Bug where dropdown boxes would only say "Custom"
-Fixed bug where CDs that are 20 sec or less would not show time correctly
-Added CD selection for priority icon. Decided to make it like the other four cooldown icons, with added rotation and presence options (would suggest making it an actual cooldown, instead of a buff just so that the GCD can be seen a little better).
-Edited Unholy rotation a bit, still needs some tweaking
-Blood rotation Fixed up to include Rune Strike (not sure if the priority is correct in it or not)
-Cleaned up the Frost rotation code a bit.
-Cleaned up some of the code in general

Things to come
-Localization Fixes
-Finishing Unholy Priority
-Other Suggestions you guys give me

-When Priority is now shown, your current stance is shown. Something a little nicer then just a blank space.
-Change GCD to spiral on priority/stance icon. It is allot easier to see gcd now (thx Noximus)
-Trying new frost priority given by mudzereli, which is based on the one from EJ. (will try to clean up down the road)
-Added Glyph of Howling Blast Support (ie, using HB to apply FF on target)
-Fixed bug where you could not move character with mouse when over frame.

-As for the other priorities, I will update them later this week. Been extremely busy past couple days, and need to catch up on stuff.

-Initial Cata/4.0 release
-Added more buffs to CD watch
-Made the addon use less memory when not on a DK
-Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to save per-session
-Added saving per talent group (i.e. One cool-down set for primary talent group, when you change talent group, it will change it to secondary automatically)
-Button Facade Support
-Cast Bar Removed (Much better options out there for this)
-HUGE efficiency fixes
-New Rune system is fully implemented.
-Better Algorithm for determining best move with the new rune system and with some of the new DK spells (aka Runic Empowerment procs)
-New Cata Spells added
-All three rotations complete (for the most part)


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  • #358


    CLCDK_NAMEFONT = 'fonts\\ZYKai_T.TTF'  


    CLCDK_NAMEFONT = 'fonts\\ARKai_T.TTF'

    zhCN client font ZYKai_T.TTF was change to ARKai_T.TTF.

    So, was BUG

  • #354

    Message: Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1190: <unnamed>:SetText(): Font not set
    Time: 09/09/12 12:43:39
    Count: 34
    Stack: [C]: in function `SetText'
    Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1190: in function `DTUpdateInfo'
    Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1247: in function `updateGUIDFrame'
    Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1261: in function `DTUpdateFrames'
    Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2207: in function <Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2158>

    Locals: (*temporary) = <unnamed> {
    0 = <userdata>
    (*temporary) = "训练假"

  • #353


    The rotation priorities are hard coded into the addon. They are, however still preliminary for MoP and I am hoping for some feedback on how to adjust them to be more accurate. If you could change them, what would you do?


    KoKR localization will be in the next update. Ihave been waiting to update while I try to address the demand for Plague Leech in the priority. It will be as soon as I can.


    CLC DK is set by default to only show the frames when targeting an attackable target. This is "Normal" in the dropdown menu. To aid in customization of the frames, simply change this to "Always Show".

  • #352

    koKR update 12.09.12

    localize updating & added koKR translator aka (it's "CLCDK_ABOUT_KR")

    I expect the next update soon.

  • #351

    my only real suggestion/question is this. would it be possible to provide a way to edit the rotational priorities? if that was put in i might go back to clc.

  • #350

    Getting this error now:

    18x CLC_DK\CLC_DK-5.0.4.lua:1042: <unnamed>:SetText(): Font not set
    <in C code>
    CLC_DK\CLC_DK-5.0.4.lua:1042: in function "UpdateUI"
    CLC_DK\CLC_DK-5.0.4.lua:2174: in function <CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2158>

