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  • World of Warcraft
  • 89 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 87,961 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/14/2014
  • Created 01/22/2007
  • 690 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v6.00

About DagAssist

Clean up your action bars!

DagAssist helps you clean up your interface by moving seldom used abilities to a discrete minimap menu. Get those teleports, auras, tracking abilities, professions and hearthstone off your action bar! Abilities from every class and race are covered. No configuration, no complication. Download, install and you're ready to go!

Also available from

* Updated for WoW 6.0.2
* Updated for WoW 5.1.0
* Added instructions to the configuration panel
* Added move up/down buttons to the section editor
* Pressing ESC will now close the menu except while in combat
* Menu items are prepopulated with some defaults when first installed
* Fixed bug preventing the pickup of spells once placed in the menu
* Fixed taint issue if you tried to change the menu items while in combat
* Added "/dagassist reset" command line to reset the menu to defaults
* Moved frame strata
* Fixed problem with menu items not loading properly on startup


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  • #279
    Yeh, all works, even teleport to Dalran.
    but, The deathknights following:
    portal gate to Ebon.

    would be nice to see them up :) allthough i only have 59 DK and maybe theres some more that's needed to Dagassist from them.
  • #277
    Works fine here, but doesn't recognize the Death Gate spell of the Death Knight, which would be nice, as that is kind of like a heartstone.
  • #280
    I mentioned Death Gate over at WoWInterface, but completely forgot about Runeforging since it's one of those skills I don't really mind having on my action bar. But since others may disagree...seconded on that.
  • #276
    not working with final WOTLK
    Here is a screen of what I have after WOTLK instalation...

  • #278
    That's how it looked for my warrior lvl 4 bank mule. But works pretty much for my real alts. The one thing I saw wrong is it doesn't list the nbr of Reagents left (Rune of Teleportation in my Mage's case). But the professions and Teleports were all there.
  • #275
    hello my add on for this on my lock vanished but its on my other chars how can i fix this plz post!!!!
  • #274
    It seems the framestrata of the DA_Menu ends up being "BACKGROUND" even though the virtual DA_MenuContainer it inherits from is set to "HIGH". Perhaps it gets the framestrata from the SecureHandlerBaseTemplate? Anyway, adding the following after creating the frame solves the problem and makes the menu usable when you have bags or various quest trackers open below the menu:

  • #273
    Is there a way to remove a certain category of buttons? I really like the look of this addon. I'd like to be able to remove the tracking buttons for my hunter since they are built in now. Thanks!
  • #272
    Thanks so much for the update! I love this mod, and was limping along with OPie (which is a fine addon but not as delightfully efficient as this one). Once I installed DA's new version and reloaded my UI all was well:)
  • #271
    Yep there's a problem when you load the game if you don't have a cache, which gets reset when there's a patch. Version 2.03 will fix the problem, but in the mean time just reload your UI.
  • #270
    sigh.... just when we get it back........
  • #268
    did not work with 3.0.3! ;(
  • #269
    you're right... looking for an update! ^^ i love this addon!
  • #267
    I kinda liked having the dagassist on the minimap...but when I downloaded a "minimap help" icon pulled Dag into it...and it won't let me take it out.. ugh.

    Also...Can you work again on Titan-Dagassist? Seriously, this would be extremely wonderful, and I'd appreciate it sooo much :)
  • #281
    This. Titan, FuBar, and LDB compatibility would be highly appreciated.
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