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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.1
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  • Updated 07/20/2014
  • Created 09/20/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.14

About Coordinates

This addon will show coordinates on the minimap as well as on the bottom of the world map.

Yes, I know there are a million of coordinate addons out there, but none of them did what I wanted or weren't updated. This addon is simple, no configuration needed and has a low imprint. It only shows coordinates and nothing else.

Minimap coordinates are show in the title bar of the minimap:

World map coordinates, both for the player and the cursor, are shown at the bottom of the world map:

/coordinates worldmap - Enable/Disable coordinates on the world map
/coordinates minimap - Enable/Disable coordinates on the mini map
/coordinates fontsize <size> - Sets the size of the world map font

V.1.14 - WoD compatible
V.1.13 - Added version number when typing /coordinates
V.1.12 - Temporary fix for taint introduced by Blizzard in 5.4.1


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  • #48

    would be nice to see an option to move coordinates somewhere else,
    specifically to the lower part of the map (just like on the 3rd screenshot)

    makes it more visible + doesn't cover the map

  • #47

    OK. So I think I have been having the same trouble everyone else has been having - the add-on simply is working and doesn't even show up in the UI's list of add-ons.

    Try this:

    At the main menu where you choose the toon you want to log on with, choose the "AddOns" icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

    Coordinates was displayed as an "Out of date" add-on. I simply clicked "Enable Out of date add-ons" in the top right of the screen. Save your changes and, voila, the coords work!


  • #45
    not working at all for me, had curse auto load it? reloaded it a couple times, used /coordinates worldmap and it does not even show
  • #46

    Does it show up in the list of addons on the statup screen? Try disabling all other addons and run just this one and see if that works.

  • #43

    idk how to do it im very confused help please

  • #44

    Do what exactly? There's some excellent instructions on how to install addons on this site, if that's what you wonder about:

  • #39

    BUnch of crap. I downloaded. IT went on my computer. but there was nothing on WOW. 

  • #42

    Check the faq and ensure you installed it correctly:

  • #38

    Was looking for exactly this. Thank you!

  • #36

    Please add a version number to the name of the file which we download to install Coordinates. The Curse "updated" date is insufficient when the player downloads the add-on file on that date, but does so before the file containing the updated add-on was available.

    As far as I can determine, there is also no way to determine the version number of the Coordinates add-on after it is installed -- i.e., via the WoW client player UI. Please add a Chat slash-command such as /coordinates ver which will display it in the slash-command line.

    Frankly, I think that it would be better to display the coordinates in a separate, re-locatable "bar" on the display screen, as Wowhead Looter does, instead of in the minimap title bar. Some minimap titles are too long as it is, and preceding them with coordinates can render them unrecognizable.

    Thank-you for your simple add-on.

  • #37

    I didn't know there could be a discrepancy between the date and the actual update. It seems that this is something you should report to Curse to get fixed. I can absolutely add the version number to the file, I just need to remember to do it...

    Good idea with version numbering in the addon, I'll get that added.

    Not sure about having the coordinates in a separate bar. Don't think I've ever had problems figuring out the zone name. I will take a look at that addon you mention and see what it looks like, but I'm not promising anything.

  • #34

    Thank you very much for such a great addon.

    I am using LUI v3.76 or something like that.  There is a problem where the coordinates are stuck behind the minimap and I can not see a z value there to change this in either of my modules.

    Is there any way in which i can change the z value so that it is visible infront of the minmap and not behind it.

  • #35

    Can't help you there, all this addon does is change the text that already is on the minimap. Try poking the author of LUI and see if he can help.

  • #32

    Hey, I'm fairly new to WoW, and completely new to addons.  I downloaded & extracted the files for Coordinates, but I don't know what to do from there to activate/install this addon.  Plz help. Thanks!

  • #33

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