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  • Updated 09/03/2012
  • Created 04/12/2010
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About Comergy

This addon is suspended. Go here:

Use /comergy or /cmg to open the setting window.

Comergy is an addon for monitoring players energy, combo points, focus, rage or runic power. It allows tons of cumtomizations including customized color, sound notifications, bar partitioning and textures.

Why you should use it:
 - It's PRETTY and NEAT.
 - You can flip the bars (right to left), or turn it vertical.
 - You can partition the energy bar (up to 5 sub-bars).
 - Comergy is now available for all power-based classes (Rogue, Cat, Bear, Hunter, Warrior, DK).
 - It switches settings automatically when you switch between talents.
 - It shows player/target's health.

Watch YouTube demo!

For any suggestions or questions, please comment on this page, or contact yjoe61 at gmail


1.60 Release - Sep 03, 2012
Adjustable frame strata, default is MEDIUM
Add "Gradient energy color" option

1.59 Release - Aug 29, 2012
A quick fix for WoW 5.0

1.58 Release - Dec 10, 2011
A quick fix for WoW 4.3

1.56 Release - Jul 04, 2011
Fixed interface version
Fixed stuff related to the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event (again)

1.54 Release - Apr 30, 2011
Added support for energy bars to flash on Adrenaline Rush and Vendetta
Fixed bugs related to the COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED event
Fixed the bug where combo text would disappear when switching between cat and other forms

1.52 Release - Apr 27, 2011
Added support for WoW 4.1

1.51 Beta - Mar 27, 2011
Added support for Hunter, DK, Warrior, Bear
Added Korean localization (special thanks to Sean)

1.43 Beta - Feb 14, 2011
Added two simple bars for player/target health (most requested feature). You can choose to show or hide them, respectively. Player health bar is green to red, target bar is colored by class
Now Comergy switches between two sets of settings automatically when you switch between talents
For those of you who can't easily tell if Shadow Dance has ended, now you can set the energy bars to flash in Shadow Dance (and customizable color of course!)
Added a few nice-looking textures (including a blank one)
Now you can use hex numbers to set the colors
Added a cool style for combo bars
Now energy/combo text can be placed above the main frame
Added a config frame in the default Blizzard Interface option
Increased the maximum frame length to the screen size
The maximum thickness of both energy/combo bars is now 50
Added buttons for centering the frame horizontally and vertically
Optimized cpu usage
Removed the welcome message (it's annoying, I know)
Fixed bugs related to setting the energy thresholds
Fixed a sound bug
Fixed a positioning bug
Fixed a bug where energy remains not full after the frame is hidden

1.39 Release - Oct 15, 2010
Fixed the problem that the frame can't be moved in 4.0
Now you can flip the bars, or make it vertical
Fixed a color error
Changed the sound files to .mp3 format

1.34 Release - Jun 16, 2010
Fixed the bug where the frame won't fade when leaving combat
Removed two textures
Font size changed
Texts can now be placed in the center or at the side
Max width is now 800
A max of 5 sub-energy bars
Max energy/combo height is now 16

1.33 Release - Jun 14, 2010
Fixed the error where combos are incorrect when flashing 5 combos

1.31 Release - Jun 13, 2010
Removed the "scale" setting, replaced with individual height settings for energy/combo bars
The heights of energy/combo bars can be set to zero. The frame will adjust height automatically
The position of the energy/combo text is moved to the center of the frame
The size and font of the text can be changed
Fixed the bug that the frame would disappear when leaving combat with combos
Increased the max number of energy sub-bars to four
No need to order the split threshold when setting up the energy sub-bars
Added "flash when 5 combos"
Added "show when in Shadow Dance"
Now only play 5-combo sound when first reach 5 combos or when switching target
Changed the energy sound
Configurations are not retained this time

1.11 Release - May 17, 2010
Added texture support. Comes with 8 pre-defined textures. Can substitute your own texture manually
Added fading timing adjustment, ranging from instant to nice fading
Fixed show/hide problem when having shadow dance talent
Tiny optimizations
When disable then enable the addon, the position would restore to the center. This has been fixed.
Now support cat druid PROWL
Fixed issues concerning druid form changes

1.00 Release - Apr 27, 2010
Added energy background color
Flashes the background when not enough energy
Fixed the problem where the frame cannot be locked
Now you can "click through" the frame
Added "fix stealth sound"
Tuned the timing for fade in/out so it's more clear in combat
Fixed the problem when sometimes the frame won't show in Cat Druid form
Added Traditional Chinese

0.97 Beta - Apr 18, 2010
Huge optimization
Splittable energy bar
Added "Show in stealth" and "Show when energy not full"

0.63 Beta - Apr 12, 2010
Added support for enUS and zhTW
Minor bug fixes
Added critical sound notification

1.60 Release - Sep 03, 2012
  • Adjustable frame strata, default is MEDIUM
  • Add "Gradient energy color" option

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  • #138

    I have found  a temp solution:


    modify the savevalue lua file.

    please and this feature. Thanks.

