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About epgp (dkp reloaded)

EPGP is an Effort/Gear reward system and addon for World of Warcraft.

Detailed Firelands Release Notes are available.

The addon can work completely in game, storing the data in your guild's officer notes. As of version 5.3 it can also export data to EPGPWeb for backup and offgame purposes.

For more information about the EPGP system and how the addon works read up on the documentation.

For support and discussion please visit the EPGP Discussion and Support Forum.

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tag v5.10.8
Chip Turner <>
2014-10-28 08:07:34 -0700

release v5.10.8


Chip Turner:
    - tweak release script
    - remove dead google upload code from release script
    - pkgmeta for curseforge
    - bump toc
    - update externals
    - fix traceback due to ITEM_QUALITY_EPIC becoming LE_ITEM_QUALITY_EPIC
    - Add T16 "normal" (was: "Flex") tokens, courtesy of kieron
    - fix minor 6.0 issue with loot announcing
    - update toc
    - update externals
    - bump version
    - update externals
    - handle currency better
    - bump
    - fix cross-realm, same-name guild membership; thanks to shmoodude for the fix
    - bump
    - update externals
    - bump
    - workaround epgp lootmaster versioning issue
    - bump
    - different approach; just strip off the -servername from the roster info, and leave the rest the same
    - hey gp too
    - another hack
    - bump
    - if the name doesn't have a server in it, force it
    - hopefully fix the broken 5.4.2 stuff
    - stop resetting the debug timer, task 735
    - bump toc
    - T16 tokens and essences
    - bump toc
    - use warforged seal for bonus rolls
    - fix localization and change ilvl calc
    - New tier, new values; also show ilvl in loot spam
    - update libs
    - ignore palace key and make UI a little wider, from electronicus
    - update bigwigs interaction (thanks, funkydude); change announces for corpse loot; bump toc
    - fix a stacktrace and also filter out old gear
    - workaround import/export bug
    - make rescale gp use 26 ilvls again
    - invert condition
    - fix coin log bug
    - bump
    - always log coin loot, even if announces are off
    - bugfix
    - bump
    - remove LibBabbleClass and update externals
    - make coin/corpse announces only go to the raid
    - stop spamming lfr
    - make coin loot messages configurable
    - less spammy corpse loot announces
    - bump
    - new number for mogu
    - bump
    - fix a bug in how AceComm was used
    - make any player able to announce loot, but only the first person in the guild to see it
    - make the recurring dropdown list more sensible
    - bump toc and version
    - T15 tokens
    - improve coin log
    - fix costs for ranged reapons (guns vs wants), and new tier ilvl base
    - log coin wins; also debug command line option
    - the api returns the coin that is being used as part of the count, hah!
    - loot announcement
    - initial basic support for reporting bonus rolls
    - bump toc
    - try to fix AceGUI widget problem. adjust dropdown layout.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - change functions of dropdown from blizzard's code to AceGUI widget.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - fix collision at OnShow.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - loading improvement.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - fix double GP increment issue.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - adapt to LibDialog. fix dropdown taint issue for no masterlooter users.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - adapt to LibDialog.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - adapt to LibDialog. fix global '_' taint.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - fix huge lag issue when reloadUI with in combat.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - add LibDialog-1.0
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
    - fix module disable issue.
    Signed-off-by: eruteiHT <>
Chip Turner:
    - fix up some possible taint issues, update translations and externals
    - remove unnecessary dependency and increase timeout for loot award
    - use upgraded ilvl for gp costs... ugh what a hack
    - bump version
    - wands actually should be 1.5, not 2.0; also new tier items
    - remove some debugging spam, tidy up debugging timestamps, and slightly change behavior of modules being enabled
    - update localization
    - adapt patch from eruteiHT to (hopefully!) fix the module-disabling bug
    - wands are 2.0 too
    - use mop instances
    - 5.8.5
    - use 496 rather than 489 for the ilvl floor
    - 5.8.4
    - argh, fix typo
    - 5.8.3
    - fix how we decide when the next expansion is here since patch level won't be accurate
    - a couple more API updates for 5.0.4
    - refresh externals
    - fix traceback from task 723
    - fix a couple of reported issues
    - 5.8.1
    - translations
    - pull new externals
    - remove unnecessary function
    - new german translations
    - updated localizations
    - fix api usage
    - update localization fetch script
    - fixup regex to not pick up some probably broken strings
    - update localization strings
    - make script work once again with new dir structure
    - always tag local, user must do push
    - update for 5.0
    - update make-release for git
    - update externals
    - Added tag v5.7.1 for changeset 3f545f484ac2
    - 5.7.1
    - make the new tier popup better and avoid referencing firelands
    - Added tag v5.7.0 for changeset 5975f36037dc
    - bump to 5.7.0 for 4.3!
