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Tooltip - LuaTexts

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 87 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 18,318 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/10/2014
  • Created 09/14/2009
  • 15 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.0.3

About Tooltip - LuaTexts

(former CowTip_LuaText)

Allows to configure the content of unit-tooltips with custom Lua-Codes.

It uses a modified version of PitBull4's LuaText-ScriptEnv.
Some functions were removed.
Some new were added.
Some were modified to better suite for tooltips.

If Cowtip is installed it automatically disables cowtips built-in dogtag-based text-module.

* bump toc to 50300

* bump toc to 50200

* bump toc to 50100

* add more templates
* bump to to 50001
* fix group-size-detection in UnitWatcher
* remove optional dep to cowtip
* fix talent-scanning for cross-realm

* make talent-query a little smoother
* use error-handler for script-errors

* move API to a "provider-system" to easily extend the addon by other
* add support for dogtags (in a deactivatable dedicated module)
* add localization-support

* properly embed LibTalentQuery
* redesign the config-UI
* add options for using templates and plain text in lines

* fix some errors while scanning the original tooltip
* bump toc to 40000
* reenable talent-scanning with throttling in place
* more robust error-handling

* fix color of first line
* add icon for gender
* disable talent-scanning for now (causes a lockout)

* fix healthbar not showing up

* fix ScriptEnv to work in Cataclysm

* rename the addon to Tooltip_LuaTexts
* add addonloader support
* add support for afk, dead, offline-durations

* detach from cowtip
* completely move from Rock to Ace3

* fix that bug in ShortClassification that occured on "trivial" mobs
* redesign options completely using AceConfig
* add option to write information on an error to the Chat when it occurs


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  • #22

    Hello all,

    i have a question;
    Is it possible to make the background green when the targeted unit is in
    A: Your real id friends list
    B: In your noirmal Friendslist
    C In your guild

    (it may also be a Textline like "a Friend" or when in friendslist the 'friendslists notel' is shown or combinated)



  • #20

    Hi is it possible to hide the fraktion? I can´t find it in the lines....

    Thx for the help


  • #21

    The faction-line is not part of the original tooltip.

    It's added by the game when tooltip-luatext is finished with all the work, similar to quest-progress-information.

    It's not possible to remove a single tooltip line after it's been rendered. One can only clear it and redraw it. Everytime I try that, the line gets back in... Sorry

  • #19
    needing lua help. I want to display the target's guild reputation rank on the target frame. So far all I can find is GetguildInfo(unit) and that returns up to 3 options: Guild Name, Guild Rank, and a number which I assume is the 'level' of the guild rank assigned.

    anyone know what the code is to pull up guild reputation?

    also, when i used GetGuildInfo(unit) on any target, it always shows MY guild info, and not the info of my target. how to do right?
  • #18
    how to have the same thing as cowtip, with the tooltip of other player who show up and follow them?
  • #17
    I have used CowTip so far, but stopped working with Patch 4.0.1 :(

    Is Tooltip - LuaTexts an alternative?
  • #14
    First of all, thanks for a nice addon.
    I would like to know if there is any way to move the "tip anchor" so it won't be blocking my other UIs.
  • #15
    use MoveAnything

    one of the best mods out there
  • #16
    Thanks. :)
  • #13
    It seems this addon is independent to Cowtip now. But health bar is gone if I only enable this addon without Cowtip. Any way to fix it?
  • #12
    The LuaText-module is a _copy_ of Pitbull4's. They are not necessarily compatible though. There are function that are only available in this addon and there might be functions only available in Pitbull4.

    If you feel that some function should be included create a Ticket.
  • #11
    testing this with default LuaTexts from Pitbull4, it doesn't work at all.

    If I add any custom text at all, my tooltip shows only player name and ignores all other lines, regardless of wether I changed the code for that line or not. (e.g i change the code for Target in line 3, the Guild info in line 2 disappears)
  • #10
    Do your additional helper functions (e.g. TalentSpec()) work in pb4? or are they CowTip only?
  • #9

    Umm how do I include stuff like "Rare"...or "Elite" and etc? I did try reading the help files, but I couldn't find syntax for err...wtv "Rare" and etc are belonging to.
  • #6
    Hello, could you share your luatext for the tooltip in the screenshot? In particular, I want to know how you got it to show the talent line (as pictured: Affliction 52/0/15). I want to switch my CowTip from libdogtag to luatext but I really like the ability to show the talents, and I don't see how to do that with luatext. tyvm!
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