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Death Knight Monitor (runes)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 484 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.1
  • 103,404 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/27/2011
  • Created 06/05/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v2.0.1

About Death Knight Monitor (runes)

DKM displays the most relevant stuff for a deathknight like runes, runic power, diseases and procs. It is inspired by RuneWatch and while being much more minimalistic, it sports a lot more features like independent positioning of every UI element, UI element sticking, rune prioritisation and a lot more.

Current features

  • Cataclysm support.
  • Shows runes (both as icons and bars), runic power and diseases.
  • For runes implements rune prioritisation.
  • Tracks all relevant procs, buffs and debuffs.
  • Checks for missing Presence.
  • Independent positioning of every UI element with sticking.
  • Fade in/out of combat.
  • Modular design (you can enable/disable each module separately).
  • Fully skinnable with very easy to add new visuals.


  • Add module dedicated to tanking (blood shield and death strike healing).
  • Add bars to Trackers module.
  • Ability to move all the UI elements at once.

Changes in v2.0.1

  • Updated tracker to work with 4.2 (TOC is still from 4.1 so don't forget to allow loading of old addons).

Changes in v2.0.0

  • Completely reworked texture packs. There are now 4 packs - textures/borders for runes and textures/borders for trackers. You can mix them however you want. Removed most of old graphics. Archive dropped to 1/3 of its original size.
  • Diseases module is now Trackers module.
  • Added Unholy Blight and Crimson Scourge trackers.
  • Fixed minor bug with Ebon Plague tracker.
  • Updated for 4.1 patch.


Q: How do I make icons not stick to each other when I drag them?
A: Hold SHIFT.

Q: How do I add my own texture pack?
A: Make a new folder in 'art' folder and add graphics there just like in other folders (you MUST use the same file names for your icons). Add new texture pack definition into the DKM.lua file, method DKM:AddTexturePack(). Restart WoW - you should be able to pick your new texture pack.

Special thanks

  • Voorije - for creating RuneWatch
  • Elderidge - for graphics
  • Opaque - for graphics

DKM ChangeLog
+ New functionality.
* Bugfix/change.
- Removed functionality.

 * Updated tracker to work with 4.2 (TOC is still from 4.1 so don't forget to allow loading of old addons).

 + Completely reworked texture packs handling. Now there are 4 separate packs - textures and borders for runes and textures and borders for trackers. You can mix them however you want.
 - Removed a lot of old graphics.
 * Updated Ace-3.0 to r1009.
 * Renamed Diseases module to Trackers module.
 + Added Unholy Blight tracker.
 + Added Crimson Scourge tracker.
 * Re-exported disease icons so they don't have a border on them (will be easier to mix with other borders).
 * Fixed minor bug with Ebon Plague tracker.
 * Updated buff/debuff tracker to 4.1.
 * Updated TOC to 4.1.

 + Added trackers for Sudden Doom, Shadow Infusion, Dark Transformation, Killing Machine, Rime (Freezing Fog), Blade Barrier (only Rank 3) and Necrotic Strike. Current implementation is temporary and added just to support requested features. Everything resides in Diseases module for now. In future it will be reworked into something better.
 * Disease widgets reset their scale and pulse animation after disappearing. Should fix their relocation when you lock/unlock them after they pulsed. You still should not try to move them while they pulse!

 * Fixed RuneBars staying visible after locking widgets even if the module was disabled.

 + Added optional Scarlet Fever tracker.

 * Fixed locale string error in addon menu which could cause lag reported by some users (not sure if that was really the cause though).
 * Optimized Runes and RuneBars modules considerably - they use about 3 times less CPU and a lot less memory.

 * Fixed RuneBars size change.
 * All strings in RuneBars module are localizable now.

 * Fixed disease fall off pulse with cooldown animation.
 * Increased default disease fall off pulse threshold to 5 seconds.

 + Added disease fall off pulse. Sadly it doesn't behave well with disease cooldown animation for some reason.

 * Added missing library.
 * Fixed some ridiculous bugs with addon loading when there are no other ACE3.0-based addons loaded.
 * Updated Ace-3.0 to r981.

 + Added RuneBars module - shows runes as bars instead of icons.
 + Added support for AddonLoader.
 * Fixed rune and disease borders appearing above some menus.

 + Added support for enabling/disabling each module.
 + Added naming on overlays when UI is unlocked.
 + New art by Opaque.
 * You can now set out-of-combat alpha to 100%.

 * Fixed FailStat module not obeying options on load.

 + Added FailStat module - collects some basic DK statistics when you are in combat (currently, only waste of rune refresh time).
 * Updated RunicPower module to use new API introduced in patch 4.0.1.
 * Addon won't be loaded for characters that are not Death Knights.

 * Fixed bug with UI elements positions not saving properly (right now saving only when you lock UI).

 + Added visualisation of Ebon Plague disease on target (optional, very useful for Festering Strike bug).
 + Overlay on UI elements when you move them around.
 + UI elements sticking can now work with some other addons (very few though).
 + Added Russian locale.
 * Rune prioritisation enabled by default (as a must-have feature for Cataclysm rune refresh model).
 * Updated all libraries.
 * Bug fixes.
 - Removed rune grace period feature since there is no rune grace period anymore in Cataclysm.
* Updated TOC to support patch 4.0.1.

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  • #137

    Can you get it to work for MOP please?

  • #136

    The Best DK Rune Addon - somebody should update it for Pandaria. I dont have the skills for this projekt -.-

  • #135

    Hope someone updates it too :(

  • #134

    Hope someone will take over and update.

    (Still works but a bit buggy) If runes are not showing just write /dkm and go to runes and Untick Enabled then Click Enabled again then fix the scale a bit, but it will hide again after a loading screen.

  • #133

    the question is what needs to be done to fix the bugs he said anyone can continue the addon but I just dont know what i would need to do at all

  • #132

    yeah ive yet to find a good replacement for all the things this add on offers it sucks 

  • #131

    I'd really like to see this updated. Loved this addon but it's completely bugged on 5.0.4

  • #130

    Id like to get this add on working for 5.0.4 but I'm kind of retarded when it comes to these things. I wish I had the knowledge to fix the add on to work forever because not having it makes me realize how much I relied on it. It's prolly the best DK mod ive ever used. Even rune watch dude doesnt update that anymore. 

  • #129

    Did someone else take this project up?  I really like the vertical filling bars and I'm wondering before I get really used to this and MoP hits lol.

  • #127

    like it so much , please update it when patch 4.3 come .thanks a lot...

    (my english is so poor,wish you can understand ^_^)

  • #128

    I recently quited WoW. If anyone is interested in continuing the addon, they are free to do so. I won't be updating it any time soon.

  • #125

    what do i have to do, to be able to make it possible for me to move the icons. it looks like i need them to be in green box. but how do i get that green box to appear?


  • #126

    In options of the addon there is a checkbox that enables/disables locking of UI.

  • #121
    Please please please allow RP to be shown as a bar rather than numbers only, I really don't like having to use another addon on top of this one just for the runic bar. I currently use Magic Runes JUST for the runic bar, and put it next to DKM runes, for the simple fact that I cannot stand the orange numbers, as runic power has always been a bar and it is just natural to people to see it as one.

    Please consider this.
  • #122
    Ye, I've been trying to convince myself to find time and make 'bar' option to trackers and runic power, but... I'm lazy. :P

    But I guess I have to do it at some point due to multiple people requesting this.
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