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ElvUI Enhanced

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 18,646 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 269,662 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/29/2013
  • Created 03/09/2013
  • 83 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: ElvUI Enhanced v2.11
Support development! **

About ElvUI Enhanced

Please Note: This add-on will not function without ElvUI installed. You can download it at, don't use the Curse version, it is outdated.

For more information see this (Wiki).


  • Auto release in battleground after player dies.
  • Automatic changing of the watched faction on your reputation bar to the faction you got reputation points for.
  • Automatic role detection for battleground and party/raid groups.
  • Automatic selection of highest vendor value quest rewards (you can still pick another if you like).

Data Texts:

  • Fully configurable extra datatext panels attached to the bottom of the three main actionbars.
  • Target Range data text module displaying the range to your currently selected target.
  • Item Level data text for a quick glance at your currently equipped item levels.
  • Quick datatext configuration by CTRL-ALT-RightClick on any datatext panel.


  • Equipment Manager with automatic changing of equipment set when changing specialization or entering a battleground / arena.
  • Equipment Set Overlay for your bag and bank slots showing the equipment sets for an item.


  • Extra action bars for farmers while visiting Sunsong Ranch showing seeds, farm tools and portals.
  • Automatic target and planting of seeds when in range of a tilled soil (quick planting of seeds).
  • Automatic drop of farming tools when leaving the farming area (configurable).

Mini map

  • Location information above minimap with coordinates.
  • Mini map buttons can be skinned and placed on their own bar that can be moved around.
  • Hide mini map during combat (disabled by default).


  • Threat percentage on nameplates for target, mouseover and boss nameplates.
  • Target by count on nameplate for the number of party / raid members targetting that unit.


  • Raid Marker Bar for quickly placing target and world markers.

Tool tip

  • Player Raid Progression information on mouse-over tool tip (requires holding 'shift' key)

Unit Frames

  • GPS Locator for target and focus frame, showing direction and range to party or raid member.
  • Heal Glow: Direct AoE heals will let the unit frames of the affected party / raid members glow for the defined time period.
  • Hide role icons (healer/tank/damage) on unit frames while in combat.
  • Class Icons for the target frame.


  • Adjustable transparency for the ElvUI interface movers.
  • Attack icon on target frame when target is not tapped by you or your group, but you still get credit for the kill when attacking.
  • Eclipse prediction on eclipse bar for Balance Druids.
  • Improved visibility for disconnected party or raid member (lightning icon in frame).
  • Improved visibility of druid eclipse state indicator.
  • Item levels and durability information on the character screen.
  • Watchframe visibility configuration, based on city (resting), pvp, arena, party or raid.

Advanced Features

  • Extended UF Tag framework, for more information see this Wiki.

v2.11 - Fix for lost ElvUI settings when disabling / enabling ElvUI Enhanced.

v2.10 - Updated French Language (thx Deadse10) - Fixed: minimap button bar not hiding during pet battles. - Fixed: minimap button bar causing taint.

v2.09 - Minimap button bar layout direction is now configurable. - Minimap button bar will hide during pet battles.

v2.08 - Fixed: Raid Progression information LUA error.

v2.07 - Fixed: Compatibility issue with ElvUI 6.51, raised minimum version requirement for ElvUI to 6.51.

v2.06 - Fixed: Raid Marker bar visibility.

v2.05 - Changed default setting for 'Hide Role Icons in combat' to disabled.

v2.04 - Fix for LUA error when ElvUI minimap is disabled. - Updated Balance Power Tracker library (less CPU usage). - Updated Enemy Target Range estimation library.

v2.03 - Fix for Raid Marker Bar visibility - Updated German Language (thnx Kaltzifar)

v2.02 - Added: Hide role icons (healer/tank/damage) on unit frames while in combat (under Configure - Unit Frames).

v2.01 - Fix for item level on character and inspection frame. - Fix for raid progression tooltip and T16.

v2.00 - Patch 5.4 compatible - Added Raid progression information on mouse-over tool tip (requires holding 'shift' key) - Minimum ElvUI version requirement set to 6.44

v1.995 - Complete rewrite of the actionbar datatext panels positioning logic. - Updated German language (thx Kaltzifar) - Updated translations German, Taiwan (thnx mcc)

v1.992 - All ElvUI Enhanced settings under configuration are now colored in Mauve (Bright Purple) - Fixed problem with inspection window not showing item levels. - Fixed LUA error in ActionBars when automatically fixing position. - Minor performance tweaks for Heal Glow and Nameplates code.

