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  • Updated 08/23/2015
  • Created 07/09/2008
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  • License: MIT License
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About Cromulent

Shows ZoneInfo on the World Map in a perfectly cromulent fashion.

tag 60200-1
phyber <phyber@wowace>
2015-08-23 18:10:10 +0100

Tagged as 60200-1


    - Update TOC to 60200


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  • #116

    when moving my mouse cursor from any WoD zone to another it seems to keep the instance's listed of the previous zone i was moused over.

    If i take the mouse off the map entirely then it will reset listed instances but  anytime your cursor goes from one zone to another without moving the cursor off the map, the issue still occurs.

  • #115

    5.2 !!

  • #114


    nice ty was wondering why my game frezz and was looking at my add on's and came to of get some of my list and was looking if the one can work alone without  the other so i came here to look it up and find this that this may the prob is i have  so i will try it  ty

    ya it work for me so far also i had the 64 bit version of WoW and chance it to 32 bit

    so can can stream it again


    TY TY TY TY TY again ^^


    Last edited by AsheFFXII on 12/8/2012 4:12:10 PM
  • #113

    Just edit the 33th line in the "Cromulent.lua"
    and modify to:
    "text:SetPoint("TOP", WorldMapFrameAreaDescription, "TOP", 0, -20) "


  • #112

    The new release has issues with the text positioning.

    It overlaps the zone name. 

  • #110

    Was wondering as I have not had this addon in a while and have started using it again. Did this not used to have the minimum level for gathering professions as well and not just for fishing?

  • #111

    Only fishing, as far as I recall.

  • #109

      Cromulent, vv1.6-1-gb266a32

    Date: 2012-09-01 08:36:36

    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...Ons\Cromulent\Libs\LibTourist-3.0\LibTourist-3.0.lua line 4636:
    attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    ...Ons\Cromulent\Libs\LibTourist-3.0\LibTourist-3.0.lua:4636: in main chunk

  • #106

    Is there a chance this will be updated for 5.0.4 or Mists?

  • #107

    Me too expect a fix for this add.


  • #105

    I'm so glad I found out it was Cromulent locking me in load screen as fast as I did :p I thought I was gonna be forced to check every addon I had...

  • #104

    Thanks to the people who commented on the libs - I updated those and it's working fine =)

  • #103

    How to fix the freezing problem manually:

    • Delete the entire "LibTourist-3.0" and "LibBabble-Zone-3.0" folders from Interface\AddOns\Cromulent\Libs folder.
    • Install the new versions of Libtourist-3-0 and LibBabble-Zone-3.0, Either download the zip files and expand them where the original folders were or you can install them using the Curse client. NOTE: If you use the Curse client, it will install them in the Interface\AddOns folder, rather than in Cromulet's libs folder, so you will have to change a couple of other things (next step).
    • If you used the Curse client, edit the embeds.xml file in the Interface\AddOns\Cromulent folder and remove the two lines that say "<Include file="Libs\LibBabble-Zone-3.0\lib.xml"/>" and "...LibTourist-3.0...". Also, edit the cromulet.toc file in the same folder and remove ", LibTourist-3.0, LibBabble-Zone-3.0" from the line that begins with "## X-Embeds". Don't change the line that starts with "## OptionalDeps". (Skip this step if you extracted the contents of the zip files to the original location.)
    • Either enable out-of-date addons or edit the first line of the cromulent.toc file (in the Interface\AddOns\Cromulent folder) to say "## Interface: 40300" instead of "## Interface: 40200".

    The old version of LibTourist-3.0, not LibBabble-Zone-3.0, causes the problem, but LibTourist-3.0 is dependant on LibBabble-Zone-3.0 and if you are going to update one, you may as well update the other. If you use the Curse client, you have no choce. They must be in the same directory.

    All of the path names are relative to whatever folder World of Warcraft was installed in. There may be better ways of doing this, but it worked for me.

    Credit to this comment by Odica for identifying the problem.

    Last edited by eschmenk on 12/15/2011 7:42:12 PM
  • #97

    Glad to see this add-on is being worked upon. It is one of the more useful ones I use while playing.

  • #96

    Many thanks to everyone who isolated the frozen load screen to this addon!! I have about 2 dozen addons that are out of date, and have not had time to go through them one by one.

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