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Deus Vox Encounters

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,333 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 1,238,656 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/25/2015
  • Created 03/26/2009
  • 869 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v704
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About Deus Vox Encounters

Deus Vox Encounters (DXE) is a boss mod inspired by RDX. It is designed to be functional, efficient, and customizable, so you can change what you want and how you see this addon.

I would like to donate

Click here to donate to Deus Vox Encounters (DXE) your contribution will really help developing the addon.


  • Automated: Activation, starting, and stopping of encounters is automatic
  • Flexible alert system:
    • Customizable timer bars
      • Color
      • Texture
      • Font
      • Width
      • Spell icons
      • And more...!
    • Customizable full screen flashes
      • Duration
      • Transparency
      • Oscillations
      • Color
    • Customizable sounds: Packaged with 18 distinct ones
    • All alerts can be adjusted for all encounters
    • Audio countdowns can be activated for certain encounter alerts
  • Raid Icons: Marking on important events with an icon of your choosing
  • 3D Arrow: Directional arrows tells you where to go on important events
    • Two types:
      • Away: Directs you to run from a player or a location
      • Toward: Directs you to run to a player or a location
    • Ability to play a sound when shown
    • Displays your distance, to a player or location, in game yards
  • Encounter Pane
    • Boss health tracking gives you more awareness of fights
    • Engage timer tells you how long you've been fighting
    • Shortcut buttons provides easier access to common commands
    • Conditions to show the pane only when you want to
  • Version Check: View addon and encounter versions of raid members
  • Distribution System: Allows you to send encounters to the raid or individual players
  • Profile System: Switch settings between your characters
  • Modular Design: Encounters are loaded in appropriate zones
  • SharedMedia support

Getting Started

When you first login with this AddOn you will see a black transparent rectangle with a blue bar labeled 'Default', called the encounter pane, in the center of your screen. Shift+Click on it to move it. From left to right you will see:

  1. Stop Icon: Halts the current encounter (you should rarely have to do this)
  2. Menu Icon: Opens the configuration dialog
  3. Lock Icon: Toggles frame anchors
  4. Windows Icon: Opens a drop down menu to show interface windows

Also, if you ever hide the pane and can't get it to show, type /dxe to open the configuration dialog. There is also a minimap icon.

Warlords of Draenor Update

  • Encounters: Highmaul, BlackRock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel have been implemented.
  • Party Module: Party support has been added.
  • World Boss Module: World Bosses support has been added.
  • Features: More new Alert Options and Spell descriptions on Options.

Implemented Encounters

  • Highmaul: All bosses
  • BlackRock Foundry: All bosses
  • Hellfire Citadel: All bosses
  • Warlords of Draenor Party: All bosses
  • World Boss: All bosses


Please visit the localization page to translate in-game phrases. It is open to anyone with an account. The most important phrases are the chat triggers for bosses, because they start encounters. However, not all encounters are started by chat triggers. The rest of the phrases are for display purposes. The following languages need a maintainer:

  • Korean (koKR)
  • Russian (ruRU)
  • Simplified Chinese (zhCN)
  • Spanish (esES)
  • Traditional Chinese (zhTW)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (ptBR)
  • Latin American Spanish (esMX)


  • Code/Inspiration - RDX, BigWigs, DBM
  • Coding and Testing - Mäev
  • Pane Buttons - Kassay
  • Translations - Pettigrow (frFR), Junkie/Fearendon (deDE), horws (ruRU), and everyone else

