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  • World of Warcraft
  • 39,538 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 897,469 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/26/2014
  • Created 06/22/2008
  • 631 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: DroodFocus v6.0.4a

About DroodFocus

DroodFocus 6.0.0 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU)

I can't let die droodfocus !! Time to update for new extension.
Please report bug or ideas for improvements

If you have trouble to find spells ID. Please take a look at pictures in this projet to get somes help.

Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more...

Fully fonctionnal only for cats for the moment.

If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum.
(By the way, I recommend you to read this forum, still very interresting and informative on our class.)

I created a topic for DroodFocus here :

The addon includes the following (all are individually usable and configurable)

  • A power bar: Energy, rage,mana, runique power or shi
  • Player's healthbar
  • Target's healthbar with Time-to-die option
  • Player's manabar
  • Savage defense bar: status of charges (numbers and timer)
  • Threatbar: Threat % on the target
  • A combo bar: Number of combo points for the cat/rogue, lacerate stacks for the bear, runes for DK and holy power for paladins.
  • Visual effects : Visual effects for proc (like Omen of Clarity). And your critical hits can also leave some traces of blood...
  • Warning System: If a spell fails because you're too far or not behind your target, an icon will alert you (a cross if you're too far, a double arrow if you are in front of the target). Also pulse when you gain buff or/and debuff with the texture of debuff and his name.
  • Cooldown: CD Timeleft is visible on bars and icons for each spell. And popup the icon of the ability whenever it becomes usable again.
  • Buff / Debuff : For each buff / debuff scanned , small icon (and / or status bar) show the remaining time on the debuff, the number of stack, the cooldown, timeleft for next tick for Dot, etc... Buffs/Debuffs are filtered to manage your debuffs and / or all sources. They are also cumulative (like mangle/Trauma). All talents and glyphs are handled.
  • Informations: Displaying real-time stats (Power attack, crit, savage defense absorption, vengeance, etc...)
  • GPS : Shows direction and distance where is located the raid/group member targeted. Only works for players of your raid/group.
  • Cast Bar : Show spell casting/channeling by your actual target.
  • Eclipse Bar : Show eclipse power.
  • Libs: Support of LibDataBroker 1.1 and LibSharedMedia 3.0

    Commands line:

/droodfocus <arg>

Args :

  • 'options' to open configuration panel
  • 'configmode to switch configuration mode
  • 'reset' to reset configuration to default
  • 'buff' or 'debuff' to see a list of actuals buff/debuff with spellID in chat

Version 6.0.4a

* Valeur du texte des CD sur icones plus précis
* Modification du code des fléches sur la barre de puissance (valeur uniquement en pourcent et valeur divisée par 2 si Berzerk actif)
* Modification du calcul de la puissance des dots, ne tient compte que des buffs de classe (rugissement,fureur et Griffes de sang).
* Désactivation de quelques modules pour débugage.
* Utilisation de la nouvelle fonction pour récupérer les points de combo.
* Mise à jour des ID de sorts invalides.
* Ajout des nouvelles ID du rugissement sauvage pour l'affichages du point rouge sur les icones.

* CD text value on icons more accurate
* Change to code of arrow on powerbar (value only in percent and divide per 2 if berzerk active)
* Change to calcul for dot power, use only classe buff (savageroar, tiger fury and bloodtalons).
* Somes modules desactivated for debug.
* Using the new function to retreive combo points.
* Update of invalid spells ID.
* Add new spells ID of savage roar for displays of red dot on the icons.


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  • #372
    before 4.1.2, to detect buffs, the name and ID were used. Now only the ID is used. Because like the spells "pulverize" and the buff applied have the same name, it caused problems.

    From what you say, I think you made a typo because Pulverize's buff ID is 80951 not 80915.
  • #370
    Just got this set up, looks good :)

    Two questions though... I used to use Combo Points Redux but changed to this because of the energy bar, and one thing that was great about CPR was that when I had 5 combo points the icons would all change colour, making it really easy to see when they were maxed. Does Drood have this? I couldn't find the option. If not, I suggest it ;)

    Other question is about the blood splatters, it seems they should only appear after my crits but they pop up slowly all the time, even wandering around cities. Bugged? I turned it off cos it gets kinda annoying when not in combat.
  • #374
    No option to change combo points colors for the moment.
    Blood splatters seem to work for me. I made somes adjustements in the future 4.1.3.
  • #367
    stupid question, I know, but... is this working for boomchickens?
  • #368
    It's working for any classes.
    But with major changes in the patch, setup for "balance" is out of date.
    I prefer to concentrate on the "feral" part and the bug fix for the moment.

    configuration for "balance" will come after. But you can make a perfect setup for yourself if you take a little time (I understand that there may be a little lost in the settings)
  • #365
    With the newest build, when you cast feral charge in bear, the CD icon that pops up when the cool down is over shows both the cat and bear CDs. Its the same for skull bash. I couldn't find a place to fix it, because they don't have entries into the spell list. Anyway, its likely something I'm missing, which setting do I change to fix this?
  • #366
    It's 2 separate spells but they share the same cooldown. Popup is normal.
    But i plan to add a filter to this module to choose CD. Actually all spells are used.
  • #362
    Hello 1st of all its amazing addon :P i would rather not play feral than play without this addon :P

    I got a little glitch, i have set it to track spell id 80313 for pulverize in bear, it worked fine till the last update but now its broken.

    Hope this will help
  • #363
    There is a bug in 4.1.1. if you add new spell or change value for internalCD
    It's fixed in 4.1.2 coming soon just after approbation from curse.

    Tell me if buff still broken in 4.1.2 plz
  • #364
    And pulverize have 2 ID

    the spell : 80313
    and the buff when you use it : 80951

    Use 80951 instead of 80313
  • #369
    It seems to work fine now, btw is there a chance for pulverize to show 1 2 3 depending on how much crit you currently gain sort of like shred rip combo
  • #373
    Not not really.
    There is no stack information on the buff.
    It would require special coding. Maybe later.
  • #358
    THX for update addon :)
  • #357
    hunters hyena pet has a 30% bleed debuff that removes mangle debuff and the addon doesnt track it, i added its spell ID (50271) to mangles spell ID's, but it still didnt seem to track it. The boar also has a 30% bleed debuff.
  • #359
    I had add this id in new version (on line in few hours)
    I'm currently testing to check if spellID are correct
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