    self = CLCDK {
    FrostMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1580
    DTCreateFrame = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1141
    BloodMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1727
    OptionsRefresh = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2221
    Diseases = CLCDK.Diseases {}
    GetNextMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1329
    GetRangeandIcon = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1348
    SetupMoveFunction = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:509
    UpdateCD = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:755
    BloodAOEMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1959
    UpdateUI = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:967
    LoadTrinkets = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:293
    DeathRunes = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1391
    UpdatePosition = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:939
    DTUpdateFrames = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1243
    QuickAOESpellCheck = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1406
    MoveBackdrop = <unnamed> {}
    CheckSettings = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2605
    CooldownDefaults = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2499
    LoadCooldowns = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:172
    LoadSpells = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:59
    Drag = ResizeGrip {}
    SetDefaults = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2704
    RuneBar = CLCDK.RuneBar {}
    RunicPower = CLCDK.RunicPower {}
    GetDisease = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1417
    OptionsOkay = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2387
    RuneBars = <table> {}
    RuneCDs = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1363
    DTUpdateInfo = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1157
    DTCheckTargets = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1272
    CheckSpec = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1966
    FrostAOEMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1897
    CD = <table> {}
    Move = CLCDK.Move {}
    SetLocationDefault = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2695
    0 = <userdata>
    CreateUI = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:629
    Initialize = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2024
    BlankMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1790
    UnholyMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1462
    CreateCDs = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:583
    RuneBarHolder = CLCDK.RuneBarHolder {}
    MoveFrame = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:918
    CreateIcon = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:560
    UnholyAOEMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1846
    FrostMoveAlt = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1656
    DT = CLCDK.DT {}
    start = 0
    dur = 0
    RuneBar = "|cffff0000*|r|cffff0000*|r|cff00f200*|r|cff00f200*|r|cff00ffff*|r|cff00ffff*|r"
    place = 7
    runetext = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:991
    b1 = 1
    b2 = 2
    u1 = 3
    u2 = 4
    f1 = 5
    f2 = 6
    FrostMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1580
    DTCreateFrame = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1141
    BloodMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1727
    OptionsRefresh = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:2221
    Diseases = CLCDK.Diseases {}
    GetNextMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1329
    GetRangeandIcon = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1348
    SetupMoveFunction = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:509
    UpdateCD = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:755
    BloodAOEMove = <func> @..\CLC_DK.lua:1959
    UpdateUI = <func> @

  • #348

    Can you please confirm what I need to download along with CLC DK, if anything (i.e., clcinfo)?  CLC DK is not coming up in my game, but it is selected in the addons.  In the interium, I have been using DKOne.  I do not have DKOne selected in the addons at the same time with CLC DK.   I miss your addon. Thank you for you help.

    P.S.  Normally I can figure this out, but for some reason my brain is not working.

  • #349

    it sometimes doesn appear by default... go in and click "show".

  • #347

    <p>Message: Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1190: &lt;unnamed&gt;:SetText(): Font not set<br />Time: 09/11/12 11:30:52<br />Count: 78<br />Stack: [C]: in function `SetText'<br />Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1190: in function `DTUpdateInfo'<br />Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1247: in function `updateGUIDFrame'<br />Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1261: in function `DTUpdateFrames'<br />Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2207: in function &lt;Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2158&gt;</p>
    <p>Locals: (*temporary) = &lt;unnamed&gt; {<br />&nbsp;0 = &lt;userdata&gt;<br />}<br />(*temporary) = "训练假"</p>

  • #346


    yes german version . i in bloodspecc at this time.  wtf delete maybe .


    edit. the error comes when the enemy cast something ........ i think 

    edit 2 . : i delete the clcDK entr. in wtf no more errors . sry my fail ! 

    edit 3 .: not my fail ;P  the error comes when i in the rotationsoptions the interrupt option activated !  that is it 

    Last edited by seele456 on 9/8/2012 4:54:14 PM
  • #345


    This is strange. Are you using the German version of the game? Its calling for Heiliges Feuer. Thats a priest spell. What spec are you in when you get this error?  Have you checked your tracked CDs to be sure you have all the CDs selected? Blood Charge for example is the stacking buff from Blood Tap. If you do not have this talent and are tracking it, it can potentially cause errors. 


    No I am not. This is a situational Cooldown, and as described in my earlier post will not be put into a rotation. See Main description.

  • #344

    Hey, are you gonna add Unholy Bright in to the 2h frost rotation?

    I think it should be fairly simple to add it, it works just as Outbreak and it should be used when Outbreak is on CD and Blood Plague is about fo fall off

  • #343

    thx very much for the update!!!

    I keep getting this error:

    Message: Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1093: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value
    Time: 09/07/12 13:10:18
    Count: 108
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1093: in function `UpdateUI'
    Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2174: in function <Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2158>

