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Compact Runes

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,443 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 168,712 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/27/2015
  • Created 08/30/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.2.4

About Compact Runes


Compact Runes is a re-write of DocsDebugRunes. It preserves the compact UI but adds additional features.


It tracks the following items:

  • Runes (shown horizontally or vertically) with an optional setting to show a numeric timer for each rune.
  • Runic Power
  • Diseases and time left.
  • Necrotic Plague, if talented, replaces the standard disease bars. It displays the time left and stacks.
  • Sudden Doom, Shadow Infusion, and Dark Transformation for Unholy
  • Rime/Freezing Fog and Killing Machine for Frost
  • Blood Charges for the Blood Tap talent.
    • By default a new bar is used that replaces the Dark Transformation bar. If you are Unholy, the bars are placed side-by-side.
    • You can also enable it as a proc. It is off by default.
  • Blood Shield
  • LDB/Minimap Icon Support
  • RC Procs are indicated with a white border.
  • RE procs, RC procs, and wasted Blood Charges tracking in the LDB tooltip
  • Crimson Scourge is shown as a proc.
  • Out of melee range is indicated by a red border. This option can be disabled.
  • An optional "Almost ready" rune state. The alpha can be adjusted independently for it.
  • A Plague Leech proc, if enabled, is shown when the Plague Leech is usable. Plague Leech requires two fully depleted runes and diseases on the target. You can optionally require that Outbreak will be off cooldown too.
  • A Soul Reaper proc that shows up if you have the spell, your target is under 35% health, and Soul Reaper is not on cooldown. The cooldown also includes runes not being ready.
  • Cooldown Bars per spec. A configurable row of icons to show the cooldown on abilities and certain trinkets.
  • Swing Timer (main hand).
  • Necroticblight Helper. Used for the Necroticblight playstyle. It shows the number of Festering Strikes needed to keep Necrotic Plague going until Unholy Blight is available again.

Issues / Feedback

For enhancements or issues, please use the ticket tracker.

tag 6.2.4
Talryn <>
2015-08-27 14:58:56 -0400

Tag as 6.2.4.


    - Fix SR issue due to commented code. * Fix the issue with SR and the CD tracker not updating due to commented code.
    - Add Legendary rings to CD Bar.
    - Fix issue with enabling SR CD. * Fix issue where enabling the SR CD without reloading will not show the icon.


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  • #23

    The width of the Runic Power Bar and Blood Shield Bar are dynamic at the moment.  They are the size of two runes plus the gap between the runes so that it should span the same distance as the rune pairs.

    I guess I could add an option that would switch it so it is as wide as the entire rune display.  I've been trying to avoid too many options because it can make it fairly complex for people.

    The disease timers are the same size as the rune bars so that is why the bottom two bars are also based on the rune bar width.

  • #22

    Yes, as wide as the border. I've unlocked the rune and blood shield bar and butted them tight against the bottom of the addon, and it looks strange while in combate there is that gap between the sides of the bar and the edge of the addon (because of the border). In short, is there any plans to make the width of the bars adjustable?

  • #14

    Hey any chance you can make an option to take away the faint color of the rune under the rune when its on cooldown to make it look like the original DDR. I want to make the switch to your addon but I cannot get used to the faint color of the rune behind it.                                                        



    Last edited by Rufio320 on 3/10/2013 4:15:00 AM
  • #15

    You can control the alpha (kind of the brightness) of recharging runes so you could make them dimmer.  That is for all recharging runes.  It might be that DDR made the second recharging rune in a pair even dimmer.  I'd have to add some code to make that possible on my addon in the same way as DDR.

    There is a concept of "almost ready" that I added for someone.  It will change the alpha to another value when the rune will be ready in a certain time or less.  You could set the Recharge Alpha very close to 0.0 for now then set the almost ready time to 4 seconds and the almost ready alpha to whatever you like.  It would also be possible to make the almost ready time greater than 4 seconds if you edit the Lua settings file.  That might approximate DDR better.

    I'll have to look into it though.  It sounds like you want the runes that have not started recharging to not be visible at all.  It would only apply to the runes on right as runes on the left should always be recharging.

  • #24

    The latest alpha has the ability to choose the rune background.  I think that's as much flexibilty as I think most will want.  If you choose the rune color for the background, you can still adjust the alpha.  Otherwise you can pick transparent or black.


    Last edited by talryn1 on 3/13/2013 4:07:33 AM
  • #20

    Thanks a lot. I downloaded the alpha, it looks great. The one last thing I could add is kind of nit picky but if you could possbly have an option or something to have a feint black rectangle for the rune to fill up just like the old DDR. The visual feel of the rune filling something up rather than just expanding from the left feels more natural to me and it also lets you know when the rune is actually fully recharged.

    Again thanks a lot.

    Last edited by Rufio320 on 3/12/2013 2:25:19 AM
  • #17

    I prefer to see the rune types myself.  Removing the background doesn't allow me to see that.  In order to support either playstyle I added two new options.  One is Rune Background which lets you turn off the background.  In that case there is no background at all.  The second is the background alpha so if the background is enabled, you can control how bright it is.

