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  • Updated 12/22/2012
  • Created 11/21/2009
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  • Newest File: DPSTime v3.0.0 Stable r67
Support development! **

About DPSTime

This add-on is designed to help players improve DPS, currently it goes about this in 3 ways.


So far working on Mage (Fire, Frost and Arcane). Warrior Prot and Arms added Shadow Priests added.

Cast Time Improvement

If you look at why people are lagging behind on worldoflogs, it is usually because their not using all time available to DPS. Waiting for the cast bar to finish before starting another cast can be 1 second your not DPSing. Ensuring chain-casting is a bigger upgrade to dps than a higher Tier of gear - think of it as having a permanent free Heroism. Spells can be queued by clicking the next spell early, which will leave 0 gap between casts.

This add-on monitors the time between finishing one cast and starting another, providing this feedback to the user so that they can reduce this lost dps time. It's aim is to help improve this ABC - always be casting. It currently rates the gap as follows, with a summary at the end of combat.

  • 0-100 millisecond gap - Green for Good!
  • 101-250 millisecond gap - Blue for Okayish.
  • 250> millisecond - Red for improvement needed

If you see red, try to queue up your spells quicker.

Timing between casts is on the client, so it's currently a best-effort-guestimate, the code will try to take into account lag to even things out.

Cast Bar Improvement

This is a follow on from 'Cast Time' improvement. The above can inform the player that they need to queue up a cast quicker. This improvement makes the Cast Bar complete quicker (based on the above feedback) to encourage clicking/keypressing earlier. Only works with the Standard Blizzard Cast Bar at the moment.

Cast Rotation Tips

The 'DPSTime' frame gives a visual hint of what the next spell to queue up should be. This is currently working for the following classes:

Mage - Fire, Frost, Arcane Warrior - Protection, Arms

Some of these are still being polished, any suggestions for improvements - please send me an email to [email protected]

[email protected]-------
r63 | tipton | 2012-12-22 08:33:22 +0000 (Sat, 22 Dec 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/DPSTime v3.0.0 Stable r67 (from /trunk:62)

Tagging as DPSTime v3.0.0 Stable r67
r62 | tipton | 2012-12-22 08:30:33 +0000 (Sat, 22 Dec 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/DPSTime.toc
   M /trunk/DPSTime.wowproj
   M /trunk/DPSTime.wowsln
   M /trunk/DPSTime.wowsuo
   M /trunk/core.lua

Update for 5.1


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  • #61

    Ok so it's working great as far as keeping me focused on proper rotation. But for some reason it appears as a giant icon(about an inch and a half) and I can't find the in game settings for it within the interface section of the escape menu. Not sure if this is intended or if it's just my other addons clashing with it. 

  • #63

    It should work now, I had to disable it in the last build due to some issues with 5.1.

    The configuration screen should appear in the with all the other Add-on configs.

  • #58

    Please update, thx

  • #59

    I've started updating for MOP. 

    Please let me know which classes you want me to prioratize.

    Last edited by tipton on 11/17/2012 11:57:43 AM
  • #65

    What spec? I assume Balance.

  • #62

    Would love update for druids!

  • #60

    Hurray! And thank you so much for updating! :) 


    Last edited by Greensexy on 11/29/2012 11:50:02 PM
  • #57

    I really hope someone scoops this up and updates it if it's abandoned. This was easily one of my most favorite addon until it stopped working :(

  • #56

    hey, are you still doing this addon? i really like it, but it would like to see it for all classes. I really find this addon useful and nice. But on my pc, it works for the classes that are not on this list, and it doesnt work for classes on this list. 
    And if you stopped with this, shame. Hopefully someone else can pick it up then.. :) 

  • #55

    Im using the version for 3.3 because Im playing on a priv server, but it doesnt show up ingame. I have the options and everything but its not there graphically. can I solve that somehow?


  • #53

    Hey, I downloaded this addon and extracted it and its not even showing up in game.  I wanted to use it for my mage, but its not even showing up on the addons list in game.


    Apologies if this is merely redundent but am I doing something wrong?

  • #54

    same thing here just download

    DPSTime v2.0.1 Stable r39 Release 4.0.3a 34763 6 Feb 2011
  • #49
    Can you PLZ, make it work for hunters?

    Nonthing fancy, just the time btw available shot and actual shot.
  • #48
    Okey I have a strange question. At the end of the fight there is information about lost dps and total dps time. I want that. Only that. I want to get rid of that icon, I want to get rid of that floating text. Everything beside that info at the end about the total dps time. How can I do it? Please add option to do such thing :)
  • #51
    You can make the chat summary show/not show, but there is currently NO option to hide the button frame or reporting through FCT (workaround is to make it report to blizz error frame).

    I join to lolkiewicz request and I'd add a bit: I opened a ticket for it.

    req: option to hide DPSFrame
    req: option to remove hint icons in DPSFrame (the logic is failing anyway, so it's even more useless)
    req: option to completely stop reporting (through FCT or any other way)
    req: option to set a threshold for minimum duration of the fight to show summary (ie I wouldn't really care if i lost some dps for mobs that die after 5 sec of the start of fight)

    *personally I'd like to see flat blank frame (no hints), showing only numbers, and no reporting through FCT. Of course the summary at the end of combat is priceless (but for boss fights only)

    And above all: Please update :( or abandon it properly so someone else could take over the project.
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