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  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 08/07/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Ackis All Rights Reserved
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Support development! **

About Collectinator

What it does

Provides methods for determining which mini-pets and mounts you are missing.

Where to get it


If you wish to donate, please donate via Plegie.

How to get it to work

Open up your companion window (pets or mounts) and click the scan button. This will open up another window which will allow you to see which companions you are missing, along with how to acquire them.


There are currently no slash commands.

Contacting the Authors

Please use the bug reporting feature to submit bug reports. Do not contact us via Curse PM. Do not submit bug reports in comments.


Feel free to join us on irc.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

Feature Requests/Bug Reporting

Read the Bug Reporting and Feature Requesting information before submitting a bug report or feature request. Posting reports in the comments is not the place to do so. Comments are for questions on how to use the AddOn, or you can use the forums at WowAce. Please follow these small little instructions to make our lives easier. The easier you make development for Collectinator, the more time we will have to develop other AddOns.

Bug Reports

Please use the WowAce tracker to file bug reports. Posting bugs in the comments is not the place to do it.

Feature Request

Please use the WowAce tracker to add suggestions and feature requests. Not all suggestions will be accepted: there are many people who use this addon, each with separate views. We will, however, try to make it as user friendly as possible...but when a decision is made please accept it.

Wish List

Please use the WowAce tracker to add suggestions and feature requests.


If you have a request for integration, please submit a feature request at WowAce. There is a limted API to interface with the Collectinator database. If you are a developer and would like more functions, please contact me on IRC.

Detailed Documentation



James D. Callahan III <>
2015-06-23 20:57:48 -0500


    - Update for 6.2
    - Bump Toc
James D. Callahan III:
    - Simplify AddZoneLocations method.
    - Add support for looting locations in the world for mounts, pets and toys, clear out unneeded entries from this change
    - Fix typos and clarify
    - Fix incorrect location
    - Add info for Pilgrims Bounty daily reward bag items
    - Add Mission data for the Selfie Camera
    - Separate Blingtron 4000 from 5000, as 5000 as some drops 4000 doesn't
James D. Callahan III:
    - Add support for Garrison Missions as an acquire type.
    - Add support for simple zone locations by passing levelRange and isSecondary as nil; label is dependent on the collectable prototype.
    - Reorder zone name entry.
    - Fix Mount Parade mounts
    - Remove custom entry - stop error
    - Fix toys, fix filters for mounts, update localizations, add a few custom settings
    - Fix dev dump text
    - Fix Heirloom mounts
    - Fix personal hologram profession - doesn't really change anything tbh, just correct


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  • #218

    Collectinator: Error: Mount with ID 10793 not in database

    Collectinator: Error: Mount with ID 23219 not in database


  • #219

    Dunno.  You are Alliance right?  Those two mounts are definitely in the database.  Was this character originally Alliance and faction transfered to Horde?

  • #216

    Cool addon, love it, when I first got it couldn't find the "scan" button (thought I had to go to interface and hit scan with the companion/mount window open). Would there be a way to show a picture where it's at or send a message to the player telling where? Thanks :)

  • #217

    It's in the spellbook and u show the companions or mounts tab.

  • #215

    Says Wood Frog is obtained from a Vendor named Flik in Terrokar Forest. He's actually spawn of Darkmoon Faire.

  • #214

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if it's just not working, but when I open my pets or mounts tab and click scan, nothing happens.  I just installed it and I'm not sure what's wrong.  Any advice?

  • #208

    Is there a way to ignore specific mounts/pets, instead of just whole sections in the filter menu?

    For example, I'm not an Engineer or Tailor so I can't get any of the Flying Machines or Flying Carpets... But if I check the "Crafted" filter option it takes out ALL profession mounts...which I don't want it to do, since I have Fishing and Archaeology and can still obtain the Turtle and Raptor mounts from those.

  • #209

    Yes, hover over the entry in the list and near the bottom of the tooltip it tells you how to. :)

  • #213

    No not the reset button, that's for filters ...All you have to do is either go into the interface options and you'll see "clear exclusion list" or show the excluded items in the list then do the button combo on that item and it removes that specific one from the ignore list.

  • #211

    I feel silly for not seeing that, haha. Thank you very much for pointing that out!

    If I ever want to show them again for some crazy reason, I assume hitting the "Reset" button will un-ignore them all? (Not that I'll ever drop Enchanting for Tailoring, but always better to know than not to know. :D )

  • #206

    This is really nice. I've loved ARL and this is just as easy to use. I found a couple of obvious mounts and pets that I should have already gotten and bumped up my lists a bit. thanks!

  • #205

    I am definitely no programmer by any means, but would it not make sense to use a setup similar to npcscan where you can go in and add ids manually.  I think this might fix a lot of your problems, as well as make it where you didnt have to update the mod every week to missing pets or mounts.  I'm not  able to tell you exactly how to do this, it would just be nice and I think it would take off a load from your shoulders.  I dont think it's possible to do this for pets/mounts that aren't data mined atm, but should work on current content available.  Hope this helps, I'm looking forward to using this addon today.

  • #203
    Addon advantages?


    What is the advantage of using your addon vs. "Collect Me" or "Companions & Mounts" section of your char profile?

  • #204
    Quote from jogolev »


    What is the advantage of using your addon vs. "Collect Me" or "Companions & Mounts" section of your char profile?


    I tried out Collect Me, it was annoying to me dur to the random critter selection, tried it for a few days, but got rid of it, it did show a list, but Collectinator has a cleaner interface imo. and for calling critters, I use critter caller. =)

  • #202

    Would be nice if should more info or pre-requirements for quests to get that mount.

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