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  • World of Warcraft
  • 951 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.3.0
  • 70,200 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/21/2013
  • Created 11/04/2012
  • 41 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.1.6

About clcInfo_Monk


This is a clcInfo module for Monks, targeted at PVE. Like any other clcinfo module, it works by suggesting the next ability to use for an optimal rotation. What that rotation is, is completely configurable through the clcinfo options, but of course a default is provided.

The specs covered are:

  • Brewmaster
  • Windwalker

Please note that the modules have only been tested on a level 90 Monk, but logic is in place for levelling monks as well.

Setup is easy. For users new to clcInfo, default templates will be created on the first load. Users with clcInfo already installed will be prompted to create templates for the specs they have not already created templates for. After that its just about positioning the icons where you want them and lock them in place (and maybe change it so they only show when you have a valid target).

To change the default rotation, default settings or export macros, just write /clcInfo and select the class module representing your specialization.

clcInfo_Monk needs translators

If you are proficient in a language other than English, please see if you can help translate.


  • Updated TOC for 5.3


  • Moved non-class specific behavior templates to clcInfoClassModulePlugin
  • Added all spells as behavior templates
  • Removed import strings for Main/Raid grid; added as behavior templates


  • Updated libraries


  • Major fixes to Brewmaster specialization
  • Added Keg Smash energy threshold (ty @korbah)
  • Cleaned up some variable locals in WW, BM and Base modules
  • All around bug fixes and tweaks
  • Added a number of helpful raid buff icon and text templates
  • Unresolved: clcInfo failing to load on new user
  • Experimental: Import strings for a Main Grid and Raid Grid

2.1.2 - beta

  • Bug fix: CurrentIcon() disappearing on logon
  • Unresolved: CurrentIcon() disappearing on level up
  • Unresolved: clcInfo failing to load on new user
  • Experimental: Import strings for a Main Grid and Raid Grid


  • Added Expel Harm health threshold
  • Added Tigereye Brew expiration threshold
  • Added Cast Bar behavior template
  • Added Item Bar behavior template


  • 5.2 changes implemented
  • FoF priority logic changed to disregard energy for now.
  • A few minor bug fixes (mcro creation)


  • Fixes minor localization issue for Brewmaster


  • Complete rewrite of Addon code. clcInfo_Monk is now based on the clcInfoClassModulePlugin library
  • Added the remaining monk talent specific cooldowns to the template behavior drop down
  • Experimental implementation of tier 2 (lvl 30) talents as prioritizable spells, in anticipation of 5.2 changes.
  • Implementation of tier 6 (lvl 90) talents as prioritizable spells (Ticket 2)
  • Ticket 1 (RSK pooling) implemented

  • Missing ACE libs added. Since clcInfo_Options is load on demand, they are required.

  • Removes some leftover rudimentary debug print outs, Oops.


  • Adds a new priority selector to replace the drop down based one, which wasn't all that amazing.


  • Updated for 5.1
  • Adds recommended priorities
  • Removes a global leak.
  • Fixes a bug in the command line, where unused slots would not be set to none as they should
  • Updated the Windwalker rotation logic based on feedback from Alviarin
    • Rising Sun Kick will now be suggested more often, since delaying it is a dps loss. This will suggest it even if some CD time remains in certain scenarios, shich is by design.
    • There is a new option to control the acceptable delay of Rising Sun Kick
    • There is a new priority option Rising Sun Kick Debuff, which should be put in before Tiger Power to ensure the 10% damage increase from the start


  • Localized to German, thanks to Tetsuo11.


  • Fixes jab not showing for levelling monks again.
  • Fixed minor issue with having the addon active on non monk characters.


  • Fixed a bug where players without Power Strikes would not get correct behavior from Fists of Fury and Energizing Brew.
  • Added a new option panel with general options. From here it can be set it the Icon displayed for jab is auto determined based on weapon or a fixed value.
  • Change the way level up and learning of new abilities is detected. Only relevant to sub 90 monks.
  • Promoting to release.

1.0 rc2b

  • Fixed a bug where sub 90 monks would not get jab suggested.

1.0 rc2

  • Logic for Energizing Brew use changed again. The threshold now concerns the time needed to reach max energy.
  • Default priority for Energizing brew has been moved to 2nd place.
  • Fixed a bug where the change spec button would not show on initial load
  • Localization added, now it just need to get translated

1.0 rc1

  • Added support for levelling Monks. Only known abilities will be suggested. The priority list can be left as if max level.
  • Removed Ability Abbreviations tab, seems unnecessary now that macro export is available.
  • Relaxed Fist of Fury usage rule. Fists of Fury should be suggested more often now.
  • Tweaked the Brewmaster, since it had broken a little bit after the rather massive changes for the Windwalker last version.
  • The Brewmaster options now include a setting for adjusting Keg Smash usage.