    Locals: self = CLCDK {
     FrostMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1580
     DTCreateFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1141
     BloodMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1727
     OptionsRefresh = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2221
     Diseases = CLCDK.Diseases {
     GetNextMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1329
     GetRangeandIcon = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1348
     SetupMoveFunction = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:509
     UpdateCD = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:755
     BloodAOEMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1959
     UpdateUI = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:967
     LoadTrinkets = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:293
     DeathRunes = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1391
     UpdatePosition = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:939
     DTUpdateFrames = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1243
     QuickAOESpellCheck = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1406
     MoveBackdrop = <unnamed> {
     CheckSettings = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2605
     CooldownDefaults = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2499
     LoadCooldowns = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:172
     LoadSpells = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:59
     Drag = ResizeGrip {
     SetDefaults = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2704
     RuneBar = CLCDK.RuneBar {
     RunicPower = CLCDK.RunicPower {
     GetDisease = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1417
     OptionsOkay = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2387
     RuneBars = <table> {
     RuneCDs = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1363
     DTUpdateInfo = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1157
     DTCheckTargets = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1272
     CheckSpec = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1966
     FrostAOEMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1897
     CD = <table> {
     Move = CLCDK.Move {
     SetLocationDefault = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2695
     0 = <userdata>
     CreateUI = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:629
     Initialize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:2024
     BlankMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1790
     UnholyMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1462
     CreateCDs = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:583
     RuneBarHolder = CLCDK.RuneBarHolder {
     MoveFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:918
     CreateIcon = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:560
     UnholyAOEMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1846
     FrostMoveAlt = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1656
     DT = CLCDK.DT {
    start = 0
    dur = 0
    spell = "Heiliges Feuer"
    notint = false
    (*temporary) = 33
    (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = 5
    (*temporary) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    (*temporary) = 2
    (*temporary) = 7
    (*temporary) = 489984
    (*temporary) = false
    (*temporary) = 142
    (*temporary) = false
    (*temporary) = 142
    (*temporary) = false
    (*temporary) = false
    (*temporary) = 1.025
    (*temporary) = "attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value"
     FrostMove = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1580
     DTCreateFrame = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\CLC_DK\CLC_DK.lua:1141
     BloodMove =

  • #342

    Here a quick list of the bugs I am aware of and a fix is in the works for:

    • Lua error line 801 is related to a call for a CD to be tracked that does not exist. The default loaded CDs in the far left box of Frost for example shows "Plague Leech (buff)". This obviously does not exist and should be for the CD of Plague Leech rather than a buff duration. If you encounter this error (line 801), which should apear only when targeting a mob if the view is set to "normal" and the CLCDK frame appears, check to be sure the CDs being tracked are correct.
    • Buffs from runes (Fallen Crusader, Razorice, etc.) to be added in next update
    • Korean localization update in next release (Thanks antinobunno)
    • I have recieved reports of some very odd behavior from trinkets. Trinket 2 appearing over trinket 1 as a duplicate and overwriting it, trinkets not appearing, and other strange happenings. This is looking difficult as it does not present with any errors to aid in finding the problem. Trinket function has not been altered since the 4.3 release, so If anyone can remember having any problems with trinkets before the 5.0.4 patch that would be helpful.
    • Now the thing that everyone seems to be talking about. Plague Leech. I will start by saying that it has in fact been my plan since the beginning to include Plague Leech as an optional addition to the rotation similar to the function of Outbreak. Thanks for all the input on where to place this in the rotation, but that is not actually the limiting factor here. What has not been mentioned is that in order for the use of Plague Leech to be efficient, diseases must b eboth about to expire, or in the case of Frost, Blood Plague must be about to expire, and you should have either Outbreak, or runes available, or a Rime proc, and an unholy/death rune available, or the death rune provided by Plague Leech plus one of these other conditions, to replace the diseases immediately.. well you get the idea. More importantly, the way the addon decides to return disease placing abilities in the rotation is currently only based on checking to dee if they are present. This new function would have to query the duration remaining on diseases, and compare it to a set value that if < or = to, returns Plague Leech in the rotation. This function doesnt currently exist in the addon as it stands now, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I am not sure how to write it at this time. Look for a new checkbox to appear in a future release that reads "Include Plague Leech in rotation (BETA)", and anyone willing provide assistance in testing as this will need extensive testing on all specs.
    • I have no intention of including Blood Tap in the priority recommendation system. Including it would  defeatthe primary purpose of Blood Tap, which is to be able to actively choose when to regenerate a depleted rune. This is necessary to properly game the rune system for specs like DW frost in which, optimally, you would want to turn only Unholy Runes into Death Runes for use on Howling Blast. This is in Contrast to the 2H rotation where the prioritization of Obliterate makes both runes equally valuable and you would be better of choosing Runic Empowerment anyway as this removes the need to "game" RE and it returns a higher RPM.

    I hope this clarifies a few things. Lastly I want to re-iterate something from the Main description above:

    "For the most part, rotations are pretty much set in stone based on the best single target rotation. Most stuff I will NOT add for multiple reasons, mainly that most moves are extremely situational and you should really learn when to use them."

    "The entire intention of the rotation is for new deathknights to learn the rotation easily, and know what moves to do in different situations. There is much much more into a rotation, and if you know of these things, you should hide the rotation by changing the icon to something different. (/clcdk -> Cooldown Options -> Priority Dropdown)"

    Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. This has become a project of passion for me, and plan to continue improving upon it as long as I am able.  Keep the feedback coming.

  • #341


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