  • #137

    I have try to modify the health bar's think, but failed...

  • #132

    any update for 5.1 plz?

  • #131

    Here's a version I've made with some new functionality:

    Anticipation support for Rogues (6th combo color to display these stacked on top)
    Basic Chi support for Monks
    Thresholds multiplied by 10 for Demo Warlocks since Fury goes to 1000. 

    Last edited by GyroJoe on 11/30/2012 7:16:12 AM
  • #134

    I am installing your version and it is showing as 1.61b and no Monk support. 

  • #135

    You are right, I didn't update the version in the UI, only one of the manifest files.

    What's happening for you monk and what spec is it?

  • #133

    Good job. I'm going to use your version in my UI build for a monk who requested this. 

    You can check out my UI here:




  • #130

    Did you ever accept NovaIzHere's updates/changes to this addon making it work for Demo

    Locks and other classes?

  • #129

    I like it very much!

    But how can I set the height of the player's health?

    Thanks again for this amazing addon

  • #128

    Thanks for the great addon! Loving it.

    One thing I noticed was that there is that option to show when stealthed. This is great when in combat but I am wondering if you would mind adding a sub option to have that only be in combat. It's nice to see when I vanish etc. in combat but when I am just stealthing around doing other things and I don't have an enemy target I'd love for it to still be hidden.

    Thanks again for the rockin' addon!

    ~Bookins, Cenarion Circle

  • #125

    Um, I totally forgot about uploading what I said I was going to, so here:  Replace the comergy.lua file in the \AddOns\Comergy folder with this one.  This should add full Monk support.

    I can confirm this works for me as a Windwalker and Mistweaver Monk.  I haven't tested it with Brewmaster spec, but it should still work.  PM me if it doesn't.  In Stance of the Wise Serpent it'll show Mana, and in Stance of the Fierce Tiger it'll show Energy.

    I know this addon didn't show Mana before, but I just added it in for my own personal use.  If you don't want it to show Mana, then just PM me and I'll see what I can do to change it.  Unique specialization resources added in by NovalzHere should still show instead of Mana, don't worry, but PM me if this is somehow not the case.

    Although there shouldn't be any abnormalities if you use this with any class not a Monk, don't be surprised if something weird does happen because I'm not an experienced addon author at all.  I was learning a lot as I went with this, and besides, you should just be using the official release or NovalzHere's edit if you don't play a Monk.

    The only side effect that I know of from my edits is that the power bar will horizontally extend across the entire screen for a split second whenever you change stances or forms.  I really have no clue how I caused this issue, but Monks pretty much never change Stances, so I'm not that concerned.  It's a flicker at best, and the addon still seems to function perfectly fine.

    Last edited by Kosouda on 11/10/2012 6:48:05 PM
  • #127

    What is causing this is that when you change stance, you also change the primary energy used gameside (energy/mana), so until your energy or mana is refreshed once again (often happens pretty fast), it uses the other energy type max. For example, when going from mana to energy, the bar will have the max capped at 100.000 because it's the max mana (or i don't know how much @90), while the current energy will be displayed in it, causing it to go across the screen the time that the max is recalculated. Could be fixed by adding one of the written function (the same as when you change spec) when you change stance.

    Not a big problem thought. If the author don't make the changes for it fully working with monks, I'd give it a try, but not before at least 2 monthes (lots of exams). Once i'm free of exams, I'll take a look at this and rewrite part of this to work with Chi.

  • #126

    this works just fine !! many many thanks !

    btw: the bar does not "horizontally extend across the entire screen for a split second whenever you change stances or forms" for me.



  • #124

    Hello, it seems that your addon is everything that i want in an energy bar, but it seems totally non functionnal with my monk.  When i tape: " /comergy"  i have a message "tape help if ... blablabla"

    and it seems to work with other class, so if someone can give the technique for make this work this will be cool.


    Thanks in advance.

  • #123

    When using Unified Energy colors and split bars, the color change occurs before the split -- For example, using value "29" causes the new bar (from the split) to appear at 30, however the color change occurs at 29.  So the splits and color changes aren't occurring on the same value.

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