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Collect Me

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 9,159 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 1,905,110 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/28/2015
  • Created 04/18/2009
  • 1,522 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: v2.7.3

About Collect Me


Collect Me keeps track of your mounts, companions, titles, toys and followers in the game and can show you what mounts, companions, titles and toys you're missing with additional information on where to get them. It can also summon companions and mounts randomly from a user defined list.

Basic Features

  • Ignore List
  • Filters
  • Zonebased filtering for mounts, companions, toys and followers
  • LDB Plugin for missing companions, mounts, toys and followers in current zone
  • Source-information
  • 3D model previews
  • Tooltip on wild battle pets for missing companions
  • Chat messages in pet battles for missing, higher quality and level companions
  • User- and Zone-defined random mount-summoning
  • Userdefinded random pet-summoning
  • Auto-summoning of companions when moving
  • Keybinding Support
  • WowAce profile support


Collect Me creates two macros for mount and companion summoning. All other features and settings can be accessed on the main window.


  • CollectMeRC
  • Left-Click: Summons a random companion
  • Right-Click: Dismisses the current companion
  • CollectMeRM
  • You can configure the behavior of this macro in the Random Mount Tab
  • If the macros are not created or updated accordingly you can try to run /cm macro to create them

Slash Commands

  • /collectme or /cm will bring up the main window
  • /cm randomcompanion or /cm rc will summon a random companion bases on your defined set
  • /cm randommount or /cm rm will summon a random companion bases on your defined set
  • /cm options will open the profile settings
  • /cm macro will create or update the macro
  • You can also use the "Collect Me" button in the Blizzard Mount Tab to open the addon

The Main Window

When you start the Main Window the add-on will automatically build a mount, companion, title list based on your faction, class. By hovering over a mount or title with the mouse you will receive additional information on where to get it in a tooltip.

Ignore List

You can add an item to the ignore list by Ctrl + right-clicking on them, if for any reason you don't want them or you have no way of obtaining them.


In addition to the Ignore List, you can add pre-configured filters. Those filters will hide mounts, titles and companions from the missing list. This will allow you to keep the list small to bring in some general survey. By combining the filters and the ignore list you should have a good compromise of speed and detail.

Random summoning

The add-on can summon a random companion or mount by using the macros the addon creates.

You can define a set of mounts and companions from which CollectMe will choose randomly in the "Random Companion" and "Random Mount" Tab.

Zone priorities for mounts

Collect Me tries to autodetect wich mount would be best for the current zone (example vashj'r, non flyable zones) and build the pool based on this suggestion and your defined mounts and than randomly choose one. Let's take a look to AQ40 for an example. You have 2 Qiraj mounts and 10 normal ground mounts and you are in AQ40.
Both Qiraj mounts are not added to the set for auto summoning. In this case Collect Me would summon a random ground mount. If one Qiraj mount would be enabled in your set Collect Me would always take the Qiraj mount. If both Qiraj mounts would be enabled, Collect Me would randomly choose between those two mounts.
Zone Mounts always weigh stronger than non zone mounts. Currently you can not influence that, but in a future release some options may be added.

3D Model Preview

  • By left-clicking on a mount or companion in the main window you can bring up a window with a 3d preview of the mount.
  • By Ctrl + left-clicking on a mount or companion in chat you can view a 3d preview of it.

Reporting issues and feature requests

  • If you have a feature request of a bug you can open a ticket on curseforge or github
  • For general questions you can use the comments on Curse.

Translation and help with that

  • Collect Me only comes in english and partial german but fully supports WowAce as translation library.
  • If you want to help and submit translations in your language you can do so by using GitHub or if you aren't familiar with GitHub you can send an email.

Additional Information

  • If you have anything the add-on doesn't have in its database, you will receive a message in your chat frame. Please leave a comment or a ticket on the addon page if this is the case.



