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Cool Aid

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 6,286 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/06/2015
  • Created 06/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Cool Aid v2.010
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About Cool Aid

Display your Cooldowns however and wherever you want. Easy to setup and oh so flexible! The essential aid to cooling down!

Now with Power Strikes, Incanter's Flow and Stacking (De)Buffs!

What It Does
Each Cooldown is displayed as a tile. Your cooldown tiles are joined together. The set of tiles may be moved around the screen. Tiles may be displayed as vertical or horizontal lines or even as oblique lines. Or you might prefer them to be tightly clustered together.


  • Tiles all have the "second hand" animation for Cool Downs
  • Configurable numeric countdown display of remaining seconds
    Blizzard added a new option for this in the Interface. Turn it OFF as Cool Aid is more fully featured!
  • Auto hide when not aggroed, in an instance or able to attack a target
  • Can force display when out of combat. Useful for setting up
  • Tiles are resizable from extremely small to extremely large
  • Every tile has a tooltip when setting up
  • Every Interface panel has extra help available as tooltips
  • Tiles can be easily moved
  • No fixed way to group tiles together. It is up to you!
  • Can lock the tiles to avoid accidentally moving them
  • Can micro-manage how frequently the display updates
  • Can quickly show/hide tiles via a chat command
  • Can turn off Cool Aid in emergency situations
  • Enter any Spell or Item ID (from WowHead) for ultimate control!

Not Just Spells
This is where you wonder what I have been drinking... From the "Cooldowns" panel you may select *anything* you are wearing or is present in your bags, as well as usable abilities in your current Spellbook. Got a buff or debuff? You can grab that too!

(For certain abilities the icon from the Spellbook is merely a Blizzard placeholder. The actual spell/texture for displaying a cooldown is some other internal Spell ID. That is why this option is absolutely necessary. See Cool Aid's built in help to point you in the right direction!)

Not Just Cooldowns
Some abilities are more correctly considered 'timed recharges'. And some classes have very important self buffs/debuffs on an expiring timer. I have special code to treat the ability just like a regular cool down. You get the sweeping hand and the numerical countdown.

Timed Recharges

  • Druid Bear form Savage Defence
  • Arcane Mage Supernova
  • Fire Mage Blast Wave
  • Frost Mage Ice Nova
  • Monk Roll/Chi Torpedo
  • Monk Chi Brew
  • Mistweaver Monk Renewing Mist New!
  • Mistweaver Monk Rising Sun Kick New!
  • Paladin Hands (all 4) with Clemency (beta)
  • Priest Angelic Feather (beta)
  • Shaman Ascendance (Elemental / Enhancement versions)
  • Restoration Shaman Purify Spirit
  • Warlock Hand of Gul'Dan (beta)
  • Destruction Warlock Conflagrate (beta)
  • Warlock Dark Soul (all 3) altered with Archimonde's Darkness (beta)

Stacking Buffs/Debuffs New!

  • Arcane Mage Arcane Charges
  • Windwalker Monk Tigereye Brew
  • Protection Paladin Bastion of Glory (beta)
  • Elemental Shaman Chain Lightning (active Ascendance)
  • Enhancement Shaman Maelstrom Weapon
  • Enhancement Shaman Primal Strike (active Ascendance)


  • Monk Power Strikes (Blizzard's hidden reactivation timer) New!
  • Shaman Reincarnation
  • Mage Incanter's Flow (Cyclical buff with a hidden discharge timer) Incredibly New™!
    ("1" to "5" is overlaid. An expiry countdown sweep will also appear, with numeric countdown at 10s)

How To Use
After entering the world, type '/ca opt' in chat to bring up the options panel. The Cooldowns panel will also be conveniently available. Select your cooldowns from the Cooldowns panel and return to playing! From chat you can invoke the Cooldowns panel directly with '/ca coo'.

Can't find a spell? It might technically be a "passive" or a "flyout". A monk's Power Strikes is a good example. Look it up on Wowhead. Get the spell ID. Power Strikes is 121817, for example. Input this into the 'Spell ID' option of the /ca coo panel.

How To Move the Tiles
First check the Options Panel to ensure that CA is not locked in place. Now place your mouse over the centre of the FIRST tile in the group. Left click, hold down and move, lift up when done. Finished!

Updates & Favourites
Why not make Cool Aid a Favourite and/or use the Curse Installer?

Fun Stuff™ New!
At any time you may raise your arms high and command Storm, Earth and Fire. You indeed have the power of Go'el in your hands! Heed My Call™ with '/wdw sef' or '/wdw poth' in chat. Or say hello to yourself with '/wdw sal'. Enjoy!

