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  • Updated 09/11/2013
  • Created 04/14/2013
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  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: 1.0.6

About Courageous

LDB tracker for mana saved by Courageous Primal Diamond.

Compatible with any LDB display addon such as ChocolateBar, Bazooka,Titan Panel and ElvUI datatexts.

tag 1.0.6
galedric <>
2013-09-11 11:54:10 +0200

Tagging as 1.0.6


    - TOC bump for 5.4


  • #8

    The fix wasn't working for me, so I took a look at it myself.

    First off, Jab has different spell IDs depending on weapon type, so you have to hack in all of them, like so:

    [115693] = 24000, -- Jab (mace)
    [108557] = 24000, -- Jab (staff)
    [115698] = 24000, -- Jab (polearm)
    [115695] = 24000, -- Jab (sword)
    [115687] = 24000, -- Jab (axe)
    [100780] = 24000, -- Jab (fist)


    Second, it still didn't work at all until I commented out the if class == monk statement that you wrapped the monk cost array/GetSpellInfo overload in.

  • #9

    What the hell with Monks spells?! Seriously! I've added missing Jab variants.

    Then UnitClass should return the class index (10) as the third arguments (at least it was working with my monk). Can you do "/dump select(3, UnitClass("player"))" in-game please?

  • #4

    The mod seems to not be tracking monk spells that have a mana cost in serpent stance and an energy cost in tiger stance (Jab, Expel Harm, Spinning Crane Kick, CJL, Chi Wave.)

    Last edited by Suzushiiro on 4/27/2013 12:00:45 PM
  • #7

    This is a WoW issue reporting incorrect values for Energy Type (Energy instead of Mana) and Spell Cost (0 instead of whatever it should cost).

    I will push a new version soon with hardcoded values for these spells as a workaround to Blizzard's broken API :)

    Last edited by Galedric on 4/27/2013 12:13:26 PM
  • #1

    Doesn't seem to handle Clearcasting procs at the beginning of fights properly.

  • #2

    I'm aware that Courageous can "skip" the first proc of Clearcasting if this happened before combat (and it will also skip every procs refreshing the aura until Clearcasting fades for the first time while being in combat). But since Clearcasting should no longer procs when out of combat I haven't tried to fix this, thinking it was not an issue.

    What do you mean when you say "at the beginning of the fight"?

    You mean being in Clearcasting when combat starts, entering combat at the exact same time Clearcasting procs (the spell that makes you enter combat is the same spell that procs CC - is that possible?!) or having a Clearcasting proc a few seconds after entering combat.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • #6

    The string cutting is indeed an ElvUI issue. The main issue is the long name of "Courageous" taking a lot a space in ElvUI's datatext bars.

    A fix for the proc skipping issue should be available soon. I have issue testing this since I've only one char (holy paladin) with the meta gem but I hope it should work...

  • #3

    >the spell that makes you enter combat is the same spell that procs CC - is that possible?!

    Yes, and it happens to me almost every single time. I start combat with Penance, which instantly triggers Clearcasting.

    Edit: I was also having some weird cutoff issue, I'm not sure if this is a problem with how I display LDB datatexts or not, but I had to change this:

    self.text = string.format("%.1fk", self.saved / 1000)

    to this:

    self.text = string.format("%.0fk", self.saved / 1000)

    Because it was cutting off strings like:

    "Courageous: 123.4k" to just "123.4k"

    I kind of think that's an ElvUI flaw though. It might not be providing enough width to display that many characters.

    Last edited by MaXiMiUS on 4/25/2013 6:24:46 PM
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