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Chinchilla Critter Emote

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,306 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 44,361 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/08/2015
  • Created 01/03/2011
  • 109 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
  • Newest File: 1.11
Support development! **

About Chinchilla Critter Emote

This addon will have your non-combat pets do fun and random things.

When you have a pet out every so often  it will emote something fun.  You can also have your pets become more interactive by having them emote custom actions by using /ce instead of /emote.

Your pets will also now respond to the in game emotes.  Try /wave at your pet.

Your pet will do an emote between five and ten minutes as long as you are not in combat.
They might just do something different as well if you have something targeted.

If you find any typos, or mistakes please let me know and i'll fix them.

If you would like to add your own emotes edit the file CritterEmote_Emotes.lua
If you send them to me I'll add them into the main release :)

/ce - have your critter perform a random emote.
/ce <message> - have your critter emote your <message>.
/ce [options] - perform the various option:
[options] =
info  : displays Critter Emote information.
help  : displays this help.
off   : turns the random emote off.
on    : turns the random emotes back on.

If you have any ideas for new emotes please let me know.
Currently emotes can be in the following category:

Default - for all critters
type - subtype of critter ( cat )
name - specific pet ( Lil' K.T. )

Under each category there is
emote - such as /cry or /wave
random - anything
target - if something is targeted

Version 1.11
Works with 6.2

Version 1.10a
One can now just turn off/on random emotes via: /ce random_off or /ce random_on
Fixed Typos

Version 1.10
Works with 6.1.0

Version 1.9b/c/d
Fixed typos

Version 1.9a
Invaded by the old ones!
(more emotes)

Version 1.9
More emotes! (and corrections)

Version 1.8a
Now respects custom pet names.

Version 1.8
Works with 6.0
Back again Chin is back Tell a friend

Version 1.7b
Works with 5.2.0

Version 1.7a
Fixed a bug where Critter Emote would crash if no pet was out.

Version 1.7
Updated to MoP!
Big Thanks to Liz.

Version 1.6
Updated by Jî - Sylvanas
Big Thanks!
Spellchecked (might have missed a few, but did alot) added all currents pets into the roster. Gave lil' ragnaros and gregarious grell quite alot of custom emotes.

Version 1.5b
Updated for 4.3 version of the game.

Version 1.5a
Updated for 4.1 version of the game.

Version 1.5
Rewrite of Emote Database.  This makes it easier to add new types without having the file size grow too large.  Also speeds things up slightly.
Added a lot more responsive emotes.

Version 1.4
Snake type creatures now have a full personality
Now remembers your state between sessions
Emotes now have a category.  This way you can turn on and off certain types of emotes.
silly, locations, jokes, songs
/ce help for more info on this.

Version 1.3
cat type creatures now have a full personality
Fixed a bug where pet types and names were not correctly being called in the table.

Version 1.2
Added more emotes.
Fixed typos
Random interval time is longer.

Version 1.1
Added additional emotes.
Removed some debugging info.
Now seed the random a bit better.

Version 1.0
Initial Version


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  • #33

    And so, looking at the last two messages, do I want to install both, or just one, and which one? (and what about PetLeash?)


    Also, I've posted before, about correcting the typoes and English grammar for the pets, and wondering if I can, and if so, where, I could offer this back to the author and/or make it available for those who would prefer it if the author is ok with it but does not want to incorporate it.


    Thank you!


  • #34

    You should just need to get the 1.7 version now as it's been patched for the latest version.  The version Liz kindly provided isn't needed now ( Don't need PetLeash).

    You can modify the CritterEmote_Emots.lua to make any changes you want to the grammer.  If you do just send me the file as a message and I would be happy to include it in the official release :)

  • #32

    Thanks for the support and sorry about the delay. It's been updated to version 5.1 now :)

  • #29

    Fixed to work with the battle pet journal in 5.0+ as of 12/22/12.  Changed code to access ALL pets in your pet library, not just the ones you had prior to the inclusion of account-wide pets.  ***NOTE***  I borrowed some code from the addon "PetLeash" and have NOT tested to see if it will work without having this addon installed.

    I also have NOT updated the additional CritterEmote_Emotes.lua tables with the new battlepet pet types- I don't have the patience.  Sorry.  This won't prevent your battlepets from using the random emotes- just the type-specific ones.

    replace the CritterEmote.lua file in your CritterEmote addon folder with this one here:

    I added a few local variables and changed coding in one function only to get the critter ID.

    Cheers! (And Happy Holidays!)   ~Liz

    Last edited by lizbeth5782 on 12/22/2012 8:51:04 PM
  • #31

    Realized that wild pets were not working with emotes directed at them- fixed in the file link in my above comment 12/23/12 @ 2:55pm EST.

  • #28

    FAIL doesnt work at all, have removed and deleted.

  • #27

    Not working for me at all, says I dont have an active critter out... when I do.

    Last edited by Daesjia on 9/26/2012 10:24:12 PM
  • #26

    Does anyone know if this needs/will be getting any update for 5.0.4? 

     If it is, and/or doesn't need them, what would be a way that I could offer back corrections for spelling/punctuation/grammar/etc?

     Note, I spend more time on due to the fact that it's friendlier to Linux than this site is...


  • #30

    I added an update for the .lua file in the comments here at curse. :)

  • #24

    I do love your addon. But all the spelling mistakes really make my pet (and its owner) look so ignorant:)

    "raises it's head in anger.", (it's used very often instead of its and vice versa)
    "tells you that your curiousity will be the death of you.", "is not squimish." { "fires out a mini celebatory firework." "coughs up a small cirtter.", "want's to go on an adventure.", "is intereseted in seeing Outland.", "rubs aginst your leg.", "would like to see if the story's about Netherstorm are true.", That was sarcasam.",}, "crys.", \"You are not prepard!\"",},( - wrong word spelling - curiosity, celebratory, squeamish, critter etc.)

    "would like to visit Tristfal Glades.", "would like to visit Northen Stranglethorn.", "would like to visit Karazan.", (misspelled zone names)

    And those are only some examples.

    Last edited by solshine2510 on 3/13/2012 8:46:41 AM
  • #25

    Easy to make corrections, just edit /Interface/AddOns/CritterEmote/CritterEmote_Emots.lua with any text editor. Would suggest using Notepad++, as it will not intefere with formatting issues like Notepad will. I did a sweep of mine a few months ago for typo corrections, and added a few emotes of my own.

  • #40

    Thanks for that.  I love the idea of the addon, but hate the many spelling and grammar errrors.  I can now add new emotes easily too.

  • #23

    Used to have this when I was on my windows box and had the curse client installed. Now I'm on Linux, no curse client, and have moved to wowinterface. Could this be added there, also? I just remembered it and came wandering back to find it. (had to get my password reset.) :)  Awesomely cute!


  • #22

    Just want you to know, of all the add ons I have i enjoy yours the most - makes me smile every day!


  • #21

    Very cute! Though two suggestions:


    1. Much like petemote, it shouldnt display for me as "Lady Melanie Richard's Dark Whelping spins around." it should just say "Dark Whelping spins around." to me and/or possibly anyone else with CE installed. to outsiders, it can say all that.

    2. you should install /ce random so that way we can make a random emote happen on command.

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