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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 1,294,184 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/05/2015
  • Created 06/22/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: DroodFocus v6.2.6

About DroodFocus


DroodFocus 6.1.8 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU)

Droodfocus ready for new extension.
Please report bug or ideas for improvements

Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more... for druid feral/guardian

If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum.
(By the way, I recommend you to read this forum, still very interresting and informative on our class.)

I created a topic for DroodFocus here :

The addon includes the following (all are individually usable and configurable)

  • A power bar: Energy, rage,mana, runique power or shi
  • Player's healthbar
  • Target's healthbar with Time-to-die option
  • Player's manabar
  • Savage defense bar: status of charges (numbers and timer)
  • Threatbar: Threat % on the target
  • A combo bar: Number of combo points for the cat/rogue, lacerate stacks for the bear, runes for DK and holy power for paladins.
  • Visual effects : Visual effects for proc (like Omen of Clarity). And your critical hits can also leave some traces of blood...
  • Warning System: If a spell fails because you're too far or not behind your target, an icon will alert you (a cross if you're too far, a double arrow if you are in front of the target). Also pulse when you gain buff or/and debuff with the texture of debuff and his name.
  • Cooldown: CD Timeleft is visible on bars and icons for each spell. And popup the icon of the ability whenever it becomes usable again.
  • Buff / Debuff : For each buff / debuff scanned , small icon (and / or status bar) show the remaining time on the debuff, the number of stack, the cooldown, timeleft for next tick for Dot, etc... Buffs/Debuffs are filtered to manage your debuffs and / or all sources. All talents and glyphs are handled.
  • Informations: Displaying real-time stats (Power attack, crit, etc...)
  • Cast Bar : Show spell casting/channeling by your actual target.

    Commands line:

/droodfocus <arg>

Args :

  • 'options' to open configuration panel
  • 'configmode to switch configuration mode
  • 'reset' to reset configuration to default
  • 'buff' or 'debuff' to see a list of actuals buff/debuff with spellID in chat

Version 6.2.6

* Mise à jour 6.2.

* 6.2 update.


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  • #527
    Just switched to this from BadKitty...very nice addon.

    There are two things I would absolutely love to be able to configure on the iconbars:

    - I'd love to be able to make the icon invisible until a configurable amount of time is left. I find that having the icons become visible when I'm approaching refresh time helps to draw my attention to the ability that needs refreshed.

    - I'd love to be able to configure the amount of time remaining before the icon begins to flash. For example, I want Rip to start flashing at 6 seconds, but rake can stay at 4. I also added the 4pc t11 buff to the icon bar, and that's another one I'd like more advanced notice of (so that I can work a mangle into the rotation where convenient).

    All in all, great mod!
  • #526
    Hey, today I've decided to finish adjusting this addon into my interface, but sadly I've noticed that some of the visual effectt are gone (the duration wheels for tiger's fury and berserk, the blood in the water effect, and so on)
    What causes this? Is this user-side fixable, need to be patched or it can't be fixed?
  • #524
    Best feral addon. Using it for a long time.

    But lately i noticed there seems to be an around a second delay on all the timers on buffs and debuffs compared to the real timing they should have (u can check that comparing timings on other addons or the default wow buff timings). Really sux when u try to refresh a dot the last second of a buff like Tiger's Fury etc.

    Any thoughts on how to fix that.
  • #525

    The others addons shows the value 0 when the remaining time is less than 1 second (as the basic interface).

    Droodfocus displays the value 1 and the icon disappears at 0, makes more sense to me because for exemple when the timer is 0.8 second is closer to one second than 0.

    If you want to convaince you, use the option "display decimal", you will see 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, ect ... rather than 1 when the remaining time is less 1 second)

    But in all cases, the debuff disappears at the same time as the basic interface or all others addons. no delay.
  • #523
    Hello, first off thanks for your uber-fantastic work. After trying out alot of different addons I've thrown down them all off my drive as it seems DroodFocus is most complete and has everything I need + is very well customizable.

    I've got two questions.

    How could I do it that the cooldown of "swiftmend" is shown in the cooldown-pulse?
    I've created it in the "sepll list" using the spell-id number from, but I'm not able to select the created spell in the drop-down menu of the cooldown-pulse.

    Then, would it be able for you to increase the duration of the shown cooldown? Like now it is a maximum of 15s. IMO that is sufficient on spells that you constantly use, but some greater cooldown (you only want to use very situational) might be forgotten, as for instance Berserk or Survival Instincts.
    So would it be possible to maybe have a checkbox somewhere so that these cooldowns are always shown once they are available?

    Thanks for your time Meranannon + much rep
  • #520
    Cheers, i have just played feral for a few days and played wow for 2.5 years overall.
    And i have to admit that this is the best addon i've ever tried (belive me i've tried hundreds).
    Looks awesome, works awesome aswell and got everything you will ever need, alot of settings and easy to understand.

    If there is something i should say for improvement is the icons with the puma, water, shiny thing... An explanation for those would be great for new users.
  • #521
    one of the best addon's i have tried too.
    cheers , i just love it !

    p.s. is there a seld casting bar too? havn't seen it as i wanted to disable quartz ...
  • #534
    oops seld=self
    is there a self casting bar?
  • #519
    How to remove the unnecessary "Saved config" ?

    Please add in "DroodFocus_infos.lua" Melee DPS
  • #518
    Stampede seems to not work for me, I accidentally deleted the first stampede timer, now everytime I enter the spell ID (78893) it will say stampede, but it will not keep track of the Buff or initiate the FX
  • #517
    the special fx boxes are confusing it doesnt show which spell is being tracked for the FX... any guide or something to figure it out ?
  • #516
    Any chance to add Blood Shield for DK tank into infos?
  • #515
    Hello, I was just wondering, if you could implement an health bar for the combat pet's. That would be highly appreciated. Thank you. Anthony.
  • #514
    Is there a way to change rip icon with FB icon after targets HP is below %25 ?
  • #512
    Druid 4 set i am having problems getting the pather buff on the icon bar but i can get the spell FX are you planing to just add it? If not anyone know how i cann get it on there?
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