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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 2,541,137 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/12/2014
  • Created 10/11/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: CombustionHelper 3.5.5
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About CombustionHelper

The goal of this addon is to allow easy optimizing of the mage talent Combustion. It tracks all relevant Dots on your target, your cooldown of Combustion so you'll be able to use the talent with maximum effectiveness.

To summarize the new talent : it will add a new Dot on effect on your target which will be equal to the sum of Ignite and Pyroblast Dots.

With this addon, you'll know if one of your Dot is missing.

CombustionHelper is composed of the main addon and 2 bundled other addons : CauterizeCooldown and MageBombTracker. Here is their main features :

CombustionHelper main addon:

  • Automatic switch depending if combustion is in your spellbook or not.
  • Autohide out of combat is off by default, use config panel to configure it. You can choose between no autohide, autohide out of combat or autohide when combustion is on cd.
  • Reset variables option because i know some of you like to bug the thing by switching options while in combat/autohide is running and stuff. If you bug it, just reset and log off so you start with a clean state.
  • Option to hide all config messages in chat.
  • Dot tick damage report mode. This is not the expected combustion damage report because of the complexity of ignite, rather an information about how much damage the last tick did so you know if it's powerful enough.
  • Pyroblast/Hot Streak report mode which will warn you when wasted an Hot Streak proc will letting it be refreshed before getting used and at end of combat will report number of refreshed Hot Streak.
  • Timer for Combustion Dot on target.
  • Flamestrike tracker supporting regular flamestrike.
  • Tooltips for option panel settings, no more obscure settings.
  • Ignite munching report, so you know how much damage you lost because of buggy mechanics.
  • Graphical options so you can make it the way you want.
  • Localisation in English, Deutsch, French and Chinese (feel free to report typos…) (thanks to Hambo and Plueschbaer from MMO-C forums for deutsch version)
  • Threshold option to activate color change of background when Ignite cross the specified value.
  • Audio warning when ignite value reach the threshold.
  • Combustion tick damage and number prediction.
  • Missing Pyromaniac buff warning (who wouldn't want 10% more damage on main nuke ?)
  • Heating Up available warning

CauterizeCooldown :

A simple cooldown showing Cauterize cooldown.

You can change the scale, alpha and Frame level. Also enabled by default a timer like OmniCC/CooldownCount. You can choose to autohide the addon when your cauterize is off cooldown. It will autohide too for classes other than mage. Also feature a customizable warning message which can be outputted to vicinity, party, raid or yell channel. There is also another optional warning when Ice Block is up. You can set whatever SharedMedia sound you want as an alert.

MageBombTracker :

This addon track all the new mage bombs and flamestrike cooldown which will be available in patch 5.0.4 and MoP. Previously bundled with CombustionHelper, it's now available as a stand alone addon. It show them with a list which feature :

  • current target marker
  • target name
  • raid marker
  • time remaining

Other nice features are :

  • Alert when missing a bomb
  • Alert when overwriting a bomb before last tick
  • End of fight report

Fully customisable and lightweight, all you need to monitor your bombs !
Available in English and French for now, submit your translation for more.


Changes from 2.xx versions ?

  • No more crit debuff tracking, it's gone for mages.
  • No more support for FrostFire Bolt, useless for Combustion and i doubt anyone used it.
  • No more Impact support, new inferno blast replaced aura procs.

Use Interface Panel -> Addons for full config or /combustionhelper for bringing up directly the option panel.
As always, report me bugs and requests.

Donation is totally optional but all funds will be used to buy chocolate for my wife so she'll be a bit less mad at me spending so much time coding.

Release 3.5.5
Fix for autohide in magebombtracker module
I'm getting rusty with programming...

Release 3.5.4
Fix for autohide and ignite formula

Release 3.5.3
Wod update

Release 3.5.2
TOC update
Fix for combustion nerf

Release 3.5.1
TOC update

Beta 3.5
Italian translation for Combustionhelper main module
Moved all the code related to magebombtracker module, hopefully fixing bugs
Fix for other character than mage interface bug
TOC update

Release 3.4.7
TOC update
Fix for bomb type not updating

Release 3.4.6
Fix for bomb not updating

release 3.4.5
Fix for scaling problem

beta 3.4.4
Fix for window position resetting (another attempt)

beta 3.4.3
Fix for window position resetting

Release 3.4.2
Updated toc for 5.1
Fix for Magebombtracker font/texture list
Fix for combustion formula after 50% nerf

