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EnergyWatch Reborn

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,129 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 307,369 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 12/20/2006
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 5.4.0

About EnergyWatch Reborn

A mobile, configurable Energy/Focus/Mana/Rage/Runic Power bar that also tracks most classes' secondary resources (Combo Points, Holy Power, Soul Shards, Chi, Demonic Fury, Embers, Shadow Orbs)

The default text for each power type is shown below. The text for the bar can be easily changed to suit your preference in the configuration menu.

EnergyWatch Reborn : Usage - /ew <option>
  lock          : Locks Energy Watch bar's position
  unlock        : Locks Energy Watch bar's position
  config    : Open addon config menu (also found in Addon tab in Blizzard's Interface menu)
  reset         : Resets bar scale, alpha and position to defaults

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Updated TOC for 5.4.0

Configuration sliders now allow values to be entered by hand
Updated TOC for 5.3.0

Updated TOC for 5.2.0

Fixed tracking of Monk Chi points

Updated TOC for 5.1.0
Fixed bar not initializing properly in some situations.

Updated addon for MoP Beta
Addon now works for Monks, tracking mana, energy, and Chi points
Made addon aware of Talent Specializations
Addon now tracks secondary powers for all 3 Warlock specs, Balance Druids, Shadow Priests
Added option to disable large number abbreviation


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  • #225

    Can we have some global saving or profiles support please?Tired to reconfigure for every new character, or for a diffirent spec purpose.

  • #224
    Bar size

    Idk if you are still maintaining this addon but i have one suggestion.  The minimum height of 25 is way too tall.  Its a very simple fix so if you could make it a permanent change that would be great.  I changed mine to 10, which with a border makes it invisible but I have it set to like 16 in game and that gives it a very thin line.  I like it.  If this addon is not still being maintained but you are using it and would like to have the bar be thinner this is how you do that...

    Go to World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/EnergyWatch

    Open the file:  EnergyWatchUI

    Find inside the file:  25

    Replace 25 with 10 (there are 2 instances of 25 but they are both on the same line. Change both of  them)

    Save File...

    Thats all.  If you did this with wow still open just /reload and you will see the change.  What it does is change the minimum bar height to 10 in the config window.  

    Good luck.

    Last edited by Littledude on 5/8/2014 7:04:06 PM
  • #223
    Similiar HP addon

    Hello, i really like EnergyWatch Reborn for my rogue, but i have 1 question
    Does anyone know an addon that is similiar to EnergyWatch, just with hp bar? I've been looking for it for over 1 hour now and cant find anythin.
    I dont want any new custom UI or anything, i just want a simple, moveable, resizeable Health Bar just like EnergyWatch.

  • #222

    In response to our earlier comment thread (, my request for profiles isn't exactly for new character. I need to be able to change the position of the bar depending on what talent spec I am. For example, I have a monk that is both Windwalker and Mistweaver. For Windwalker, my raid frames don't need to be near the center of the screen, I have them to the far left. This allows me to put EW in the center-bottom of my screen. For my mistweaver spec however, I have raidframes where my EW bar is on my WW spec so I need to be able to move the bar otherwise the raidframes cover the bar.


    Many other addons allow you to have different profiles for different specs (bigwigs, elvui, xct, skada etc...) but that's probably not necessary for something like this. You could do something as simple as what Gnosis does, have the bar only enable for spec 1 (windwalker) and not spec 2 (mistweaver) or enable for both and be able to change settings for different specs. I need an addon that does this and until EW does this I'm afraid I am not going to be able to us it.

    Last edited by JCBFTW on 10/8/2013 10:01:28 PM
  • #221

    Is there any way to hide the bar? I prefer to see only numbers - thats all i need. Thanks for your great job!

  • #220

    I really like this Addon as a rogue.  It just took me a minute or two to figure out the whole thing.

    I love that the bar is moveable, and resizable.  I also like that there are options to edit the text, including the font, size, and what is displayed.  In my case, I prefer using Tidy Plates to track my combo points (since the combo points are applied to the mob anyway), but I was easily able to edit the display to remove the combo point tracker and just show the energy

    I also really like that you can choose when the bar is displayed.  By default it is 'always' displayed, which is good because you need it to display while you are setting it up.  Now that I have it set up, it only displays when its either not full, or I am in combat.

