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DBM-RaidTools (Deadly Boss Mods)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 54,895 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 1,607,070 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/26/2013
  • Created 11/18/2009
  • 873 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
  • Newest File: DBM-RaidLeadTools-v4-r118

About DBM-RaidTools (Deadly Boss Mods)

This Addon provides a lot of functions like:

Bid Bot:             Manages your Raid DKP Bidding System (raidchat !bid [item])
DKP Tracker:     Automatic Raid Tracking with Items from BidBot. Evens based on Time, Kills or Manual Entrys
StickyIcons:       Allways keeps your Raid-Icons so that they don't get lost while fighting
AutoInviter:         Allows you to define a Invite Keyword or AOE Guild Invite
Standby Bot:      Tracks your Raidmates that have no place and wating for invite (guild chat !sb)

and many more features!

Questions, Updates and Informations will be answered fast on



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  • #143

    currently if people whisper you and they are realid or battletag friends, blizzard defualts to using that name instead of their character name in the whisper.  This means that RaidTools ignores them even if they use the auto invite word.  Is it possible to update Raid Tools to auto invite despite the real id since the functionality exists to invite them from a drop down?

  • #140

    Latest update dbm refuses to work with voice encounter mods. Shows the error "WARNING: You are running both Deadly Boss Mods and Voice Encounter Mods. DBM will not run in this configuration and therefore will not be loaded.". Never had an issue until the latest update with either and been using them side by side for months so I don't know why this is. If there really was an issue there should have been  a message printed during login saying there have been previous troubles and to avoid using both together. Seems more like a refusal to "play nice". I'm really disappointed. Guess I'll have to move to Voice Encounter Mods from now on...

  • #141

    Good luck with that.  VEM isn't updated for 6.0 and not sure it will be.

  • #142

    Half my addons haven't been updated yet so what's your point?

  • #139

    are there not a warning for orbs of corruption on Malkorok? Cant find it..should be and i sound to warn you when it spawns.

  • #138

    YOU MUUUUUUUUUUUUUST update the final fantasy x boss theme with the new HD remake version!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do that! :D, I like the newer one more than the original. Perhaps keep both options available?

  • #137

    Is there an addon with voices? The ones available aren't usable. I would like something like "Spread", "Group" and stuff like that. Short commands that are finished before the event you're suposed to look out for has finished and you are dead. Hearing a loud DINGGGGG or the four horsemen laugh doesn't tell me much about what's going to happend, and I don't have time to watch my screen all the time.

  • #136

    Is there a way to get this updated please. Its now  5.4.1 and it be helpful to be able to assume this isnt causing issues if the ingame addon menu is even showing its up to date.

  • #135

    Hi, I got a problem, yesterday on May 27th, DBM was working 100% for everything I did, like BGs such as Alterac Valley and dungeons like Gate of the Setting Sun, now on May 28th, it not working... is there a bug with it or did you remove it?

  • #134

    Please do not post DBM-related bugs here. This is not DBM, but a separate addon for raid-tracking and DKP-export and stuff. Thanks.

  • #133

    The range finder and text bar wont stay away. How do I solve this, checking and unchecking from main ui doesnt work, thanks.

  • #132

    Getting this error in new lfr on first boss:

    51x DBM-ThroneofThunder-5.2.2-61-g58c4f2b\Durumu.lua:227: attempt to call method "Update" (a nil value)
    DBM-ThroneofThunder-5.2.2-61-g58c4f2b\Durumu.lua:227: in function "handler"
    DBM-Core\DBM-Core-5.2.2-61-g58c4f2b.lua:383: in function <DBM-Core\DBM-Core.lua:374>
    (tail call): ?
    DBM-Core\DBM-Core-5.2.2-61-g58c4f2b.lua:383: in function <DBM-Core\DBM-Core.lua:374>

    self = nil
    event = "SPELL_AURA_APPLIED"
    (for generator) = <func> =[C]:-1
    (for state) = <table> {
     1 = <table> {}
     2 = <table> {}
    (for control) = 2
    i = 2
    v = <table> {
     SPELL_PERIODIC_MISSED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:257
     stats = <table> {}
     SPELL_AURA_REMOVED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:232
     inCombatOnlyEventsRegistered = 1
     modId = "DBM-ThroneofThunder"
     UNIT_DIED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:406
     revision = 9147
     creatureId = 68036
     OnCombatStart = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:135
     encounterId = 818
     localization = <table> {}
     announces = <table> {}
     optionCategories = <table> {}
     SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:191
     SPELL_CAST_START = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:177
     specwarns = <table> {}
     OnCombatEnd = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:163
     numSounds = 1
     inCombat = true
     noHeroic = false
     hasChallenge = false
     hasLFR = true
     oneFormat = false
     type = "RAID"
     UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:465
     CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_EMOTE = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:267
     UNIT_AURA = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:378
     timers = <table> {}
     zones = <table> {}
     combatInfo = <table> {}
     Options = <table> {}
     categorySort = <table> {}
     id = "818"
     instanceId = 362
     modelId = 47189
     countdowns = <table> {}
     SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:257
     SPELL_MISSED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:251
     SPELL_DAMAGE = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:240
     SPELL_AURA_APPLIED = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:191
     usedIcons = <table> {}
     addon = <table> {}
     DefaultOptions = <table> {}
     inCombatOnlyEvents = <table> {}
    zones = <table> {
     930 = true
     BogusZone = true
    handler = <func> @DBM-ThroneofThunder\Durumu.lua:191
    mainFrame = <unnamed> {
     0 = <userdata>
    registeredEvents = <table> {
     CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_YELL = <table> {}
     LFG_COMPLETION_REWARD = <table> {}
     LFG_PROPOSAL_SHOW = <table> {}
     PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD = <table> {}
     UNIT_DESTROYED = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_EMOTE = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_WHISPER = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_BN_WHISPER = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_ADDON = <table> {}
     SPELL_PERIODIC_DAMAGE = <table> {}
     PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED = <table> {}
     UNIT_HEALTH = <table> {}
     SPELL_AURA_APPLIED = <table> {}
     CINEMATIC_START = <table> {}
     SPELL_CAST_START = <table> {}
     ADDON_LOADED = <table> {}
     GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE = <table> {}
     PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED = <table> {}
     PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED = <table> {}
     UNIT_AURA = <table> {}
     UNIT_DIED = <table> {}
     UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT = <table> {}
     ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA = <table> {}
     SPELL_MISSED = <table> {}
     SPELL_DAMAGE = <table> {}
     SPELL_AURA_REMOVED = <table> {}
     SPELL_AURA_APPLIED_DOSE = <table> {}
     LFG_PROPOSAL_SUCCEEDED = <table> {}
     LFG_PROPOSAL_FAILED = <table> {}
     RAID_BOSS_EMOTE = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_RAID_BOSS_EMOTE = <table> {}
     SPELL_PERIODIC_MISS = <table> {}
     CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_SAY = <table> {}
    enabled = true
    ipairs = <func> =[C]:-1
    LastZoneText = "Throne of Thunder"
    LastZoneMapID = 930

  • #131

    I just updated my NVIDIA gt 540 card and now I'm not getting sound during raid encounters from DBM.  I get visual cues, but no sounds.  The sounds work ok otherwise on the game and the computer.  I'm not using a beta driver, but the most recent non-beta.

  • #130

    Constantly receive the following message:   A new time-based raid event was created.  For months.

    Am having some issue and error message all appearing to be related to DBM Core.  I update daily or as often as you put up one.

  • #129

    Are The Mods cool? Undecided


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