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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.1
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  • Updated 11/11/2013
  • Created 02/16/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.83

About CompactRaid


Since v2.0 this addon no longer uses the default Raid UI, the reason is simple, it's not useable anymore since wow client 4.3.1. we had no way to maintain a raid frame in the secure way while itself wasn't entirely written in secure codes. So I decided to create my own buttons instead, this offers more flexibility and combat safety, at least the UI no longer mess up when ppl join/leave your raid during combat. So you may treat the old description below as a history, just to show the original motivation of develop for this addon.


I'm not sure how many people have paid real attention on the new raid frame UI came with WOW 4.0 (Cataclysm), if you looked into the source code you would probably find out how much efforts Blizzard UI folks had dedicated in, and how sad it turned out that no one even wanted to touch it. The reasons are apparent: ugly looking, lack of important utilities, and most important, there are a few superior addons out there doing fine for years.

Having said that, being a Blizzard UI, it actually offers some special advantage that other addons never will. For example, it is not restricted by the secure framework so you can manually show/hide raid groups or change unit frame sizes during combat; It is a built-in addon, most of its templates and UI objects are already created before any third-party addons are loaded, use it or not, game resources are occupied regardlessly. If some day this Blizzard's raid UI suddenly turns into something that looks as fashional as whatever you can imagine, and has all advanced features you ever wanted, would you consider giving it a try? Now you probably are going to ask: "Can it?"

CompactRaid is an addon that simply answers "Yes" to your question, it greatly improves the Blizzard's default raid frame UI to make it become compatitive with, if not better than, any other third-party raid frame UI. It currently consists of the following working modules:

Modules integrated in CompactRaid

  • Core module: Wraps all internal framework, provides exported API's for other modules.
  • Artwork module: Enhances the UI lookings, supports LibSharedMedia-3.0, LibSharedMedia-2.0, CWDGMediaPack, you can choose text fonts, status bar textures and background arts from those libraries and apply them to your unit frames.
  • Corner Indicators module: Adds indicators to corners of your unit frames to help you tracking configured auras, supported displaying modes: icons, color dots, numeric texts.
  • Raid Debuff module: Displays bold icons on unit frames to alert critical raid debuffs. Requires raid debuff data module, for current version it's "Cataclysm".
  • ClickSets module: Binds mouse clicks on unit frames to help you quickly cast spells on hovering unit. Supports mouse wheel.

v3.83 - Integrated "Direction arrow" into the core module (requires TomTom). v3.81 - Introduced new feature "Show friendly NPC", check it on the core option page will display friendly NPC/bosses like raid members. v3.80 - Updated for 5.4.1 v3.73 - Added some important raid-debuff data for some SoO bosses. v3.72 - Updated for 5.4. v3.70 - Adjusted raid debuff for ToT. Added new feature "group changing". v3.65 - Updated for 5.3. v3.64 - Fixed an error on unit pop-up menu for raid difficulty settings. v3.63 - Adjusted raid debuff for ToT. v3.62 - Fixed a bug which sometimes caused artwork settings not saving. v3.6 - Updated for 5.2, added raid debuff for instance ToT, some minor bug fix. v3.4 - Added RaidDebuff data for MoP instances, includes raid and 5-man dungeons. v3.3 - Updates for MoP, added supports for Monk class. v3.27 - Fixed RaidDebuff and CornerIndicator modules so they no longer generate errors. v3.26 - Fixed a taint caused by interfering Blizzard party member frames. v3.25 - Additional improvements & bug fixes. v3.22 - Some bug fixes including frames not getting updated, raid-debuffs not displaying, dispel symbols not showing up, etc. v3.2 - Updated for 5.0.4. v3.1 - Fixed some minor problems, adjusted some debuff highlights for DS. v3.0 - Almost a complete rewrite from 2.31. v2.31 - More options on raid units sorting, also fixed a problem which causes raid-debuffs don't show up properly in Dragon's Soul. v2.2 - Performance improvements. v2.12 - A hotfix for the CornerIndicator module. v2.11 - Fixed a bug which caused modules not saving profiles properly and generates errors when the player switches talent groups. v2.1 - A complete rewrite, no longer uses Blizz default raid frames which introduced so many bugs since WOW 4.3 v1.6 - Modified for 40300 v1.52 - Fixed all known bugs; frame alpha for out-range units are again 0.4; moved raid target icons to the top, etc v1.5 - Compatible to 4.2 v1.42 - Compatible to WOW 4.10a v1.3 - First release on CurseForge.