v1.991 - Modified configuration settings to match ElvUI, fixed minimap button bar LUA error. - The extra datatext panels will now use the associated actionbar visibility macro. - Added backdrop setting for raidmarker and minimapbutton bars. - Moved default position of raidmarker bar above right chat panel.

v1.99 - Fixed nameplates after new Nameplates implementation in ElvUI v6.22 - Updated minimum version requirement for ElvUI to 6.22 (warning popup)

v1.98 - Added visibility setting to raid marker bar.

v1.97 - Added 'Growing - Wait for it...' buff to target frame when selecting a crop on your farm, showing the time remaining until completion.

v1.96 - Fixed: Location bar when Pixel Perfect is disabled.

v1.95 - BugFix: Nameplate threat and highlight disappears when target count is enabled.

v1.94 - Target by count on nameplates for the number of raid / party members who target that unit. - Cosmetics: Transparency for location bar, mouse over highlights for mini map button and raid marker bar.

v1.93 - Added Raid Marker Bar.

v1.92 - Changed inspect item level implementation to make sure the inspect window always works, instead of popping up empty.

v1.91 - Fixed inspections and heirloom items levels, should work as expected now.

v1.89 - Added item levels to Inspection frame, green is much better then your avg item level, red is worse, yellow on par. - Minor fix to item level data text.

v1.88 - Another improvement to the heirloom item level calculation. (thnx Dridzt) - Improved item level code for items with upgrades. - Updated German language files. (thnx Kaltzifar)

v1.87 - Added Item Level data text. - Changed heirloom item level calculations, thx Repooc.

v1.86 - Optimized and improved compatibility for Class Icon code.

v1.85 - Added Class Icons for the Target Frame.

v1.84 - Fix for Heal Glow LUA error, thnx to Dridzt.

v1.83 - Fix for renamed Raid/Party frames in new ElvUI, affected Automatic Role Detection and Heal Glow.

v1.82 - Fix for Item Upgrade issues.

v1.81 - Update TOC for patch 5.3 - Fix for equipment overlay in new patch.

v1.80 - Final fix for Role Detection routines.

v1.79 - Further tweaking of role detection routines. - Improved performance of GPS Arrow on target and focus frames.

v1.78 - Removed debug statement.

v1.77 - Updated Automatic Role Detection for Battle Grounds.

v1.76 - Updated German language file. Thx to Kaltzifar.

v1.75 - Make sure mini map button bar is visible when consolidated buffs are disabled.

v1.74 - Improved new role detection code.

v1.73 - Added item level info for heirlooms, thnx Dridzt.

v1.72 - Removed LibSpecRoster library, fixes 'Inspect' problem.

v1.71 - Various minor fixes and improvements

v1.70 - Equipment set overlay for your bag and bank slots showing the equipements sets for an item.

v1.69 - Merged durability and itemlevel code (make sure all information is loaded, even on first logon). - Changed to ACE3 Timers for loading sequences.

v1.68 - Added item levels to character screen. - Added detection for incompatible addons. - Raised ElvUI version requirement to version 5.81 - Updated French localization (thnx Alex586) - Minor fixes to prevent LUA errors.

v1.67 - BugFix: Blizzard Party frames not visible when ElvUI Unit Frames are not enabled.

v1.66 - Farmbar: Added seed bags sold by Milly Greenfield. - Minimap Button Bar: Minor fix for bar fading when 'No Anchor' is selected. - Added option to turn of automatic selection of quest reward. (under 'General' - 'General' - 'Select Quest Reward') - BugFix: Inspection frames not working as intended.

v1.65 - Added configuration option for automatic role assignment, the default setting is 'disabled' and is configurable under 'Unitframes' in the general settings section.

v1.64 - When you have GroupLeader or GroupAssist, automatic role detection will now actually set the role of the party member when not set. - Updated TOC file.

v1.63 - Added transparency setting for the ElvUI movers. - Actionbar datapanels positioning is now consistent, with or without backdrop enabled. - Various optimizations.

v1.62 - BugFix: LUA error last version as reported, optimized HealGlow code and made it more robust. - Removed Astrolabe library since it is in ElvUI 5.64 now, so raised ElvUI version requirement to this version. - Removed own implementation of Astrolabe and using the ElvUI methods now for distance and angle to party / raid member.

v1.61 - Prevent LUA error on [xdistance] tag.

v1.60 - BugFix: Memory leak in target distance function.

v1.59 - Fixed: Map distance and gps locator direction calculations, more accurate and distance can be calculated over an entire continent.

v1.58 - Added: Heal Glow: Direct AoE heals will let the unit frames of the affected party / raid members glow for the defined time period.