  • Update for 6.2
  • Added 6.2 Mounts, Companions and Title data


  • Fixed hiding of tooltips not owned by Collect Me (eg MasterPlan)


  • Added 6.1 titles
  • Fixed lots of data regarding mounts and companions
  • Fixed Collect Me button not shown in Blizzard pet and mount journal
  • Added Collect Me button in toy box
  • Fixed toy filters not reacting in some cases
  • Fixed title progress bar (thanks Tomaz82)
  • Fixed missing followers list not being sorted properly
  • Fixed ldb display not recognizing collected followers
  • Added model preview for followers


  • Added support for followers
  • Added support for wod mounts (more filters will be implemented soon)
  • Updated for patch 6.1
  • Improved performance when crossing zone borders
  • Fixed chat links
  • Fixed random mount in flyable areas


  • Fixed ground/flying mounts for Draenor zones
  • Fixed collected information in companion tooltips


  • Fixed LDB display not updating when learning a new toy
  • Added Warlords of Draenor titles
  • Fixed sort and progress bar in title list
  • Fixed collected information in companion tooltips


  • Added full support for toys
  • Added hide ignore option to companions
  • Minor performance improvements when switching zones
  • Added new Warlord of Draenor zones


  • Added new group auto summon options
  • Added new type auto summon options
  • Tweaked pvp auto summon option
  • Fixed summon issue with old pet ids


  • Added of the Black Harvest title
  • Fixed auto pet summoning
  • Fixed current zone filter


  • Added of the Iron Vanguard title
  • Added Legend of Pandaria title
  • Fixed pet batch check in search mode
  • Fixed random mount macro issues


  • Updated TOC for Patch 6.0
  • Updated libs to current version
  • Tweaked batch check in search mode
  • Added Warlord's Deathwheel
  • Fixed API to list mounts again
  • Fixed recognition of known titles


  • Add multiple missing titles


  • Add Warforged Nightmare
  • Fix Nostance option


  • Update mount data


  • Add Dread Raven
  • Updated No Data Text in LDB Display


  • Fixed Data Broker Config for collected companions


  • Added Iron Skyreaver (Mount)
  • Added Emerald Hippogryph (Mount)


  • NEW: Levelchecks in Pet Battles
  • New options for Pet Battles
  • Possible fix for tooltip 'Missing Companion' problem
  • Added Palomino (Mount)
  • Fixed info to Hearthsteed (Mount)
  • Added info for Enchanted Fey Dragon (Mount)


  • Fix Typo in Config.lua, thx Cidrei
  • Fix LDB Display when player isn't in any zone


  • New: Macro Options
  • Improved Random Mount Macro to ignore Moonkin (thx Zenzara)
  • Fixed PetTracker Button Collision in PetJournal
  • Added info for Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent (Mount)


  • Fixed keybindings
  • Added 5.4 mounts, titles, and companions
  • Added display id for Armored Bloodwing (Mount)
  • Added Clutch of Ji-Kun (Mount)
  • Added additional info for some 5.2 mounts


  • IMPORTANT: Updated Macros, if you use own macros please update them to slash commands instead of /script...
  • Some minor performance improvements on loading zone list
  • Updated addon loading to hopefully avoid some unreproducable nil errors
  • Updated some obtainable zone info for mounts
  • Added Ancient Frostsaber (Mount)
  • Fixed info to Onyx Cloud Serpent (Mount)


  • Fixed LDB not considering companion ignore list
  • Added drop chances to info for all pre MoP mounts.
  • Removed BoP, BoA tags from all mounts (BoE tag will be kept)
  • Updated Grand War Mammoth info (Mount)
  • Fixed Subdued Seahorse being zone restricted
  • Fixed info for Crimson Pandaren Phoenix Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Crimson Cloud Serpent (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Heavenly Crimson Cloud (Mount)
  • Fixed Crimson Primal Direhorn to be Horde only
  • Fixed Golden Primal Direhorn to be Alliance only
  • Fixed some grammar in several lines of info


  • Added Armored Bloodwing (Mount)
  • Fixed Flametalon of Alysrazor being marked as a Flying mount


  • Added zone based filtering of mounts with LDB support
  • New Options Menu
  • Options to configure LDB text and tooltip
  • Added 5.3 mounts and titles


