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  • World of Warcraft
  • 39,473 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 897,405 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/26/2014
  • Created 06/22/2008
  • 631 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: DroodFocus v6.0.4a

About DroodFocus

DroodFocus 6.0.0 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU)

I can't let die droodfocus !! Time to update for new extension.
Please report bug or ideas for improvements

If you have trouble to find spells ID. Please take a look at pictures in this projet to get somes help.

Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more...

Fully fonctionnal only for cats for the moment.

If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum.
(By the way, I recommend you to read this forum, still very interresting and informative on our class.)

I created a topic for DroodFocus here :

The addon includes the following (all are individually usable and configurable)

  • A power bar: Energy, rage,mana, runique power or shi
  • Player's healthbar
  • Target's healthbar with Time-to-die option
  • Player's manabar
  • Savage defense bar: status of charges (numbers and timer)
  • Threatbar: Threat % on the target
  • A combo bar: Number of combo points for the cat/rogue, lacerate stacks for the bear, runes for DK and holy power for paladins.
  • Visual effects : Visual effects for proc (like Omen of Clarity). And your critical hits can also leave some traces of blood...
  • Warning System: If a spell fails because you're too far or not behind your target, an icon will alert you (a cross if you're too far, a double arrow if you are in front of the target). Also pulse when you gain buff or/and debuff with the texture of debuff and his name.
  • Cooldown: CD Timeleft is visible on bars and icons for each spell. And popup the icon of the ability whenever it becomes usable again.
  • Buff / Debuff : For each buff / debuff scanned , small icon (and / or status bar) show the remaining time on the debuff, the number of stack, the cooldown, timeleft for next tick for Dot, etc... Buffs/Debuffs are filtered to manage your debuffs and / or all sources. They are also cumulative (like mangle/Trauma). All talents and glyphs are handled.
  • Informations: Displaying real-time stats (Power attack, crit, savage defense absorption, vengeance, etc...)
  • GPS : Shows direction and distance where is located the raid/group member targeted. Only works for players of your raid/group.
  • Cast Bar : Show spell casting/channeling by your actual target.
  • Eclipse Bar : Show eclipse power.
  • Libs: Support of LibDataBroker 1.1 and LibSharedMedia 3.0

    Commands line:

/droodfocus <arg>

Args :

  • 'options' to open configuration panel
  • 'configmode to switch configuration mode
  • 'reset' to reset configuration to default
  • 'buff' or 'debuff' to see a list of actuals buff/debuff with spellID in chat

Version 6.0.4a

* Valeur du texte des CD sur icones plus précis
* Modification du code des fléches sur la barre de puissance (valeur uniquement en pourcent et valeur divisée par 2 si Berzerk actif)
* Modification du calcul de la puissance des dots, ne tient compte que des buffs de classe (rugissement,fureur et Griffes de sang).
* Désactivation de quelques modules pour débugage.
* Utilisation de la nouvelle fonction pour récupérer les points de combo.
* Mise à jour des ID de sorts invalides.
* Ajout des nouvelles ID du rugissement sauvage pour l'affichages du point rouge sur les icones.

* CD text value on icons more accurate
* Change to code of arrow on powerbar (value only in percent and divide per 2 if berzerk active)
* Change to calcul for dot power, use only classe buff (savageroar, tiger fury and bloodtalons).
* Somes modules desactivated for debug.
* Using the new function to retreive combo points.
* Update of invalid spells ID.
* Add new spells ID of savage roar for displays of red dot on the icons.


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  • #1066

    A quick test on Beta suggests that Cat Form when you have Claws of Shirvallah is a different form and not recognized by the cat form settings in DroodFocus (visibility settings and such).

    I'd suggest just adding the Shirvallah form to Cat Form instead of adding a new option.

  • #1067

    Another note from beta. Berserk gives an extra 50 energy (so your max is 150), that means the "energy arrows" need to move to the left, which they don't seem to do. So a energy mark of 40 will point at where 20 would be without the bonus 50 energy, which would be 30 or so as it is.