v1.56 - BugFix: Farm bar now shows correctly even after HS and reloads. - Removed: LibElvUIPlugIn and LibMapData libraries (already present in ElvUI install). - Minimum required version for ElvUI is now 5.61 - Added [xdistance] tag, slightly different from the ElvUI implementation, see Wiki for more information.

v1.55 - Added: WatchFrame visibility configuration based on city, pvp, arena, party or raid.

v1.54 - Forgot to update the ElvUIPlughIn library to revision 10.

v1.53 - Updated all libraries, fixing gps locater on target and focus frame on the Thunder Isle, Range Checking, Distance datatext etc.

v1.52 - Added: Attack icon on target frame when target is not tapped by you or your group, but you still get credit for the kill when attacking. - Minor fixes to prevent LUA errors.

v1.51 - Bugfix: Lua error on non existing unit frames. - Removed tag [name:abbrev] -> use [name:veryshort] instead.

v1.50 - Updated ElvUIPlugIn Library. - Updated ElvUI version check, to detect incompatible ElvUI versions.

v1.49 - Added new seed bags to farm bars, cleaner layout of bars. - Actionbar datapanels conform to 'panel transparancy' setting.

v1.48 - Patch v5.2 update.

v1.47 - Fixed: Farmbars cooldown timers.

v1.46 - Config has been rewritten to make use of the new LibElvUIPlugin-1.0 library. - Added configuration slider to select number of digits for the location coordinates in the minimap location bar. - Updated German translations.

v1.45 - Bugfix: Seed / Shard buy not showing on farm bar.

v1.44 - Bugfix: LUA error when disabling unit frames completely. - Added: Cooldown timers for farmbuttons (master plow). - Farmbar code optimizations to execute code only when needed. - Preparations for the new version of ElvUI for patch 5.2.

v1.43 - Added: Fade in delay for mini map combat hiding. - Fixed: UI taint minimap fade in.

v1.42 - Added: Hide minimap during combat (disabled by default)

v1.41 - Updated spell list for range check datatext improving range informtion for several player classes. - Minimap button bar now has its own configuration section (just below minimap configuration in 'General') - Bugfix: minimap button bar showed partial bar when no buttons to skin. - Bugfix: minimap mover is now correct size when location with coordinates is visible above minimap.

v1.40 - Minimap location information above the minimap with coordinates.

v1.38 - Farmer Seed Bars layout can be switched from vertical to horizontal.

v1.37 - Bugfix: actionbar datatext panels now hide when entering pet battles. - Improved farmbar buttons to highlight on mouseover.

v1.36 - Bugfix threat text no longer shows on player nameplates. - Improved localization features for frame movers / target range datatext, but translations still needed. - Updated languages: Taiwan, China. (thnx to zhouf616)

v1.35 - Automatic target and planting of seeds when in range of a tilled soil. - Automatic drop of farming tools when leaving the farming area (configurable).

v1.34 - Threat percentage on nameplates for target, mouseover and boss nameplates. - Optimized loading sequence to reduce the amount of code executed on 'player entering world', smoother login experience.

v1.33 - Added French translations, thanks to Alex586. - Improved GPS frame blending with underlying unit frames. - Improved farm bar pre-loader when loggin in at Sunsong Ranch or Halfhill Market.

v1.32 - Added localizations for Farmer bar zone detection routines (should work for all languages now). - Improved GPS frame independance from parent frame.

v1.31 - Fixed combat taint.

v1.30 - Added extra actionbars while farming on Sunsong Ranch. - Extended ElvUI Tag system with [name:abbrev] (5 charater name) and [xthreat:percent], [xthreat:current] and [xthreatcolor].

v1.23 - A better method of showing the disconnect icon on the party/raid frames (respect positioning of RoleIcon)

v1.22 - Improved visibility for disconnected party or raid member (lightning icon in frame).

v1.21 - Removed debug information.

v1.20 - Automatic role detection for battleground and party/raid groups.

v1.18 - Bugfix: retrieving correct datatext name

v1.17 - Bugfix: Data text clicks not routed to the original function.

v1.16 - Added quick datatext configuration by CTRL-ALT-RightClick on any datatext panel

v1.14 - Improved balance druid eclipse tracker. - Fixed actionbar datatext panels tooltip anchors. - Moved to correct section PlugIns - ElvUI.

v1.13 - Fixed visible minimap bar when 'No Anchor Bar' is selected.

v1.12 - Removed debug code.

