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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 10/04/2013
  • Created 12/12/2008
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  • Newest File: 4.3.1
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About Cooldowns

A World of Warcraft add-on that displays numeric cooldown counters on buttons and other icons with cooldowns.

*** Having Problems? ***

Before posting a problem report, please make sure you are using the most recent release and try resetting all Cooldowns settings using the Defaults button in the Interface Configuration window. If your settings got messed up somehow during the recent updates, setting them to defaults may solve the problem. If that doesn't help, and you still don't see cooldown text, try adjusting the pixel width setting to a smaller number (default should be 27). If that doesn't help, post a problem report and make sure to include which other addons you run and any special configuration changes you make so I can try to replicate the problem. Also, if you run an older version because newer ones are not working for you, let me know. Otherwise, until scientists invent the teleporter and I can port to your computer, there isn't much else I can do for you.


Users can set the minimum pixel width for cooldown text display. Cooldown counters will not appear on buttons or other cooldown icons that have a width smaller than the number chosen (except for the quest watch buttons which always show cooldown text). The default is 27 which is between the size of the standard player buff icon and the standard unit frame debuff icon. The standard action button width is 36 pixels. Scaling a cooldown icon using another addon until it is smaller than the selected minimum width will cause the cooldown text to stop displaying on that icon.


Too many cooldown texts all over the place? I made Cooldowns work with any visible cooldown in any addon (bigger than the default width of 27 pixels). To control where cooldown text appears in your UI, check out the Filtering tab in the Cooldowns configuration panel. You will see a list of all the UI frames (frames hold sets of cooldowns) that Cooldowns is aware of and you can uncheck the ones that you don’t want to see cooldown text on. Don’t want to see cooldown text on Bartender4 bar 6? Uncheck BT4Bar6. Don’t want to see text on WeakAuras icons? Uncheck WeakAurasFrame.

Deleting entries from the filter list will NOT block cooldowns on those frames. That will make Cooldowns forget about that frame, but the next time a cooldown is activated on that frame, it will be added to the list again enabling cooldown text on that frame. Delete filter entries when you will not be using those frames anymore such as when abandoning or changing addons. (Leaving filter entries in the list for addons no longer in use isn't really a problem. Doing so will only reduce efficiency very, very slightly.)

Configure colors, fonts, and other options through the Cooldowns interface options panel.

Please see the readme.txt file for a tutorial on how to configure fonts in Cooldowns.

* 4.3.1
- Updated toc to 50400


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  • #653

    Hello! I've been using your addon for a long time, and after 6.0 I've noticed that it now starts to show the cooldown on abilities that still have 1 or more charges remaining (like if I have two charges of Roll, and I use roll, it will start the cooldown even though I still have a charge left). This is kind of annoying because it blocks the number of charges remaining, any way you can change it back to only showing cooldowns on abilities with 0 charges remainaing, or add the option?

  • #652

    Update for 6.0 please! I really love love LOVE this addon! ;-;

  • #651

    How do i access the cooldown instructions?

  • #650

    this addon cant be use if you have Spartan ui addon

  • #649

    Yarko I am having a problem where the setting are forgotten, I lose the red / yellow flash? are you having the same issue or do I need to look at the other addons that I have

  • #648

    Update this. Please god!

  • #647

    please dear god, update to 5.4 i CANNOT live without this addon! :(

  • #645

    I also am not showing any of my cooldowns on my druid.

  • #643

    Is there a way to get a perfect centering of the cooldown number on the action button? thanks!

  • #642

    For us Mistweaver Monks it would be nice to have something that tells you that your Jade Statue is about to expire. Overall great addon.

    Last edited by user_26258 on 4/14/2013 12:48:59 PM
  • #641


    my cooldown addon is working on all my characters but on my druid i already set seetings to default and it aint working! can yuo pls help me?

  • #639

    When I qued for a BG it bugged out and wouldn't let me until i reloaded the UI without Cooldowns.

  • #646

    I had the same problem, I was in a party and queued for a random BG as solo, and it said Cooldowns was blocked due to actions allowed only by the Blizzard UI, immediately on entering queue.


  • #640

    I was able to queue for a few BGs and didn't have any problems. What other addons are you running and exactly how does it bug out?

  • #634

    Reading through your "Having problems?" section, I've tried making the cooldown text font larger - 38 - (that fixed the minor issue last time I had this problem with the older versions), Then I set the pixel width to a lower number - 20 - and used a small cooldown in-game, like my healing stream totem (30 sec. cooldown) and the cooldown timer still won't display anywhere on my bars. I've had this problem for the last 3 versions of your lovely addon (I'm not being sarcastic, I really do like this addon, it helps tremendously with my poor vision).

    Although, reading through a few posts from other folks, I set my pixel width to 17, and timer font to 20 and went from there. Numbers suddenly poofed, but they were real tiny. Seems to work after derping around with the settings a bit if you have bartender bars scaled real small for pvp.

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