    Hope that makes sense. :)

  • #1068

    What is the spell ID for the buff when you are in Claws of Shirvallah form ?

    For berzerk, i'll change code to get max energy value instead of a fixed value of 100

    Thx for this beta report :)

  • #1065

    icon style "flashing" is working well,but others not

    spell time alert sound part is working well,but icon and text part is not working


    powerbar arrow is a line in 5.2.3,now it's a ture arrow,how to back to line?

    I set bleeding spell inactive alpha to 0,when the bleeding spell is inactive,3 dot(red,yellow,blue)still in there,how to let them go with the icon alpha ?

    sorry for bad english , thank you very mush...

    Last edited by xonexone on 10/29/2014 6:05:26 AM
  • #1069

    I'll try to decode your message ;)

    and i'll check that !


  • #1064


    I really appriciate that you updated it for WoD :-) So happy with my feral again :-) 

    Best addon ever!!!!

  • #1063

    Will you add an option to track moonfire with our new level 100 talent (or is it already in there somewhere? I haven't found it yet)? Would be cool. Also, when I track bloodtalons right now on live servers the icon proccs from me casting Nature's Vigil.

  • #1060

    Hey buddy thanks again for putting an effort for updating the addon, few things

    I changed the IconID for Savage Roar, but the problem is when I Prowl then Rake which gives me a full duration Savage Roar buff, the Icon does not turn on, I have to use savage roar on 5cp to have the Icon to turn on and another thing that when you shred or rake whille you have incarnation up it automatically refreshes the time on savage Roar with a full duratrion buff but the addon does not know to react to that so it turns the Icon off.

    Another problem that I went through was even with changing the IconId for rake it still does not show neither the Rake debuff on the target nor the Strength of it.

  • #1061

    May be you don't use right ID string

    try this for savage roar : 52610;62071;155836;127540;174544

    and 155722;1822 for rake

    And if it didn't work, try to enter this command line when the buff/debuff is active

    /droodfocus buff


    /droodfocus debuff

    spell will be write in chat with correct spell ID

    Last edited by Meranannon on 10/27/2014 1:26:01 PM
  • #1062

    thanks for the quick reply, yea apparently I was using the wrong string, however; I ran into another problem while I was testing out the addon, with having the 4set bonus you get 3 free cp after the next finishing move that is used after TF but somehow the addon shows 5 cp instead of 3!

    Also when you apply the rake during stealth your rake is already buffed with savage roar, but the small red icon under the beelds icon doesn't turn on and it shows the rake not buffed with Savage Roar ~ the SR buffed icon sometimes doesn't work properly~

    Last edited by Raidsss on 10/27/2014 3:49:56 PM
  • #1057

    I'm so happy this is being updated, I've fallen in love with how seamless and informative it is <3 Thank you! I don't think I could play Feral without it!

  • #1055

    Thank you so much for updating this addon, must have for all druids!

  • #1053

    thanks for the update!
    The gray, small arrows that were on the energy bar to indicate when you could shred, swipe, rip and rake are gone for me since the patch. Anyone found a work-around? Is that to do with the spell id's as well? Never used the spell icons for ID-ing so haven't updated ID's and didn't plan to.

    To be more exact, scroll up to the picture, you can see the small gray arrow there underneath the '13'.

    Last edited by Datura87 on 10/26/2014 10:11:19 AM
  • #1054

    for whatever reason,  signature of the GetSpellInfo() call has changed and don't return mana/focus/energy/etc cost of a spell as before.

    I don't think there's currently an alternate way to get the costs except tooltip scanning, i'm on it for next version

  • #1052

    Version 6.0.4 online.

    Feral druid is now complete. I'll try to add guardian stuff soon as possible.

    If you have trouble to find spells ID. Please take a look at pictures at top of the page to get somes help.

    Last edited by Meranannon on 10/26/2014 9:36:31 AM
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