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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 647,940 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/01/2014
  • Created 10/18/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.6
Support development! **

About EasyMail from Cosmos

Cosmos died. But life is not over! This is the bona-fide update to the original Cosmos version. Accept no substitutes!

*** CHANGED IN 3.4 ***

- New graphical buttons replace the old text buttons at the top of the inbox. There are two buttons for checking and unchecking all mails, two for checking and unchecking the current page, and one for getting all attachments for all checked mails. Hopefully these buttons are less clunky than the old buttons which required clumsy toggling. If the button graphics aren't clear enough, the tooltips will explain.


- The Mark Page button now toggles to Clear Page to allow the user to clear the current page's checkboxes. (suggested by Tonyleila)

- The Get Marked button is now enabled only when at least one mail has been checked.

- An "Add Name" entry has been added to the mail addressee pulldown menu. Selecting this entry brings up a dialog that lets the user manually enter a character name to add to the EasyMail addressee list. This will be useful for adding alt names and names from other accounts without having to send them mail or add them to the friends list. A name cannot be added if it already exists on the list. Also, names are not verified. Invalid character names will be allowed and the mail system will deal with it by giving the user filthy error messages. (suggested by s-conley)

- The inbox can now be paged through using the mouse wheel. Roll up to go up, down to go down. Get it? (suggested by oldmanwam)

- The player's inventory bags will now open when the Send Mail tab is clicked on the mail frame. This is useful for times when the bags have been closed while in the inbox but should be opened again when the user wants to send another mail. (suggested by Wiseman1)

Modifications to the World of Warcraft mail frame.

- For each character, remembers the last addressee to whom mail was sent and defaults that name into the addressee field when a new blank mail is displayed.

- Remembers a user-configurable number of recently-mailed addressees by realm, and allows the player to select from the list to fill in the addressee field by clicking on a drop-down button displayed to the right of the addressee field. If the list is at maximum length, the addressee least recently mailed is removed to add a new addressee. Right-clicking a name in the drop-down list prompts the user to delete that name from the addressee list. The user can manually add a name to the addressee list by clicking the "Add Name" option in the drop-down list. Names added manually are not verified in any way.

- A check box in the options window allows the player to use Blizzard's standard auto-complete functionality. Clearing this check box causes the addressee field to use EasyMail's custom auto-complete functionality.

- Names from the player's friends list and members of the player's guild can be displayed in the addressee drop-down list by setting the appropriate options.

- Automatically fills in the mail subject line if it is empty when entering money to send.

- A Take All button is added to the Open Mail window that allows the player to move all the item and money attachments for the open mail into the player's bags with a single click. This button is disabled on COD mails until the user clicks one item and confirms the COD. The button will not take existing mail text as an attachment. The Take All process will time out if it is unable to take an attachment for 8 seconds.  Closing the mail window will also cancel the process.

- Checkboxes added to the mail inbox allow the user to select mails for attachment retreival. Four graphical buttons added at the top of the inbox allow the user to either mark or clear all mails or mark or clear the mails on the current page. A fifth button starts the get attachments process. COD mails will be ignored until the COD is confirmed manually for each mail by the user. To cancel the attachment retrieval process, close the mailbox.

- Right-click attachment retrieval and mail deletion from the inbox can be enabled using addon options. Right-clicking a mail item with attachments in the inbox will cause the take all process to attempt to retrieve all attachments from the mail. If the mail has text but no attachments, right-clicking will delete the mail. If the mail has both attachments and text, right-clicking will cause the take all to retrieve the attachments. Then, right-clicking again will delete the mail. The right-click does not affect COD mails until after the user chooses to accept the COD manually. The user can opt to disable the deletion prompt for mails marked as read. EasyMail will always prompt on the deletion of unread mails.

- With the proper configuration options set, EasyMail will display mail text in the inbox item tooltip. WARNING: Mails will be immediately marked as read once the tooltip has been displayed. Due to Blizzard's API design, mail text may take a few seconds to appear in the tooltip.