    You can try out the new alpha version here:

    I'll push a release of it in the next day or so.

  • #16

    What would be Ideal is if there wasnt any background color to any of the runes and only the color of the rune instelf and when its recharging there is only the black colour of the box behind it for both sets of runes not only the 2nd set because even if the first pair are always recharging the background color still stand outs.

    To quote the creator of DDR. He encoutered the same problem about the feint color behind recharging runes and this is how he fixed it.

    Quote from dr_AllCOM3 »

    I still don't know the solution, but I just made all the rune backgrounds not behave correctly. It looks better that way anyway.

    Last edited by Rufio320 on 3/10/2013 5:35:21 PM
  • #10

    Love this addon. Can you make the HUD click-through? I often find myself clicking on the same spot where my HUD is to move my camera and nothing happens.


    Thank you.

  • #12

    I think there was a bug that caused that issue.  I fixed it in the alpha.  New release version will go out this Tuesday since it might be the patch and I will need to change the TOC.

  • #9

    Nice clean look. I like that. Alot of people don't seem to get the importance of simplicity.

    Anyway here are some issues I have found:

    - Runic power bar has rather slow update. Basicly out of combat number of runic power drops by 3 points while other addons are capable of doing it every 1 point.

    - Disabling runic power bar works only till you relog. After relog even though setting is saved and marked in options as off, runic power bar appears again.

    - Death runes seem to be messed up. Often I noticed when playing as blood after death striking that, first runes do not get recoloured as violet, even though there is death rune available because I am using it for siphon.

    - Would be cool if possible to add out of range indicator even when out of combat.

    - Not all formats of shuffling rune order are avaiable ex. frost,unholy,blood.

    Thanks, nice work.

    Last edited by przecierzwiadra on 3/3/2013 11:23:04 AM
  • #11

    The rune power bar updates slowly out of combat because I didn't think it would matter and it takes a little more CPU to update it more often.  I can change it though if people find it annoying.

    The Runic Power bar not disabling correctly is a bug.  I've fixed it in the alpha.

    I'm not sure what you mean on the death runes.  I've never noticed that.

    I changed the OOR indicator to work out of combat and I added the missing rune orders in case people prefer them.

  • #8

    I've made some changes that can be tested in the 0.7.4 alpha:

    It includes moving some of the UI elements via a new Layout section of the config.

    The alphas have had disease strength tracking.  I'm still looking for feedback from people who are focused on optimizing their DPS.  Right now it just tells you if is re-applying would result in the same or stronger damage with yellow for stronger but red is even stronger above a configurable threshold.

    I could also change it so the disease timers are red if the re-applying would result in less damage, white is the same, yellow is stronger, and green is stronger and over the user-configurable threshold.

    This functionality duplicates the idea started in DKDots but tries to reduce the extra clutter on the screen.

  • #3


    Since DocsDebugRunes isn't updated anymore, I've decided to give your fan re-write a shot.

    Here are a few issues I found:

    -The rune regeneration is choppy, unlike DocsDebugRunes and (most likely?) other rune addons. It feels weird to watch imo and it's probably not supposed to be acting like this. I hope it can get fixed.

    -The frames are not centered properly. Yes, this is nitpicking but I've always wanted to play with pixel perfect UIs and this drags me off, to be honest. I can't really tell what is causing this. The main frame border's backdrop isn't symmetrical. I managed to get it better by editing the insets in "function CompactRunes:SetMainFrameBorder()" because I noticed the left side of the border is 1 pixel too wide compared to the right, bottom and top, but it's still messy I guess.

    The runebars are a bit off aswell. I was able to fix it by adding a pixel in the "runeBars[i] = Bar:Create" function (line 2172), like this:

    function() return self.db.profile.width+1.33 end,
    function() return self.db.profile.height+1.33 end,

    This way, the runes on the right side actually fill the gap to the border.

    AGAIN, this is probably not the cleanest way to deal with this issue but I'm not a lua expert.


    -Last issue in my record: the unability to move the different frames (disease bars, procs, runic power, etc). I loved this feature in DocsDebugRunes, where everything could be separated from the initial frame and the X and Y position would then easily be set in the config file.


    Thanks for reviving this great addon though, hope it'll get some "technical" improvements!

  • #4

    The rune regeneration appears the same as DDR to me.  I have added a throttle to the updates which is 1/10 of a second.  That's considered a good practice for addon development.  If you want to test if that helps, look for the method onUpdateRune and adjust the value on the line "if self.lastUpdate >= 0.1 then".  You could try something like 0.05.  The lower means more updates.

    I've noticed it is off a little.  I'll check on it again.  I've had more requests for features than for that so it was a low priority.  After upgrading my computer, I cannot even notice it on my higher resolution. Are you using the default sizes or did you adjust the size of the bars?

    I'm adding the ability to move the components.  No one had asked for it but since yours is the second request I will add that.

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