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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 884,168 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/08/2014
  • Created 08/31/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v3.3.5release
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About Elementarist

6.0.2 compatible

Addon that tries to optimize DPS output for elemental shamans. It advise what spell you should cast next.
Also shows dps on the selected target (not the total dps) and aggro percentage.

Rules how it advises spells (3.3 versions for WoW 6.0.2)
  • Talent specific spells: Unleash Elements and/or Elemental Blast
  • Flame Shock if target in range and doesn't have FS debuff
  • Lava Burst, if target in range, and LvB is not on cd
  • Earth Shock if Lightning Shield has 7 charges, or it has 5 or more, and FS debuff has more time than FS cooldown
  • Lightning Bolt if target is in range

Also it display missing buffs:
  • Lightning Shield
  • Flametongoue weapon
  • Searing Totem
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Racial buffs

Display hint for casting
  • Wind Shear if target casts a non instant or channeled spell, or threat is higher than 80%
  • Purge if target has a purgeable buff
  • Chain Lightning, Earthquake if multiple targets are detected

YouTube video (a bit old)

tag v3.3.5release
Taracque <>
2014-12-09 01:41:45 +0100


    - Alchemist flask not shown if level>90
    - Added some enhancement AoE spells
    - Some enhancement updates


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  • #326

    How do you change the size of the remaining duration on Lightning Shield or Remove it all together? I care only for the stacks on it.

  • #325

    Hi everyone, I've seen that a lot of people were asking about increasing the number of stacks on the LS, so I checked a bit the files of the addon and found where it is possible to change that, so there it is:

    1) Go into World of warcraft/Inteface/AddOns/Elementarist/modules

    2) Open "elemental.lua" with a text editor (your favorite one for example).

    3) Go on to the line 200 and check those lines:

    elementarist elemental.lua

    the Earth shock will trigger in the priority list if :

    Lightning shield has 12 charges (first line).


    Lightning shield has 10 or more charges but FS expiration within 2 secs to FS CD (second line).


    Now just adapt the values, like 16 or 17 for the first line (cause Multistrike can make you having 19/20 stacks really fast), and something like 14/15 for the second line, I honestly haven't find what are the best values at the moment for the addon to be the most efficient but it's up to you to try and make tests.

    4) Save and close "elemental.lua", then launch the game

    It actually worked for me, it seems to have some problem when you put too big values (ES will not trigger on the priority list) but as i said just try some differents couple of values, and wait for the last release of the addon, it's just some little changes so we can actually use it while waiting.

    (Sorry for my bad english, just trying to help you guys, and thanks to the author for this freaking cool addon ! :)) )



    Last edited by Dedlesec on 12/6/2014 7:34:02 AM
  • #324

    Yes. An inclusion of increased max lightning shield charges change would be very nice. Right now it's not exactly optimal to cast Earth Shock when the addon tells you to. :-(

    Other than that, rest seems to be working OK-ish. ;-)

  • #322

    Hey Taracque,will you be updating  the use from Earth shock to be from 15 or more charges? Please :D

  • #323
    Quote from nhrx »

    Hey Taracque,will you be updating  the use from Earth shock to be from 15 or more charges? Please :D

    Agree on that. According to recent updates for the Elemental spec, Lightning shield charges can stack up to 20 now. I believe the new default value for the Elemental spec Earth Shock cast reminder should be set to trigger at 20 Lightning Shield charges.

    We would all appreciate it if you did this little change in a new build.


  • #321

    So Taracque, how much do I need to donate for you to make this for BM and MM hunters? Like, seriously.

  • #320


    Well this isn't working for me. Testing to a target dummy Lava Burst is never in the rotation. Every other cast is Flame Shock.

    Last edited by rshogg on 10/25/2014 9:28:06 AM
  • #318

    I just played around with the new enhancement mod for a few min and it's already looking pretty good! There are a few things that would be great to add, and I'm sure some of these are on your todo :D

    • A CD for Fire Nova. It would be great to have it show the cooldown timer too. It could even just show up for 10 seconds or so after you fist use it (so it would show during an AOE phase), then disapear after it hasn't been cast for little while. Or just show it when Magma totem is down.
    • An option to set a HP % at which 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon would suggest a heal instead of lightning bolt.
    • Add Feral Spirit (and possibly our fire and earth elementals) to the CD mini frame where Ascendence currently shows

    That's all I could think of after going through it really quick, but I'll do some more testing for some optimal rotation testing too!

    I'm so happy for this addition! Thanks again!

  • #315

    Thx for the update! You're the best! :D

  • #310

    I believe this: 

    Display hint for casting

    • Thunderstorm, if mana is < 70%

    is not needed anymore. Since 6.0.2 "Thunderstorm no longer regenerates Mana." as we read in the patch notes:

  • #311

    Will be removed from next version.

  • #309

    When i uncheck "Enable Earthquake in rotation" it's still showing up.. Optimal number of enemies is three so that it's worth using EQ at least when you don't have crazy ass gear. So i think it shouldn't be showing up in rotation before there are three or more enemies in combat. And not showing at all when you uncheck the "Enable Earthquake in rotation" box. And one more thing i noticed is always when i open Elementarist options, all the boxes are unchecked but on the second time everything shows up normally.

    Last edited by Qewex on 10/21/2014 5:23:22 AM
  • #314

    In 3.3.3 if Enable Earthquake in rotation is unchecked, EQ will not be shown in spell flow, instead it will be displayed in where Purge, Wind Shear spells are suggested.

  • #307

    Have you ever considered including an enhancement rotation to this addon?

    The best Enhancement priority addons, EnhaPrio and Shockandawe, have been discontinued and I have always loved how well elementarist works. It would be such a great addition!

  • #308
    Quote from surfjess23 »

    Have you ever considered including an enhancement rotation to this addon?

    The best Enhancement priority addons, EnhaPrio and Shockandawe, have been discontinued and I have always loved how well elementarist works. It would be such a great addition!

    That would be wonderful!  I used to use ShockandAwe was so sad when I couldn't use it anymore.  I recently switched to ele and found this addon, it's awesome! 

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