v1.11 - Improved mini map button bar routines, new way of detection what to skin. - Added Portuguese and Chinese translations, updated Taiwan translations. (thanx to ubios and zhouf616) - Improved visibility of balance druid eclipse tracker.

v1.10 - Fully configurable extra datatext panels attached to the bottom of the three main actionbars.

v1.06 - Added configuration for durability information on character screen (under equipment) - Prevent Zygor's trailing ants on mini map button bar (thanx to rubenvincenten) - Updated target range library for range data text. - Added Taiwan language.

v1.05 - Battleground equipment set now also used for arena. - Added German translations. - Fix for mini map button bar disappearing icons.

v1.04 - Added 'Mouse Over' feature to mini map button bar.

v1.03 - A better way of hooking the GPS locator, thanx to Blazeflack for pointing that out.

v1.02 - Fixed GPS locator configuration settings.

v1.01 - Added configuration setting for mini map button size. - Fixed durability information on character screen is now updated when durability changes (repair at vendor / combat damage)

v1.0 - Initial Release


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  • #20

    This has been added recently, just download the latest version.

  • #12

    WOW, I just saw this addon.

    I'm going to try ElvUI again.  You've added most of the things I wanted.

    I hope this works/looks as good as it sounds.

  • #11

    As soon as I enabled ElvUI enhanced it erases all my elvui profiles and settings. Is there a way around this?

  • #9

    I just had to say THANK YOU so much for this addon. It is so perfect and includes practically everything that a player needs to know, to go with ElvUI. It's awesome and beautifully integrated. Thank you, thank you! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  • #8

    Is there a way to remove the backdrop from the minimap button bar?

  • #21

    This has been recently added, download the latest version.

  • #6

    The Equipment Set Overlay keeps turning itself back on, even if it's unchecked.

  • #5

    Using version 1.65

    This is a great addon and most features should be standard in Elvui TBH :)
    One bug i want to point out is the Spec change.

    changing spec will change my gear but breaks the profile change of Elvui itself.
    Changing from dps to heal i want my UI almost clean which works when i disable ElvUI_Enhanced.
    but then the gear does not change.

    Hope this gets fixed as i realy like to keep using this addition to Elvui.

  • #22

    Elv made some changes to the profile code and seems he solved an issue with it. check out the latest version and let HIM know if it has worked.

  • #3
    Donot up date to v1.58

    1.56 is working.

    1.58 has bug


    Message: ...I_Enhanced\modules\unitframes\construct_elements.lua:48: attempt to index local 'frame' (a nil value)
    Time: 03/16/13 11:16:41
    Count: 1
    Stack: (tail call): ?
    ...I_Enhanced\modules\unitframes\construct_elements.lua:48: in function `Construct_HealGlow'
    ...ddOns\ElvUI_Enhanced\modules\unitframes\healglow.lua:80: in function `?'
    ...que\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147: in function <...que\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147>
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4>
    [C]: ?
    [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:13: in function `?'
    ...que\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: in function `Fire'
    ...Ons\Collectinator\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:120: in function <...Ons\Collectinator\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:119>

    Locals: <none>

  • #4

    Issues with the Heal Glow feature are resolved, v1.62 is stable.

  • #10
    Quote from omega1970 »

    "Issues with the Heal Glow feature are resolved, v1.62 is stable."

    6/4/2013 updated today and healglow errors are back(v1.83), annoying as all DONE and back within 10-15s usually...this is the message i get....

    Message: ...ddOns\ElvUI_Enhanced\modules\unitframes\healglow.lua:133: table index is nil Time: 06/04/13 01:33:49 Count: 3 Stack: (tail call): ? ...ddOns\ElvUI_Enhanced\modules\unitframes\healglow.lua:133: in function `?' ...ore\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147: in function <...ore\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:147> [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4: in function <[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:4> [C]: ? [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:13: in function `?' ...ore\libs\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:92: in function `Fire' ...\AddOns\DataStore\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:120: in function <...\AddOns\DataStore\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua:119>

    Locals: <none>

    If its me i dont know what i did, at first i turned Healglow on, saw that error message then turned it off and still got the no idea...lots of neat features so i would like to keep using this add-on but i wont if that error wont go away, i did notice that the font in the chat windows i didnt find the settings to change it. The chat is tiny and can be a bit tough to read...for me anyways. Is there a settings for that somewhere i missed to enlarge the chat window font?


    Last edited by Conso on 6/4/2013 1:41:21 AM
  • #2

    FANTASTIC addition to Elvui.  Just wanted to chime in how much I like your addon.

  • #1

    great little additon to elv ui. love the auto equipment changer. just bloody great

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