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Destruction For Dummies

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,345 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 466,665 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/16/2015
  • Created 07/22/2009
  • 444 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Release 3.0.6
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About Destruction For Dummies

Executive Summary

Install this mod; when a suggestion frame shows up in the middle of your screen (when you are out of combat) move it to where you want it. When the frame shows you a picture, cast the spell that picture represents. If nothing ever shows up, your current class/build is not supported.

That's all you have to know. Have fun, I hope you like it.


This addon will display the recommended spell for you to cast (in or out of combat). It keeps track of what buffs/debuffs you have up, what your cooldowns are, and what your energy/rage/mana/runic power is, and tells you the best option. Out of combat, it will remind you to put up buffs (usually before they entirely expire). It is aimed at max level toons, so recommendations below that will likely be suboptimal. In particular, at very low levels it will frequently not recommend anything at all; below level 10 it is guaranteed to do nothing.

You can resize the suggestion frame from the configuration panel (reached via the /dfd command). You can set it to display dummy suggestions when it's unlocked, so you can see where it is to move it around and scale it.

This mod only handles single-target DPS

The Rotations Implemented

These rotations actually have a lot of thought behind them, just not by me - they are all taken from Note that I did have to add things to all these rotations, as they don't take some important real-world needs into account (eg., when should a hunter cast Mend Pet during a fight? Even though it's not in the rotation, clearly letting your pet die isn't going to be the right call to up your DPS).

If you want changes to the rotation, please convince the people at to change the rotation (or just point out that I'm deviating from it). I don't know enough about all the specs to decide to deviate from what they recommend.

Some tanking builds are supported, but they simply follow the Icy Veins' tanking rotation. They do not include self-healing, avoidance, or many other things you will need to do to tank effectively. But I find them useful.

Currently the following builds are supported:

  • Death Knight: all builds
  • Druid: Feral and Guardian
  • Hunter: all builds
  • Mage: Frost
  • Monk: Windwalker
  • Paladin: Retribution
  • Priest: Shadow
  • Rogue: all builds
  • Warlock: all builds

Several bug fixes


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  • #579

    on windwalker monks if I don't use touch of death it will not show another suggestion. I hangs on what it wants you to use. Some targets are immune to it and others, so could you make it so it won't lock on an unused stike and go to the next strike

  • #580

    Fixed in 3.0.5

  • #578

    Is the Warlock Destro rotation up to date (6.2)?

  • #581

    Has it changed recently?  I looked at Icy Veins and it looks the same to me

  • #577

    Very strange. I can`t lock frame. Check-uncheck in config did nothing... Frame still stand moveable. Any suggestion?

  • #582

    It looks like Bliz has made a change which broke this functionality.  I've looked at it and don't understand what the problem is.  (And it doesn't bother me, so honestly, I doubt I'll fix it.  If you want to fix it and send me the diffs, I'll add them in).

  • #576

    Wondering when there will be support for Balance Druids?

  • #575

    I've just started up a new lock toon and grabbed your addon to help learn the rotation however I dont seem to be able to get the addon to lock in poistion, if I have the Reposition Lock checked it still acts as if its unlocked and i can move the suggestion frame around the screen the same way as if i had the lock unchecked only it doesn't display the dummy suggestions if checked, ie I have Reposition lock checked and Display dummy suggestions checked however the icon is still floating and able to be dragged about, if i uncheck the reposition lock it shows the dummy actions and again is able to be dragged around. I've checked the wft file and its is saying the addon is locked however it is still free to be moved around. Very confused as to whats going on with this.

    Amy help you could offis is much appreciated (as i keep every now and then dragging the frame aound my screen while trying to move anout and turn)

  • #572

    I've attempted to look in to this mod and try it out on a test dummy, it appears to suggest touch of death as my first move.  Can you fix this because you  can not start a fight off with touch of death?

  • #573

    That's strange--it should not suggest ToD unless you have at least 3 chi.  I'll look at it, but unfortunately I'm leaving for a 3-week vacation in a couple of hours and leaving my computer behind, so won't be able to debug until I get back in mid-May.

    Do you run on a PC or a Mac?  (I don't see this problem on my Monk, so I'm wondering if there might be a client difference issue).

  • #574

    I'm running on a PC.  As soon as I get enough chi to cast touch of death it suggests it but I can not cast it on a full health target such at a test dummy.

    Last edited by jellybean82 on 4/27/2015 11:36:46 AM
  • #571

    you may want to take a look at demo warlock. i notices the other day when i switch to metamorphosis i tells me to cast life tap when my demonic fury runs out 

  • #569

    I downloaded this addon but I don't get any suggestions, just the cooldown animation.
     Is it a matter of Destruction Warlock not being supported? The name made me think that was original idea for the addon :P

  • #570

    Yes, the problem is that Destruction Warlocks are not yet supported (though I wouldn't have expected the cooldown animation to be showing either--that's a bug).  If you switch to Demonology or Affliction, you should see suggestions.  (And the suggestion might be sticky when you change back to Destruction--another bug.  Reloading the UI will clear this, and it should be fixed in the next release in any case).

    And yes, this add-on originates in my changing my lock from Affliction to Destruction and needing to learn the rotation.  But at the moment, Destruction looks to be the lowest DPS spec (among all classes, not just warlocks), so implementing it is a fairly low priority.  But I should get to it within a month.

  • #568

    Just to say I have downloaded this now, I see that most of the comments are dated back to 2014 :/ ..

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