  • Keybinding Support
  • Fixed certain JC Panther mounts were not marked as flying
  • Fixed unknown method of obtaining filters for ground mounts


  • Added missing 5.2 mounts
  • Improved zone filtering for better results


  • Fixed several 5.2 ground mounts marked as flying mounts


  • Fixed performance issues on tabs using the zone dropdown list
  • Added several 5.2 mounts, zones and titles
  • Fixed info for Swift Windsteed (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Albino Riding Crane (Mount)
  • Fixed info for Crimson Riding Crane (Mount)
  • Fixed info for several Water Strider mounts (Mount)
  • Added filters for unknown method of obtaining Yaks, Clound Serpents, Water Striders, Riding Cranes (Mount)
  • Removed [BoE] tags from Tailoring mounts (Mount)
  • Fixed duplicate LICENSE.TXT in zip


  • Added Swift Windsteed
  • Fixed zone filtering in AQ40
  • Shorten LDB Text


  • Added a textbox for searching through all lists
  • Added zone based filtering of missing companions (titles and mounts may follow in a future release) - data provided by Nullberri of PetJournalEnhanced
  • Added LDB plugin for missing companions in current zone (a broker display addon is needed to use this feature)


  • Fixed capture notice on npc battles
  • Added 5.1 titles


  • Improved performance


  • Fixed CollectMe Buttons in Pet- and MountJournal
  • Added 5.1 Mounts and Teal Kodo


  • Fixed 5.1 bugs
  • NOTE: With 5.1 petids were changed with guids so you're random summon list has to be configured from start


  • Tooltips of wild battle pets now have information if this companion is missing in your collection
  • While in pet battles, chat messages will inform you if the enemy pet is missing from your collection or if it has a higher quality than the same companion of your collection
  • The random companion tab now shows the level and the quality of your companions
  • Fixed several issues with Summon/Dismiss Companion


  • Fixed several issues which caused the display of an empty missing or summon random companion list
  • Fixed an issue which caused autosummon on moving to consider only not captured pets
  • Fixed Mount Great Purple Dragon Turtle


  • Added info for the engineering profession mounts.
  • Added some missing info for certain mounts.
  • Added drop chance percentages to info for certain mounts.
  • Fixed an issue with mount priorities message while in combat


  • Added back the ability to manage and track what companions you're missing
  • Added Mists of Pandaria titles
  • Added Mists of Pandaria mounts
  • Changed the amount of companions, mounts one can view on screen without scrolling
  • Showing of last open tab after reopening the main window from a previous session


  • Added White Stallion
  • Fixed dual wield weapon preview bug
  • Fixed a bug causing non druids to cancel their form as well (example Shadow Priests)
  • Updated german translation


  • Fixed a weapon preview bug
  • Added Check/Uncheck all buttons
  • Added /cancelform to the mount macro
  • Fixed Swift Zehvra being tagged as a flying mount
  • Fixed White Riding Camel


  • Fixed DressingRoom only able to equip a single item
  • Added options to configure the behavior of the mount macro
  • Added command to update the macro
  • Updated german translation


  • Complete recode of the addon, with a new UI
  • Removed companion list (replaced by Blizzard Pet Journal)
  • Filters and options are now more easily accessible
  • Random mount summoning (using a macro)
  • Removed pet summoning button (replaced by a macro)
  • Removed random summoning by priority - replaced random summoning of a list of chosen mounts/companions
  • Added preview by using dressing room and display id's - no more cache
  • Mounts linkable to chat
  • Added translation support (English, German currently implemented)
  • Added feature to ctrl+left click mounts, companions in chat to view their models
  • Updated info for Recruit a Friend mounts (Mount)
  • Added Obsidian Nightwing (Mount)
  • Added Imperial Quilen (Mount)
  • Added BoP, BoE and BoA tags to all mounts
  • Added Filters for Titles.
  • Added [SoEM] tags for mounts (Satchel of Exotic Mysteries)


  • Added Amani Dragonhawk (Mount)
  • Updated Feldrak to TCG filter (Mount)
  • Fixed typo on Experiment 12-B info (Mount)


