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  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 10/24/2008
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About Dominos_BuffTimes

Dominos_BuffTimes shows buff/debuff times (for spells that you cast) on action buttons as a cooldown (in addition to coloring the borders of the buttons). When used with OmniCC, this should show the countdown until a buff/debuff expires as a number on the button.

Dominos_BuffTimes was originally born as modification of Dominos_Buff (found with Dominos). Despite the name, it does not require Dominos to function, nor is it affiliated with Dominos.

What's new

It is now possible to show stacks of a buff/debuff in the bottom left corner of the button. This is a global-only option (not spell specific) and can be enabled in the configuration menu tick box labelled "Show Count".


Default behaviour is outlined below. It is possible to configure the behaviour of certain buffs and debuffs via command-line (using /bufftimes) and interface options (under Interface->Addons->Dominos_BuffTimes).

Focus Macros

Where a button has a macro on it with a name containing " Focus" (that is "Focus" with a space in front of it, like "Banish Focus") the button will show buff/debuff times for the focus target.

Ignore spells

Spells can be configured to not show timers at all (for when seeing the spell cooldown is preferable - border coloring is still used). Default ignored spells are Judgement of Light and Mortal Strike.

Your buffs

By default, buffs will show times regardless of the original caster. Buffs can be configured to only show times if you casted the buff (for HoTs, etc.). Default buffs in this list are Renew.

Any debuffs

By default, debuffs will only show times if you casted the debuff. Debuffs can be configured to show times regardless of the original caster (for Banish, etc.). Default debuffs is this list are Banish, Fear.

Self-only buffs

These buffs will show a timer for buffs on you, regardless of who is targeted. It also overrides the actual cooldown, so for short cooldown abilities, you will see a green border and the time left on the button. When the buff expires, the green border will disappear and the normal cooldown will appear. This is configurable and there are defaults provided.

Spell Translations

This allows you to configure other spells that should trigger the timer on your buttons. For example, a warlock may want to translate "intimidating shout" into their "fear". This would appear in the Translations tab as "Fear -> Intimidating Shout". With this added, you would see the cooldown timer if the target had fear or intimidating shout active.

Override spells

These spells will show the timer if the spell is active even if the spell's cooldown is greater than the time left on the buff/debuff.

Please report any bugs by raising a ticket in CurseForge.

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  • #38
    I've tried to map Missile Barrage to Arcane Missiles and Fireball! (Brain Freeze) to Fireball in a manner similar to the Improved Scorch, Devastate/Sunder, Frost Fever/Icy Touch method, but I've been unsuccessful. Simply adding them causes the spell to have the right border, but not the cooldown. Putting these spells in the self-buffs category removes the border. Is there something else I need to do for this to work properly?
  • #37
    Interface\addons\Dominos_Bufftimes\main.lua:553: attempt to index field 'origcooldown' (a nil value)

    Almost the same as your Guldrick...
  • #36
    [2009/05/15 00:04:48-1217-x144]: Dominos_Bufftimes-v1.1.23\main.lua:516: attempt to index field 'origcooldown' (a nil value)
    (tail call): ?:
    Dominos_Bufftimes-v1.1.23\main.lua:606: in function
    : in function `ActionButton_UpdateState'
    Interface\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:377: in function `ActionButton_OnEvent':

    anyone know why i would get that error im using bartender 4 for my bars?
  • #34
    Works great except for the new Argent Tournament mount action icons. When mounting your action bar switches to 'thrust' 'shield breaker' 'defend' 'heal' and 'duel' (don't know exact names). At random intervals one of the first 3 abilities which are GCD and 2 5 sec CD's respectively display 30 min CD's. Thanks for your hard work, great add-on.
  • #35
    I've been running it for awhile without this issue. Are you sure it's this addon that's causing it? Have you tried disabling it to see if the problem remains?
  • #28
    Great Addon, But I have a question I set it all up on my druid and mage and everything works great except for "Scorch" no matter what I do it will not show me the remaning time left so i know to refresh it any help would be greatly appreciated
  • #29
    Improved Scorch? I'll try to get this fixed, but not having a mage I may not be able to test it properly.
  • #32
    Kathris, or any other mage with the same problem:

    Please download the alpha version here:

    and let me know if this fixes the problem. Cheers.
  • #33
    A while back I hacked the code to do the same kind of thing, and then as now this works to show Imp. Scorch on buttons. I actually feel like there are a lot of possibilities for this addon if one could freely associate certain buffs with certain spells (even if they don't share the same name) or impose certain cooldowns on spells (e.g. hidden cooldowns on trinkets or stuff like Eclipse). But I realize that also complicates things substantially.
  • #27
    BTW, if I didn't mention it, I appreciate the work you have done with Dominos/Bongos, have used them since BC.
  • #30
    Bizarre problem. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

    Also, I didn't do anything with Dominos/Bongos. Pile your praise on Tuller (, he deserves it. :) I only modified part of one of his addons to create this one. The Dominos part of the name was to signify that it originally came from Dominos.
  • #31
    Actually, given your description, I'm not sure there's a problem at all. You do realise that Devastate will show the timer for the debuff (Sunder Armor) don't you? Same with Thunder Clap - it will show the debuff on the target (which should count down from 20 seconds from memory). If you want to show the actual cooldown on Thunder Clap, you'll need to set BuffTimes to ignore it.

    Sorry if this is incorrect, just seems to be what the problem is from what I can see. I've tested on my warrior and it seems to be working correctly.

    Can you clarify this for me?
  • #26
    I noted in a raid today I was getting the wrong cooldowns on abilities (like 20 seconds on Thunderclap) and even cooldowns on abilities that have none (30 seconds for Devastate). I disabled the mod and things worked ok. I have been using OmniCC which appeared to work fine with plain UI or with Dominos sans Buff Timers.

    I noticed it happened part way thru an OS run (on the main boss while I was OT on a drake...). It doesn't exhibit when first logged in on initial fights.

    Other thing noted, the inappropriate timers coincided with adjacent abilities (ie, my Devastate got a 30 second cooldown like Concussive Blow which it was next to; Thunderclap got a 20 second cooldown like Shackwave which is also adjacent). Hope that helps narrow it down.

    This is with the latest version downloaded last night - 1.1.20
  • #17
    It appears that the counter isn't working properly in 3.1 -- the button will list the times for any instance of the spell, including ones that were not cast by you. This makes it pretty impossible to use for DoT-rotations or things like that.
  • #18
    Thanks for letting me know. Haven't had any chance to check it in 3.1 so will get onto it when I can.
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