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Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

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  • Updated 07/02/2015
  • Created 08/11/2009
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About Retribution FCFS helper (clcret)

Rotations are dependent on a lot of factors, I can't suggest one. You can find detailed information about rotations on EJ ( or MMOChamp (
For example according to ej the rotation should be: ES > 5HP TV > HoW > CS > Judge > Exo > 3-4HP TV
That translates to: es tv5 how cs j exo tv4 tv3

For the modified paladin power bar use:
For a more configurable solution please check:


  • Even though they look like buttons they aren't. The addon displays what you should do, does not provide clickable buttons to do it. Or in more simple terms, you can't spam the mouse on the big button and do dps. Blizzard designed an entire system to prevent that kind of behavior.
  • Primary target of the addon are max level retribution paladins. There might be issues at lower levels.



  • opens the options frame

- alpha option for sov tracking is selected in the non target color option (for buttons it takes only alpha value, for bars both color and alpha)
- helps to select type "None" when you want to change the layout for a configurable button (sets it to always show)
- when you first enable the button it will show with a blank texture, don't worry, the texture gets updated first time it is displayed properly
- most testing is done on dummies, so not really thorough
- for ICD Procs, here's a really good tutorial post some EJ user took time to write:

r248 | abija | 2015-07-02 16:03:36 +0000 (Thu, 02 Jul 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v. (from /trunk:247)

Tagging as v.
r247 | abija | 2015-06-27 05:25:33 +0000 (Sat, 27 Jun 2015) | 1 line
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## Interface: 60200


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  • #139
    clcret doesn't remember alpha for me. I set alpha for the buttons to 0.5 and when I check the clcret.lua in my wtf-folder it is saved but every time i log in the buttons alpha is at 1.0 though in options says 0.5. when i change alpha in the options it is fine again until i log out.

    any idea how to fix this problem?
  • #142
    It's a bug. Fixed it in last alpha (
  • #138
    I think rActionButtonStyler is the new king, so add it's support 'cause it's much more lightweight and became quite popular recently.
  • #135
    For some reason none of my prot skills show up in the HUD. I've checked the box to use prot, and when i have a target selected, I get just grey boxes. I'm sure i've missed something, anyone have any ideas?
  • #136
    nevermind, as soon as i zoned it worked out ok.

    I'd like to second Zain though, it would be nice to tweak it a little bit.
  • #134
    Hi, I wanted to make a simple request to CLC-ret, and that's the ability to set the priority a little bit different on prot. All I hope is that I can make my 9-sec a higher priority than my 6-sec. I never want to start out tanking with a 6-sec. I usually start with Conc or Holy Shield.
  • #137
    Doesn't really matter with what you start though?
    I mean you can just use any ability that isn't displayed and then follow what the addon shows.
  • #132
    Question, if you manually change the rotation in the options you see 2 rows of 5 (or 6 I can't remember) where you can change the skills. Do I go top to bottom first row then 2nd row to make the priority order? or do I go from left to right?
    Does my describing make any sense? lol
  • #129
    Agreed. This addon feels very under polished, and I cant locate anything that would indicate I can manually configure which abilities I want to show, and which ones I dont. While a level 51 Paladin, I do have crusader strike, and this add ons concept would help immensely. With some refining, hopefully it would be easier to use.
  • #131
    Actually this is not my problem. Not exactly. My issue is about icons that just stand still instead of rotating in actual "rotation". It seems this is something very uncommon, but I can't find the reason why is that.
  • #133
    Nevermind. I found out why it didn't work. The essential requirement is to have all skills listed in rotation available on the character. I didn't have Divine Storm in talents, but had it listed in rotation which caused the problem.

    Possible fix would be to handle this situation by removing all yet unlearned skills from the rotation.
  • #128
    Seems like a problem to me: skill icons don't change. Perhaps that's because I'm level 51, but I have Crusader Strike. But it just shows me the hammer of wrath to use and never the rest of available rotation. Like literally telling me to throw that hammer right into the foe's face from the very beginning.
  • #126
    Now way to activate it with my prot/ret...
    Can't understand why :/
  • #125
    I spend 90% of my time as retribution glued to my action bar, watching my disparate cooldowns, estimating whether Crusader Strike will come up before the next Consecration. This is a fantastic addon that got me out of the lower 15% of my screen. It works great for prot and ret, and I'd highly recommend it to any paladin looking to maximize DPS.

    abija, thanks for making such a brilliant, and simple (in execution) improvement to the interface. It's great.
  • #124
    Ignore my first post, custom rotations work great.
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