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Enhancement Technique

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 257 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.2.0
  • 17,845 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/06/2013
  • Created 12/18/2011
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: ET 5.2

About Enhancement Technique

Many of the existing bugs reported here have been (hopefully) fixed in the 5.2 version. Please report issues so I can fix them for you. This includes support for non-English clients!

This addon consolidates all of the information you need to play Enhancement effectively without playing it for you.

If you used ShockAndAwe, you might like this one.

It shows you:

  • The next 6 most important abilities to cast
  • Your Maelstrom Weapon stacks
  • Your Searing Flames stacks
  • Whether Flame Shock is active on your current target
  • Fire Nova cooldown
  • Unleashed Fury optimizing - shows if your next lightning bolt will get the bonus, taking into account MSW.
  • Small icons for all of your longer cool downs like Ascendance, Fire Elemental, etc. Talent aware.

It lets you:

  • Use any of the level 90 talents - priority lists are swapped automatically for you when your talent is changed. Priority lists are based on simcraft results for optimal play.
  • Control at what point you should hard cast lightning bolt (expressed as a cast time, in seconds)
  • Control how long you're willing to wait to prioritize a better ability, even if a lesser one is already available to use immediately, expressed in seconds.

The configuration options (/et) let you play with a few basic settings. Also, they let you conveniently bind all of your Enhancement abilities without needing to use a bunch of hidden action bars. Check out the video:

The best way to reach me is via a private message on YouTube, at

Next feature set will be out for 10,000 downloads, or 5.3, or when the bug reports roll in. Tell your friends.

New feature:

  • Proper support for all three level 90 talent choices - priority controller will automatically adjust when talents are changed.
  • Incorporated cooldown tracking, like you've seen in my kill videos.
  • Added combat tuning options to let you control your lightning bolt hard cast as well as delaying for higher-priority abilities.

Bug fixes:

  • The bindings screen should load the ability icons correctly now, so you shouldn't need to do a /console reloadui
  • Abilities are now referenced by their spell ID instead of their English names, which means this addon should now work for non-English clients.

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  • #24

    loved this addon, but in 5.2 it is giving an error, I am anxiously awaiting the next update :)


    Last edited by skol on 3/9/2013 12:45:52 PM
  • #21

    This should be fixed in 5.2.  If you run into this, do a /console reloadui.  Please let me know if you are still experiencing this with the new version.

  • #7

    Thanks Tec; awesome addon for Enh shamen! Simple, lightweight, effective to help folks play the best class and spec ever. The priority list even helps me make decisions about what engineering attacks to activate to help round out my rotation. This is my new recommendation for enh shamen.

  • #6

    Great addon man. Paired up with a few weakauras alerts, this is pretty much all an enhancer needs to succeed.

  • #5

    Great addon, simpler and easier to use than Shock and Awe, Lighter-weight, too. I've suggested it to other Enhancers as a learning tool as well as an active part of their raiding UI. 

    There are a few improvements I'd like to suggest

    Flame Shock priority handling:  The flame shock icon has no timer, and the priority list doesn't update it well in the priority list, causing it to flash into priority as I'm already spamming ES. Perhaps tie the time left and the cooldown of UL into the priority for it. ex: IF (Flame Shock absent) OR ((time left > UL cooldown) AND (Unleash Flame buff present)) Super basic, but I'm sure you can come up with better handling.

     New keybinding system doesn't look past ActionBar1, and only sees ActionBar1 bindings (and populates icons) after at least one reload. The reloading is probably so minor as to be unimportant, but I'd be nice to have all of my already assigned bindings populate. It would also help people identify things that aren't bound. 

    Pie in the sky wishing: Don't know if it's possible, let alone practical, but the addon COULD identify a multi target situation based on the number of targets with Flame Shock active, then swap to a multi-target rotation priority. Some people may not want that active, but it may help others. 

    Thanks for the work you've done already! 

  • #3


    I tried the addon today, but it wasn't successful. I only saw the addon panel when i press alt button. I tried to move the frame, it fled out from my monitor. Is there any: / command to earn addon's config panel?

  • #4

    Pickup the 5.1 version - the addon saves your position now, and you do have some options - available from the standard addon interface options view or by typing /et.

  • #2

    it is possible that this addon go in conflict with someone else? always tells me that "I'm not in melee range" and I do not work. Other addons that I have: bartender, DBM, Recount, ShadowedUnitFrames, IceHud.
    Thank you :)

  • #1

    hello I'm french and I like your addon but I don't play in my language .

    I have not found a solution

    now I playing English languages and for me it's very difficulte

    thx @+


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