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  • #182

    Does it hide default party frames along with raid frames? If yes, how can I restore them? I like this one much better than GRID.

  • #181

    really digging the addon, but is there any way to order it as the real blizzard raid frames?(tanks>heals>dps)

  • #180

    Hoping this gets updated for WoD. Its my 'go-to' addon for raid healing. Please fix, /hugs

  • #184

    It will.

  • #179

    Is this project abandoned?


  • #183

    Obviously not. It just has nothing major to be changed until WoD goes live in China.

  • #178

    ts great but I can't see the buff / debuff icons and there seems no way to change them other than to enable

    corner icons or whatever but that then duplicates the icons... blah...

    Also i want to show aggro on someone better as it's hard to see sometmes


    Anyway :

  • #177

    This addon, oh my, THIS ADDON! What a great job!

    I used grid before, just changed it tonight. Guild went to 25man raids, and my FPS dropped like mad, I mean under 10, sometimes under 5!!! Found out it was grid :( I love grid, it has been my healing addon forever! But now that will change!

    This addon took me 20minutes to configure for my needs! Grid took me several days back then. Such an friendly and easy UI. Now my FPS on ultra settings in 25man raids, is above 60, which dont give me anything, as my screen is 60hz, but still. Nice addon!

    Only thing about this addon, there are still a few things that would be nice to configure, it is nothing that is really needed, but just some colours, border settings(thinking on using them for debuff/buff tracking). Removing the Threat indicator, targetd friendly player indicator and minor stuff like that, make it as a disable button or something.

    But for real, keep this addon updated, and keep up this nice work, with an addon exactly the same as grid, BUT it takes NO CPU power NO memory - compared to others! So if you got FPS issues and you use grid, try this, just give it a go, you  will NOT be dissapointed! 

    Thank you... I owe you

    Last edited by blushed on 2/5/2014 6:43:54 PM
  • #176

    Hey. How can I get the addon to grow upwards instead of downward?

    I usually play 10 man but some flexes can go 10+ and they are not visible since I keep my raid frame on bottom right corner.

  • #175

    i like it too but I need to figure a way to make the debuffs / buffs (not corner icons) scaleable.

    Also it seems to get confused when it handles other peoples similar spells still ( like MOTW versus the mok legacy overwrites it and people keep casting it again etc)

    Can those be looked at ?


  • #174

    Even though I have set name width to 100% it still cuts off the last character in the name.

    Can anyone tell me how I get the group numbers to show?

  • #173

    Hi!,this addon is so great. Thanks for the hard work. I am wondering is the raid tools buttons moveable?

  • #172

    Thank you for all the work and a great add on.  I have to bump the profiles thing but not that important there is one feature i would love if you could add, Is there a way you could add to set up to control the amount of rows so it would build down the side instead of across the screen.  Either way great addon its the best one out there.

  • #171

    Here are another taint issues

    11/28 03:17:52.070 SetAttribute()
    11/28 03:17:52.070 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from CompactRaid -
    11/28 03:17:52.070 CreateFrame()
    11/28 03:17:52.070 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:164 configureChildren()
    11/28 03:17:52.070 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:488 SecureGroupHeader_Update()
    11/28 03:17:52.070 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:62
    11/28 03:17:56.747 SetAttribute()
    11/28 03:17:56.747 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from CompactRaid -
    11/28 03:17:56.747 CreateFrame()
    11/28 03:17:56.747 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:164 configureChildren()
    11/28 03:17:56.747 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:488 SecureGroupHeader_Update()
    11/28 03:17:56.747 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:62
    11/28 03:22:57.622 AuraButton_Update()
    11/28 03:22:57.622 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from CompactRaid -
    11/28 03:22:57.622 CreateFrame()
    11/28 03:22:57.622 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:164 configureChildren()
    11/28 03:22:57.622 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:488 SecureGroupHeader_Update()
    11/28 03:22:57.622 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:62

  • #170

    I got a taint issue for compactraid addon

    11/22 19:56:03.494 AuraButton_Update()
    11/22 19:56:03.494 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from CompactRaid -
    11/22 19:56:03.494 CreateFrame()
    11/22 19:56:03.494 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:164 configureChildren()
    11/22 19:56:03.494 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:488 SecureGroupHeader_Update()
    11/22 19:56:03.494 Interface\FrameXML\SecureGroupHeaders.lua:62

    I still dunno which functions cause this problem. please figure it out.

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