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  • Updated 09/10/2015
  • Created 03/27/2012
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  • Newest File: CooldownAnnouncer2.2

About CooldownAnnouncer


is an addon which announces per Whisper or in Raid, Party or Custom Channels if you use a spell successfully.

It announces in the raid or party chat when you successfully cast cooldowns / spells. For example:
If you start to cast Rebirth there will be an announce in your party or Raid Chat : "Combat-Rezz: PlayerName".
If you use Power Infusion or Innervate for example, you will whisper your target with "Innervated." or "Power Infusion on you!"
The announces will only come if you're really casting spells. If your target is out of range or out of sight, there won't be an announce.
This addon will also check for cooldowns. So you won't get any announces if you're trying to spam a spell which is on cooldown.

This is way better than simple macros which also announce if the cast wasn't successful, because the target is out of range, out of sight or if the spell was on cooldown.

There are a lot of cooldowns / spells already implemented for example:

Druid: Tranquility, Rebirth, Innervate,...
Priest: Power Infusion, Power Word: Barrier, Pain Suppression,...
Warlock: Soulstone Resurrection,...
Death Knight: Raise Ally, Anti Magic Zone, Unholy Frenzy,...
Shaman: Heroism/Bloodlust,...

And a lot more :)

It's possible to modify the addon easily. You can do any kind of whisper and announces on any spell.
If you want, you can also remove an announce for any spell.
You can also change the default announces to anything you like to.

Just check the "How to" - instructions in setup.lua and localization.lua!

Just put the CooldownAnnouncer folder in your "World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns" folder.

This addon is enabled by default.
You're able to disable and reenable it ingame with the command "/cooldownannouncer" or "/cda".
On restart the addon will always be enabled. It doesn't matter if you disabled it before ingame per command.

To change it's behaviour you can edit the "setup.lua" file.
There you can easily add new spells to the addon, or change the announces of existing ones.
In setup.lua and localization.lua everything is explained exactly.

If you experience any bugs please write a comment.
If you like this addon or if you have any improvement ideas so just write a comment, too.

Your feedback is very important for me =)



1.4: Updated for patch 5.3
1.5: Updated for patch 5.4
1.6: Updated
1.7: Updated
2.0: Updated for WoD Patch 6.0.2 - please let me know if anything doesnt work!
2.1: Updated 6.1/6.2 - more changes soon
2.2: Updated some stuff :)


  • #9

    I love this, just wish it mentioned when some spells ended, like shield walll hymn of hope etc

  • #8

    hello can u make this addon work in instance gruop? thanks

  • #5

    I am unable to get this work :(, I am not the best with coding but I been trying to add just one spell as a test and haven't had any success

    My code I added:

    CooldownAnnouncer.Announces[Bone Shield] = function(success, target)
        if (success == "success") then
            -- CooldownAnnouncer.ChatMessage("Bone Shield on you!", "WHISPER", target);end
            local channel = "SAY";
            if (GetNumPartyMembers()>0) then channel = "PARTY"; end
            if (GetNumRaidMembers()>0) then channel = "RAID"; end
            CooldownAnnouncer.ChatMessage("Bone Shield on: ", channel, nil)

    What do I need to change ?

  • #7

    Hey - it's just because they changed some APIs and I didn't have the time to do any changes yet - I will do it as soon as possible :)

    //Edit: I see your fault.


    CooldownAnnouncer.Announces[Bone Shield] = function(success, target)
    if (success == "success") then
    CooldownAnnouncer.ChatMessage("Bone Shield on you!", "WHISPER", target);end
    local channel = "SAY";
    if (GetNumPartyMembers()>0) then channel = "PARTY"; end
    if (GetNumRaidMembers()>0) then channel = "RAID"; end
    CooldownAnnouncer.ChatMessage("Bone Shield on: ", channel, nil)

    --- Why are you trying to announce "Bone shield on you" ? Isn't it a selfcast? --- Selfcasts/AoE Casts doesnt require maintargets. ---


    CooldownAnnouncer.Announces["Bone Shield"] = function(success)
    if (success=="success") then

    local channel = "SAY";
    if (GetNumSubgroupMembers()>0) then channel = "PARTY"; end
    if IsInRaid() then channel = "RAID"; end
    CooldownAnnouncer.ChatMessage("Bone Shield used!", channel, nil);


    They changed the Party/Raid APIs.

    //Currently Updating :)

    Last edited by TumahaB on 9/11/2012 10:12:10 AM
  • #4


    language misstype in localization.lua:
    Not "Totem der Geistbindung"
    Right: "Totem der Geistverbindung"

    Thx, Bye


  • #1

    Playing on Russian servers addon that either refuses announced a

    sorry for my english

  • #2

    Huhu Pozetif,

    yes its because the Russian language isn't supported yet.. Currently only German and English. But I'm already looking for some translators for French, Spanish and Russian :)

    Also working on it by myself, but a bit help in those languages would be great.

    If you like to translate from english to russian, just let me know =D

    Last edited by TumahaB on 3/28/2012 4:25:25 AM
  • #3

    1.1 Update waits for approval.

    Supports now German, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

    Let me know if it still doesn't work :)

    Last edited by TumahaB on 3/28/2012 7:21:05 AM
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