  • Updated info for Worg Pup (Companion)
  • Updated info for Smolderweb Hatchling (Companion)
  • Updated info for Soul of the Aspects (Companion)


  • Fixed Searing Scorchling being filtered
  • Added Spectral Gryphon (Mount)
  • Added Spectral Wind Rider (Companion)


  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.3.2


  • Updated info for Tuskarr Kite (Companion)
  • Updated info for Spectral Tiger Cub (Companion)
  • Added Feldrake (Mount)
  • Added Eyed of the Legion (Companion)
  • Fixed several spelling & grammar errors (Title)


  • Fixed some title info (Title)
  • Updated info and added filter for Hearts of the Aspects (Mount)


  • Added a new title feature for managing and collecting titles (Title)
  • Updated several World Event companions to BoE (Companion)
  • Fixed profession filters (Mount)(they're actually implemented now sorry :( )
  • Added Mottled Drake (Mount)


  • Updated info for Lunar Lantern (Companion)
  • Updated info for Festival Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Purple Puffer to the TCG filter (Companion)
  • Fixed missing Flametalon of Alysrazor (Mount)
  • Added an Engineering and a Tailoring filter for the mounts (profession mounts will no longer be automatically hidden)


  • Updated Mountain Horse to Alliance only (Mount)
  • Updated Swift Mountain Horse to Alliance only (Mount)
  • Added filter for Swift Shorestrider (Mount)
  • Added filter for Corrupted Hippogryph (Mount)
  • Added filter for White Riding Camel (Mount)


  • Corrected Sprite Darter Hatchling info (Companion)
  • Added Swift Shorestrider (Mount)
  • Added Corrupted Hippogryph (Mount)
  • Added White Riding Camel (Mount)


  • Updated Clockwork Rocket Bot info (Companion)
  • Added Swift Lovebird (Mount)
  • Added Experiment 12-B (Mount)
  • Added Swift Springstrider (Mount)
  • Added Reins of the Twilight Harbinger (Mount)


  • Fixed a bug introduced by 1.2.2


  • Fixed spelling for Lil' Tarecgosa (Companion)
  • Added Sea Pony (Companion)
  • Added Fetish Shaman (Companion)
  • Added Gregarious Grell (Companion)
  • Added Sand Scarab (Companion)
  • Added Lumpy (Companion)
  • Added Soul of the Aspects (Companion)
  • Added Lunar Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Festival Lantern (Companion)
  • Added Mountain Horse (Mount)
  • Added Swift Mountain Horse (Mount)
  • Added Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake (Mount)
  • Added Life-Binder's Handmaiden (Mount)
  • Added Festival Blazing Drake (Mount)


  • Updated ToC for 4.3
  • Corrected spelling in ToC description
  • Added Swift Forest Strider (Mount)
  • Added Darkmoon Dancing Bear (Mount)
  • Added Tyrael's Charger (Mount)
  • Added Darkmoon Zeppelin (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Turtle (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Monkey (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Tonk (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Cub (Companion)
  • Added Darkmoon Balloon (Companion)
  • Added Purple Puffer (Companion)


  • Added option to disable the missing companion/mount messages
  • Added Collect Me button to the mount and companion windows
  • Fixed companion counter to work with filters properly

* Added a Blizzard Store filter for mounts
* Added a Recruit a Friend filter for mounts
* Fixed Zipao Tiger info (Companion)
* Fixed Eat the Egg info (Companion)
* Removed old patch tags from info (Companion)
* Removed old patch tags from info (Mount)

* Added Guardian Cub (Companion)

* Corrected Murkablo filter (Companion)
* Corrected Savage Raptor filter (Mount)

* Corrected Black War Mammoth (Mount)
* Added multiple BoP/BoE/BoA info to the mounts
* Fixed a few more spelling errors

* Added Wooly White Rhino (Mount)

* Corrected Celestial Dragon filter (Companion)
* Added multiple BoP/BoE/BoA information to companions

