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  • World of Warcraft
  • 81,021 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 1,096,995 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/17/2014
  • Created 09/20/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.16

About Coordinates

This addon will show coordinates on the minimap as well as on the bottom of the world map.

Yes, I know there are a million of coordinate addons out there, but none of them did what I wanted or weren't updated. This addon is simple, no configuration needed and has a low imprint. It only shows coordinates and nothing else.

Minimap coordinates are show in the title bar of the minimap:

World map coordinates, both for the player and the cursor, are shown at the bottom of the world map:

/coordinates worldmap - Enable/Disable coordinates on the world map
/coordinates minimap - Enable/Disable coordinates on the mini map
/coordinates fontsize <size> - Sets the size of the world map font

V.1.16 - Bugfix: Command line parameters working again
V.1.15 - Fixed a few potential taint issues
V.1.14 - WoD compatible
V.1.13 - Added version number when typing /coordinates
V.1.12 - Temporary fix for taint introduced by Blizzard in 5.4.1


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  • #57

    Hi. This add-on is exactly what I need for my map. But it has one bug on my end. When I open my map, coordinates will show at the bottom. Once I zoom my map in, they will disappear. Like they would be fixed to bottom of my map and they would not move with zoom. It would be really awesome for it to work while zoomed in. It makes it much easier to find exact location. Other than that, awesome add-on.

  • #58

    It is fixed to the bottom of the map.

    Not sure what you mean with zoom, are you using another map addon as well? Could you in that case link it so I can test with it?

  • #54

    the /coordinates commands don't enable or disable their respective parts of the mod.

  • #55

    Right, thanks. Fixed in the next version (1.16) that should be up on Curse soon.

  • #49

    Date: 2014-11-03 17:43:04

    ID: -4

    Error occured in: AddOn: Coordinates Count: 3

    Message: Error: AddOn Coordinates attempted to call a forbidden function (UseQuestLogSpecialItem()) from a tainted execution path.

    Debug:    [C]: UseQuestLogSpecialItem()    ..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_QuestObjectiveTracker.lua:198:       ..._ObjectiveTracker\Blizzard_QuestObjectiveTracker.lua:191

    Locals: None

    AddOns:   MoncaiCompare, v6.0.2   Swatter, v4.4.2 (<%codename%>)   NPCScan, v6.0.2.3   NPCScanOverlay, v6.0.3.1   AckisRecipeList, v3.0.8   Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)   BankItems, v6.0.2.2   BattlePetDailyTamer, v1.4.3   BattlePetQualityNotifier, v1.3.0   BrokerPortals, v1.8.36   Collectinator, v2.0.11   Configator, v5.1.DEV.359(/embedded)   Coordinates, v1.14   Dominos, v6.0.9   DominosCast, v   DominosEncounter, v   DominosRoll, v   DominosXP, v   FishingBuddy, v1.4e   Gatherer, v4.4.2   Glamour, v1.4.4   JebusMail, vv5.4   LibPetJournal20, v   OneBag3, vv3.8.3   OneBank3, vv3.7.5   Overachiever, v0.80   PetBattleMaster, v2.0.1   PetJournalEnhanced, v2.9.15   PetTracker, v   PetTrackerBreeds, v   PetTrackerConfig, v   PetTrackerJournal, v   PetTrackerSwitcher, v   PetTrackerUpgrades, v   ProfessionAssistance, v1.8   ProfessionsVault, v7.2.0 beta 1   SlideBar, v4.4.2 (<%codename%>)   TipTac, v14.10.16   TipTacItemRef, v14.10.16   TipTacTalents, v14.10.15   Titan, v5.3.2.60000   TitanBag, v5.3.2.60000   TitanClock, v5.3.2.60000   TitanDefense, v4.1.0.60000   TitanEmote, v1.0.17.60000   TitanGold, v5.3.2.60000   TitanLocation, v5.3.2.60000   TitanLootType, v5.3.2.60000   TitanPerformance, v5.3.2.60000   TitanRecZone, v5.4.0.0   TitanRepair, v5.3.2.60000   TitanReputation, v3.8.6   TitanRoll, v   TitanVolume, v5.3.2.60000   TitanXP, v5.3.2.60000   tullaRange, v6.0.3   BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v6.0.3.60000 <none>   (ck=596)

  • #51

    I don't get that error myself. Not sure if it's something you do or another addon that taints a variable I use. Can you answer the following:

    1. What did you do  to get the error?

    2. Can you reproduce it? And how?

    3. Disable ALL other addons, can you still reproduce it?

  • #53

    No problem. I did go through the code and fixed a few things that might cause a taint, so hopefully it won't happen again. the new version shoudl be on Curse in a day or so.

  • #52

    Sorry, I have no idea what caused the error.  Never came up again.  Seems OK now.  If it happens again, I'll make note of what I was doing. 

    Thanks for your time. :) 

  • #48

    would be nice to see an option to move coordinates somewhere else,
    specifically to the lower part of the map (just like on the 3rd screenshot)

    makes it more visible + doesn't cover the map

  • #50

    Not sure why the text has moved up from the dark bar, have a vague recollection that I did it for a good reason... I'll look into it.

  • #47

    OK. So I think I have been having the same trouble everyone else has been having - the add-on simply is working and doesn't even show up in the UI's list of add-ons.

    Try this:

    At the main menu where you choose the toon you want to log on with, choose the "AddOns" icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

    Coordinates was displayed as an "Out of date" add-on. I simply clicked "Enable Out of date add-ons" in the top right of the screen. Save your changes and, voila, the coords work!


  • #45
    not working at all for me, had curse auto load it? reloaded it a couple times, used /coordinates worldmap and it does not even show
  • #46

    Does it show up in the list of addons on the statup screen? Try disabling all other addons and run just this one and see if that works.

  • #43

    idk how to do it im very confused help please

  • #44

    Do what exactly? There's some excellent instructions on how to install addons on this site, if that's what you wonder about:

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