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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 27,656 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 10/24/2008
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About Cork

Cork is a reminder addon, aimed primarily at buffs. Cork was inspired long ago by NeedyList, and has been Alpha quality for years. Wrath introduces new buff query APIs that let me finally make Cork as small as I'd prefer, so I'm finally pushing out a beta-quality version.

Cork provides, at it's heart, one-click buff casting. Some non-buff reminders are included as well:

  • Reminders for self-only buffs, auras and shapeshifts
  • Reminders for raid-group buffs (ones that cast on multiple targets)
  • Reminders for warrior shouts only shown in combat
  • Priest Fear Ward (shows whenever fear ward is not on cooldown, must be manually enabled when needed)
  • Shaman Earth Shield (tracks the last group member cast on, so you must cast manually the first time)
  • Warlock demons
  • Warlock Soul Link
  • Low durability warnings when resting (in town)
  • Clam shucker
  • Minimap tracking
  • Keybinding (thanks cladhaire)
  • Macro-generating button

One-click? How?

Simple! Make a macro: /click CorkFrame. You might wish to add a
/cast [combat] Some Spell at the start as well.

You can also use the keybinding in the default k2eybind UI.

Be warned, Cork will only cast out of combat. If you want to apply buffs in combat, you'll have to do it manually.

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Please send all bugs, feature requests and questions to [email protected]

tekkub :bear:  <>
2014-10-19 17:12:03 -0700

Weekly build


tekkub :bear: :
    - Weekly build
    - Update changelog for
    - Updating TOC to 60000
    - Something on wod broke the empty tip
    - Update externals
    - Fix tooltip scanning on initial login
    - Merge openable item stuff into one file
    - Simplify down the item scanner
    - Bring in tooltip scanner external
    - Tabs for indents!
Daniel Pittman:
    - Implement tooltip scanning based item opener
    This replaces the hard-coded item openers with a tooltip scanning version;
    instead of coding up a hand maintained list of items that can be opened we
    scan for the global string injected into the tooltip by WoW.
    This is reasonably fast, and only needs invocation when inventory changes.
    To avoid encoding complexities like lockboxes that become openable, but only
    after being picked, we don't cache data at present.
    In testing, this is fast enough that I am unable to detect either a frame rate
    drop cost from this change, or enough CPU use to register in a significant
    fashion in the built-in CPU profiling tools.
    The implementation is generic enough that it can be reused with more than one
    opener, and will only scan each item tooltip once no matter how many patterns
    are active on each change.
    Signed-off-by: Daniel Pittman <daniel@isara.local>
tekkub :bear: :
    - Better handling of maxlevel in darkmoon module
    - Don't warn about darkmoon if player has the hat buff
    - Externals update
    - Config refresh on spec change, thanks @Adirelle
    - Move corks modules into the new config tabs
    - Add some tabs to the config panel
    - Pull in ui-tabs external
    - Update the configuration panel when switching spec.
    - Properly update checkboxes when showing the config panel.
    - Have the db values match the state of the checkboxes.
Kevin Ballard:
    - Allow poison application while stealthed
    - Avoid errors when item names are unknown
    When scanning items for opening, if an item isn't in the local cache it
    may not return a name. Avoid the lua error by showing such items as
Craig R. Hughes:
    - Combine Sparkling Shards to make Serpent's Eye (JC)
Kevin Ballard:
    - Update TOC to 5.3
    - Display party member buffs like raid member buffs
    When in a party, I don't need to see the same buff line for every party
    member. Collapse them into the RaidLine like we do with raid buffs.
    - Fix Priest Fort buffer
    The check for Dark Intent was done incorrectly.
Craig R. Hughes:
    - Combine motes into spirits of harmony
tekkub :bear: :
    - Eggs are openable too!
    - Dark intent now overwrites Fort... bastards
Kevin Ballard:
    - Fix macro generation for Paladins
    Seal of Righteousness doesn't exist anymore. Use another spell that
tekkub :bear: :
    - Don't show mage gem when resting
    - 80col

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