* Added Murkablo (Companion)
* Corrected Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount)
* Corrected & Added Swift Horde Wolf (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter
* Corrected & Added Swift Alliance Steed (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter
* Corrected & Added Crusader's White Warhorse (Mount) to no longer obtainable filter
* Fixed several spelling/grammar errors

* Added Savage Raptor (Mount)
* Corrected Stormpike Battle Charger (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Raptor (Mount)
* Corrected Swift Warstrider (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Wolf (Mount)
* Corrected Red Skeletal Warhorse (Mount)
* Corrected Black Battlestrider (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Tiger (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Steed (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Ram (Mount)
* Corrected Black War Elekk (Mount)
* Fixed several spelling errors

* Added Creepy Crate (Companion)
* Added Feline Familiar (Companion)
* Added Lil' Tarecgosa (Companion)
* Added Drake of the East Wind (Mount)
* Added Vicious War Wolf (Mount)
* Added Drake of the South Wind (Mount)
* Added Corrupted Fire Hawk (Mount)
* Added Flametalon of Alyzrazor (Mount)
* Added Pureblood Fire Hawk (Mount)
* Added Vicious War Steed (Mount)
* Corrected faction for Spectral Steed (Mount)
* Corrected status for Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount)
* Corrected information for Black Tabby Cat (Companion)

* Added Nightsaber Cub (Companion)
* Added Flameward Hippogryph (Mount)

* Added Crimson Lasher (Companion)
* Added Hyjal Bear Cub (Companion)
* Corrected Alignment for Alliance Balloon (Companion)
* Corrected Alignment for Horde Balloon (Companion)

* Corrected Searing Scorchling Filter (Companion)
* Added Horde Balloon (Summon Horde Balloon) (Companion)
* Added Subdued Seahorse (Mount)

* Updated TOC for 4.02
* Updated De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion (Companion)
* Added Alliance Balloon (Summon Alliance Balloon) (Companion)
* Added Landro's Lichling (Companion)
* Added Nuts (Companion)
* Added Brilliant Kaliri (Companion)
* Added Kor'kron Annihilator (Mount)
* Added Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank (Mount)
* Added Blazing Hippogryph (Mount)
* Added Winged Guardian (Mount)

* Updated info for 13 companions
* Updated info for three mounts
* Added Cenarion Hatchling (Companion) to Blizzard Store filter
* Added Lil' Ragnaros (Companion) to Blizzard Store filter
* Added Swift Zhevra (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter
* Added Swift Razzashi Raptor (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter
* Added Swift Zulian Tiger (Mount) to No Longer Obtainable filter
* Removed faction restriction from Magic Lamp (Companion)
* Removed faction restriction from Enchanted Lantern (Companion)

* Added Golden King (Mount)
* Added Grey Riding Camel (Mount)
* Added Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Mount)
* Added Amani Battle Bear (Mount)
* Added Armored Razzashi Raptor (Mount)
* Added Swift Zulian Panther (Mount)
* Added Voodoo Figurine (Companion)
* Added Pterrordax Hatchling (Companion)
* Added Cenarion Hatchling (Companion)
* Added Scooter the Snail (Companion)

* Added Drake of the North Wind (Mount)
* Added Spectral Steed (Mount)
* Added Vitreous Stone Drake (Mount)
* Added Winterspring Cub (Companion)
* Added Panther Cub (Companion)
* Added Lashtail Hatchling (Companion)

* Added Dark Phoenix (Mount)
* Added Sandstone Drake (Mount)
* Added Spectral Wolf (Mount)

* Added Abyssal Seahorse (Mount)
* Added Brown Riding Camel (Mount)
* Added Fossilized Raptor (Mount)
* Added Tan Riding Camel (Mount)
* Added Exarch's Elekk (Mount)
* Added Great Exarch's Elekk (Mount)
* Added Goblin Trike (Mount)
* Added Goblin Turbo-Trike (Mount)
* Added Sunwalker Kodo (Mount)
* Added Great Sunwalker Kodo (Mount)

