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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 12/07/2010
  • Created 12/28/2009
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  • License: owner-distribution-reserved
  • Newest File: v0.8-release

About DungeonSpeedRunner

Dungeon Speed Runner

An Addon that tracks the average running time for Random PuG instances groups setup using the LFD tool. "A simple addon for a simple thing"


  • Announce to just about anywhere from chat frame to guild to custom channel ect.
  • Option to "Brag" about run times to just about any channel.
  • Slightly customizable announce message. (Average & Current Runtimes, Total Count)
  • LDB Tooltip to show historical run times as well as how many times you've completed them.
    • Clicking on the LDB plugin announces the current run time for the instance.
    • Shift Click announces the average run time for that instance.
    • Alt click resets the current running time.

Ticket Tracker or post here. Official Thread

Translators can contribute Localizations here <--

Tooltip Example

Known Issues

  • Chain running instances with out Zoning out or changing groups could cause tracking problems.
  • Joining an instance in progress skews the numbers a bit.

tag v0.8-release
OrionShock <>
2010-12-07 14:54:29 -0700

Accumulitive update


    - toc bump
    - left click to announce current instance regardless of run time
    - add some debug for kicks
    - add check for when LFG Completion fires w/o proper start
    - don't force load the blizzard debug tools anymore
    - add options for verbose output
    - rearange options to show general, brag, purge, sink
    - clean up localizations, remove duplicate phrases that have different punctuation
    - fix nil check on a match() call
    - implement a proper UserFacing print method & functions
    - fix for adding current run time in
    - fix shift clicking on LDB feed to announce std options
    - fix SecToTimeSpecial to be more uniform, use 4digit timestamp for less than an hour/min
    - utilize label and value in LDB, text is everything as a fall back.
    - fix char/overall announce not being respected when the end of a run completes.
    - use HH:MM & srink down the verbage to 1 line instead of 1 for each option selected.
    - move blocks around fix nosavereset to not fubar event registring if clicked outside of a run
    - only start timer when there is a full group. alt - right click to clear run and not save
    - clean up file
    - add methods to manually start and end a run timer
    - fix opt deps for no-libs
    - more info on debug
    - more logic fixes,  more like conveluted methods to make it act right
    - add some info to locale file
    - fix logic to act as intended with announcing
    - comment out hard debug
    - Account -> Overall, fix output for only options and general announce
    - add global time tracking. add options for it, add options for overall and specifics. Current Runtime is always applied to output if it's available.
    - prevent empty string output
    - add defaults for best time run, disabled by default. disable total runs by default in announce.
    - fix typo
    - add in Best Instance run time.
    - aparently the specific key localizations don't work with , handle-unlocalized="english" as an option
    - fix various localization methods
    - add localization methods to ToC
    - consolidate L["Current Runtime:"] ->  L["Current Runtime: %s"] fix locale spelling
    - make locale file more generic
    - fix another bug with shiftclick in LDB OnClick
    - fix localizations
    - fix on update to only really update every second
    - add short name for ldb object
    - add onUpdate to show current instance runtime in LDB Object.text
    - fix oddity if you have nothing selected to announce.
    - add more debug in. fix LDB On click, yet again. add current instance run time to brag()
    - add announce options & revamp the Announce() call
    - remove currentInstance/lastInstance locals as they are no longer needed b/c of the brag() options
    - fix level name in other spot. self->addon in LDB-OnClick. typo in announce()
    - use (Heroic) in instance name instead of "5 Player (Heroic)"
    - make brag() work
    - refactor announce methods to 1 function. Change purge around to also serve Brag()
    - add in purge option
    - sort ldb tooltip. add SecondsToTimeScrub to remove |4 useage from SecToTime(), change output message to be more informative
    - add libsink / remove libdbicon
    - include libsink, remove libdbicon as it will not be used
    - add LibSink-2.0 to mix n'd make it work
    - add in basics for options table
    - remove comments
    - fix another typo
    - UnRegister -> Unregister
    - fix end of run ghosting
    - fix LDB onClick to work properly now
    - fix onclick handler
    - cache the last party we where in and use that in ldb on click, remove chat frame spam, only use tekDebug
    - start sending stuff to party chat annoyingly
    - fix ldb to work as hint sugests
    - remove test db entries. add current instance run to LDB tooltip fix typo's from removing UII
    - change localizations to perminant debug mode until web app is used
    - remove use of UpdateInstanceInfo, it has a problem firing under certain conditions.
    - add localizations file
    - add localizations
    - flesh out LDB object to show a simple listing of what's in the db. will change later to only show best 5?
    - add LibDBIcon, will eventually use
    - add bones for LDB
    - Inital Import


  • #14

    is this working for solo runs as well

  • #13

    Hi. Will this be getting updated for 4.3? It worked for all the cataclysm dungeons but for some reason not the new ones.

  • #12
    The LDB icon doesn't work at all in Titan or other LDB display addon's ive tried. You might want to try achievement_bg_captureflag_wsg from


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #11
    another suggestion:

    add rep gain to calculations so you can quickly calculate your repgain per hour, in each dungeon? :)
  • #10
    *Best time
    *Char / Overall run time tracking (inc best time)
    *where to post (via LibSink)
    *Options of what to post

    --All above has been added as of v0.7-beta
  • #9
    Any chance you could make it so that it also tracks the best speed record of an instance? So you have something to try to beat :)
  • #6
    Can you make this addon being able to share times through all chars automaticly by default?
    For example i do a run on one alt and on another merges them.

    Also is this addon fubar compatible? or is it only titan bar?
  • #8
    ""Can you make this addon being able to share times through all chars automatically by default? ""

    Added in latest alpha, check wowace for it
  • #7
    It is an LDB feed. So if your using Fubar, you'll need Broker2Fubar
  • #4
    I like using this, but there are a few things that I miss:
    - Could you make the average run times count all runs on all characters, or maybe let the user choose?
    - Could you make the info posted to party chat say how many runs the average is based on?
  • #5
    ""Could you make the average run times count all runs on all characters, or maybe let the user choose?""

    ""Could you make the info posted to party chat say how many runs the average is based on?""
    --Will be adding these options soon

    ""Is there anyway to disable the party spam at the end of a run, I'd prefer it to just keep track silently.""
    --v0.2-beta has the option to send it just to chat frame (Using LibSink2)

  • #3
    Is there anyway to disable the party spam at the end of a run, I'd prefer it to just keep track silently.
  • #2
    He mentions its an LDB plugin so you'd need a display mod like bazooka or fortress to see the tooltip.
  • #1
    Can't find the tooltip, announces the finish time of instansen in party tho, very nice
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