If You Like Cool Aid
While adventuring, always take the Best Quest option, pickup a great raptor pet with Adorable Hatchling Nests, and use Hard Yards, the most accurate way to measure distance! Taraezor's main AddOn is We Don't Wipe, an excellent DPS maximiser.

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the cookies & beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Donate to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".


  • Patch 6.1 (or was it prior?) saw Blizzard Cooldown Timer bugs after a /reload UI. This works around these
  • Mage Rune of Power expiry added
  • Cosmetic tweaks and notes added re: known imperfections in Incanter's Flow and RoP
  • Mage Fire Blast and Inferno Blast tested by player level


  • Mage Incanter's Flow support added
  • Localised the GetCVar call


  • Increased number of spells in spellbook to 100 from 70. Reduced icons sizes only as necessary
  • Error and warning messages for trying to exceed or reaching the max number of cooldowns (42) able to be displayed
  • pairs / ipairs made local
  • TOC file update for Patch 6.2


  • Chi Brew special recharge 'Cooldown' works as intended now
  • Roll / Chi Torpedo 'recharges' bugged. Fixed.
  • Renewing Mist / RSK added (both recharges for Mistweavers)


  • Error message if showing the WoW Interface AND WDW cooldown countdown text overlays.
  • Fix to fun chat command '/wdw sal'
  • Patch 6.1 'toc' file update to keep Cool Aid up to date.


  • Chi Torpedo Spell ID added for Roll recharge
  • Monk Power Strikes (hidden (re)activation cycle) now supported and VERY accurate


  • Fix for buffs of type ""
  • Protection Paladin Bastion of Glory stacking buff added
  • Windwalker Monk Tigereye Brew stacking buff added
  • Enhancement Shaman Maelstrom Weapon stacking buff added
  • Arcane Mage Arcane Charges stacking debuff added


  • Added Purify Spirit as a "recharge" ability
  • Minor tidy up of a couple of local variable allocations/zeroing
  • Code comments tidied up / sync with We Don't Wipe AddOn to speed up maintenance
  • Replace Mage Water Elemental with Unbound Elemental texture as appropriate. Quality of life improvement
  • Minor change to text for '/ca hel'
  • Comments to sync with We Don't Wipe AddOn to speed up maintenance
  • Fix for Enabled spells such as Presence of Mind (the CD start is delayed)


  • Warrior Shield Block re-added as a charged spell now that I have a L18+ Warrior to play
  • Warrior Charge (with Double Time talent) added as a new charged spell
  • Mage recharges Supernova / Blast Wave / Ice Nova now also supported
  • Monk's Chi Brew now an included recharge
  • Paladins with Clemency have recharge Hand abilities. Support returned but as BETA
  • Priest's Angelic Feather recharges now supported again. BETA
  • Warlock's Hand of Gul'Dan and Conflagrate also returns. BETA
  • Newly added Warlock's Archimonde of Darkness for Dark Soul recharges (all three). BETA
  • Help has been split into Help and Troubleshooting panels.
  • Added detail for how to move tiles and why a cooldown does not seem to work or appear.
  • Interface panel formats optimised for as many different screen sizes as could be tested.
  • Very minor code tidying.


  • Fixed bug causing a "shadow" of the sweeping hand animation to remain on the screen after deselecting a combat target
  • In WoD Monk's Roll and Celerity were internally altered by Blizzard, breaking CA's recharge animation. Fixed.
  • New Spell ID feature could also have broken CA's Monk recharge. Fixed.
  • Druid Savage Defence recharge now uses the new Blizzard API call
  • Monk's Roll now uses the new Blizzard API call
  • Arcane Mage's Supernova now uses the new Blizzard API call
  • All other timed "recharge" abilities removed until able to use Blizzard API call in a future update to Cool Aid. Exception is Shaman Ascendance which should still be okay but unable to test


  • Removed all Show(), Hide(), SetTimer(), etc calls as they caused taint
  • Rewriting / reorganising code to be more efficient and avoid possibility of tainting
    (Above two points were a lot of work coding/researching/testing)
  • NEW: Can now specify Spell ID as well as Item ID. The sky is now the limit for a "cool down"
  • Alter sliders so that whole as well as partial units supported as necessary
  • Changed minimum requestable update frequency to "0" (i.e. as often as possible)
  • Various text changes to copyright, tooltips, whatever
  • NEW: Uses the correct "Unbound" icon for a Mage's Unbound Elemental. (Same for glyphed Poly)
    (Blizzard provides the icons in the game files but does't use them)


  • Simple coding error on ELSEIF at line 864. Doh!


