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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/26/2015
  • Created 12/14/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.5.60100

About CruiseControl


A directional ruler and a destination alarm make travelling large distances in Azeroth really comfortable.

Note: I haven't managed to make CruiseControl work in Warlords of Draenor yet due to some subtle changes in the lua interface. The ruler does get displayed but you cannot click on the Target Ring. I guess this has something to do with changed layering, but I haven't found info on that. I have to reverse-engineer other Addons to see how they solved the issue. Please be patient.

Call for translators!!

If you are fluent in spanish, italian, portugese or simplified chinese, please visit the localisation page and add or check some translations.

New features in this release (v1.5)

  • added Korean and Traditional Chinese

So now you can fly everywhere and anywhere in Azeroth, no need to use the flight points any longer. Just jump on your trusting flying mount and head off toward your goal...

Still frustrated by the long travel times and the constant need to correct your heading? Whishing you could aim your flying mount more accurately? Whishing for an alarm that alerts you when you reach your destination?

Well, here it is! *tadaaaah*


  • CruiseControl displays your direction as a ruler across the whole map which makes accurate aiming at your destination really easy. You should shrink the map to be able to turn your character into the right direction.
  • CruiseControl displays a movable target marker on the ruler that you can click on to set a target.
  • CruiseControl displays the distance to your target and give you an estimate how long it will take you to get there at your maximum flying speed.
  • CruiseControl lets you set a destination distance by just klicking on the target marker on the map. Then just fly off and enjoy the ride.
  • CruiseControl lets you adjust your aim in flight without the need to reset your destination target.
  • CruiseControl will give you a ten-second audible warning when you get near your destination and sound an alarm if you overshoot your target, all so you can spend the travel time preparing your peanut-butter-jelly-sandwich in the kitchen... ;-)
  • As soon as you stop, CruiseControl will disengage... and stop that pesky alarm.

Sounds good? Well, I'd prefer if CruiseControl would just stop the players movement when reaching the destination. Unfortunately there is no way right now to automatically stop the flight. Hey, complain to Blizzard, not me! :-)

How to use CruiseControl:

Hop onto your favorite flying mount, open the normal map (shrink it so it doesn't cover the whole screen), use the right mouse button to zoom out, turn your character so the ruler points right at your destination (e.g a digsite), pull the target ring onto the destination and click on it. You should hear a click and get the text "CruiseControl engaged" in the chat window. Then fly off. Don't forget to gain enough height to avoid any obstacles in between. When you approach the destination, you will get an alarm. Just stop your character in midair and the alarm will also stop. That's it. It is Rocket Science, but it is cleverly hidden... ;-)

CruiseControl lets you change the sounds it plays for various actions via Soundstyles. You can change the alarm sounds to funny animal sounds or provide your own external sound files. Type '/CruiseControl soundstyle animals' to get funny animal sounds, type '/CruiseControl soundstyle default' to go back to the default sounds. You can even set your own sounds by copying sound files into the addon directory and renaming them appropriately, just look into the directory for the example files. Then use them by typing '/CruiseControl soundstyle external'. Oh, and if you donate, I'll tell you the code for another really funny soundstyle... ;-)

Features that might get added in the future:

  • add a visual warning by flashing the screen
  • add more localisation
  • add a way to level your flight by pressing a button
  • show a destination marker on the ruler if a destination has been set
  • add a ruler to the battle-map and make it work with the Carbonite map
  • create a config GUI

Suggestions? Comments? Praise? Tell me about it, tell me how CruiseControl made your questing and digging for artifacts more enjoyable. And spread the word.

Leave a comment at Curse or visit the development page at ->CurseForge and leave a comment there. Or a bug report (I hope not, but please do!). Or send me an e-mail: aryl (at) Or, if you happen to play on european servers, I can be found as Aryl on Der Mithrilorden.

I'm looking for translators! If you are fluent in french, spanish, portugese or chinese, please visit the localisation page and add or check some translations.

Or if you find CruiseControl really really helpful and want to financially support further development, there is a donation button below.

Thank you for your support.

donate via paypal



  • added Korean and Traditional Chinese


  • fixed Spanish and Mexican


  • release version 50001 for MoP


  • Added russian localisation


  • Added pitch information so getting your mount to fly level becomes a little bit easier
  • Fixed an annoying bug that left the ambient sound turned off.

tag v1.5.60100
Aryl <>
2015-02-26 23:46:55 +0100

upped WoW version to 60100


    - fixed e-mail
    - update for 60100; changed frame to button


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  • #20

    Version: Warlords
    Date: Dec 30, 2014

    This addon is the culprit for many currently experiencing a bug where the map will not stay focused on any zone except the one you're currently in. (It reverts to your current zone no matter how many times you try to look at a different zone's map.)

