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  • World of Warcraft
  • 6,458 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 1,406,551 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/14/2014
  • Created 08/07/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Ackis All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 2.0.10
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About Collectinator

What it does

Provides methods for determining which mini-pets and mounts you are missing.

Where to get it


If you wish to donate, please donate via Plegie.

How to get it to work

Open up your companion window (pets or mounts) and click the scan button. This will open up another window which will allow you to see which companions you are missing, along with how to acquire them.


There are currently no slash commands.

Contacting the Authors

Please use the bug reporting feature to submit bug reports. Do not contact us via Curse PM. Do not submit bug reports in comments.


Feel free to join us on irc.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

Feature Requests/Bug Reporting

Read the Bug Reporting and Feature Requesting information before submitting a bug report or feature request. Posting reports in the comments is not the place to do so. Comments are for questions on how to use the AddOn, or you can use the forums at WowAce. Please follow these small little instructions to make our lives easier. The easier you make development for Collectinator, the more time we will have to develop other AddOns.

Bug Reports

Please use the WowAce tracker to file bug reports. Posting bugs in the comments is not the place to do it.

Feature Request

Please use the WowAce tracker to add suggestions and feature requests. Not all suggestions will be accepted: there are many people who use this addon, each with separate views. We will, however, try to make it as user friendly as possible...but when a decision is made please accept it.

Wish List

Please use the WowAce tracker to add suggestions and feature requests.


If you have a request for integration, please submit a feature request at WowAce. There is a limted API to interface with the Collectinator database. If you are a developer and would like more functions, please contact me on IRC.

Detailed Documentation



tag 2.0.10
James D. Callahan III <>
2014-02-14 02:01:29 -0600


James D. Callahan III:
    - Fixed ticket #181
    - Various fixes: Unclaimed Black Market Container, Secondary pet locations
    - Various fixes: Retire changes, New mount on Store, Unclaimed Black Market Container
    - Remove Eregos from Mobs.
    - Blue Drake only drops from Eregos if you do lvl 80 heroics via Dungeon Finder, which isn't likely these days.
James D. Callahan III:
    - Added RETIRED as an acquire type which does not show a tooltip hint for spawning waypoints.
    - Added CATEGORY_COLORS.hint Cleanup.
    - Rearranged some tooltip elements to be where they're supposed to be.
    - Removed the RETIRED flag check from the tooltip-display function, as the RETIRED acquire type handles this now.
    - Remove checks for the RETIRED flag from the Expand* functions; these should have been Custom entries, and the companions should have been flagged as such...moot point since the RETIRED acquire type handles it all now.
    - Added list and tooltip displays for the RETIRED acquire type.
    - Hey - DISCOVERY isn't a valid acquire type in Collectinator. Go figure.
    - Attempt to display tooltip information for acquire types which have no acquire data.
    - Added RETIRED to the list of acquire types which can only be entries in the list; never headers, subheaders, or subentries. Consolidated these into a table named CHILDLESS_ACQUIRE_TYPES.
    - Ported changes from ARL such as improved list code and behavior of entry-selection: Collectable entries can now be selected via right-clicks.
    - Missed a spot in the tab code cleanup.
    - Sanity check to prevent non-existent filters from breaking the UI.
    - Major refactoring of the tab code.
    - Replaced usage of non-existent localization with UNKNOWN.
    - Battle pets which are only obtained from secondary fights will now be displayed with "Secondary" instead of a set of coordinates. Unfortunately, at this time, no such battle pets are defined in the database...
    - Fixed a couple of AddZoneLocation calls - missing valid is_secondary parameter.
    - Cleanup, and added support for battle pets with unknown coordinates in a zone.
    - Clarification and readability changes.
    - Greatly simplified portrait-setting code and replaced the portrait textures with MUCH higher-quality versions. Thanks to Neffi for the conversion, since SetPortraitToTexture is evil and requires BLP format...
    - Update all battle pets for secondary boolean flag
    - Add rough coding for 'secondary' designation for battle pets
    - Fix start location of 2 quests
    - Fix location of mob


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  • #230

    Error: Mount with ID 124659 not in database.

    This is the new Imperial Quilen mount from MoP collectors edition (yes, I spent the extra tennner...)

  • #228

    Love the addon, has helped me find the last few pets I need.

    It is currently missing the Obsidian Nightwing, ID 121820, the new RAF mount.

  • #226

    Some suggestions:

    Similar to Ackis Recipe List, I would love to see tabs at the bottom of the display so that the items can be arranged based on acquisition method, such as mob drops, zone drops, achievements, vendors, etc. I find that very useful in ARL and think it would be very useful here also. Would be nice to be able to only look at pets that I have to farm in zones or ones that I have missed buying from a vendor.

    I would also suggest adding two other categories of collections, in addition to pets and mounts...those being tabards and titles. I collect those also and would be nice to see those integrated into this addon, as I'm sure I'm not the only one. I realize that it might be a bit tricky with tabards, since they are items usually kept in banks or void storage (maybe just go off of the ones that get equipped, using the equipped tabard achievement as a basis), but still figured I would toss it out there.

  • #227

    We plan on rewriting the addon, however there's no ETA.  And we also are going to see if MoP deems Collectinator obsolete or if we could integrate Collectinator somehow with the MoP changes to pets and mounts.  We'll see.

  • #225

    Nice work, gotta catch 'em all !
    Will help me make my own zoo and role-play with my pets... thx! :) 

  • #221

    Does this work across characters? I.e. will it show that your other toon already has the mount this toon does not have?

  • #222

    No it doesn't.

  • #220

    I noticed none of the argent crusade mounts (like darkspear raptor) show up even if i dont own that mount. I am afraid other mounts are also missing. I tried turing off/on all filters it still wont show up

  • #224

    No issues here.  hmm.

  • #218

    Collectinator: Error: Mount with ID 10793 not in database

    Collectinator: Error: Mount with ID 23219 not in database


  • #219

    Dunno.  You are Alliance right?  Those two mounts are definitely in the database.  Was this character originally Alliance and faction transfered to Horde?

  • #216

    Cool addon, love it, when I first got it couldn't find the "scan" button (thought I had to go to interface and hit scan with the companion/mount window open). Would there be a way to show a picture where it's at or send a message to the player telling where? Thanks :)

  • #217

    It's in the spellbook and u show the companions or mounts tab.

  • #215

    Says Wood Frog is obtained from a Vendor named Flik in Terrokar Forest. He's actually spawn of Darkmoon Faire.

  • #214

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if it's just not working, but when I open my pets or mounts tab and click scan, nothing happens.  I just installed it and I'm not sure what's wrong.  Any advice?

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