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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,274 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 612,881 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 09/08/2006
  • 987 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v2.55

About EavesDrop

PLEASE NOTE: Non-enUS clients may have errors or strange behavior.

What is it? - A simple combat log that displays events similar to how SCT/D would in a log, using icons to display spells/skills. It seperates incoming events (left side) from out going events (right side) from misc. events (middle).

What all can it show?
- Your hits, spells, misses, heals, etc...
- Incoming damage, spells, heals, buffs, debuffs, etc...
- Power gain
- Honor, Reputation, SKill, and Experience gain
- Mob/People you have slain
- Combat start/stop
- Timestamps and details in tooltips
- High hit stat tracking for both incoming and outgoing skills.
- Combat Summaries
- Shift+Click to paste events of history into Chat Edit Box

Where did it come from? - Original idea by Bant. Coding help/samples from Andalia`s SideCombatLog and CombatChat.

How do I use it? - Unzip EavesDrop into your interface\addons directory. For more info on installing, please read install.txt. Now just run WoW and once logged in, you will see the EavesDrop in the middle of your screen. Left click the EavesDrop Tab to drag it. Right click the EavesDrop Tab to see the options menu.

My peridoic damage is not showing up in the combat log or on the screen! How do I fix it? - You have turned off periodic damage on the Advanced Options under Interface options. Make sure the "Periodic Damage" check box is checked, even if you have Damage unchecked.

How do I reset EavesDrop or load another users settings? - EavesDrop uses the Ace2 profile system. By default all characters use the same profile. You may change this for each character using the Profile area of the option menu. You can reset the options for the current profile using the Rest option in the menu.

How do I change the fonts? - EavesDrop uses the games default fonts. You will need to use a font program like ClearFont of Fontabulous to change it.

Please post all errors and suggestions on using the provided forms.
Please post all questions and comments on the offical EavesDrop thread.

r115 | grayhoof | 2014-10-15 05:39:48 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v2.55 (from /trunk:114)

Tagging as v2.55
r114 | grayhoof | 2014-10-15 05:36:26 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/EavesDrop.toc

EavesDrop: TOC update for 6.02


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  • #89
    I also did the 3 changes and I get no LUA errors - will try it later in raid.
  • #88
    I did all 3 of those fixes and I'm getting this LUA error every time I'm in combat (quite annoying)

    Message: ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_CombatLog\Blizzard_CombatLog.lua:3268: bad argument #3 to 'format' (string expected, got boolean)
    Time: 04/27/11 10:02:17
    Count: 4
    Stack: [C]: ?
    ...ace\AddOns\Blizzard_CombatLog\Blizzard_CombatLog.lua:3268: in function `CombatLog_OnEvent'
    Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop\EavesDrop.lua:436: in function `?'
    ...der\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147: in function

    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[17]"]:13: in function `?'
    ...der\Libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: in function `Fire'
    ...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:120: in function

  • #87
    I hope there will be an update.. because i have no idea what your saying that those lines of text do.. i just play wow to have fun and stuff.. i dont code or program..
  • #86
    Will there be a update for 4.1?
  • #84
    Update please!
  • #79
    I managed to fiddle with the code and fix it. Very simple.

    1. Open EavesDrop.lua
    2. Find line 115, which should have
    3. Add two dashes to that line, without spaces in between:
  • #80
    In addition to this, you need to edit EavesDrop.lua and change line 397 to:

    function EavesDrop:CombatEvent(temp, timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, ...)

    (anything you have dealing with combat logs can be fixed this way -- find what is responding to COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED and add in 'hideCaster' as the 4th argument)
  • #82
    Upon doing this, each attack of mine seems to cause an fps drop, slowing everything to a standstill until the attack completes, anyone else encounter this?
  • #81
    As these two post said to get this to work for 4.1 it involves three changes.
    without ""'s...
    1. Comment out line 115, "--[SPELL_POWER_HAPPINESS] = HAPPINESS,"
    2. Line 397, add hideCaster "function EavesDrop:CombatEvent(temp, timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, ...)"
    3. Line 436, Same as above "message = CombatLog_OnEvent(Blizzard_CombatLog_CurrentSettings, timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, ...)

    Then it works again =)
  • #85
    You guys are stars :D
  • #83
    That fixed it, thanks.
  • #77
    Stopped working with 4.1.
  • #78
    is there even anything else like this? i've gotten so used to it.. now it dont work.. i hate waiting LOL. love the addon though =[[
  • #76
    would be nice if there was a "minimum dmg to show" the same way there is a minimum slider for healing and power gains
  • #75
    Is there a way to make the icons in the window bigger? Like the spell icon or whatever
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