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  • World of Warcraft
  • 334 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 85,944 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/14/2014
  • Created 01/22/2007
  • 687 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v6.00

About DagAssist

Clean up your action bars!

DagAssist helps you clean up your interface by moving seldom used abilities to a discrete minimap menu. Get those teleports, auras, tracking abilities, professions and hearthstone off your action bar! Abilities from every class and race are covered. No configuration, no complication. Download, install and you're ready to go!

Also available from

* Updated for WoW 6.0.2
* Updated for WoW 5.1.0
* Added instructions to the configuration panel
* Added move up/down buttons to the section editor
* Pressing ESC will now close the menu except while in combat
* Menu items are prepopulated with some defaults when first installed
* Fixed bug preventing the pickup of spells once placed in the menu
* Fixed taint issue if you tried to change the menu items while in combat
* Added "/dagassist reset" command line to reset the menu to defaults
* Moved frame strata
* Fixed problem with menu items not loading properly on startup


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  • #295
    2.05 is available now. Blizzard has temporarily (read: permanently) removed the ability to create popup style menus that hide themselves after a certain number of seconds. Therefore, DagAssist no longer closes itself if you're not hovering your mouse over the menu. If you click on a spell, it will close. If you click on "Close" or click on the DA button, it will close. But if you open the menu, do nothing, then move your mouse away, it will stay open until you do one of the above.

    This is an extraordinary pain in the ass, I know. There's not much I can do about it right now unfortunately.
  • #294
    yes as everyone has sd brkn...PLS fix i use this a lot b/c i use lunar sphere and this saves me buttons for imp stuff! also i agree with jesy make it titan available

    great add on!!!

    RAGE ON!

  • #292
    Yep, broken in the latest patch. I don't trust Curse's comments system not to freak out and format the error message weirdly, so pastebin here:
  • #293
    A few addons are having similar problems, it's due to changes in the LUA that used to allow delayed popup display/hiding being removed at least until the next patch, if not indefinitely. I found a link to the topic over on the IPopBar page here at Curse if anyone needs more details.

    Sadly I'm only now realising how little I still use this, so I guess this is the end for me... Thanks for a great addon Dagos!
  • #291
    yeah broken :*(

    this would be the perfect time to make it work for titanpanel though

  • #290
    I get a the minimap icon, but no dropdown menu with all the stuff on it. This was my favorite addon as well. please fix it for us! =) It's the only addon I can stand to use for my mage and druid.
  • #289
    Well, 3.0.8 broke this, my favorite mage mod:) The error I'm getting is FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua line 840...
  • #288
    DagAssist no longer works as of the Patch today.
  • #287
    Is there a way to add a button for another addon. Like Guild Craft? It would be very useful to be able to get to the Guild Craft browser (the one you get to by typing /gcb) in this menu. If anyone can help me with what sort of code I'd need to add, that would be great or just if it is possible in the first place I guess. Thanks
  • #286
    I have a minimap placement error with this addon. It is not working with Spartan UI. The addon is working but messing up the minimap so you cant play with it :(

    Both are really great addons so it would be great if you can make them work together.

    Plz check out my post on:

    To get a clear view of the problem.

  • #285
    I've just installed this, but it's not appearing, although on the addon's list it's there and ticked.... Any suggestions?!?!
  • #284
    I wonder why nobody but me seems to be having problems with cooking?! For me, it only shows up when I change the spell ID to 51296 (Grand Master Cooking) inside DagAssist_Menu.lua, so it looks like this:

    {["type"] = "spell", ["id"] = 51296}, --Cooking

    With Apprentice Cooking (ID 2550) it just won't show up. I'm using the German client, maybe that has something to do with it?

    Besides: I totally agree with tbadgley! Would be nice if DagAssist could be on top. :)
  • #283
    I was wondering if there was a way to make this add-on show up on top of everything else. I use a lot of add-ons and they're on the right side of the screen, but DA shows up underneath some of them (Carbonite map notably)
  • #282
    You can add "Death Gate" & "Runeforging" manually by inserting the following two lines into DagAssist_Menu.lua, at line 27:

    {["type"] = "spell", ["id"] = 50977}, --Death Gate
    {["type"] = "spell", ["id"] = 53428}, --Runeforging

    Other spells (except for combat spells, I guess) can be added with the same method; you can find the Spell ID from You can also comment out spells you don't want in the original list.

  • #279
    Yeh, all works, even teleport to Dalran.
    but, The deathknights following:
    portal gate to Ebon.

    would be nice to see them up :) allthough i only have 59 DK and maybe theres some more that's needed to Dagassist from them.
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