    - untested changes for 4.3, pt 2
    - untested changes for 4.3
    - Tag the 5.6.5 release.
    - Added tag v5.6.5 for changeset 0b31c750b00f
    - fix initialized placement
    - change how submodule db initialization happens as well as how the global epgp db works
    - update libs
    - Added tag v5.6.4 for changeset f8893390f8f1
    - bump
    - fix some outsider support bugs
    - Added tag v5.6.3 for changeset 2455d1419dff
    - bump version
    - fix costs that were not updated properly for off/main hand change
    - Tag the 5.6.2 release.
    - Added tag v5.6.2 for changeset feaa9682d3dc
    - fix rounding in gp values
    - Added tag v5.6.1 for changeset 3f00ce1f40a4
    - bump version and fix a bug in adding the outsiders support
    - Added tag v5.6.0 for changeset 5147e1f3828e
    - glue in outsiders configuration support
    - outsider patch, step 1
    - strip carriage returns, ugh
    - hack to work around offline mode
    - bumping to 5.6 in preparation for 4.2
    - reference release notes in the new tier message
    - add T12 data
    - more library upgrades.  tested it this time
    - bump LibGearPoints-1.0.lua t. 1.2
    - fix the gp decay value
    - add decay gp and reset gp buttons, adjust pricing to be tier relative
    - fixup event handling
    - make the log autotrim to 30 days
    - Add T11 tokens, courtesy of
    - Added tag v5.5.27 for changeset 2fe8f82a66da
    - bump version
    - fix issue with lib name
    - Added tag v5.5.26 for changeset cbcb3f8d4835
    - Removed tag v5.5.26
    - Added tag v5.5.26 for changeset 3b5b345b58fb
    - register guildstorage prefix as well as reduce it below the prefix size limit
    - properly bump version number
    - update externals, bump version number
    - Fix library include order. Fixes issue 683.
    - Tag the 5.5.24 release.
    - Added tag v5.5.24 for changeset 06b98c639db9
    - Increase version of this lib so that other addons use it.
    - Fix GP for ilvl 359 chests to be exactly 1000. Also remove rarity from the calculation since item budget is homogenized now.
    Fixes issue 669.
    - Change EP reasons to cover Cataclysm ones.
    - Load the correct popups.lua Fixes issue 668.
    - Tag the 5.5.23 release.
    - Added tag v5.5.23 for changeset 2cd95b5ce470
    - Add hgignore.
    - Pull make-release from epgp-6.
    - Remove junk file.
    - Change GP formula for Cataclysm.
    - Fix case collision.
    - Pull libraries using scripts and update epgp.toc to match
    - scripts and datafiles to pull externals from svn and git repositories
    - Move guild info parsing in its own file.
    - Add comment for example lib to base separate project on.
    - Use self.db instead of db for most uses.
    - Remove Create as it is not needed.
    - Add unittest to LibCoroutine. Multiple fixes.
    - Remove unused library.
    - Remove debug.xml from toc.
    - Remove lootmaster files.
    - Move modules in their own directory.
    - Force show offline members on Guild UI. Fixes issue 632.
    - Update localizations.
    - Update TOC
    - Fix guild roster updating for 4.0.1 patch. Fixes issue 630.
    - Really use ChatThrottleLib for events.
    - Add WaitForEvent() api.
    - Remove Deformat-2.0 (and usage of AceLibrary-2.0). Use LibDeformat-3.0.
    - Unregister boss events from DXE when we are disabled.
    - Format strings properly when reporting which boss mod we are using.
    - Use double colon syntax for Coroutine and AceTimer.
    - Fix buglet.
    - Add DXE support. Fixes issue 546.
    - Fix comments.
    - Add LibCoroutine to TOC.
    - Use coroutines to simplify code.
    - Remove unused embed.
    - Remove unused variable.
    - Remove debugging variable.
    - Add LibCoroutine and simplify loot.lua code.
    - Make script work with 2.6.
    - Add functions to query for authorization to decay/reset EPGP and use this to update the buttons on the popups. Fixes issue 614.
    - Fixes to accommodate for new ChatEditBox. Fixes issue 606.
    - Update localizations.
    - Import localizations.
    - Fix GP popup.
    - Update localizations.
    - Add emblem of frost to the ignore list.
    Fixes issue 579.
    - Update localizations.
    - Clear alts on standby like other members.
    Fixes issue 540.
    - Fix raid dungeon listing to handle all combinations of heroic/normal/10/25 properly.
