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  • World of Warcraft
  • 845 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 88,401 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/11/2014
  • Created 08/28/2009
  • 102 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Engraved 1.6.1

About Engraved

Engraved is a compact rune display for Death Knights. Runes icons glow when they are ready to be used and partially glow when they are almost ready (less than one global cooldown away, for example). Rune display can be prioritized so that, for runes of the same type, the one with the shortest remaining cooldown is always shown in the same on-screen position. Runes are individually moveable and sizeable.

New in latest version:

  • Engraved has been resurrected!
  • Updated for Warlords of Draenor
  • Fixed issue with runes not properly locking in play mode
  • Removed buggy animations for now
  • Improved appearance of Circle theme

Version 1.6.1 - Updated for Worlords of Draenor - Removed buggy animations for now - Fixed issue with runes not locking in play mode - Small improvement to appearance of Circle theme

Version 1.6 - Updated for Cataclysm. Added subtle rune glow animation.

Version 1.5 - Added new timer option: Fill (works like SimpleRune)

Version 1.4 - Added new rune art option: Nexus. - Graphical updates to Circle and Ulduar themes.

Version 1.3 - Added new rune art option: Glyph

Version 1.2 - Added new rune art option: Ulduar. - Lowered frame strata of runes a little.

Version 1.1 - Added option to display runes as simple circles

Version 1.0 - Hello World!


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  • #45

    I have only 5 of the runes (

  • #44

    Will this addon replace blizzard "runeframe"?

  • #55

    Yes. But it's not necessary, really, if there's enough people that want to keep the old one, as well.

  • #43

    I hope you do not mind. I am going to use the rune artwork from this addon for a death knight iPhone winterboard theme.  Grats on the best looking runes.

  • #54

    No problem re-using the art. I basically just worked up some of Blizzard's art. So maybe it'd be best to give them credit for copyright and then a mention somewhere of my contribution?

    Also, I've worked up some better versions of the rune art that should go live in the next major update.


  • #42
    Looks great, love this addon
  • #40
    Hotfix for the Glow fix:
    Replace Row 222 (before: "rune.animateGlow = settings.animateGlow;") with these rows:
    rune.animateGlow = false; --never animate
    rune.glow.pulse:Stop(); --you can also replace Play() with Stop() in Engraved.xml^^
    rune.innerGlow.pulse:Stop(); --same here
    rune.innerGlow:SetAlpha(0.7);--bit less glow

    (last row is optional :]...without the glow is a littlebit bright)

    And for users of the Simple Circle Layout:
    add this row before "if ( not usable ) then" near 409 :
    duration=duration * 1.2;

    the fill animation will be much more accurate :)

    just dirty dirty fixes!....but works for me...and i dont know a alternative to this addon
    hope the author finds the glow bug :)))
  • #51

    Yeah, there was an issue with the glow for the circle theme. I tweaked some of the code along the lines you mentioned. It should be better now.

  • #41
    I think you mean Engraved.lua, not xml. Xml file doesnt have those lines.
    A similar bug was/is present in another addon that I use: PowerAuras. Switching to "use old animation" for each aura fixes the same kind of glowing bug there.
  • #37
    4.1 Permanent Death Runes for Frost DKs Blood of the North is causing my engraved to lag, flash all runes sporadically. They also are not coming into us when RE procs.
  • #52

    I fixed the blinking problem by removing the pulse animation (for now).

  • #38
    It happens in all presence/specs - the 'blinking' that is.
  • #35
    First off, I love this addon. Two things to improve it:

    1) For some reason,the glow effect keeps getting lost and i have to reload the ui.

    2) Can there be a way to move them all as one instead of individually? Also to resize as a whole also.
  • #53

    Moving all the runes as a group is something I'd definitely like to add. How would it make the most sense to work? Like, shift-dragging, or double-clicking to select them all, or what?

  • #36
    Just saw the in development part :p
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