* Added Enchanted Lantern - Horde (Companion)
* Added Magic Lamp - Alliance (Companion)
* Added Moonkin Hatchling - Alliance (Companion)
* Added Moonkin Hatchling - Horde (Companion)
* Added Tiny Flamefly (Companion)
* Added Brutal Nether Drake (Mount)
* Added Crusader's Black Warhorse (Mount)
* Added Crusader's White Warhorse (Mount)
* Added Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount)
* Added Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount)
* Added Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm (Mount)
* Updated info for Fox Kit (Companion)
* Updated info for Guild Herald - Alliance (Companion)
* Updated info for Guild Herald - Horde (Companion)
* Updated info for Guild Page - Alliance (Companion)
* Updated info for Guild Page - Horde (Companion)
* Updated info for Lil' Ragnaros (Companion)
* Updated info for Personal World Destroyer (Companion)
* Updated info for Blue Drake (Mount)
* Updated info for Raven Lord (Mount)
* Removed Personal World Destroyer (Companion) from Engineer BoP filter
* Removed Lil' Alexstrasza (Companion)
* Removed "Cataclysm:" designator from all companions

* Engineer companions are now filterable instead of restricted to engineers
* New companion filter: Unknown method of obtaining (probably not available)
* New companion filter: Purchased from the Blizzard Store
* Added BoE/BoP/BoA status to each companion
* Updated info for many companions
* Added Armadillo Pup (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Baby Shark (Companion)
* Added Blue Mini Jouster (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Brazie's Sunflower (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Celestial Dragon (Companion)
* Added Clockwork Gnome (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Crawling Claw (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Dark Phoenix Hatchling (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion [Cataclysm]
* Added Deathy (Companion)
* Added Eat the Egg (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Elementium Geode (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Fossilized Hatchling (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Fox Kit (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Gold Mini Jouster (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Guild Herald - Alliance (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Guild Herald - Horde (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Guild Page - Alliance (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Guild Page - Horde (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Jade Tiger (Companion)
* Added Landro's Lil' XT (Companion)
* Added Lil' Alexstrasza (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Lil' Deathwing (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Lil' Ragnaros (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Loggerhead Snapjaw (Companion)
* Added Mr. Grubbs (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Pebble (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Personal World Destroyer (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Rumbling Rockling (Companion)
* Added Rustberg Seagull (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Swirling Stormling (Companion)
* Added Tiny Shale Spider (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added Whirling Waveling (Companion)
* Added White Tiger Cub (Companion)
* Added Withers (Companion) [Cataclysm]
* Added XS-001 Constructor Bot (Companion)
* Removed Pandaren Monk from Collector's Edition filter

* Fixed addon to work with 4.0.1 patch
* Removed engineer-only status for Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling
* Added Frigid Frostling (Companion)
* Added Mini Thor (Companion)
* Added Crimson Deathcharger (Mount)
* Added Invincible (Mount)
* Added X-53 Touring Rocket (Mount)
* Updated info for several companions and mounts

* Updated Lil' Smoky (Companion)
* Updated Pet Bombing (Companion)
* Updated Gryphon Hatchling (Companion)
* Updated Wind Rider Cub (Companion)
* Added Lil' XT (Companion)
* Added Blue Clockwork Rocketbot (Companion)
* Added Celestial Steed (Mount)

* Added Toxic Wasteling (Companion)
* Added Big Love Rocket (Mount)

* Added dismiss current pet by shift-clicking on summon button. (DesertDwarf)
* Added PVP "on movement" feature to config and addon: When enabled (DesertDwarf) and if the player is PVP flagged, this will auto-dismiss on movement and will disable the summon on movement.
* Corrected minor spelling errors in programming. (DesertDwarf)
* Corrected Swift Alliance Steed information
* Added Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher mount
* Added Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mount

* Moved Deadly Gladiator's Frostwyrm to no longer obtainable
* Moved Swift Mooncloth Carpet, Swift Ebonweave Carpet, Swift Spellfire Carpet to no longer obtainable
* Added info for Magic Rooster mount
* Added info for Alarming Clockbot
* Updated Wind Rider Cub, Gryphon Hatchling as possible online store purchases
* Changed summon button size to 35 from 50