    Fixes issue 563.
    - Update TOC.
    Fixes issue 549.
    - Use SetNonSpaceWrap instead of SetMultilineIndent.
    Fixes issue 548.
    - Fix LDB ui and config toggling.
    Fixes issue 544.
    - Add support for %t in epgp commands.
    Fixes issue 543.
    - Add GP for Marks of Sanctification (Icecrown Citadel tokens) and Trophies of the Crusade.
    Fixes issue 542.
    - Add command line interface to EPGP to accomodate UI haters!
    Fixes issue 329.
    - Update localizations.
    - Specify timeout otherwise we get an error.
    Fixes issue 530.
    - Update localizations.
    - Update localizations.
    - Add warning for multiple epgp masters causing data loss.
    Closes issue 512.
    - Fix typo.
    Update issue 454.
    - Update localizations.
    - Add support for BigWigs. Patch provided by Ronald J. Yacketta!
    - Update localizations.
    - Make the default log width to 600 pixels.
    Update issue 471
    Also change the default log width to 600 pixels.
    - Make the log window resize up to 1200 pixels.
    Fixes issue 471.
    - Add LDB module to EPGP.
    Fixes issue 491.
    - Fix problem awarding mass ep.
    Fixes issue 518.
    - Update localizations.
    - Allow only 1 level of main indirection. An alt cannot be an alt of an alt. So an alt can only be valid if it points to a member with ep and gp.
    Fixes issue 507.
    - Handle untracked toons in mass EP awards.
    Fixes issue 517.
    - Changes for DBM API changes.
    Fixes issue 513.
    - Many modifications. Implemented alot of the functionality. The true netcode still needs to be added along with the distribution funcionality and popups. All in all still a lot of work.
    - Update localizations.
    - Add debugging line to log profile changes.
    - Stop setting EPGP.db to nil if we are out of a guild. We disable all modules that's enough.
    This fixes issue 459.
    - Move the last version variable in global data. This is part of the fix for issue 459.
    - Update localizations.
    - Make all chat/addon traffic generated from epgp to go through ChatThrottleLib if available. Also make it work with ChatThrottleLib 21.
    This fixes issue 489.
    - Fix quest awards for reply code alpha.
    This fixes issue 486.
    - Fire a log updated message to notify log changes on sync.
    - Update localizations.
    - Disallow fractional EP or GP values.
    This fixes issue 479.
    - Broadcast logs to guild.
    This fixes issue 485.
    - Bump the version.
    - Remove ilvl from tooltip.
    This fixes issue 484.
    - Ignore emblems of triumph.
    This fixes issue 482.
    - Simplify the code a bit and use ChatThrottleLib for all announces if available.
    - Fix typo.
    - Add token values for tier 9 25m heroic loot.
    This fixes issue 480.
    - Fix a typo in whisper.lua
    - Let the user select the announce medium the whisper module should use. This fixes issue 475.
    - Remove members from standby list after a mass EP award.
    This fixes issue 476.
    - Fix double award when both main and alt are in the award list.
    This fixes issue 474.
    - Update localizations.
    - Make wipe detection respect a disabled setting.
    This fixes issue 473.
    - Do not fail undoing 0 GP or 0 EP awards.
    This fixes issue 439.
    - Add rank to the tooltip in the standings list.
    This fixes issue 429.
    - Make standby queuing for other members case insensitive.
    This fixes issue 472.
    - Report the right awards when whispering to standby members.
    This fixes issue 461.
    - Make sure that the person we try to award EP actually is a valid member. This fixes issue 463.
    - Make the dialog variable accessible to the correct scope.
    - Fix inconsisten syntax identation.
    - Validate that we actually can give the player GP before we show the GP credit dialog. This fixes issue 465.
    - Check that we actually have a list of extras before we attempt to announce them. This fixes issue 462.
    - Add more localizations from the community.
    - Fix the script to work after the curseforge changes.
    - Display a confirmation before we trim the log.
    - Change the capitalization method used in whisper to support multibyte characters. This fixes issue 437.
    - Add announce for extras awards (standby). This fixes issue 422.
    - Add way to trim the log to avoid large logs slowing down load times.
    - Add way to mark loot as guild bank loot. Add a third button in the gp popup dialog. Add export of loot for the webapp.
    - Add support for wipe awards on bosses.
    This fixes issue 457.
    Thanks Graeme!
    - Send instructions for standby whispers to guild instead of default channel.
    This fixes issue 456.
    Thanks Trond!
    - Update to the latest version of
    - Add an option to control GP display on item quality.
    This fixes issue 455.
    Thanks Trond!