    Suggestion wise, I would like more appearance options available , but it does exactly what I hoped from a functionality standpoint.  It might be kinda cool if the bar could be color scaled to be red when it is below a certain threshhold (like 35 or 40).  I don't know if that's possible, but it's a cool idea.... red bar when under 35 and then it turns orange at 35 and yellow (or another color) once it hits 40.  Also, if this is possible, allowing users to customize both the colors and the threshholds would be ideal.

    Last edited by NewSpinSlag on 6/13/2013 7:55:07 AM
  • #216

    I have downloaded your addon and you claim "shows demonic fury" after i spent over a hour of looking up how to get demonic fury to show because your installed options menu under interface is not even a menu... like wth is that 4 lined page option menu.. gargabe

    Is this "false" advertisment to get people to download your addon??? if not explain how we can get only a demonic fury bar to show LIKE YOU claim it will all i can see is a mana bar wich is utterly usless for me as a warlock....huge addon discription for only showing a mana bar....pointless no?maby throw in some "how to use this addon" guidance beside saying this is what it does Good Luck

    Pro Tips: donot make addon and publicize it if you will not even teach how it can be used


    Last edited by koofy33 on 5/14/2013 2:06:39 PM
  • #219

    EnergyWatch tracks your main resource in the bar, and secondary resources (like combo points, soul shards and demonic fury) as text on the bar.

    There are one or two specs in the game for which this setup is not ideal, and I'm not sure how best to handle them. I'm not keen on the addon doing completely different things for each and every class and spec. That would be a nightmare, especially when people want configurability (one warlock wants DF to remain text on a mana bar, but others want to ignore mana and change the bar to DF).

    Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly evaluate my addon, and for the deeply constructive feedback!

  • #215

    Can you change the color of the bar? yellow is so ugly (energy)

  • #218

    It's the same yellow as the energy bar under your character portrait ;)

    I've gotten this request before, and it's definitely possible. Just a matter of if/when I get to it.

  • #213

    Any reason why there is no dialogue box to quickly and easily edit the bar height and width? I'm having trouble getting exactly 274 width. No matter how small the changes are I make to the slider, no matter how small the movement I make it just keeps skipping between 273/275. This is annoying me. If there is no way currently to do this, could you implement this feature? I don't see any reason why you can't. Thanks in advance.

  • #214

    Also, no profile system? One more thing: Auto opacity change while out of combat? Just like JSHB.

  • #217

    I think I could make the sliders also have a numerical value that could be hand-edited for the OCD among us (myself included).

    I haven't added profiles because they haven't seemed too necessary. There's not a lot of knobs that get tweaked, so loading up a new toon and making the adjustments to suit your preferences should only take a few moments.

  • #210

    Realize this is probably pointless, but for nostalgia at least, is there any way to get EWR to update the energy bar amount every 2 seconds?

    I really wish to simulate the old energy ticks, as I loved the mechanic, because the overall rate of energy gain hasn't changed, just been smoothed out by switching to 1 energy ever decisecond (10 energy a second) vs. the old 20 energy every 2 seconds.

    I had left WoW and came back, and I'm pretty sure the old Energy Watch did this, so I'm not sure if the functionality for simulating the wave/tick bar has been lost, thanks for a great addon, regardless!!

  • #211

    Ohsnapjohn: That's an interesting request. The original purpose of EW was to let you know when the next tick was so you could time your opener to maximize your energy afterwards. With a constant flow of Energy, the timing of your attacks is basically irrelevant, you'll have exactly the same amount of energy at any time t after spending any Energy. I actually was going to kill this project when this change was made, as it didn't seem to be needed anymore. It was at this time that many people said that they liked having the bar, even as just a mobile, compact bar to let them track their current Energy and Combo Points. I completely rewrote EW from the ground up, and realized that it would be easy to track all energy types and most of the alternate resources (Soul Shards, Holy Power, etc). Hence where we are today.

    As for trying to approximate the old behavior, there are a couple problems beyond it not having any real use anymore:
    First, the old EW figured out the timing of your ticks by listening to events from the server when you got your first energy tick on login. I don't believe those energy tick events happen anymore. 
    Second, your energy recovery rate is modified by your Haste stat, so simply ticking every 2 seconds (for 20 Energy) wouldn't be accurate at all. I'm sure theorycrafters have reverse engineered the 'energy per decisecond as modified by haste" algorithm, so I could have it tick every 20 Energy, accurately, but...why? In the current system, all that matters is if you have enough Energy to use whatever ability you want to use next. You can tell how close you are by looking at the bar, or reading the text on it.

    Anyway, that's where I stand at the moment. If you, or anyone has any compelling arguments for a change in EW functionality, post them and I'll see what I can do.

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