    Simply disable it and your map should work fine for now, with or without Mapster.

  • #17

    Hey. I see you have plans to add a config menu into this addon eventually. But in the meantime, is there any way to disable the minimap text and retain the other worldmap functions?

  • #18

    You mean the bottom text line with the coordinates, ETA and flight speed in the regular map? (I do not touch the minimap) No, sorry, that is hardcoded. But I have to update to WoD anyway, so I can add a configuration option via the command line.

  • #19

    Yeah, the worldmap text is what I meant. I'll see what happens with the WoD update. Thanks!

  • #14

    I don't know if its at all possible, or if it already does it & I'm just not noticing/seeing it. What I was thinking is if when you set your destination, if Cruise Control can tell you taking X flight path to Y point would be faster based on where your located & your flying speed. There are times where I think taking the flight path is faster then flying myself even at 310% flight speed.

  • #15

    I did some tests and research. Flight taxis have about 370-380% speed (but beware, mechanical taxis only have ~250%!!), flying speed is 310%. Flight taxis do not follow straight paths but do a lot of swooping around. Therefore you are probably better off most of the time if you just head in a straight line. There might be exceptions but the ~10 flight taxis that I tested were all slower than flying straight by yourself. Sometimes I was faster only by a few seconds or it was a tie, but still, as a general rule, flying by yourself seems to be the fastest way in most cases.

    [ Yeah, I wish there was a way for Cruise Control to stop the flight when you have reached your destination, but Blizzard does not provide such a function... :-( ]

  • #13

    Hi, I really enjoy your addon and think it's great that you've added all of these features. However, I'm wondering if it's possible for you to either let me know how I could edit the current addon files, or if you would consider making a lite version of this addon that only creates the line from your characters position and doesn't have all the extra features like the ring, sounds, time estimates, etc. 


    Last edited by HunteraSR on 6/12/2013 8:23:31 PM
  • #16

    Just look into the Interface/AddOns directory in your WoW-installation, you can find (and modify) the source code for all your installed addons there... ;-)

  • #11

    Can't get the ring to show up when Mapster is enabled. 

    Thank you for the addon, though, it's great!

    Idk if it's too annoying to do, but something nice would be if the addon would tell you if your pitch level is not quite level, meaning you're slightly pitched down and are slowly sloping down in flight and will hit the ground, for instance, before you arrive at  the destination.

    Last edited by Aisenfaire on 2/23/2013 3:25:03 AM
  • #12

    Hmm, I installed Mapster and it's working normally for me. Do you have any other map addons installed?

    I'm planning to add a small movable window to the main screen that shows remaining time to destination and allows to cancel the alarm. That should be a good point to add a pitch indication. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • #8

    the only way i can see to make this better is a way to disable or re-map the controls for setting the cruise control.  some times it gets in the way of tom tom waypoint setting (yes i know they do a similar thing i like having the mutha bucking line on the map and the quest tracking function of tom tom ok?)

  • #9

    How about having a hotkey to set the target instead of clicking with the mouse? Then Cruise Control could be completely "transparent" on the map (would not interfere with any other map addon). 

  • #10

    that would have the same effect I like it!


  • #3
    Some of the problems people are having might be due to addon incompatibility. On my main, I noticed that CruiseControl DOES seem to work with Mapster, although when I tried it on an alt with a different map addon (it was either MetaMap or AlphaMap, I think), the overlay didn't display. Just a heads-up for those who open the map and don't see anything different.

    By the way, Aryl, any progress on modifying the battle map? ;) It's something I haven't seen in any addon yet, which I understand could be because it's not possible or really tricky. But even a "mini" map ruler that's non-interactive (doesn't actually track or calculate coords) would still be really handy as a visual aid, basically like the addon "MapRuler" confined to the battle map. Thanks!
  • #4
    I took a short look into Carbonite. It uses a separate frame for displaying the map, so CruiseControl has to overlay that. The problem lies in translating the map coordinates into world coordinates. For the regular map there is Astrolabe, but I doubt it will work with those addon-maps. Or the battle-map. This means I have to dig into each addon and find a way to use the addons transformation...
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