1.0 beta5

  • There is no longer an 'Energy Wait Threshold'
  • There is now a 'Latency Adjust' to use if experiencing that abilities are suggested during GCD that are in fact not usable. This is due to the fact that the API will return an incorrect status on resources (chi, energy) a fraction of time after the ability was used.
  • Added a number of templates for Cds, Xuen for instance. Just add a new icon and choose from the list.
  • Tested and fixed numerous issues with the Windwalker priorities
    • Fist of Fury will no longer be suggested if it would mean capping energy
    • There is no longer a 'Fists of Fury Wait Threshold' option as that didn't really make any sense.
    • Added the missing Tiger Eye brew to the rotation options
    • Added Tiger Eye brew 3rd icon to default template, to leave it out of the actual rotation
    • Logic for Energizing Brew use changed. It now suggests use if the time needed to reach enough energy to use an energy ability is greater than a configurable threshold.
  • Finished macro export
  • Created a few messages here and there to inform of changes
  • Fixed some commandline logic

1.0 beta4

  • Added checks for glyphs that alter behavior, for instance Guard
  • Updated options to be more intuitive with regards to active template, changing prio on a spec that isn't the active template doesn't make sense
  • Added option to create new templates for a given class module
  • Default templates are created for new users (as in never used clcInfo before). Users without Monk templates will be asked on initial loggin if they want to create them.
  • Added the ability to change specs on the inactive spec's class module option screen
  • Added export to macro option on the class module option screen (still needs some work)

1.0 beta3

  • Small optimization on global function use
  • Welcome screen to facilitate template setup for new users

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  • #72

    It will show when a target meets the requirements and ToD is off cooldown, and since the dummy always meets the requirement, it'll show everytime it comes off cooldown.

    So the only way is to remove it from the rotation while you are on a dummy. You could export a macro to quickly switch to that configuration, thats what I do. I have a solo, raid and dummy macro.

  • #69

    Can anyone comment on how effective this is for Brewmasters? I use CLCProt with my Paladin, it works wonders for tanking in 95% of situations - of course smart CD usage comes into play. Just wondering how much of the rotational work this addons does for BrewMaster.

  • #70

    The Brewmaster spec is fully covered as is also stated in the description, but why don't you try it out and decide for yourself?

    If you happen upon incorrect behavior you are always welcome to raise a ticket.

  • #67


    i have a problem why when i try to open clc option i find 1 error to failed and spam to me missing?

     and i cant find option clcinfo monk in addons list in game?


    Last edited by digre on 1/15/2013 2:25:32 PM
  • #68

    clcInfo_Monk is a plugin for clcInfo. It does not have a separate entry in the addons list.

    If you want assistance with an error, you will have to post what error you are experiencing, otherwise I cannot help you.

  • #63

    Hi there, thanks for the great work with this addon. Just a question, is there anyway of adding into the addon the use of the lvl90 abilitys? Looking into the Lua I see "Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger" but not "Rushing Jade Wind" or "Chi Torpedo". I know there OffCD abilitys but spells like RJW in the rotation every 30sec instead of BoK would be nice. If there is a way of just implimenting this ability into the code that would be fine too just let me know where.

    Thanks again.

    Last edited by morphboy on 1/7/2013 10:18:47 AM
  • #65

    Are we talking Windwalker or Brewmaster. If windwalker do you have any theory crafting that says RJW is the best choice and that it will out dps BoK.

    It is of course possible to add the ability, but could you raise a ticket instead, that makes it easier for me to remember. I do not have the time to implement this at the present time, but should you raise a ticket I will try to give it a look next week.

  • #66

    I have made a ticket, thanks for your fast responce.

  • #61

    You can use the other parts of clcinfo for energy tracking it's as fluid as it gets for updates. The code i use for Energy and Chi are here.


    Energy - single Bar - 

    affectingCombat = UnitAffectingCombat("player");
    if affectingCombat then
    local cm = UnitPower("player")
    return true, nil, 0, UnitPowerMax("player"), cm, nil, cm

    Chi - Multibar -

    local c = UnitPower("player", SPELL_POWER_CHI)
    for i = 1, c do AddMBar(nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, true, nil, 0, 1, 1) end
    for i = c + 1, 4 do AddMBar(nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, true, nil, 0, 1, 0) end


    You really can't ask for a better system than what clcinfo already does you just have to dig into the code a bit as there is no simple ui to click and choose. Feel free to pm me I have a clcinfo guide for mop on mmo champion.


    On a side note I don't see any of these priorites coming up do you have to add any code to a main window or is there a command to unhide it if it's hidden?

    Last edited by Requital on 1/3/2013 10:43:14 AM
  • #62

    FYI if you already have clcinfo running and have alredy created a template and set one up the automation method assigns your template but does not add the grid/icons into it. Ignore previous post got the ability icons.

  • #64

    Yeah this is actually by design. If you already created template for a given spec, I didn't want clcInfo_Monk to automatically create a new template. You can still do that manually on each specs config page.

  • #56

    Hey, I love the addon and it works wonders. But everytime I login I get the error 'Cannot find a library instance of "AceGUISharedMediaWidgets-1.0". I've tried installing ACE and ACE SharedMedia Widgets and nothing seems to fix this. I tried googling a fix but couldn't find anything. Any tips for making this error stop?

  • #58

    Ok this should hopefully be fixed now. Get the latest If it isn't fixed by that then be sure to tell me.

  • #59

    It's fixed. Thank you for the wonderful response time, you're the man!

  • #57

    Hmm ok that does seem a bit odd. Are you downloading the no-lib version of clcInfo (or addons in general)?

    When you open the options, does the Jab icon selection drop down show under Monk General Options?

    The thing is, I decided not to include these libs in clcInfo_Monk seeing as its a plugin to clcInfo which already has these libraries. But it may be a load order issue. If you could post a ticket here with the full stacktrace (so I can see where exactly it goes wrong), that would be great.

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