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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 1,141,135 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/17/2014
  • Created 06/22/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: DroodFocus v6.2.3

About DroodFocus


DroodFocus 6.1.8 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU)

Droodfocus ready for new extension.
Please report bug or ideas for improvements

Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more... for druid feral/guardian

If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum.
(By the way, I recommend you to read this forum, still very interresting and informative on our class.)

I created a topic for DroodFocus here :

The addon includes the following (all are individually usable and configurable)

  • A power bar: Energy, rage,mana, runique power or shi
  • Player's healthbar
  • Target's healthbar with Time-to-die option
  • Player's manabar
  • Savage defense bar: status of charges (numbers and timer)
  • Threatbar: Threat % on the target
  • A combo bar: Number of combo points for the cat/rogue, lacerate stacks for the bear, runes for DK and holy power for paladins.
  • Visual effects : Visual effects for proc (like Omen of Clarity). And your critical hits can also leave some traces of blood...
  • Warning System: If a spell fails because you're too far or not behind your target, an icon will alert you (a cross if you're too far, a double arrow if you are in front of the target). Also pulse when you gain buff or/and debuff with the texture of debuff and his name.
  • Cooldown: CD Timeleft is visible on bars and icons for each spell. And popup the icon of the ability whenever it becomes usable again.
  • Buff / Debuff : For each buff / debuff scanned , small icon (and / or status bar) show the remaining time on the debuff, the number of stack, the cooldown, timeleft for next tick for Dot, etc... Buffs/Debuffs are filtered to manage your debuffs and / or all sources. All talents and glyphs are handled.
  • Informations: Displaying real-time stats (Power attack, crit, etc...)
  • Cast Bar : Show spell casting/channeling by your actual target.

    Commands line:

/droodfocus <arg>

Args :

  • 'options' to open configuration panel
  • 'configmode to switch configuration mode
  • 'reset' to reset configuration to default
  • 'buff' or 'debuff' to see a list of actuals buff/debuff with spellID in chat

Version 6.2.3

* Liste des sorts prédéfinies classée par nom.
* Les configurations sauvées sont automatiquement mise à jour à la fermeture de la fenêtre d'options.

* Predefined spell list sorted by name.
* Saved config are automaticaly updated when options panel closed.


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  • #475
    Thanks for powerfull addon mate.
    I uploaded a miny video how i am using droodfocus:
    It can be an example to people i think :P
  • #478
    same as above, i'm including your link in my faq ;)
  • #472
    Hey there!
    I'm curious how can I trace Nature's Grace buff and its 1 min cooldown?
    1st of all, this talent buff has 3 ranks. Each rank has its own spell id. Having 3rd rank, i can't trace it. I've tried spell ids of 1st and 2nd ranks as well, but nothing.
    Could you help me, please.
  • #482
    Talent rank and buff don't necessary have the same spellID.
    I suggest you to use the command line "/df buff" when you have the buff on you to obtain the ID in the chat window.
  • #484
    Your advice has helped, tnx.
  • #473
    Got 1 more questing: for some reason I can't trace enemy's buff.
    1stly I'm interested in some cds like cloak of shadows or deterrance...
    I've added correct spell id, set it as target's buff but nothing happens when enemy uses it.
    Did I do something wrong? Or how do I do it correctly?
  • #483
    I'll check that.
  • #469
    La version française n'est pas correctement détectée dans la version 4.2.7.
    Une nouvelle version (4.2.7b) est en ligne et devrait être disponible dès approbation de Curse.

    Si vous le souhaitez (et si vous savez ce que vous faites ^^), vous pouvez modifier le fichier "DroodFocus_localization.lua" et modifier la ligne :

    if (GetLocale() == "frFRz") then


    if (GetLocale() == "frFR") then

    (le z minuscule est de trop)
  • #468
    Oops,my bad,it does work,I'm just not thinking.
  • #467
    Your combo points dont work.
  • #466
    can you make a feature to make combo points change color according to how many points there are? it would be a lot easier to tell what your points are.

    also is there a way to make the blizz spell alerts such as clearcast appear over the powerbar/health bar etc? I like to place them to the sides of my character and they jsut happen to cover up the effect, I know I can use the addon itself to make an alert but I like the blizzard's in game one.
  • #471
    Actually you can, using the LUA code.

    Open the list of spells and create a new entry: type "Custom", remove icons (in "Create icon for this spell" list) we do not want icon.

    In custom text, enter "Combopoint color" or whatever you want, is just for the name shown is the list.

    Now click on "Config - LUA Code" and paste this code:

    --cut here
    c = GetComboPoints(UnitHasVehicleUI("player") and "vehicle" or "player", "target")
    for i = 1,5 do
    if i
    --cut here

    test it and if there is no error, validate it.

    This code colors inactive combo points in gray, and active combo points in yellow gradient.

    NB: Be carreful if you modify this code, you can generate LUA error if you don't know want you do. In this case, simply clear the code and re validate it to stop error.
  • #465
    Thanks Meranannon for adding the CD list. The Mangle issue I mentioned previously appears to just be a bug because it worked when I restarted WoW and now with the ability to modify the CD list the addon is perfect, Great Job!
  • #464
    First, I love this addon, thanks for the hard work.

    Second, is there any way to lower the CPU usage? Even while scanning the AH with Auctioneer (which is a CPU hog), DroodFocus is using MORE CPU. Said differently, even with DroodFocus is not visible because I am not in combat, it is consuming large amounts of CPU. Can anything be done to reduce this?

    Thanks again for the great addon.
  • #470
    DroodFocus makes heavy use of graphics and animations.

    But what matters is not the total time usage of CPU, but the time between each cycle (which is very reasonable in DF)

    But as the addon runs at each cycle (for animations), the total time is high.

    I can assure you it will not "lag" your interface (at least if you do not have an extremely old PC ^^)
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