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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,107 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 167,501 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/02/2015
  • Created 03/14/2010
  • 130 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: CleanUI 6.22
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About CleanUI


CleanUI is a complete ui replacement. It reuses the blizzard ui, changes graphics and adds some neat features.


minimalistic UI with a maximum of clarity and a sleek look

Additional Addons (not required but recommend)

LayoutMasque (formerly ButtonFacade) a button skinning add-on
Masque: CleanUI a skin for ButtonFacade
MinimapMinimap Zoom hides +/- Buttons for MinimapZoom, enables mouse scrolling for zoom
Minimap Button Frame moves the other 'addon-minimap-buttons' in a movable frame
Buttons and
Movable Action Buttons: move and scale the blizzard action buttons on the right side of the screen


  • One big bag
    • show all your bags as one big bag
    • virtually stack all items
    • sort items by category and/or sub category
    • change categories order

chat commands

/cui reloadreload the ui and all addons
/cui resetreset clean ui config and positions
/cui gcfree unused memory
/cui buildWoW Client build info
/cui framestackopen a tooltip window with a list of all ui frames at mouse position

Changes to the Standard UI

  • max. camera distance raised to 50
  • config for tooltips (position, show/hide in combat)
  • new nameplates (new graphics and fonts, health percent values, highlighted target)
  • new keybindings for
    • Screenshot without UI
    • unit frame positions
    • random pets
    • raid icons and markers

player context menu

  • equipment sets
  • talent groups


  • removes the gryphons
  • changes background of action button bars
  • resized exp-bar and reputation watch bar
  • configurable health/mana/... bars next to the button bars (size, text, position)
  • small status bar for each action button, showing the buff or debuff duration
  • lower right action bar split in two rows
  • smaller action button frame (depends on visibility of right action bar and bag buttons)


  • button in the game menu or interface config CleanUI/Addons
  • activate/deactivate addons
  • load addons without restart
  • get more add-on info


  • displays a square minimap
  • new frame for blizzard minimap buttons (only shown when mouse over or when receiving new mail)
  • more character info
  • sound volume
  • micro buttons
  • bigger debuff icons
  • zone level
  • zeppelin/boat routes


  • create waypoints on your map ([ctrl]+ right mouse button)
  • move waypoints per drag and drop
  • rename waypoints
  • send waypoints to other players


  • new unit frames
  • new boss unit frames
  • moveable
  • selected raid icon
  • 3D portraits or class icon
  • hp and power show up like it does with the player unit frame (mouse over)
  • aggro bars for player, pet, party and party pets
  • shows xp in player tooltip (when not on max level)
  • shows xp in party member tooltip (when not on max level and CleanUI is installed)
  • use [ctrl]+ right mouse button to move a unit frame (player, target, focus or party)
  • reset unit frame positions with /cui reset
  • modified boss frames
  • equipment sets in player context menu
  • talent sets in player context menu
  • show/hide dps frame
  • new combo point icons
  • combo point frame moved to player frame (with bigger icons)
  • new druid eclipse graphics
  • added some missing graphics to the raid frame (e.g. selection frame)
  • target/focus class info
  • dps tooltip with group/raid dps
  • presets for unit frame positions (with keybord shortcuts)

Character Frame

  • colored borders

Trade Skill Frame

  • wider and clearer frame
  • queue for recipes and reagents
  • 'buy'-button for reagents (when merchant frame is open, too)
  • 'create'-button for each reagent

XP Frame

  • xp bars of other group members in a new frame (when CleanUI is installed)
  • resizable xp frame
  • xp exhaustion marker
  • You can define a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the xp bars of other group members (default: off)

The new frame with the xp bars is movable. Use [ctrl]+ right mouse button to move the frame. (xp information of group members is only visible from players who have installed this addon)


  • new graphics and fonts
  • health percent values
  • highlighted target
  • highlighted target