    - Make whisper commands case insensitive.
    This fixes issue 453.
    Thanks Trond!
    - Now using AceHook to hook the GiveMasterLoot function, instead or hooking it manually.
    - Made the changes Alkis proposed, added some comments and a thorough unit test to test all the situations that might occur. Wiping the tables on LOOT_CLOSED is not needed since the other event clear the tables themselves.
    - Sometimes the loot message is called before the LOOT_SLOT_CLEARED event. An extra lookup table has been added to make sure we're not duplicating the loot message.
    - Fixed a bug where the library couldn't always detect class-only items. Now scanning all the lines on a tooltip, this has been tried and tested in EPGPLootmaster.
    - Changed some debug output.
    - Fixed some trailing spaces and syntax here and there.
    - Simplified the patch for 'the player out of range while distributing master loot' bug. Also using less tables now.
    - Patch to fix a blizzard bug where the master looter doesn't receive a 'Player X receives Item Y.' message when the receiving player is out of range of the master looter. This patch caches the looting slots and traps the messages that trigger when a loot slot gets cleared. If after a specified period of time the master looter still doesn't receive a loot message this patch will emulate that message, so other addons such as EPGPLootmaster, headcount etc etc keep functioning.
    - Update localizations.
    - Fix issue with static popup.
    - Stop exporting the class of each toon. This fixes issue 433.
    - Enable debugging output by default. /epgp debug now only toggles the debug window. This fixes issue 432.
    - Add popup mentioning epgpweb. This fixes issue 431.
    - Update localizations.
    - Fix recurring EP resume after a reloadUI. This fixes issue 289.
    - Fix issue 370. Make the loot and boss popup check for things to do every 10th of a second.
    - Update localizations.
    - Update localizations.
    - Add automatic detection of the region.
    - Fix ilvl of Archivum Data Disc that drops from normal mode.
    - Update localizations.
    - Pass the right string to import. This fixes isue 415.
    - Update strings for import/export and fix the window to open properly when import/export buttons are clicked while it is open.
    - Add Archivon Data Disk.
    - Add localizations for new string as part of fix of issue 356.
    - Use a proper editbox for import and export. This fixes issue 356.
    - Update russian localizations.
    - Fix error on zoning in while having recurring awards on. This fixes issue 389.
    - Fix persisting problem with options for gptooltip (or all modules that do not provide defaults. This fixes issue 406.
    - Add Ulduar bosses and new Vault of Archavon boss. This fixes issue 408.
    - Update french localizations.
    - Add T8 and T8 (heroic) token drops.
    Thanks sh4d0w3d.
    - Make scripts a bit more generic
    - Report the decay properly.
    - Fix bug with gp computation. This partly fixes issue 400.
    - Ignore debug.xml and WowMatrix.dat when making a release.
    - Update localizations.
    - Update TOC for 3.1.
    - Log the real EP/GP changes not the requested ones. This fixes issue 379.
    - Ignore emblems of conquest from auto-loot. This fixes issue 398.
    - Make the ItemsForSlot() function also support inspection of other units.
    - Make the interface of the RPC call functions just like AceComm and ChatThrottleLib functions.
    - Fix line endings for LibRPC.
    - Implemented a whole bunch of the logic, especially the looting events.
    - Put a link to the translators page for credits.
    - Fix multiple calls to GuildRoster and wrong db initialization.
    This fixes issue 396.
    - How ironic, bug in Debug() call fixed.
    - Jeez, too many errors on 4 lines of code... Wrong variable name, fixed.
    - Syntax error fixed.
    - Changed the ItemlinkToID() function a little, always return nil when the itemID cannot be found, not 0.
    - Added a function to extract itemid from itemlinks
    - Images for the lootmaster frame
    - Remove ending semicolons.
    - Cleanup whitespace.
    - Lootmaster ui, row highlighting, cell mouseover popups. Lets discuss this implementation tonight before i start adding more.
    - Code cleanup for lootmaster ui
    - Updated more UI stuff, scrolling table is now in place. (only showing guild data now)
    - Some main controls for the lootmaster ui. very much a wip. ;)
    - Do not resume if current time is less than the next time to award (this happens after a reboot).
    This fixes issue 386.
    - Ignore EPGP changes to unknown members and print a warning message.
    This fixes issue 384.
    - Fix highlighting issue when selecting members for individual EP/GP adjustments.
    This fixes issue 383.
    - Update localizations.
    - Fix button update of the boss kill popup.
    This fixes issue 376.
    - Use the export.txt url to get plain text out of curseforge.
    - Fix 3-byte utf8 sequences to be escaped properly.
    This fixes issue 378.