Release 3.4
Added option to hide pyroblast and Bomb tracking in main window
Fix for 5.1 combustion formula
Fix for zoning spam
Fix for chinese languages (beware using may freeze your computer for a min the first time)

Release 3.3.1
Fix for 5.1

Release 3.3
Added pyromaniac warning (red background by default)
Added Heating Up warning (yellow background by default)
Fix for MageBombTracker disappearing in arcane/frost spec
Fix for Ignite triggered from other mages
Added support for Combustion glyph in predicter
Disabled refresh warning when refresh just before last tick of bombs

Release 3.2
Added combustion damage predicter
Fix for threshold
Fix for magebombtracker module (hopefully)

Release 3.1.1
Fix for bomb talent missing

Release 3.1
Fix for unbelievable mistake in Ignite managing

Release 3.0.1
Fix for impact bug

Release 3.0
5.0.4 MoP compatible
many changes, check description

Beta 2.10
Added prediction of Combustion tick damage with number of expected ticks

Release 2.9.1
Added Border color options
Fix for CauterizeCooldown showing when disabled
Fix ColorPicker bugging on opacity settings

Release 2.9
Merged CauterizeCooldown addon into CombustionHelper
Added report info for Combustion usage
Fix for bug when impacting multiple living bombs (working, this time)

Release 2.8.3
Fix for bug when impacting multiple living bombs (hopefully)
Fix for Frostfire orb triggering Ignite

Release 2.8.2
Fix for settings not saved
Fix for background color in LB tracker frame

Release 2.8.1
Added audio warning when using threshold mode
Fix for transparent background/border
Fix for translation errors

Release 2.8
Added graphical options
Changed threshold to ignite only
4.3 compatible with variable combustion cd
New savedvariables check upon loading
Texture/font/bg/border validity check
English, French and Deutsch localisation

Release 2.7.16
Just changed the TOC for 4.2

Release 2.7.15
Fix for 4.2 compatibility

Release 2.7.14
Fix for Autohide problems
Fix for Ignite munching report
Fix for Ignite predictor
Fix for threshold total
Corrected the TOC version number

Release 2.7.13
Fix for "combuignitecount" error
Fix for Blastwave FS not being managed by Flamestrike tracker option panel
Small typos corrected
Fix for white bars by default
Fix for threshold not taking in account ignite predicter

Release 2.7.12
Removed a forgotten debug line

Release 2.7.11
Added Flamestrike Tracker
Added Ignite munching report
Added Tooltips in option panel
Added Beta Ignite predicter
Modified scale slider to start at 50% scale
Many invisible changes preparing for 2.8 version
Fix for 4.1 compatibility

Beta 2.7.10
Fix for living bomb tracker when target disappear without triggering SPELL_AURA_REMOVED (Cho'gall HC)

Release 2.7.9
Added raid marker and current target symbol to multiple LB tracker
Added missed LB to early LB warning mode
You can now adjust value for red zone timers in option panel
Fix for autohide spamming message
Fix for threshold handling

Release 2.7.8
Fix for crtitcal mass tracker showing white bar when disabled
Fix for incorrect FrameLevel causing errors when changing LB tracker position
Fix for error when disabling LB tracker

Release 2.7.7
Border color switch to yellow when impact is up
Colors now applying for border of frame and background
Threshold for dot value now affect background color too

Release 2.7.6
Added left and right option for LB tracker

Release 2.7.5
Added multiple Living Bomb tracking with impact support

Release 2.7.4
Added a Pyroblast/Hot Streak report mode

Release 2.7.3
more bug fixes

Release 2.7.2
removed the debug spam

Release 2.7.1
Added total dot report with threshold option and some bug fixes

Release 2.7
Added Dot tick damage report

Release 2.6.9
Added small fix enabling LB warning mode by default

Release 2.6.8
Added warning mode for early Living bomb refresh

Release 2.6.7
Added reset position for reset button in Interface options panel

Release 2.6.6
Small fix to enable hide with alt z

Release 2.6.5
Fixed glyphs slots for FFB

Release 2.6.4
Added a WORKING Class check

Release 2.6.2
Working bug fix this time

Release 2.6.1
Small bug fix when changing spec and ffb not showing

Release 2.6
Added Critical Mass/Shadow Mastery tracker
More autohide options
Cleaned code for future updates