* Updated Info for Silver Covenant Hippogryph
* Added Swift Alliance Steed

* Added Argent Charger for Horde

* Added Perky Pug Companion
* Updated Black Qiraji Battle Tank
* Added Blue Drake
* Added Swift Horde Wolf
* Updated TOC for 3.3

* Added Oswald The Penguin for upcoming merge
* Added Calico Cat for patch 3.3
* Added Albino Snake for patch 3.3

* Updated Brewfest Ram info, added to no longer obtainable filter
* Updated Swift Brewfest Ram info
* Added Gundrak Hatchling pet
* Reenabled missing pet/mount messages

* Updated Mount Mimiron's Head
* Added Mount Onyxian Drake
* Added Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm pet
* Added Lil' K.T. pet
* Added Core Hound Pup pet
* Added Gryphon Hatchling pet
* Added Wind Rider Cub pet
* Added Zipao Tiger pet
* Added Pandaren Monk pet
* Added Spectral Tiger Cub pet
* Added Tuskarr Kite pet
* Added Onyxian Whelpling pet
* Changed Battle-Bot to Warbot

* Added Grunty pet
* Updated Plump Turkey pet

* Fixed wrong mount for Silver Covenant Hippogryph, ooops
* Removed XS-001 Constructor Bot

* Added Argent Warhorse
* Added Argent Charger for Paladins
* Added Ochre Skeletal Warhorse for Horde
* Added Quel'dorei Steed for Alliance
* Added Sunreaver Hawkstrider for Horde
* Added Striped Dawnsaber for Alliance
* Added Sunreaver Dragonhawk for Horde
* Added Silver Covenant Hippogryph for Alliance
* Added Magic Rooster mount from TCG Expansion
* Added Shimmering Wyrmling
* Added Darting Hatchling
* Added Deviate Hatchling
* Added Leaping Hatching
* Added Obsidian Hatchling
* Added Ravasaur Hatchling
* Added Razormaw Hatchling
* Added Razzashi Hatchling
* Corrected Minor Spelling Errors

* updated version and TOC
* updated Venomhide Ravasaur information
* added more to ToDo list
* added Curious Oracle Hatchling and Curious Wolvar Pup

* finally combined Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling into one Engineer table
* added flying carpets to mountinfo file as not available yet

* fixed grammar and spelling errors
* updated all (hopefully) incorrect 3D previews for alliance and horde
* put mount and pet list in alphabetical order
* added Battle-Bot as a promotional pet

* fixed incorrect version number displayed
* switched the change log to WikiCreole formatting for easier updating
* corrected spelling errors in the change log

* updated many missing 3D previews for companion pets and mounts
* updated some information about pets or mounts
* corrected some small spelling errors

* added gray question mark for empty 3D preview images (thanks GUP)
* updated drop information for Lil' Smoky and Pet Bombling

* added Battle-Bot and fixed Black Tabby Cat Model (thanks to Tolerant)

* added 3.1.2 Argent Tournament Mounts

* re-tagged as release since the log-in error seems to be fixed in the latest betas
* temporary disabled notification messages

* added stealth check to prevent from breaking stealth on summoning a companion while moving forward

* possible fix for math.random error
* possible fix for engineering/tailoring mounts (again ^^)
* button will automatically hide when character doesn't have a companion
* fixed error when character doesn't have a companion

* added the collect me summon button

* fixed error on log-in
* fixed forced auto-dismount when summoning a companion on moving forward

* added option to turn on and off the 3d model preview (off by default)
* added close button in 3d model preview as suggested by Tolerant
* added option to summon pet on moving forward as suggested by DeathCab727 (off by default)

* added possibility do get directly into the configuration menu /cm config
* added priority based random companion summoning

* possible fix for engineering and tailoring companions and mounts

* added 3d model preview window

* fixed error which appeared on first log-in when updating from 0.6 to 0.7
* fixed error that companions/mounts on filtered list showed up as unknown to the add-on
* fixed error on tailoring and engineering mounts

* added button to open the add-on on the blizzard pet/mount tab as suggested by Mazzop
* added a graphical options menu
* added filters to hide groups (like PVP, not obtainable anymore, trading card game,...) of pets and mounts from the missing and the ignore list

* initial release


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  • #528

    Update for 5.2 is planned to be released late Saturday.


