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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 94,554 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/12/2014
  • Created 09/29/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.2.3
Support development! **

About CooldownButtons


  • Basic
    • Monitor all active Item or Spell(incl. Pet) Cooldowns as Buttons.
    • Grouping Buttons for Items and Spells in its own Button Bars
      • Support for combining both to one Bar
      • Support for a Bar with Expiring Cooldowns
      • Option to split single Cooldowns from that Groups and Displaying them on saved positions.
    • GUI Based Configuration
  • Customization
    • Skinnable Buttons with Masque
    • Button size and opacity configurable
      • You can enable a 'pulse' effect for Cooldonws that are finished
    • Button Bar fully customizable
      • Position
      • Number of Buttons per Bar
      • Grow direction
      • Distance between Buttons
    • Customizable Timer Text per Button
      • Text position
      • Font/Size/Color
      • Flashing Text Color for expiring Cooldowns
  • Announcements
    • Remaining Cooldown post to Chat when clicking the Button.
    • LibSink Based Announcements for finished Cooldowns


You can support CooldownButtons by updating Locales here:


If you have problems, suggestions or whatever please fill a ticket.

tag 3.2.3
Kay-Uwe Janssen <>
2014-11-12 19:27:01 +0100


Kay-Uwe Janssen:
    - do not spam the chat for with unknown spell messages


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  • #14
    Unfortunately I had to turn it off...It might of been because of a download conflict (started after I downloaded MBB) but it had one button...and i tried to move it...and then had 2....then 3....and so forth. They kept multiplying as I tried to move them, until there was like 10, and then it stopped. And i couldn't delete them, or call up the menu, etc. I really like this program too, a lot, because i hate those dang bars, like you do...but I also need MBB because I have too many buttons on my minimap.

    Any thoughts? :(
  • #15
    hm i tested with mbb, no issues.
    but it would be cool to know what button duplicated :O
    the move buttons for a bar or the mbb minimap button?

    and the move buttons after furst start? if yes, ther are 3 enabled per default (items, spells, expiring) you have to hide them in /cdb config after placed where you want them =)
  • #13
    As spinhalf mentioned Arcane Barrage is listed but not showing. Also, mana shield is missing. Fixing these would make it perfect! :)
  • #11
    Anyone else not have a tooltip when hovering over the buttons? Using v2.1.8
  • #10
    This is one of the best addons available for any class. I use it with every char I play and all of my friends also use it.

    The only thing I've noticed is Penance is not available as a saved button for a disc priest even if he has it talented. Can you please take a look.

    Thanks for this incredibly useful addon.
  • #9
    Arcane Barrage doesn't show for some reason. It's only a 3s cooldown, but I'd like to see a button for it.

    Great addon btw. Thank you.

  • #8
    Not sure if anyone else is having trouble getting this to indicate the cool down on Divine Shield (it is currently not tracking this cool down at all for me). Was working before the patch.
  • #6
    tried previously, there's no option in the GUI
  • #7
    use /cdb
  • #5
    I have the same problem, great addon, just can't move the buttons. Any suggestions?
  • #4
    How do you move the buttons, I dont like having them in the middle of my screen and I cant find anything in the options to unlock them so I can move them.
  • #3
    Awsome addon :D
  • #2
    Hi Umbradomo,
    if i understand you correctly you want CDB to show you active Seals?
    well if the active Seal has a cooldown while it is active it is no problem, but iirc the seals are just "buffs" this wouldnt work with CDB. Sorry.

    But... currently i think about making CDB using LibDataBroker and make it possible to show more stuff using modules (like buffs). but this idea is still in a pre-pre-alpha so i cant promise that this will ever happen.
  • #12
    Does this happen to be a planned feature? Or is there another addon that does this?

    This would be extremely useful for things like Paladin Seals, Warrior Shouts, etc. Where the ability itself does not have a cooldown, but the buff does have a duration, and the user wants that duration displayed on the button itself.
  • #1
    I may be missing it but I was looking for a way to see my active Paladin seals. Basically when I pop Seal of Righteousness I'll see a button with it's timer so I can activate it before it expires. I have a buff mod to see them but it's a bit cumbersome to move it to the middle of the screen to see that one buff and have it NOT cover too much screen area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW great addon for watching my other spells and abilities in cooldown.
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