Release 2.5
Added Bar mode with config
Added Autohide and fade out/in time configuration
Corrected bug with ffbglyph not showing when glyph up and ffb mode disabled

Release 2.4
Added GUI config in Interface Panel -> Addons
Added Scale settings
Corrected no fire spec Autohide in combat
Corrected FFB glyph bug

Release 2.3.1
Corrected Autohide feature on login
Corrected Startup message

Release 2.3
Added Impact mode (on by default)
Added out of combat autohide (off by default)
Added reset savedvariables option
better glyph/talent check
widened frostfire bolt frame to avoid text clipping

Release 2.2.3
Added autohide system (on by default)


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  • #432

    Any chance we can get the Ignite number estimation out of the frame? Like MyBigIgnite does but that does not predict, only goes from the first tick. I want it bigger without making the frame huge. Most of the frame does not need to track numbers, it's just a visual estimation that can be tiny. But the Ignite number prediction is usefull to be seen. Even if there is a threshold color system.

    Is there a way to track it from an external addon like weakauras?

  • #433

    next version will have a modular graphical view, you could choose different view, one being focused on ignite and stuff, it should suit you.

  • #431

    Yeah seems Altoholic is the problem for it not showing up when u log out and back in. Not sure why but thats the problem 


  • #426

    This might have been asked already, but I've noticed that when my Ignite threshold is reached (Currently set for 15k), and my CH goes green and makes a bunch of noise, when I click on Combustion, the actual applied combustion to the mob is always about half of what the ignite was.

    So for example,  I'm blasting the crap outta Morchok, and BOOM!  My CH goes green!  22k Ignite with LB up, PB! up.  HURRY!  Click Combustion!  I do.  YAY! right?  Nope... The tool tip for the DoT on Morchok says 8k as the DoT going out. 

    Am I missing something?

  • #427

    Ignite report does not equal to combustion damage. the latest beta (2.10) have combustiontick prediction, which should be accurate. I'm also correcting the ignite predicter to get it more accurate when potential munching occur.

  • #429

    Thanks.  I was doing some more research on what the ignite value really represents and I'm still a bit lost, but at least I understand that part, that it isn't representative of the Combustion ticks. 

    Thank you for all your hard work on this project.  It's really helped my fire mage take advantage of Ignite.

  • #424

    When I load the addon, no graphics window appears, but the text alerts are working. If I reset it, the window appears in the middle of the screen, but once I configure it and reload the UI it disappears again. This happens whether it is loaded by itself or not.

    *Later* tried the line " /run CombustionFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER" ,0,0)" from below; no joy...

    Last edited by jimwebb9 on 3/13/2012 6:55:15 PM
  • #425

    Can you try disabling all addons but CombustionHelper to check for incompatibilities ? If it works that way, post me a list of your addons, please.

    Last edited by oldchap on 3/14/2012 8:18:08 AM
  • #430

    np, don't hesitate to come back if anything change.

  • #428

    OK, I'm not sure what to report here. To start, I disabled Ackis Recipe List, Atlas, AtlasLoot, and Altoholic. Bing, CombustionHelper window appears and does not disappear after reloading or restarting the game. A-ha!, thinks I.

    Started re-enabling those addons one by one, testing each as above, and actually using them to make sure they were resident in memory. CH window does not go away. Jim is perplexed.

    Also switched from Fire to Arcane spec- when I was Arcane, MageManaHelper activated, CH deactivated. When I switched back to Fire spec, CH activated, MMH deactivated. Correct behavior I believe.

    Upshot is I'm not sure what to tell you. I'm going to go quest for a while to see if I activate something that causes the window to disappear....

    More later (I'll edit this post and add what happened).

    *Later*   Still working. Apparently unloading/loading those addons reset "something". I dunno, but working fine now, so it's Emily Littella time...sorry to have bothered you :-/


    Last edited by jimwebb9 on 3/14/2012 9:31:56 PM
  • #422

    Heya, im having a slight problem with a sudden appearance of a lil box in the middle of the screen.

    My questions is, What is that ? O.o and how do i remove it or move it

    Thanks for a great addon

  • #423

    type /combustionhelper to access the option panel, then click on the little red plus to expand the options and then in the cauterize cooldown panel, just disable it.

  • #421

    yes i mean when i go pvping, is easier to locate by color than by name

  • #419

    i wonder if somehow could you put the bars in their respective class colors, I think could be more readable

  • #420

    you mean when pvping ? and are you talking about the living bomb monitor bars ?

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