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  • Project Manager: Si63
  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,834 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 211,754 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 06/28/2007
  • 476 Favorites
  • Project Site
  • Comments
  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Comix 1.86b
Support development! **

About Comix

Thanks to Pardua for updating this!

This is the continuation of Comix, thanks to Maido for letting me continue the project

Comix is a plain Fun Addon. It's sole purpose is to keep you entertained.
It doesn't do anything useful but the EntertainYourFaceOff™ technology contained in the package is sure to keep you amused for hours, and you won't even know why

In plain english: It shows a Image and plays a sound when you crit. These Images and Sounds are done in Comic Style. but it can do so much more....


  • cool stuff happens on Crits (heals and damage)
  • plays fancy sounds
  • plays sounds ripped from other things
  • keeps track of up to 2 useless statistics
  • now includes a bad joke detector
  • an awesome objection system
  • a drama button for the unnecessary drama in the game (all drama - its a game people :P)
  • now incorporates the Supermassive Fail mod for all the times when saying fail on its own just doesn't cut it (try using /awesome instead of /fail sometime too you'll be glad you did :P)
  • and more.....

If you want more customization be sure to check out Comix Plus**

A note on /fail and /awesome:

/fail and /awesome are both used like this example:

/awesome say this is ~~

this will make you say (in say) this is [Pure Awesome]

the ~~ marks where you want the supermassive fail or the pure awesome to go

valid choices for where to send the message are: say, emote, yell, party, guild, officer, raid, rw (for raid warning), bg (for battleground), afk or dnd


GFX: Venomia, Maidokilla SFX: Random things found on the net :P support us! GUI: Si ( previously Florix) Coding: Si (previously Zabuza and Maidokilla)

PS: The Way i loaded 'images' and 'sounds' is somehow copied from the Author of the addon Critman. I really liked the way he did that cause ppl can modify Images and Sounds easy this way. the new flash gfx were ripped from the mod Instabolt, which i think ripped them from somewhere else so no hard feelings

User Testimonials

  • I got sexy through this I could increase my wpw-ratio (women per week) by 100%, just with using this addon, describing how happy i am is not possible. Riffage
  • This addon makes you happy it really does. Anousse
  • I am a better person now My Karma became good the instant i installed this addon, thanks ! random druid
  • I r 1337 P30P13 WH0 C4N r34D 7hI5 5hI7 5h0u1D 7ry 0U7 7hi5 4dd0wn, i7 0wN5! 534k3R
  • You have failed me my Students! But this addon rocks! Instructor Razuvious
  • This addon is great for slacking 'I was able to slack like hell in raid while coding this addon.' Zabuza
  • I am wearing no underwear when I am using this addon And it sure feels good, thanks guys! Maidokilla
  • The orderlies report that I am MUCH less violent while using this mod, and additionally, the RAMPAGE and GODLIKE sfx tend to enable the voices in my roommate's head, which makes evening meds time MUCH more guys are great! I'm not a paladin but I play one in WoW


updated for new patch, thanks to Pardua for fixing it up


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  • #342

    I cannot express how happy this addon makes me. It wasn't updated for such a long time. I hope you're able to keep it updated throughtout WoD. Cheers. :D

  • #340

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • #339

    Awesome... been using it for ages and my prefered addon..thank you !!!

  • #337

    I think I got the crit gap to work.

    I wasn't able to test so much, but at the training dummy it looked good so far ^^


  • #338

    Thanks for updating this.


    I have updated the project with the latest version you linked ;)

  • #336

    Pardua you are my new best friend :) even without crit sound i got some new sounds that didnt work for me before

  • #335

    can you please update this for the new patch? thank you. i love this addon

  • #334

    very big thanks Pardua! I hope you can fix the crit gap :)

  • #333

    mp3 sound files seems not to work anymore.

    you need to convert them to .ogg and change it in AddOns\Comix\Sounds\ComixSounds.lua

    I did this already if someone is interested.

    Also crit gap seems not to work anymore. Don't know how to fix it

  • #332

    comix is THE shit, using for years now xD

    Last edited by Kasth on 5/6/2013 12:40:57 AM
  • #330

    The words do not show up when i crit. 

  • #331

    Do the words not show up at all? or do they appear to get stuck and not animate properly?


    If there is nothing then open the options menu (/comix) and make sure that enable images is turned on

    if they are getting stuck or not animation properly, turn on v-sync in your graphics settings


    If none of that helps, then try redownloading the mod, and make sure it is loading by checking "Load out of date addons" in the addon menu

  • #328

    hi, may I ask, when will 5.1 version coming out?

    thanks a lot :)

    love your comix UI

  • #329

    I haven't had any reports of things not working on 5.1 and I haven't really had the chance to do anything lately due to real life commitments. If I get a chance I will look into doing an update.

    Make sure you check "Load out of date addons" on your addons menu and it should work fine how it is though

  • #325

    Hey, is there anyway you can disable the noise it makes when you jump? I've had this addon for 20 minutes and im about to go crazy, considerign teh fact i jump ALOT. Much appreciated



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