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DKP - Manager

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  • Supports: 5.4.8
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  • Updated 06/17/2014
  • Created 11/08/2011
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  • License: Apache License version 2.0
  • Newest File: v542 212
Support development! **

About DKP - Manager

This is an addon to provide easy DKP managment. The idea was to build a cross addon containing the main advantages of two addons - Eminent DKP and Quick DKP v2.

Simplicity is what drives this addon. Simple use, fast loot managment!

This addon requires you to install DKP-Bidder first.


Main features:

  • *NEW* Auto award dkp after boss killed! This feature atm requires Deadly Boss Mods. This might be changed in future.
  • Simple to use and is so simple to boot up, and start using!
  • the dkp points and main names are kept the same way as in QDKPv2 in officer notes, so you can just remove old qdkpv2 and run this, you will be able to work from your old dkp points from the start!
  • implemented bidding system
  • implemented normal system
  • you can change the system for silent bidding, zero sum[on/of] points award, second highest amount paid[check the link above]
  • dkp backup/restore
  • timer system, to make bidding faster with time limit, plus auto award, auto stop when the timer runs out
  • easy auction start from the loot window
  • *NEW* easy decay all players points by % or cap everyone at chosen number!
  • dkp log to see the changes that does update itself even when someone else makes a change[in future synchronization of logs will be added if there will be requests for it]
  • easy dkp change[increase/decrease]
  • easy setting alts/mains
  • auto report looted items when is a master looter to the raid chat
  • you can disable dkp transfers between players

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask in comments! Check screens to see how simple it is!

This addon does work with both Quick DKP Bidder and DKP - Bidder for players that want to bid only. However it is strongly encouraged to change you guildies bidding addon to DKP-Bidder. Keep in mind that for using this addon you must use DKP-Bidder as it does provide almost entire GUI, and Manager is only extending it a little.

2014-06-17  kaszaq  <kaszaq>

[9e26672f403b] [v542 212]
* DKP-Manager.toc main.lua

* added bosses for SOO


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  • #56

    Having a problem again with logs being "locked" by one player and when that person is online, no one can do much of anything with DKP other than view it.  I PM'd you about it a few days back.

  • #55

    I have fixed the issue[stupid blizzard, they changed api in one place, making it non compatible with rest of it]. Hopefully everything will be working ok now. However please send me a PM if you find any further bugs. Sorry for inconvenience. 

    Bugs posted here in comments do not hit into my email, I get no notifications of it. Please send pm's.

  • #54

    I am going to buy a game time to fix this. Hope you will appriciate it :P

  • #53

    Currently have a problem with both your dpk addons. We just merged servers with another one and now all our names, in all addons, appear as player-serverName. The dkp manager button doesnt seem to be added to dkp bidder when this happened, and dkp bidder cant find anyone in our raid but can load the roster fine. Due to this, we cant use either of the addons. I assume this is because of the -serverName added to each name. 

    Is there a way to fix this? perhaps with a hack to find/replace "-servername" from each persons name?

  • #49

    can you use regular notes to do dkp as well. we have our main team that uses officer note and we have a second team that we would like to use the regular notes for.

  • #51


    I do not see too much use of it for an addon that should suit more ppl and be as simple as possible in dkp management.


  • #48

    hey kaszaq

    just wondering if autoboss awards are bugged for new raid or if i addon has to be updated.

  • #50

    Hey, it has to be updated :). Sorry for the incovinience, I'll try to add those bosses today when I get back home. :P

  • #46

    Love this add on!

    A couple of requests though...

    Request 1:

    Would it be possible to add an option to assign DKP per half hour raided?  After 30 mins it adds 25DKP and so on.  For those nights when that latest boss just won't die, but you know your raid team is still trying.


    Request 2:

    Also (related, and not as useful, but probably easier to implement) add the column headings to the html <table> code for exports.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Last edited by Conzar99 on 12/24/2012 9:09:31 AM
  • #52

    1. Many ppl are asking for this. Atm this is not too hard to keep an eye on the watch and just to add points based on "how long I see we are playing". The task, as it may seem easy, it really is not as I would have to take into account stuff like dc's, players joining and leaving raid[should they all have their own timers assigned to them?], players outside raid group - some ppl want to give them points aswell even though they are not in the raid atm, and so on and so on. 

    There are many exlusions to take into account, and to all that I am not playing the game anymore. If anyone would like to join the dkp-bidder and dkp-manager project to help improve it, sent me a message. But for now even if I wanted to implement this, I wont be able to test it :).

    2. Sure. As u have them, can u sent me the ones u are using atm? I'll just add them to the addon code.

    Cheers :)

  • #42

    Using this addon raids for real now but tonight I have noticed that its removed, literally, thouads of points from people, and given thousands to others i.e. one person gained 4.9k points while another lost 5.4k. Points sharing is turned off. The log doesnt show why they were given/taken, i.e.

    Me - Change 260 - total - 6343
    Me - change 20 - total - 6363
    Me - change 20 - total - 4230

    I have no idea where these points went. Anyone else getting this? we cant use the addon if it wont keep valid totals. Its even given points to a guy thats never raided and not logged in for 4 years

    We are using Zero sum, silent bidding, 2nd highest method.

    Last edited by knowntobe on 11/10/2012 6:02:55 PM
  • #43


    The reason to this might be someone else in ur guild having swtiched on the option to allow dkp transfer. Or someone who is able to edit notes does it by hand.

    Another thing worth pointing out is when event [for instance someone was granted points] when u were not online, you will not be able to see it in your own log. The log is not beeing synchronized among players managing dkp.

    I am using all the options of this addon, and never had a situation of dkp points granted/taken. For normal raids we use them same settings as you do, never happened to any of us. We have transfer on, still - nothing strange ever happened.

    Are you the only one able to manage officer's notes? If not, then I belive someone who is able to edit them can be playing with them in your guild to make a mess.


  • #45

    I am 99% sure addon cannot do that. EVERY change made by the addon will be logged. Everytime u change someones points using the addon, it goes through the log. It's firstly logged, then pushed into officers notes. So if u dont see it in log, someone must have made some fun with officers notes.

    Or maybe u made some of the changes on diffrent character? Keep in mind that log data is kept per char not per account. Check on diffrent characters if u modified anyones dkp on em. Other then that I cant really help u out[read 1st paragraph]. To prevent such problems its wise to sometimes backupdata - u can do it in the config window in guild tab.

    Cheers :)


  • #44

    I was the raid leader and it was during my raid.
    Only officers can edit officer notes, none of them did this, or enable dkp transfer, none of them had this addon, only the bidder one.
    None of my officers would mess with the points, not ever. Im 100% on that. 

  • #37

    quick question

    With this addon alt data is stored in the officer notes, does this mean we cant ever use officer notes again, for anything? as this addon uses it for dkp numbers and alt names.

    While Im here, is there any write up on it at all? as I know its based on EminentdKP but aside from it having 2nd highest bid I dont really see how they compare (so I have no idea how it works)

    Last edited by knowntobe on 10/9/2012 2:33:44 AM
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