  • Fixes to Talent code made bad by Blizzard's API changes
  • Most of the old Polymorph code now removed as irrelevant in WoD


  • Correction to typos in a couple of "charges" altered with WoD


  • The long promised localisation of API calls, reduction in globals etc
  • New Specialisation discovery code to avoid (hopefully) the breakage of these API calls from time to time between patches
  • Corrected code for the (fun) hourly easter egg salute
  • Help text improvements, copyright notice, contact details etc.
  • Slash command setup etc in sync with HardYards AddOn
  • Interface set/save/default/ etc option mechanics reworked


  • Version bump for Patch 6.0.3


  • Version bump for Patch 5.4


  • Now shows the "Ascendance" buffed ability icon for Enh./Ele. Shamans


  • Option to hide tiles when cooldown is above any specified remaining CD
  • CA was attempting to display correct/altered Mage Poly icons. Now works properly, esp. Porcupine and Glyph of Polymorph showing the correct icons that the Blizzard server for some reason never shows.
  • Spellbook now correctly updated when pet goes away / comes back.
    (Error was caused by my attempt to ignore apparent duplicate Event triggers)
  • Error in counting Mage Polymorph glyphs (why bother? To show better icons than Blizzard defaults!)
  • Fixed bug with moving Cooldowns too far from the centre of the screen
  • Changing Talents now no longer gets icon positions, arrangement, etc muddled
  • Fix possible attempt to show item ID tooltip instead of spell ID tooltip


  • Option to display when NOT in combat/aggro/targetting attackable mob
  • Can now add temporary buffs and debuffs as a Cooldown tile
  • Special case abilities (some not strictly cooldowns but in fact "recharges" supported:
  • Dark Soul (all of them) possible for Warlocks - select the BUFFs
  • Hand of Gul'Dan for Demonology Warlocks
  • Ascendance with SS/SB for Enhancement Shaman - Asc. buff better + SS
  • Ascendance with Lava Beam for Elemental Shaman
  • Warrior Charge
  • Warrior Sheild Block
  • Druid Bear Form Savage Defence
  • Monk's Roll
  • Paladin Clemency with Hand of Freedom / Protection / Sacrifice / Salvation
  • Doesn't give up if can't find spell (and therefore texture) in the Spellbook
  • No longer checks spellbook before attempting to display Tooltip
  • Better We Don't Wipe integration
  • Correct Class Specialization English language lookup table
  • Now handles no players with specialisation
  • Changes to help/about panels, especially notes for troubleshooting
  • Changed display of /ca help options (yet again)


  • Identical. Work around for Curseforge problem


  • Fix bug preventing some class/spec combinations from being able to use Cool Aid.
  • We Dont Wipe AddOn support
  • Show/Hide & on/off options properly differentiated and fixed
  • Small change to help/about panels


  • Tiles didn't auto hide when they were supposed to


Initial Release


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  • #40
    Starting to use Cool Aid not showing up

    The default of show outside of combat is off to begin with which is dumb because you can't see the tiles when you first start using it even after adding abilities. Also, maybe some abilities should be automatically added to the list such as the first 5 abilities in the first action bar..... thanks for the cool addon

  • #41

    Will consider all that thank you.

    Yeah the idea to not display out of combat was to avoid cluttering and annoying players while they go about their business talking to NPCs, RPing, being a douche on giant mounts in front of the main Stormwind AH, putting up 50 single stacks of copper ore on the AH, and all that other important stuff we do while out of combat.

    An idea is to make it easier or more obvious somehow for first time users or even have it display for the very first time, even while OOC!

  • #37

    Mage Incanter's Flow now included!

    A cyclical buff with a couple of quirks.

    Blizzard expect this PASSIVE Tier 6 talent to be just that - set and forget.

    Smart players will soon see that it can be exploited a little.

    You can force the buff to halt at its maximum of "5" which gives you the opportunity to move to another mob/boss and load up a great opener. This is because the cycling continues for about 5s until you go out of combat. So you fire your last shot at "1".

    Last edited by Taraezor on 7/26/2015 6:07:58 AM
  • #30

    * Appears Chi Brew wasn't working as intended.
    * Chi Torpedo/Roll - we seemed to have lost a spell ID (for the special Celerity version of Roll) going to 6.1 and that broke the code. Fixed

    * And the good stuff: Finally got around to adding Rising Sun Kick and Renewing Mist, both of which can have 3 charges for Mistweavers taking the Pool of Mists talent.