- A Forward button is added to the open mail window. Clicking this button opens a new mail with "FW:" + <subject> copied into the subject line and the text of the open mail body copied into the new mail body. IMPORTANT NOTE: Blizzard's mail system design complicates the automatic forwarding of mail attachments. Therefore, attachments cannot be forwarded using this button at this time. Only the text of the open mail will be copied into the new mail. Attachments must still be moved to the new mail manually. However, this new forwarding functionality makes the process a bit less cumbersome, since the new mail will be visible while you are still viewing the mail with attachments.

- The user is now able to page through the inbox using the mouse wheel.

- Configuration options allow the user to output money amounts being retrieved to the chat window for easy post-process review.

See the Readme.txt for configuration information.

* 3.6
- Fixed problem with getting text from mail sender
- Fixed guild listing so that only short names are used
- Removed attachment reporting since blizzard seems to have added that into the vanilla game


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  • #159
    This addon still works perfectly!
    Just use a text editor (notebook works) to edit the 1st line with the version number in the "EasyMail.toc" file to this:
    ## Interface: 40100
    This should help you, if you do not want to check the "load out of date addons" box.
  • #162
    And yes, for patch 4.2 you need to change the line into:
    ## Interface: 40200

    Addon works great! One of my favourites!
  • #158
    Would love it if you updated this for patch 4.1 :) please and thank you.
  • #157
    hi;; is there a macro for this 2 buttons ;; for mark and loot?,
  • #156
    Wow super! Many thanks! This is sooo great for collecting all the gold from those auction house mails =]
  • #155
    yes great addon i love it greatly. but after the last update all the icons of the things in my mail have turned grey and i havent a clue why.
  • #153
    Not sure how often the Author(s)/Helper(s) come look at the site here so just wanted to post early. Thank you for all the work you do making/updating this mod and my family and I appreciate it since it helps make the game more enjoyable. I wanted to wish You and Your Family a Happy Holidays and New Year. :) Moldavia and Family
  • #154
    Thanks Mold! I hope you have a great one too! EasyMail and QuestMods updates coming soon! ;)
  • #152
    Hi, here is a German localization for EasyMail (works fine with 4.0.1 patch if you load outdated addons.
    Hope Yarko can update the toc soon and include this localization.

    EasyMail German localization.

    if ( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then

    EASYMAIL_FORWARDTEXT = "Vorw\195\164rts";
    EASYMAIL_CLEAROPTION = "L\195\182sche Feld";
    EASYMAIL_ATTBUTTONTEXT = "Alles nehmen";
    EASYMAIL_CHECKALLTEXT = "Alles Makieren";
    EASYMAIL_CLEARALLTEXT = "Alles L\195\182schen";
    EASYMAIL_GETALLTEXT = "Gegenst. nehmen";
    EASYMAIL_GUILDTEXT = "Gilden Mitglieder";
    EASYMAIL_RECEIVEMONEY = "Du bekommst Geld: %s %s";
    EASYMAIL_FROMAUCTION = "(Auktion von %s)";
    EASYMAIL_FROM = "(Von %s)";
    EASYMAIL_TOTALMONEY = "Gesamt Geld von Gegenstaende: %s";

