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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 02/19/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v3.6.4
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About DropTheCheapestThing

Click a LDB plugin to drop the cheapest thing in your bags. (The cheapest grey item, by default...)

Also adds a "sell all" button to the merchant frame.

Yes, this is just like FuBar/Broker_GarbageFu. It has all the crap I didn't use stripped out, though. So it's 90kb with libs, instead of GarbageFu's 300kb. I'm such a size queen.

(I was just going to fix an issue I was having with GarbageFu, and was horrified by the code. So I wrote this.)

tag v3.6.4
David Lynch <>
2013-09-10 11:30:06 -0500

Tagging v3.6.4


David Lynch:
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  • #35

    Does this addon have the ability to auto drop the cheapest item when trying to pick up other items?

    I love that the minimap icon shows me a list of what I have and what's the cheapest item to be dropped. I also love that I can choose to immediately drop it from my bag at any time as well, but it can be a tad annoying when I am running around trying to get things done and I have to stop to drop something when I get the "bags are full" message. Even if the icon at my minimap makes it easier and faster to determine what that item is.

  • #34

    For those wanting to update this for the merchant frame, I made the following modification: In the file button.lua, change line 47 (or whatever line looks closest to this already) to

    button:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", MerchantFrame, "TOPLEFT", 75, -25)

    That should move the 'sell' icon to a better location.

  • #33

    Is it possible to update this addon? It works fine and I love it a lot; you need only to move the icon in a merchant frame (now it overlays with new blizzard filter).

  • #32

    Update please your very usefull addon!

  • #31
    Delay on opening inventory

    I've been using the addon for a few months, I think is a great addond. But since a few weeks, I'am not sure if related to latest patch, I've realized that when I open the bag or bank windows it take four or five seconds. Deactivating this addon anything works fine.

    I don't know if is something related to another addon, I've tried unistalling more addons, but the only one that gave me that problem was DropTheCheapestThing.

    Any idea how to handle this?

    Except for that problem, a great tool!!

  • #30


    Your Addon ist very great so far! I like it very much.

    For my farming needs i would like to ask you for some improvements like:

    Water: [  ] always sell   [  ] only keep highest
    Food:  [  ] always sell   [  ] only keep highest
    Healpotions: [  ] always sell   [  ] only keep highest
    Manapotions: [  ] always sell   [  ] only keep highest

    [  ] sell BoP-Items not in Equipmentmanager sets
    [  ] sell currencies (or badges for factions)

    Kind Regards,

  • #29

    when did this include the the sell low level items?  that was a suprise

  • #28
    Thank you! I love your addon.
  • #23
    any update planned for 3.3?
  • #25
    Looks like 3.5.2 STILL has the same error with Autosell. Guess I will continue to use 3.5 util this probelm is fixed. Does teh author even look here to see coments? Why woudl he put oput a fix and not address teh most common problem folks are having. GREAT add on though. Love it!
  • #24
    Yeah. And I still get the error with the AutoSell-Feature. Beside this, I am totally in love with this addon!
  • #20
    It looks like the drop price evaluator considers items currently in the inventory when ordering the items for deletion. It would be nice to have an option that would order the list based upon max value of a stack. For example say I'm out fishing and I have a low level dagger and 2 fish. the 2 fish are cheaper, but If I kept fishing the whole stack would be worth more than the dagger.
  • #18
    and a big whish now: please add the possibility to autosell the not usable soulbound item
  • #16
    I have my addon set to auto-sell, but as of the latest version, every time I go to a merchant, I get a "Can't sell items while not at a merchant. Aborting" error.
  • #21
    SAme her with verson 3.5.1. Cannot Autosell anymore. Something was broke when the new version was released. Thanks.
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