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  • Project Manager: wT-
  • World of Warcraft
  • 17 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 2,939 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/26/2013
  • Created 06/28/2010
  • 18 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v13

About DoubleClickForTheWin

Double-click certain frames(see below) for context-sensitive actions. Generally double left-click to advance and double right-click to go back.
As an example, take or hand in completed quests just by continuously double-clicking the questgiver frame.

Nothing more, nothing less. No extra libraries, in-game options or other fluff nor bloat, just couple hundred lines of double-clicking goodness.

Frames handled:

Quest and gossip frames

  • Double left-click anywhere to select first available quest(!), (completed) active quest(?), or gossip option.
    • (Disabled for quest reward item buttons, so you won't accidentally select and accept the wrong item)
  • Double-click quest reward to select and accept.
  • Double right-click anywhere to go back or close the frame.

Quest-log and quest-detail frames

  • Double left-click anywhere to share quest.
  • Double right-click anywhere to abandon quest. Double-click again to accept popup.

Loot frame and Need/Greed/Disenchant -buttons

  • Double-click the buttons to select and accept popup.

Tradeskill frame

  • Double-click any of the list items to quickly craft one selected item.

Auctionhouse frame, Browse and Bid tabs

  • Double left-click any of the list items to bid. Double-click again to accept popup.
  • Double right-click any of the list items to buyout. Double-click again to accept popup.

Auctionhouse frame, Auctions tab

  • Double right-click any of the list items to cancel auction. Double-click again to accept popup.

Vehicle-interface, seat indicators

  • Double click the yellow dots on the vehicle-interface that appears under the minimap to kick the player/NPC out.

DoubleClickForTheWin ( Changelog:

- A TOC bump after a quite a while. It seems to still be working fine. I use it all the time.
- More MoP fixes. Completed quests etc should work now, and group loot buttons work again.
- MoP fixes. Loot rolling buttons disabled for now, will fix in next version.
- Very tiny tweak, fixes conflict between DoubleClickForTheWin and PassLoot with "Allow multiple confirm popups" setting enabled.
- Whoopsie, add the changes of v9 to this log >_>
- Remove the old EquipmentManager stuff, the new frames already handle doubleclicking.
- Make the EquipmentManager set buttons double-clickable to equip the selected set.
- Eject vehicle passengers with double left-click.
- Make the loot item buttons in lootframe accept the confirmation popup when double-clicking.
- Proper changelog.
- Make auction window list items double-clickable. Left button for bid, right button for buyout or cancel auction, depending on which tab you're in. Double-click again to confirm popup.
- Cleaned up a bit, more comments and making sure tradeskill stuff works properly.
- Make tradeskill window list items double-clickable for quick crafting.
- Better handling of repeatables. Completed quests should be preferred now.
- Prefer gossip, if there's only unfinished quests and gossip available.
- Also prefer non-hearthstone gossip if available.
- Tweak behavior a bit. Quest item reward buttons no longer accept double-left-clicks, so you won't accidentally select the wrong rewards anymore.
- Right-click still works on them for going back.
- Improve handling of repeatable quests. It will now try to find the first completed quest before considering dailies/repeatables.
- New addon, yay!


  • #6

    I'm really looking forward to a possible update for this.  I got a ton of people in my guild hooked on this addon and now they're all bugging me for updates lol

  • #7

    Hey, I pushed out a new version that hopefully works. I had to disable the loot buttons' support for now, I'll add it back later when I figure out what got changed.

    I hope nothing else is broken *crosses fingers*

  • #4
    Quick question; is there a way to disable specific functions, like the Auction House actions? Problem is, Auctioneer already has a few double-click functions that are similar, but more refined (such as being able to bid or buyout an auction by double-clicking, yet it allows the user to set a pre-defined "maximum price" to avoid accidental clicks).

    I understand that I could just disable these functions in Auctioneer and use DoubleClickForTheWin in the AH instead, but I like being able to double-click an auction to bid/buyout an item without confirmation, up to a certain amount.

    If there is no UI options to disable specific functions, could you let us know which lines to delete/modify in the LUA? Either way, great idea for a simple, useful and intuitive addon!

  • #5
    Hey, sorry for the late answer. It should check if Auctioneer is there, and if it is then it won't load the AH-related stuff, is this not working correctly? Or did you mean that?

    If you want to remove the AH functionality completely, you could search & replace "addon == "Blizzard_AuctionUI"" with "false" (without the outer quotes of course)
  • #1
    I can't wait to use this, I love addons like this that are simple and useful. For now I'm sure I'll be using it with the Raid weeklies, but come Cata, I'm sure I'll be using it a ton while questing between instances.
  • #2
    Works perfectly! As an added bonus, it's great being able to double click to DE BoP items in PuGs. I love this addon.
  • #3
    Glad you like it! :)
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