    EASYMAIL_CLEARQUESTION = "Alle k\195\188rzlich abgesandten Addressen von der EasyMail Addressliste l\195\182schen?";
    EASYMAIL_CLEARMSG = "EasyMail hat alle namen von der Addressenliste gel\195\182scht.";
    EASYMAIL_DELNAMEQUESTION = "%s von der Addressliste l\195\182schen?";
    EASYMAIL_DELNAMEMSG = "EasyMail hat %s von der Addressliste gel\195\182scht.";
    EASYMAIL_DELETEQUESTION = "L\195\182sche Mail von %s?";
    EASYMAIL_DELETEUNREADQUESTION = "Ungelesen Mail von %s l\195\182schen?";
    EASYMAIL_MAXLENMSG = "EasyMails Addressliste auf maximale länge von %i eingestellt.";
    EASYMAIL_AUTOADDMSG = "EasyMail Automatisches hinzufügen von eingeloggten Charaktern zur Addressliste: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_GUILDMSG = "EasyMail zeigt Gildenmitglieder in Address drop-down Liste: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_FRIENDSMSG = "EasyMail zeigt Freunde in Address drop-down List: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_CLICKGETMSG = "EasyMail Rechtsklick Anlagen Abfrage: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_CLICKDELMSG = "EasyMail Rechtsklick Mail Zerst\195\182rung: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_DELPROMPTMSG = "EasyMail Aufforderung für die Zerst\195\182rung von gelesen Mails bei der Rechtsklick Zerst\195\182rung: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_DELPENDINGMSG = "EasyMail löscht anhänge von Auktions Mails nach dem nehmen aller Gegenst\195\164nde: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_MONEYMSG = "EasyMail Chatausgabe von durch Mails erhaltenes Geld: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_TOTALMSG = "EasyMail Chatausgabe von durch Mails erhaltenes Geld nachdem alle Gegenst\195\164nde genommen wurden: %s.";
    EASYMAIL_TOOLTIPMSG = "EasyMail Zeige Mailtext im Posteingang Item tooltip: %s.";

    EASYMAIL_CLEARHELPMSG = "L\195\182sche alle Namen aus der Addressliste.";
    EASYMAIL_MAXLENHELPMSG = "\195\164ndere die maximale l\195\164nger der k\195\188rzlich abgesandt Addresslist.";
    EASYMAIL_AUTOADDHELPMSG = "Eigene Charakter (eingeloggt) automatisch zur Addressliste hinzuf\195\188gen.";
    EASYMAIL_GUILDHELPMSG = "Namen von Gildenmitgliedern in die Address drop-down Liste aufnehmen.";
    EASYMAIL_BLIZZLISTHELPMSG = "Benutze den standart Blizzard dropdown im Address Feld.";
    EASYMAIL_FRIENDSHELPMSG = "Namen von Freunden in die Address drop-down Liste mit aufnehmen.";
    EASYMAIL_CLICKGETHELPMSG = "Aktiviere Rechtsklick Abholen von Mail Gegenst\195\164nden im Posteingang.";
    EASYMAIL_CLICKDELHELPMSG = "Aktiviere Zerst\195\182rung durch Rechtsklicken auf Mails im Posteingang.";
    EASYMAIL_DELPROMPTHELPMSG = "Aufforderung f\195\188r die Zerst\195\182rung von gelesen Mails beim Rechtsklicken.";
    EASYMAIL_DELPENDINGHELPMSG = "L\195\182sche anhängende Auktions Mails, wenn alle Gegenst\195\164nde genommen wurden.";
    EASYMAIL_MONEYHELPMSG = "Berichte per Mail erhaltenes Geld \195\188ber das Chatfenster.";
    EASYMAIL_TOTALHELPMSG = "Berichte im Chat den gesammt von Mails erhalten Geldbetrag, wenn alle Gegenst\195\164nde genommen wurden.";
    EASYMAIL_TOOLTIPHELPMSG = "Zeige Mail text im Posteingang item-tooltip. WARNUNG: Mails werden sofort als "
    .."gelesen makiert sobald der Tooltip angezeigt wurde. Der Mail text erscheint mit verz\195\182gerung im Tooltip.";

    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_HEADERINFO = "stellt die standart Addressen auf eine neue Mail zu der zuletzt gesendeten addresse und erlaubt dem "
    .."Benutzer eine Addresse von der rop-down list auszuwaehlen.";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_MAXLEN = "Maximale listen l\195\164nge (%i - %i):";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_CLEARLIST = "L\195\182sche Namensliste";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_CLEARLISTBTNTEXT = "Liste l\195\182schen";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_AUTOADD = "Eingeloggte Charakter zur Liste hinzuf\195\188gen";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_GUILD = "Gildemitglieder zur Addressliste hinzuf\195\188gen";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_BLIZZLIST = "Benutze standard Blizzard address dropdown";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_FRIENDS = "Freunde zur Addressliste hinzuf\195\188gen";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_CLICKGET = "Rechtsklick abholen der Anlagen";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_CLICKDEL = "Rechtsklick Mail Zerst\195\182rung";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_DELPROMPT = "Sicherheitsabfrage bei zerst\195\182rung gelesener Mails";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_DELPENDING = "L\195\182sche anh\195\164nge von Auktions Mails";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_MONEY = "Chatausgabe von durch Mails erhaltenes Geld";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_TOTAL = "Chatausgabe von gesammt erhaltenem Geld";
    EASYMAIL_CONFIG_TOOLTIP = "Mailtext im Posteingangs tooltip anzeigen";

