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Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 134,347 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/06/2015
  • Created 08/26/2009
  • 180 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Ellipsis_v3.0.9
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About Ellipsis (Multi-Target DoT Timers)

Ellipsis (indicating omission)
Typography - A mark consisting of three periods, colloquially known as 'dot-dot-dot'.

Type /ellipsis in the chat window to configure this mod after installation.

Ellipsis is an addon that features multi-target DoT and HoT tracking for spells that you cast on other people. It has support for all classes and can additionally be configured to track Cooldowns as well. Access the GUI by typing '/ellipsis' or by going to the WoW Main Menu, then Interface, then the Addons tab and selected Ellipsis from the AddOn list on the left; contained here are a rather large number of options to configure pretty much all aspects of the display (and a few functionality based options as well).

DoT's & HoT's
Ellipsis scans your target and focus for spells you can cast (as well as your pet's target and your group mates targets should you have either); and once found, it makes a timer for it. Timers are seperated onto their respective targets using the GUID identification system to provide full accuracy in determination of what goes where. Ellipsis additionally tracks your pets spells when cast on targets, tracks 'multi-target' spells like AoE's, and if your a shaman provides tracking of totem durations as well. You can also setup notifications (both audio and visual) for when your dots fade or are broken ahead of time.

Ellipsis also features a fairly minimal totem tracking ability. It will track totem durations no matter what happens to them when replaced, or destroyed early and you have a built-in option to ctrl click on a timer to cancel the associated timer as well.

Ellipsis can also create cooldown timers on a single exponentially growing bar for spells, pet abilities and item (including worn equipment) usage. The maximum cooldown duration to track can be set as well as the ability to block certain timers from appearing and the bar itself can be set to show varying sizes of timescale. In regards to its exponential nature, this means that a timer will countdown quicker the nearer it gets to the '0' end of the scale (eg, it will cover the same distance between 0-10 seconds as it will between 11-60 seconds on the base timer display).

There are two 'mods' included with Ellipsis, the main mod itself (folder: Ellipsis) and the congfiguration options (folder: Ellipsis_Options). Only the first is required to use the mod, though you will not be able to change options without the latter; Ellipsis_Options is also Load on Demand and thus won't use up any resources until you begin changing options (which is also why its a seperate folder/addon).

On first install (or a new character/profile), the 'anchors' for both Targets and Prominent Targets (text on a light blue background) will be visible. After you move them to their desired locations, you need to enter the mod options and "Lock" the interface elements to hide these anchors otherwise there will be some overlap with the actual mod targets.

- Fixed bug (hopefully fully this time... again) causing lua errors on death or combat end
- Fixed Cascade cooldown tracking for Priests

- Fixed bug (hopefully fully this time) causing lua errors on death
- Added Storm Elemental Totem and Cloudburst Totem to tracking

- Fixed bug causing lua errors on combat end (and death)

- ToC and Library update for 6.0.2

- ToC and Library update for 5.4

- ToC and Library update for 5.3

- ToC Update for 5.1

Fixed bug related to raid marking causing a LUA error.

Fixed a bug introduced in the patch that caused Cooldown parsing to crash the mod.

Updated For Mists of Pandaria Beta
Positioning of anchors and the cooldown bar are now saved to profiles (they will finally be placed appropriately when changing profiles). They will need to be manually repositioned on first load after install due to this change.
Many speed and optimization improvements.
Updated ClassData for new MoP abilities.
Embedded a full range of Statusbar textures for those who do not have them available from elsewhere.

Updated TOC for 4.3
Fixed (long-standing) bug with Cooldown bar showing when not wanted. To hide the bar just disable tracking of all 3 cooldown types, the bar will hide itself once all tracked cooldowns have expired (if any).

Updated TOC for 4.2

Added minimum duration options for auras and cooldowns (set in seconds as opposed to minutes like the maximums)
Fixed spell cooldown groups showing the wrong icon for Hunter Traps and Shaman Shocks (they were flipped)
Cleaned up tooltips and made it more clear when mouseover options are disabled by the 'Clickable' option

Still To Do: For those who are able and willing, the following strings need translating in all available languages other than English (if you have a translation, please PM me it and the language it's in).