tag v704
Maev81 <>
2015-12-25 21:45:21 +0000

Tagging as v704


    - Core:
    ---- Updated DBM and BigWigs fake versions.
    ---- Added flashing taskbar icon also for whispers and entering combat.
    ---- Tweaked Break code.
    ---- Fixed sometimes world bosses module couldn't be loaded.
    ---- Added support for reverse raid icon marking.
    - Hellfire Citadel:
    ---- HellfireAssault: Fixed "attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'delta' (a string value)" error.
    ---- HellfireAssault: Changed default sound for Incinerate Interrupt inform warning.
    ---- IronReaver: Tweaked Artillery tracking and improved some radar range.
    ---- Kormrok: Added missing Residue tracking and tweaked Mythic code.
    ---- FelLordZakuun: Tweaked Seed of Destruction Mythic.
    ---- Gorefiend: Added new inform alert for Shadow of Death on you and a center bar of 5s for better knowing when you will enter the stomach.
    ---- Council: Tweaked Mythic code.
    ---- TyrantVelhari: Added missing spell id for Edict of Condemnation for Mythic (thanks Tom65789).
    ---- Xhulhorac: Tweaked cooldowns.
    ---- Mannoroth: Tweaked cooldowns and added raid icon marking for Mark of Doom and Wrath of Guldan.
    ---- Archimonde: Fixed announce countdown for Nether Banish.
    ---- Archimonde: Added tracking for Mythic Overfiend spawn and cooldown.
    ---- Archimonde: Added tracking for Touch of Shadows cooldown and inform warning alert.
    ---- Archimonde: Fixed alot of cooldowns in Mythic.
    ---- Archimonde: Improved radar for Shadow Burst.
    ---- Archimonde: Added tracking for Desecration/Light of the Naaru.
    ---- Archimonde: Added 10 yards radar for Mark of the Legion.


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  • #946

    I can't get Gorefiend's Shadow of Death debuff to make a sound and/or flash my screen no matter how hard I try.  Bug?

  • #943

    Is there a voice pack available/planned for DXE?

  • #944

    its planned :)

    for now it has been all about getting the encounters the best possible and releasing updates the fastest possible (i'm the only one coding dxe)

    but now that the stuff are somewhat settling (mostly will be mythic fixes and lfr) will resume the code of my todo list and voice pack support is one of them

  • #941

    So happy to see DXE back :)

    I was curious to see how many times I fought with a boss but couldnt find any statistics.
    Isnt that included in DXE?

    thanks alot

    Last edited by Speckdrum on 7/17/2015 1:44:13 PM
  • #942

    right now only a message in chat when you kill or wipe in a boss

    but its on my todo list to show them in the dialog

  • #939

    Hi, I'm noticing that on Fel Reaver, the proximity window dissapears early in the fight (I think after the first barrage?)

  • #940

    yes the were a bug on it but i got that fixed in latest version 688

  • #935

    Not sure if anybody else is having problems with Iskar but DXE screams at me the entire fight.  It tells me I have the eye non-stop or that I have the Winds debuff when I don't.  I'm not sure if it's conflicting with Excorses Raid Tools Iskar mod, but I had to switch to DBM for that fight because it was too much spam.

  • #936

    its a bug, didn't catch it the other run

    after Fel Incineration on you there is a bug that causes the addon to go crazy, the other run i didn't had one Fel Incineration on me so didn't catch it

    will fix it and fix other stuff that i noticed and release a new version

  • #938

    Great, thanks!

  • #934

    Is the any ways to added more voice commands for this like DBM has? Like Voicepacks with VEM

    Last edited by Peirithous on 7/1/2015 11:55:47 PM
  • #937

    it can be done but dont have time for it now, after all the bugs crushed and the encounters cooldowns fixes are estabilized i will continue to do more features

    i also tend to finish a new window for doing Notes for each encounter

    for now and you all know it, in the first weeks of new raid is alot of tuning and bug crushing on encounters

  • #933

    thank you very much for updating it for the current raid HFC :D Its my favorite boss mod ever

    one question, in the killrogg encounter, can you remove the adds health bars of the encounter? the adds die superquick but the bars stays for whole fight, its a bit annoying xD, i would like to see only the boss heath bar if possible, thanks and keep up the good work with this great addon

    Last edited by masterfabio on 6/27/2015 9:26:44 AM
  • #931

    Would be nice if we can configure colors of Top and Center bars.

  • #932

    you can

    in Configurations go to the Encounters and load the raid (if it isn't already), select the boss and search the bar you want to configure

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