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  • Supports: 5.1.0
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  • Updated 01/28/2013
  • Created 05/06/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v50102
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A new version (v50102) is up.

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A complete all-in-one combat addon for the raiding DK of any spec. It shows a Rune Display with additional information on runic power, dot timers, and blood shields. It also shows the next two recommended actions and the next two cooldowns that will be up. It dynamically switches between melee, AOE and ranged priorities and whenever you change specs. It tracks the current number of AOE targets and estimates how long until the current target will die. There are up to 8 additional small buttons that you can set to track things like blood tap charges, killing machine, crimson scourge, and doom procs. It is completely customizable and the recommended priority can be changed and customized on the configuration screen using any of the many different actions.

Priority Action Buttons

These two buttons show the next two recommended actions. There size and location can be changed in the configuration screen. You can also unlock and drag them if that is more convenient. They check resources, cooldowns, procs and buffs. They are based on a priority list that the user can edit or modify. The addon goes through the priority list and shows the first action that satisfies all the requirements. It then accounts for resources gained or used by that action as well as the GCD and calculates the second action to take. The default priority lists for each dps spec are mostly taken from the top dps priority lists in Simcraft, the blood priority is based on my reading of various DK tanking forums and my own experience.


The addon detects when you are not within melee range of your current hostile target and colors the border red and switches to a ranged priority list.


The addon detects when you are hitting multiple targets. When you are aoeing a certain number of targets it switches to an aoe mode, where it colors the border white and switches to an aoe priority. You can adjust many parameters to control this behavior.


TTD is Time To Die. The addon estimates how long until the current target dies based on how fast its health is going down. That estimate is displayed as TTD. You can adjust parameters of that estimate and display as well.

Priority Cooldown Buttons

These two buttons show the next 2 cooldowns that will be available. These can be moved and resized as well. If more than 1 cooldown is available it shows them in the priority order listed on the configuration screen. If an action is on cooldown there is a timer on top that counts down. If the timer is green (default color, can be changed) this means that the action is off cooldown, but you can't or shouldn't use it for some reason. You may not be able to use it because you don't have enough runic power or the right rune. You may not want to use it because the conditions aren't right, for example, you only want to use Empower Rune Weapon if you have used most of your runes up and you aren't capped out on runic power. In that case even though its off cooldown, it will show a green timer and you should wait to use it. The timer will go away when it's the best time to use it.

Rune Frame

The runeframe includes not only the display of the runes, but also, runic power, dot timers, procs, buffs, and blood shield when in blood spec. The height, width, orientation and even color of all the different bars can be changed. You can show numeric labels on everything or turn them off on individual elements. You can set the position of the main box with the runes in it, or unlock it and drag it around. The other parts of the runeframe are positioned relative to the main box.

r40 | zostra | 2013-01-28 13:20:46 +0000 (Mon, 28 Jan 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v50102 (from /trunk:39)

Tagging as v50102
r39 | zostra | 2013-01-28 13:20:02 +0000 (Mon, 28 Jan 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/DKOne.lua
   M /trunk/DKOne.toc
   M /trunk/rotation.lua

Update to 50102


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  • #176

    Thank you soso much, i love the design of Dkone for the runes and focus bar, and i was in trouble finding another addon that can do the same!

    I don't use the priority cycle so i don't have any issues with it (i've deleted all prios)

    If you know an addon that show resolution for tanks it'll be great ^^



    edit: when in blood tank, the bars for the death coil cast are not correctly displayed

    Last edited by danette2 on 10/18/2014 8:09:39 AM
  • #173

    Does not work in blood spec, get greyed boxes only.

    Frost spec seems to be calling for Horn of Winter after almost every other ability.

  • #178

    That helps a ton, thanks.

    I presume we're now using Death Coil as filler in the Blood rotation, and that 's why it shows up so much.

  • #175

    Thank you very much for the information.I will check this outafter work tonight.We very much appreciate your support!

  • #174

    This is caused by a rotation that calls for an ability that no longer exists :P if you open your dkone options or call /dkone options, go to Rotations, and paste the following:

    Blood Rotation:

    bpres howbuff bone bt5 vb50 pact50 out ublight bbrb plout ds rt75won srb rt50 itFF bpPS dndcs bbcs bb dc

    AoE Priority:

    bpres howbuff bt5 bone rd vb50 pact50 rt75won rt50 dnd ublight bbrb out srb pes bb

    For frost and HoW spamming, the addon still thinks HoW gives RP, to solve that follow the above steps, but go to Rotations->2H frost rotation tab and paste:

    Frost Rotation Priority:

    fpres howbuff pil plffbp out ublight srf ffHB bpPS rime obkm btkm bt76 fs76 ob2 fsre fsbt ob bt10 fs pl erw

    AoE Priority:

    fpres howbuff rd pil plffbp out ublight srf ffHB bpPS rime obkm btkm bt76 dnd hb fs76 ob2
    fsre fsbt ob bt10 fs pl erw

    If you don't use the above specs, just make sure to update your respective spec with the WoD changes (removed abilities, HoW gives 0 RP, etc.)  And at the very end of everything, make sure you /reload to fix the grey boxes and reinitialize!

    Hope that helps.

  • #171

    Seems to work fine. Thanks for that. I just had to change the cost of Frost Strike to 25 while in frost presence. It used to be 20. It's in DKOne.lua at line 890.



  • #172

    Ah, thank you, I'd updated FS in the abilities.lua, along with a few others such as death coil and DRW, but I wasn't seeing these changes reflected in-game.  I'll make another pass at this and try to clean up any inconsistencies and reupload.  Tested a little further with Blood last night as well.

  • #169

    Any changes this addon will be updated to meet the changes introduced in 6.0.2?

  • #167

    Anyone have an updated 2h Frost rotation or does the original one still work?

  • #166

    Will there be a rotational update for 5.4 or should we do it manually?

  • #165

    the only problem i found with this add on, is that the string that get the buff from the mobs sometimes doesn't work as intended. It doesnt recognise the blood plague and insist in putting it by any skills, and as is first priority its always there, you can bypass this mistake by simply retargeting. 

    just some info for the new developer.


  • #164

    Just wanted to say what an exceptional add on this is. The level of customisation is amazing!

  • #163

    ok so where do i edit in the toc file? as i opened it with editnfo same as notepad, but not sure what to change, the date or the version? if its the version i have to edit, do i just edit it to read 5.3 or is it a long number like current v50102 

    as im a little confused, as i want to change it, as dkone isnt recognizing the 4pc t15 set bonus of soul reaper now usuable at 45% instead of 35%

    hope to get a reply soon on this as im hoping it will vastly increase the dps output for unholy dks although i still use frost as some say its still viable and can out perform unholy. 

    personally im hoping dw makes a come back.

  • #162

    this can be updated to work for 5.3 (hell it already does as long as you load out of date)

    there is a line in one of the toc files that deal with the date you just change it to a current version or find it on a non outdated line of code from a good addon and paste it in


    Last edited by kirkvader on 6/17/2013 10:36:38 PM
  • #158

    Any plans on updating this addon for 5.3?  Various tweaks.  For instance, the 4p bonus (I've already implemented kirk's remedy).  I really enjoy the ability to modify rotations within this addon.

    Last edited by RealNiggle on 6/3/2013 5:38:24 AM
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