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  • World of Warcraft
  • 67,910 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 809,004 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/16/2014
  • Created 08/31/2009
  • 346 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v3.3.2release
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About Elementarist

6.0.2 compatible

Addon that tries to optimize DPS output for elemental shamans. It advise what spell you should cast next.
Also shows dps on the selected target (not the total dps) and aggro percentage.

Rules how it advises spells (3.3 versions for WoW 6.0.2)
  • Talent specific spells: Unleash Elements and/or Elemental Blast
  • Flame Shock if target in range and doesn't have FS debuff
  • Lava Burst, if target in range, and LvB is not on cd
  • Earth Shock if Lightning Shield has 7 charges, or it has 5 or more, and FS debuff has more time than FS cooldown
  • Lightning Bolt if target is in range

Also it display missing buffs:
  • Lightning Shield
  • Flametongoue weapon
  • Searing Totem
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Racial buffs

Display hint for casting
  • Thunderstorm, if mana is < 70%
  • Wind Shear if target casts a non instant or channeled spell, or threat is higher than 80%
  • Purge if target has a purgeable buff
  • Chain Lightning, Earthquake if multiple targets are detected

YouTube video (a bit old)

tag v3.3.2release
Taracque <>
2014-10-16 10:59:21 +0200


    - 3.3.2 release
    - Fixed GetSpellInfo calls


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  • #307

    Have you ever considered including an enhancement rotation to this addon?

    The best Enhancement priority addons, EnhaPrio and Shockandawe, have been discontinued and I have always loved how well elementarist works. It would be such a great addition!

  • #308
    Quote from surfjess23 »

    Have you ever considered including an enhancement rotation to this addon?

    The best Enhancement priority addons, EnhaPrio and Shockandawe, have been discontinued and I have always loved how well elementarist works. It would be such a great addition!

    That would be wonderful!  I used to use ShockandAwe was so sad when I couldn't use it anymore.  I recently switched to ele and found this addon, it's awesome! 

  • #306

    This might be a bit of an odd question, but is it possible to disable the rotation while keeping the flame shock bar enabled? I find that bar incredibly useful while I'm experimenting with some various WeakAura setups.

  • #303

    Suggestion. Since there will always be slight variations to our priority rotation due to gear level, or set piece bonuses or whatever else may impact it, is there a way to add an option in the config to manually adjust the rotation in game? I understand that would be a bit of a project to the add-on but it would help a lot of people (including you as a developer) out. It would fix the issue you’re having with Earthquake currently and best of all allow people to utilize your add-on with the ability to customize it to their play style. Best example I can give of this is with clcret. You have to manually go in and tell it what to prioritize as a rotation. It even gives options to prioritize for spells based on active buffs/procs. 

  • #304

    If a spell is questionable I'll put a GUI option for that. However for example EQ is the top in AoE priority list (unquestionable), I really don't see any reason for put a checkbox for that.

  • #300

    Love the add on and depend on it.  Great work.  Just updated to version 3.3,2 and suddenly EQ is in the rotation even tho I have it unchecked.  It was working great yesterday.  ilvl 571.  

  • #301

    I guess you have setup the prefered release type to Alpha. Just use the release version, it will not show EQ in rotation. (Btw. in case of AoE (>=2 foes) EQ is the main spell)

  • #305

    I do not understand your response.  I use curse client and when it says to update elementarist, I do.  I have version 3.3.2 release 5g54749df.  I have unchecked EQ enabled in rotation.  But, it still shows up.  Sometimes I want it in the rotation and sometimes I don't, like when I am klling frogs in the Isle.  I want the ability to chose when to have it enabled in the rotation and when not.  I thought that was the point of the check box.  

    So, now you tell me I have to use an earlier version -- i do not know how to get an earlier version -- to get EQ out of the equation; then, what do I do when I want to get it back.  

    The bottom line, do you have plans to fix the check box option?

    I love the add on and depend on it as I said.  I think you do great work.

  • #293

    hem? Where is Earthquake if I may ask? Even on a single target rotation Earthquake has a spot (ilvl 582ish and more)

  • #299

    I can't seem to keep Earthquake from showing in my rotation, even when unchecked in the options box. Ilevel 541.

    Last edited by dpatt61 on 10/18/2014 12:42:50 PM
  • #296

    I need to calculate at which conditions EQ fits in single target rotation. Also I'd like to wait 2-3 days, to if Blizzard keep it, or change it.

  • #294

    Most people aren't at ilvl 582. If you're at that gear level, you should know your rotation by heart IMO. Even with fully upgraded heroic gear at this point in 6.0 the max ilvl is like, maybe 572.

  • #302

    It works, but the priority is too high, if you got Lava Burst, Flame Shock renew or earth shoch to unload, earthquake should wait I think.

    Last edited by tassaros on 10/19/2014 2:25:00 AM
  • #298

    Can you please check this version:

    If Enable Earthquake in rotation is checked in the Elemental config, and you iLVL is >=575 then EQ is showed as the first priority spell. 

  • #297

    how do you come to this numbers? 572 you get with normal gear and a couple of Ordos items and this was already pre-6.0.2 low. After the patch Mythik is LFR-lvl of difficulty so you can easily get in 1 run 3-4 ilvls. after the patch 580 if pretty standard to have except if this is your 4-5th alt, you play 1 hour pro day or...

    I run at 587 atm and Earthquake does quite some damage, so i use it in my rotation even for single target dps as long as the target gets hit for the full duration.

    I understand and accept taracques argument, can wait and see, but if you have time take a look at it.

    Thanx for the great addon, even for us experienced players it is a cool and organised addon, you are very wrong if you are thing it is only for lowbies

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