  • new castingbar
  • new mirror bar
  • resizable casting bars
  • resizable icon size
  • global cooldown
  • casting bar latency


  • optional: one big bag
  • autosell grey items
  • all items are repaired automatically (hold down the ctrl-button to stop auto repair, hold down the alt-button to use guild money)
  • Items in bags get a colored border -> color is the item quality color
  • open bags automatically in bank/guildbank
  • bag buttons moved to main bag
  • minimap bag button
  • show/hide bag button
  • [Alt] + Click an item to lock it
  • [Alt] + Click the lock in the top left corner to unlock this item (maybe you need to click more than once)


You found some bugs? Use the bug tracker or post a comment on this side. Screenshots would be nice if there is a graphic bug.

  • bugfixes
  • 6.2.2 nameplate fix
  • one bag (see description)

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  • #299

    Overall i like this UI a lot, and it's the first of its kind that I like. However, i have some issues.

    1. Is there any way to change the unit frames, or disable them? I can't on this it seems. I like them overall, but seeing what level something is at a glance is a bit harder.

    2. I can't use this add-on when healing, since I tend to use Raid profiles to heal since it's easier. I can't seem to do that here since it sticks with the separate part frames, and overlaps the raid profiles, making my screen really messy.

    3. My largest concern is the vehicle bar. Is there any way to disable it in the future? I have to make sure to disable the addon before i take a vehicle quest. Since it isn't hot-keyed, i have to manually click the button then whatever else on screen, say a group of mobs. This makes it hard to do some quests, since i can't just hit "1" on my keyboard and use the mouse to aim.

  • #300
    1. no, sorry.
    2. i'll check it
    3. the mop version doesn't have an own vehicle bar any more. With the next version you can use the default key binding. for the moment, you can set keybindings for the clean ui vehicle bar. go to key bindings, scroll down to the clean ui key bindings.
  • #295

    does anybody know how to zoom out your ui? Mine is very small I tryed changing it on the 

    settings but nothing works! any help?

  • #296

    the interface scales with the blizzard ui settings. it only "reuses" the blizzard frames, so the default ui scaling in the settings should work...

  • #291

    I was wondering if the author of this could possibly just make an addon for the chatbox that the addon has. Im not a fan of cluster all over my screen and big boxed but I was really enjoying the chatbox.

  • #292

    no, i think, there is no time to do this. The chatbox modifications reuse the core functionality of CleanUI. It would be a great effort to separate this features.

  • #290

    i downloaded 4.28a and im still getting the 2 castbars. shows the blizz castbar right above the new castbar. anyone know how to fic this?

  • #289

    I am loving this UI, my boyfriend recommended it to me. 

    I am having issuse though, specifically the bars on my characters. It loaded fine for my one character, but not for any of the others. On my one character, the black box that the action bars should be sitting doesn't surround the bars. Is there a way to adjust the size of that box? 

  • #297

    the next (pandaria) version got a complete redesign of the button bar. The vehicle bar is now reintegrated and doesn't need special key bindings any more. I think this changes will fix your problem, too.

  • #293

    hmmm... i'll check it. Which class does not work?

  • #284

    Hey long time no see. Pioneer user of this addon <.< ;) Anywho, raid group is bugged. I click on someone in raid frame, and it clicks who ever else it wants rather then the person i had clicked on to see. Fix please <3

  • #287

    This only happens when players come during a fight in the raid or leave the raid. CleanUI "reuses" the BlizzardUI, it only changes the appearance.

  • #286

    P.S. Worgen Frame (you) is sort of to much left, blocking enough to not see your level. Just made a worgen alt and noticed it.

  • #285

    Well actually not always, just sometimes it does. So far it only happen once.

  • #280

    hello, I really like this clean UI. I'm a hunter and i'd like to know how to move status bar and pets action barTongue out by the way, could u change bottomright action buttons to a single line, i dont know why my bottomright action buttons are mixed into the back of bottomleft action buttons and action buttons.

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