  • #526

    Is there  a way to turn off the tracker in the quest tracker?



  • #527

    Hello Gossamer,

    Collect Me does not use the Standard Blizzard Questtracker. It only provides a Data Feed for Broker Display Addons. Are you using a Broker Display Addon as your quest tracker? If so there should be a Plugin Tab or something in your Display Addon Configuration, where you can choose wich data feeds you want to use. If this does not help please create a ticket and provide us there with a list of your addons and a screenshot of your questtracker.

    kind regards

  • #524

    Hey guys,

    I need help! I am looking for an addon that could scan through pet collections for duplicates. I don't like carrying extra pets and it's a pain eyeballing through all 400+ pets. I don't see a reason to have 3/3 of the same pet...aside from selling them on AH.

    404 Total Pets                                                                                                                                                                 403 Unique Pets.                                                                                                                                                            >.< where is that darn extra pet!

     Thanks for the help










  • #525


    Collect Me does not have a scan for dupliactes but you can do this with PetJournalEnhanced:
    The setting is located under Filter -> Quantity

    kind regards

  • #521
    Another feature request.

    Hi Merla, thanks for being a star, this addon is awesome.

    Recently I've started chasing specific breeds not just missing pets, is this something you've considered adding to the UI or not even considered yet? Currently I keep tabbing out to look at Warcraftpets, it would be much easier if it was within the game.

    I have no idea how hard it would be to do this but it would be really nice if you could work it out. For pets you have already collected there is probably space to include the info between the pets name and breed, just above its abilities. There are a few dragons with long names though.

    As for pets you are battling I guess adding the breed info to the mouseover tooltip would be the simplist way.


    Thanks again for a wonderful addon, your hard work is appreciated.

    [i]Edit.[/i] It looks like someone has made a library for doing this which should take some of the load off you?

    Last edited by no_idea on 1/20/2013 11:57:11 PM
  • #522

    Is this what you're looking for?

    If not I recommend you make a feature request ticket on Curseforge. It's a lot easier using that for new features and bugs, to keep a dialogue with the person recommending a feature, tracking progress on features.


  • #520

    Is there any way to see the info for the mounts you already have ? Sometimes like to know where I got a mount from. Thanks.

  • #523


    currently this is not possibly but it may be added in some form in a future release

    kind regards

  • #517
    Just asking.

    Could it be possible to get somekind button that you can Add some pet your lis if you see some which is missing. I have seen many and it would be easier than if you must report here all of them. If not thatkind button that it goes everybody else seen, Then thatkind that you can add missing pet your own list and everybody yours alt. character can seen them too.  (Sorry my bad english, I hope you understand what i mean) 

  • #518

    The pets are queried directly from the api of the game, so all pets should always be available. wich pets are you missing and which versoin of collect me are you using? Have you checked alle the filters?

  • #516

    Feature request.

    Could you add a way of filtering to show which pets you have three of already?

    I was a twit and had three of a pet when I came across a rare, seeing they stopped logging out leaving pets there I need to know before I start battling. Sure I should be able to keep track of this by myself but I tend to read web pages on the second screen while doing battles as they don't require full attention.

  • #519

    when you hover a wild battle pet the tooltip should already show a count how many pets of this species you have

  • #515

    With the new version, CollectMe suddenly showed up on my Bazooka bar.

    Nice feature, but I would really like to be able to configure the info on the bar, since it takes up a lot of space.

    Like right now, it shows "2 missing / 10 collected (0/0/2/8)". It could easily be shortened to something like "2/10 (0/0/2/8)", since the numbers are nicely color coded anyway :)

    Last edited by painstorm on 12/28/2012 7:11:07 AM
  • #514

    Would it be possible to have the pet images show while picking companions? Trying to scroll through the in game list to see them and also the collect me random companion window to select them is a slight bit tedious. :(

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