    Edit: Yes CA throws up a "protection" error sometimes. Just ignore it. Do a /reload ui if you have to. Whatever. WoD totally broke this and other AddOns. I got it working to the extent that this error can be ignored. Won't rewrite CA at this late stage. I see the error message flash through in the chat window. So what? CA still works.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 7/24/2015 6:33:58 AM
  • #29
    v2.05 Power Strikes!

    This version brings an exciting new feature:

    Monk Power Strikes support.

    Monk players will know that there is a secret/hidden reactivation timer. It is impossible to manually predict when PS will next be up.

    This is the first AddOn to comprehensively solve the problem.

    For the first PS it will be at the very worst up to 400ms out and each subsequent PS will be exactly timed. No other AddOn comes near that accuracy.

  • #28

    Realised that spells where the CD commencement gets delayed while the game waits for a user action were not working. Only a few like this in the game. Presence of Mind springs to mind. Fixed!

    Restoration Shaman Purify Spirit (not technically a cooldown but a RECHARGE timer) is now supported as one of the special pseudo CDs in the list above.

    Minor code and comment tidying.

  • #22

    This version expands the Help panel into both a Help and a Troubleshooting panel. Hopefully the reason why some of you can't see a cooldown is properly explained. If you *still* can't find the correct Spell ID to show (via wowhead) *and* I have a high enough level toon then I should be able to help, just post here or PM me.

    TL;DR - beware the Blizzard smoke and mirrors! Simply draging a spell from your spell book to use in Cool Aid will not always succeed


    Recharge list now is fairly complete. I am essentially using an API call provided by Blizzard, with a tweak here and there for a couple of the spells. Relying upon your bug reports for abilities I could not test!


     Sudden rush of updated comments from me here as well as a new version. I have finished moving house and have just got internet connected. Thanks for your patience!

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/10/2015 6:53:03 AM
  • #21

    Some changes forced upon me:

    In order to remove taint sources I must use a different mechanism to "show" and "hide" the cooldown icons in and out of combat.

    This made v2.00 icons NOT click through. VERY bad thing!

    So I had to choose: allow tooltips or click through. You guessed it. But... tooltips are still available via the "ca coo" panel so all is not lost.


    The new recharge API call from Blizzard, which I was unaware of by the way, makes recharge cooldwon timers so trivial to organise and means that the old code is redendant. Anyway, if your buffs got dispelled or something else disrupted the timers then the rotating animation was out anyway. See previous posts here! Better to wait until v2.02

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/10/2015 5:25:56 AM
  • #14

    Also shaman's Ascendance and Purify Spirit.

  • #25

    Ascendance is classic Blizzard Smoke and Mirrors.

    Enhancement use Spell ID = 73899 (Primal Strike)

    Elemental use Spell ID = 421 (Chain Lightning)

    I have additional code in CA to substitue the correct icons if Ascendance is up (Wind Strike and Lava Beam respectively).

    Do NOT drag an icon from the Spellbook list over to the left side of the Panel in this case. Use the Spell ID feature!

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/10/2015 6:51:26 AM
  • #24

    Purify Spirit will be in v2.03. It missed v2.02 as I simply overlooked it. Too many things in games to remember lol.

    Last edited by Taraezor on 1/10/2015 6:54:17 AM
  • #13

    Command Demon abilites of warlock pets and Shadowfury don't work. It won't show the cooldown. There are problems with Conflagrate too... sometimes it shows wrong.

    Last edited by Oxxotr on 12/10/2014 6:45:49 PM
  • #26

    Conflagrate is in v2.02. Tell me if it works for you please.

  • #23

    Command Demon would be a great example of Blizzard Smoke and Mirrors. I highly doubt that simply putting the Command Demon icon from your spellbook into the Cool Aid CD list would work. YOU would need to track down the spell ID from wowhead. Look at the comments there. One post in particular includes a macro of the actual spells. Another post provides links to their Wowhead pages.

    TL;DR - track down the correct spell ID(s) from Wowhead and get Cool Aid to use the Spell ID.

    IF you think it warrants special case coding then by all means I will do so. I don't have a Lock as such so would be 100% relying upon your suggestions.

  • #12

    I really want this addon bad, but it doesn't seems to be working :(

    Pls tell me what to do

    Kind regards, Nathalie (I play a mage: Camea - the Sha'tar)

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