L.MinAuraDuration = 'Min Aura Duration'
L.MinAuraDurationDesc = 'Set the minimum duration of auras (in seconds) that will be tracked by Ellipsis.'
L.MaxAuraDurationDesc = 'Set the maximum duration of auras (in minutes) that will be tracked by Ellipsis.\n\nA setting of 0 will disable max duration checking, allowing auras of any duration.'
L.CDMinDuration = 'Min CD Duration'
L.CDMinDurationDesc = 'Set the minimum duration of cooldowns (in seconds) that will be tracked by Ellipsis.\n\nThis setting will not go below 2 seconds so as to avoid all cooldowns showing up due to the GCD.'
L.CDMaxDurationDesc = 'Set the maximum duration of cooldowns (in minutes) that will be tracked by Ellipsis.\n\nA setting of 0 will disable max duration checking, allowing cooldowns of any duration.'

Fixed a glitch with mages due to Water Elemental now being a permanent or nothing pet. Removed coding checking for the existance of the Water Element talent.

4.0.3 Release

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  • #42

    Well... I thought it was odd that it only recently started, which supported the add-on conflict theory - maybe something I had added recently.

    However, giving it some thought I decided to check the "Do not track list" - and there it was. Removed it and things appear to be working again. Will try in in lfr in the next few days but I expect that was all it was.

    Sorry for the false alarm and my clumsiness.


  • #38

    Hi, Can someone please tell me if this addon can do the following:

    I need to track multiple dots.  Whenever I apply a dot (such as a hunter sting), a 'box' or extra row or whatever appears showing a countdown for that dot, possibly with the name of the mob to which it is applied.  If the mob dies then the timer disappears.  Most important though I would like that if I click that box/row/name then I target that mob so I can re-apply the dot (or ever better the dot is re-applied automatically when I click that box..).


  • #39

    The mod does indeed do the first part but it doesn't make it so you can click the mob, and, due to the way Blizzard locked down the UI a few years back, I don't believe there is anyway to allow you to target the mob and/or re-apply the dot by just clicking on it (at least not with a UI that dynamically adjusts its size when adding new targets and timers).

  • #37

    I like this addon a lot, but could you please add an option to mark the current target somehow? I mean like some background color or such.

  • #36

    I find that timers that proc for a channeled spell like drain soul or malferic grasp don't go away when they are interupted. This isn't terribly importartant since I'm interupting my own spell. But it does make me wonder what will happen if something else is dispelled - will its timer go away?

    It does see duration and stack increases just fine so those state changes are captured.


  • #34
    Warlock Corruption


    Having trouble with Corruption for Warlocks.  It appears on the bar alright, but disappears after about 6 seconds so I do not know when to re-apply.  Any ideas?

  • #35

    Where is this happening? and are you doing anything else to the mob?

    I just tested on mobs in Hyjal, corruption only using a Voidwalker to hold aggro and Corruption ticked the entire time til the mob died. Now on target dummies, it'll cancel if you do nothing else to the dummy for a time (they drop aggro every 6 seconds or so), so if its not dummies, it must be a specific case or a more obscure bug (I hate them :P), can you give more details please.

  • #32

    Hi the dowload dosnt work for me, i can download other addons but not this on. any one know why?

  • #33

    I think it may just be a Curse issue (overloaded servers most likely with the 5.0 patch), i'd suggest trying again in a little while. I just tried myself and it was fine so the file is there, just maybe overloaded currently.

  • #30

    BTW it resets position if you disable/enable it in control panel.

  • #29

    Very good addon, but is there any option to click through it?

  • #28

    Sorry if this isn't really an appropiate question for here, but do you know what the major differences are between Raven and this addon?  From what I can tell this addon appears to be more suited for my needs, but I'm just curious if you had an opinion.

    Thanks it looks promising, I plan on trying it out first chance I get.

  • #24

    I found a bug (ver. 2.2.0; patch 4.3.3): it's unable to use quest items from quest log when add-on is loaded.
    PS: sorry for bad english.

  • #23

    Nice mod, but it doesn't appear to track Improved Soul Fire for warlocks? It is catching things like Shadow Embrace, so I'm surprised it doesn't track Imp SF. Anyway to add this?

  • #27

    How have you got your settings for buff tracking done? Improved soulfire is working for me (tested just now). You nedd to be tracking both Buffs and Player Buffs for it to show up  as well as not setting the minimum aura duration to a value greater than 21 seconds.

    Last edited by Kithulhu on 3/24/2012 1:35:33 AM
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