    EASYMAIL_ERRINVALIDPARM = "Ung\195\188ltiger listen l\195\164ngen parameter.";
    EASYMAIL_ERROUTOFRANGE = "Listen l\195\164nge muss zwischen %i und %i sein.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRTOGGLE = "Ung\195\188ltiger parameter. Benutze ON oder OFF.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRTIMEOUT = "F\195\188r %i Sekunden unm\195\182glich Gegenstaende zu nehemn. Taschen voll oder Einzigartiger Gegenstand. "
    .."Wenn du latenz probleme hast, versuch es bitte zu einem sp\195\164teren zeitpunkt noch einmal.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRCOD = "Rechtsklick Abfrage von per Nachnahme Mails ist deaktiviert.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRMAILATT = "Rechtsklick Abfrage von Mail Gegenst\195\164nden ist deaktiviert.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRDELETE = "Zerst\195\182rung durch rechtsklicken von Mails ist deaktiviert.";
    EASYMAIL_ERRUNREAD = "Zerst\195\182rung durch rechtsklicken von ungelesenen Mails ist nicht erlaubt.";[/CODE]

    [CODE]## Interface: 40000
    ## Title: EasyMail 3.2.0
    ## Notes: Mail frame mod that allows the user to select addressees from a drop-down list and to

    automatically collect all attachments from all mails in the in-box
    ## Notes-deDE: Mail Fenster Mod der dem Benutzer ermöglicht, Addressen von der drop-down liste

    auszwählen und automatisch alle Gegenstaende aus dem Posteingang nimmt
    ## Notes-frFR: Mail frame mod that allows the user to select addressees from a drop-down list

    and to automatically collect all attachments from all mails in the in-box
    ## SavedVariables: EasyMail_SavedVars


    Aurora: Missing Textures

  • #150
    It's not working for me, since the 4.0.1 patch - I'm not getting errors; it's simply listed as out of date in the addon panel, and even running addons under recursive won't let it load. I love this addon, so I'm really missing it.

    The cake is a lie...but that means it has no calories! w00t!

  • #151
    it works fine just change the toc file version to 40000.. Simply open in word/notepad, or equivalent, and change the number.
  • #149
    Only bug I noticed is the onload script not allowing "this" as a keyword. If you change line 163 of the EasyMail.xml file to:

    getglobal(self:GetName()):RegisterForClicks("LeftButtonUp", "RightButtonUp");

    it works, but it might be more simple than that too.
  • #148
    If you open the EasyMail.toc file with an text editor, you can change the version number in the first line into 40000 and it should look like:
    ## Interface: 40000
    Then you can load it without checking "load out of date".

    Be aware that there are a lot of addons looking at your mail too, when at a mailbox.
    Sometimes the game re-arranges the mail during taking the contents of a lot of mail. If your client freezes when getting the mail, close mailbox and reopen it. You'll see changes in ordering the mail.
    This happens especially after patch or by getting new mail in the meantime (auction hall mail for instance).
    If you try to get the item manually from the mail, you might ending up emptying a different mail. This happened to me a lot of times now.

    This is not a bug of the addon. It's the game refreshing mailbox data more quickly now.
  • #146
    This addon still works for me in 4.0.1. You just need to hit "load out of date addons" on the addon menu from the character select screen, and it goes just like before.
  • #147
    4.0.1 broke the "load out of date addons" function. Mess with it a bit, you'll see what I mean.
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