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Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

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  • Updated 10/16/2014
  • Created 08/11/2009
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About Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

Rotations are dependent on a lot of factors, I can't suggest one. You can find detailed information about rotations on EJ ( or MMOChamp (
For example according to ej the rotation should be: ES > 5HP TV > HoW > CS > Judge > Exo > 3-4HP TV
That translates to: es tv5 how cs j exo tv4 tv3

For the modified paladin power bar use:
For a more configurable solution please check:


  • Even though they look like buttons they aren't. The addon displays what you should do, does not provide clickable buttons to do it. Or in more simple terms, you can't spam the mouse on the big button and do dps. Blizzard designed an entire system to prevent that kind of behavior.
  • Primary target of the addon are max level retribution paladins. There might be issues at lower levels.



  • opens the options frame

- alpha option for sov tracking is selected in the non target color option (for buttons it takes only alpha value, for bars both color and alpha)
- helps to select type "None" when you want to change the layout for a configurable button (sets it to always show)
- when you first enable the button it will show with a blank texture, don't worry, the texture gets updated first time it is displayed properly
- most testing is done on dummies, so not really thorough
- for ICD Procs, here's a really good tutorial post some EJ user took time to write:

r236 | abija | 2014-10-16 22:09:35 +0000 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v. (from /trunk:235)

Tagging as v.
r235 | abija | 2014-10-16 11:56:52 +0000 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/retmodule/rotation.lua

- ds_4pt16 spell id
r234 | abija | 2014-10-16 06:45:56 +0000 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/retmodule/rotation.lua

- ds_4t16
r233 | abija | 2014-10-15 14:05:31 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/CLCRet.toc
   M /trunk/Options/CLCRet_Options.toc
   M /trunk/clcret.lua
   M /trunk/retmodule/options.lua
   M /trunk/retmodule/rotation.lua

- getting it up and running for 6.0


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  • #840

    I'm noticing the addon seems to be lagging behind the availability of my abilities. 

  • #837

    To use different priority sequences, use two (or more) macros which you bind to keypresses.  For example, if you load a single-target sequence when CLCRet loads then use the following pair of examples from WoW 5.4:

    single-target macro (bind to Shift + BS):

    /clcretlp es tv5 howaw tv4aw exoaw how cs j exo tv3 ss

    multi-target macro (bind to BS):

    /clcretlp es ds5 howaw ds4aw exoaw ds3aw how exo hotr j ds3 ss

    You can put other /commands in the same macro, for example, to change the action bar if you have Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict on one that you use for single-target, and have Hammer of the Righteous and Divine Storm on one that you use for multi-target.

    PLEASE note that these sequences are examples and they are NOT ones to use for Warlords of Draenor today and in the future. Among other things, they do not include any actions for armor tier sets. 

    Do not look for cut-and-dried prescriptions for the action priority sequence you "should" use, because the one you should use is produced by learning how to run SimC for your current stats and equipped armor and weapon(s).  Go read about it on the Elitist Jerks paladin retribution and paladin protection forums. SimC is available for download from and there are forums where people will help you figure out how to use it. You do know how to use Google or Bing, don't you?

    Last edited by Quark365 on 10/21/2014 5:37:18 AM
  • #836

    Ever since 6.0.2 clcret has stopped showing the global cooldown on abilities, and it's throwing me off quite a bit. Any way to reenable it? I'm referring to the clockwise cooldown thing that appears on all icons as I use them prior to this patch.

  • #839

    Evidently, the global cooldown is broken and maybe they will have it fixed after the "scheduled maintenance" that Blizzard is performing as I write.

    I don't like having a numeric countdown replace the radial sweep, but it sorta works. It is a new option on the Systems Configuration menu.

  • #833

    @Kingice81:  use the command /clcret on the line where you enter text to display in the Chat Window. It will display the User Interface for CLCRet. In the column along the lefthand side there is a line which is labeled Rotation. Click on that to access the Rotation page. It lists all of the actions that you can enter in an action priority sequence. Beneath the list is a long dark box in which you can enter the actions in the order of priority that you want, from left to right. When you are finished, use the "Okay" button that shows at the righthand end of the field. If you don't understand these instructions, then I suggest that you play a game less complicated than WoW.

    The sequence I currently use for a single target is:

         es tv5 howaw tv4aw exoaw how cs j exo tv3 ss

    for multiple targets:

        es ds5 howaw ds4aw exoaw ds3aw how exo hotr j ds3 ss

    But the variety of actions on the list above the entry field should be a great hint to you that there are many other actions, some of which you should use if your paladin is, for example, equipped with 4 of the 5 pieces in an armor tier set. Go to and check the Retribution forum threads.

  • #835

    Where do we input the AOE (multiple targets) rotation?  I only see the one entry field for rotation.

  • #832

    @Reican78 and others:

    When the main skill box is white, look at the General tab of the Chat Window for a recent message from the Lua interpreter or from !Swatter.  It will state that "An error in Global occurred." with the word "global" in red (or something similar to that). Click on it to open the error dialog, copy the dialog to the Windows clipboard and save it in a text (.txt) file with Notepad, or better, a rich text (.rtf) file with Wordpad. Then post a copy of it here. (Don't try to carry it on the clipboard to paste here because, if you lose it, it is gone.)

    Last edited by Quark365 on 10/18/2014 7:14:32 AM
  • #831

    Hey, can someone please tell me how i change the rotation then? If your not going to include one, least you could do is tell the people like me who don't have a clue what they are doing on how they can change the rotation in the lua file. With an example of the rotation you've included in the description. Would be much appreciated! Thanks <3

  • #830

    So when I try to change the priority, it will not save, each time I leave the rotation tab and come back it resets to the default values. Yes I am hitting okay after I make changes.

  • #829

    It feels like there is lag on the rotation. Like after you do your attacks, theres a pause before it goes off and another spell pops up in the rotation.

  • #826

    It seems that this one is the relative best for now

    es tv5 how tvaw cs j ds_4t16 tv4 exo tv3

  • #821

    Having an issue with DS 4t16 not showing up over TV's. Even though I have it set up as so in my rotation to use the DS when at 5TV.

  • #824

    Sadly I can't test that set bonus.

  • #827

    It seems to be working with the latest update, nevermind! Thanks!

  • #819

    I only had judgment and crusader striker coming up on the rotation.  I saw the rotation edit area blank except for "cs j" (for crusader strike and judgment).  It looks like all the author did was enable it for 6.0 and prompted the user to "adjust it properly".  So if you're expecting this to tell you what and when to do part of the ret rotation, better not hold your breath.  You'll need to spend some time reviewing what the priorities are and the sequence.  The abbreviations are there so you can put it in yourself but when I updated this I was hoping this part was already done.  Good luck!

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