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  • World of Warcraft
  • 130,677 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 998,040 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/22/2014
  • Created 06/22/2008
  • 641 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: DroodFocus v6.1.3a

About DroodFocus

DroodFocus 6.0.6 - Merannanon, Insane (Vol'jin - EU)

Droodfocus ready for new extension.
Please report bug or ideas for improvements

Buffs / Debuffs tracker, energy monitor, combo points, and more... for druid feral/guardian

If you have a question or idea to improve DroodFocus, you can post it on the "FluidDruid" forum.
(By the way, I recommend you to read this forum, still very interresting and informative on our class.)

I created a topic for DroodFocus here :

The addon includes the following (all are individually usable and configurable)

  • A power bar: Energy, rage,mana, runique power or shi
  • Player's healthbar
  • Target's healthbar with Time-to-die option
  • Player's manabar
  • Savage defense bar: status of charges (numbers and timer)
  • Threatbar: Threat % on the target
  • A combo bar: Number of combo points for the cat/rogue, lacerate stacks for the bear, runes for DK and holy power for paladins.
  • Visual effects : Visual effects for proc (like Omen of Clarity). And your critical hits can also leave some traces of blood...
  • Warning System: If a spell fails because you're too far or not behind your target, an icon will alert you (a cross if you're too far, a double arrow if you are in front of the target). Also pulse when you gain buff or/and debuff with the texture of debuff and his name.
  • Cooldown: CD Timeleft is visible on bars and icons for each spell. And popup the icon of the ability whenever it becomes usable again.
  • Buff / Debuff : For each buff / debuff scanned , small icon (and / or status bar) show the remaining time on the debuff, the number of stack, the cooldown, timeleft for next tick for Dot, etc... Buffs/Debuffs are filtered to manage your debuffs and / or all sources. All talents and glyphs are handled.
  • Informations: Displaying real-time stats (Power attack, crit, etc...)
  • Cast Bar : Show spell casting/channeling by your actual target.

    Commands line:

/droodfocus <arg>

Args :

  • 'options' to open configuration panel
  • 'configmode to switch configuration mode
  • 'reset' to reset configuration to default
  • 'buff' or 'debuff' to see a list of actuals buff/debuff with spellID in chat

Version 6.1.3a

* Module "infos" mis à jour.
* Les configurations attribuées aux spé primaire et secondaire (dans le panneau "visibilité") sont correctements chargées a la connexion et au changement de spé.

* "infos" module updated.
* Configurations assigned to primary and secondary spec (in "visibility" panel) are correctly charged at connection and when switching spec.


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  • #403
    Yes, but it's a bug from the game not DF.

    if you look closely, each shred increases by 3 seconds the rip (not 2) but only on the client side, on the server side, it's 2 seconds. Therefore the debuff disappears before the timer is complete on client side (the debuff being done on the server side)

    There is nothing we can do
  • #400
    hey, it seems i cant get moonfire / insect swarm working while in anything but cat and bear form

    i am using 8921 ID for moonfire and when i set it to cat form, it shows alright, but in moonkin it doesnt show anything
  • #401
    I'll check that.
  • #404
    well i found what the problem was, sorry for the trouble :P
  • #405
    I am happy to see you found the solution to your problem but could you share it with the rest of the community? It could possibly keep someone else(read: myself) from posting about the same issue in the future. Namely myself!!! ;-)
  • #406
    Probably because spell correctly setup to be visible in moonkin form but the whole addon is setup to not be visible in moonkin form or inverse.
  • #418
    exactly what was my problem :P
  • #399
    Can you update spell list if possible m8?
    like: Demoralizing Roar spell id: 99 ok but 1160,50256 etc doing same "Reduces the physical damage caused by all enemies within 10 yards by 10% for 30 sec."

    Cheers. Thanks for working on this addon
  • #397
    Is there no way to just move all elements (The whole addon), but only in bits? I would love some kind of easymove feature like bartender has or w/e :) Or did I just miss it..
  • #398
    click "Enter configmode" or left click minimap icon).
    In this mode, you can move all objects using the big blue arrow.
    You can also move différents docks with the littles blues arrows.
    And you can move objects in each dock (like powerbar, combo points, ooc proc).
  • #395
    well, ver 4.1.6 didnt work at all! The game wont load this addon at all.
  • #396
    Please try 4.1.7
    4.1.6 is bug for certains setup
  • #394
    Another day, another bug ^^

    Version 4.1.7 will be available in few minutes.
    Normally there is no more bug reported.

    thx for your patience ;)
  • #392
    Seems I can't get the timer bars to show up in humanoid mode. For example I can use Barkskin or Thorns and it will show a timer bar perfectly if I am in Cat, Bear or Travel form but if I am in Humanoid form it wont show. Didn't know if this was a bug or if I was missing something played with it for hours. Also timer bars wont register Tree of Life form as well. Any input would be much appreciated. Love it for feral just trying to make it work for human form.
  • #393
    There are two possible things:
    - The spell is not configured to be displayed in humanoid form (in this case it is necessary to modify the list of spells and check the appropriate box)
    - Or all DroodFocus is not displayed in humanoid form (in this case, look in the module "visibility" and check the appropriate box)

    For "tree of life" bar, what spellid did you use?

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