    - Make lines under 80 characters. Add consistent headers for the different parts of this library.
    - Add ItemsForSlot function that given an invtype returns the currently equipped items for the player.
    - Fix spello.
    - Make log lines change width when the window is resized. This fixes issue 373.
    - Tiny bugfix for LibGearPoints-1.0, proper checking if itemLink is not null.
    - Close the zip file after finishing writing it.
    - Make labels a list of labels not just a string otherwise we end up with a bunch of single character labels.
    - Fix performance regression when checking for remaining pending notes. This makes the O(N) (N is number of guild members) operation to O(1).
    This fixes issue 372.
    - Rewrite to python. This allows easier building of releases from windows (if svn commandline is installed) and make the script do a tad more and a tad better.
    - Move the logging initialization into
    - Update localizations.
    - Pull utility function out and use it in
    - Provide a better test case since we ignore Emblems of Valor.
    - Protect against uncached items.
    - Do not diplay "nil" in the autocomplete boxes when an item has no GP assigned.
    - Add more test cases.
    - Add in comments a useful line to use to bring in cache uncached items.
    - Address review comments. Add back rarity, level and equipslot derived values.
    - Initial import of LibRPC-1.0, implemented most of the comments on codereview. CallbackHandler wasn't an option because it always included the methodname in the function args, which would break most functions. LibDebug (if present) is also handling all the debug information for this lib.
    - Made the isDebugging code more readable.
    - Make the sizer the same style as the LibDebugFrame's. Also fix the position of the buttons to not be so close to the border.
    - Change the tile sizes to make the border less round. Also make the sizer texture AceGUI style.
    - Add min sizes to avoid making the window look like crap.
    - Changed IsDebugging() to just return a local boolean. Implemented a patch by alkis to reuse the frame. Added a texture for the resizer.
    - Move EnableDebugging where we check the version.
    - Change select(3, str:find(...)) to str:match() instead. Simpler more readable code.
    - Make announces more granular.
    This fixes issue 296.
    - Streamline the SetEnabled function for each module. Also make sure we only call module:Enable once on startup as needed.
    This is part of issue 362.
    - Do not show the EPGPFrame if not in guild.
    - Do not show the EPGPFrame if not in guild.
    - Give modules some prototype functions and remove all the auxiliary code from epgp_options.lua
    This is part of the fix for issue 362.
    - Fix enabled/disabled options for each module. This is part of issue 362.
    - Fix some EPGP:Error/EPGP:Info remnants after the debug lib introduction.
    This is part of issue 365.
    - Move GP computation in its own library.
    This fixes issue 358.
    - Update ignored list when a note is updated.
    This fixes issue 363.
    - Fix first time draw of standings after the performance regression fix for issue 366.
    - Add back automatic snapshot on logout. Also remove the rollback functions to not be confused with the import/export functionality.
    This fixes issue 350.
    - Cleanup all the SetCurrentState handlers on frames in the ui and replace them with OnUpdate handlers which is much simpler.
    This allows us to fix some corner cases with recurring EP resume, which are also fixed in this commit.
    - Make the log window resizable.
    This fixes issue 336.
    - Really fix issue 369.
    - Fix importing with different BaseGP.
    This fixes issue 369.
    - Use wipe() instead of a for loot nillifying each key.
    - Split recurring award handling in its own file.
    - Add a debugging console to EPGP and modify all libraries/clients to use it.
    - Fix breakage.
    - Update base strings.
    - Fix wording.
    - Add script that scans all lua files, extracts localizations and write a base enUS localization file.
    - Remove lootmaster localizations until those strings are finalized.
    - Remove trailing whitespace.
    - Fix performance regression when mass EPGP happen with the UI open.
    This fixes issue 366.
    - Implement resumable recurring award after a reloadUI or client relog.
    This fixes issue 289.
    - Merge change 1071 (fix to issue 365) from the epgp-5.3.1 branch.
    - Avoid writing notes at the same time if we have a recurring ticker running.
    - Move options to epgp_options since it is just another file for the core addon.
    - Remove trailing whitespace.
    - Set svn:eol-style=native on all text files.
    - Make options have their own options stanza. This separates module configuration so that it becomes more maintainable.
    An unfortunate effect is the needed rewording of most of the descriptions.
    This closes issue r362.
    - Fix bad interaction with svn:externals. Patch submitted to rietveld for inclusion:
    - Add to drive codereviews out of the repository.
    Please see:
    - Move localization files in their own directory.
    - Address comments for LibLootNotify-1.0. It now passes the itemlink instead of the itemID.
    - Remove a confusing comment.
    - Move version into epgp.lua so that other modules can use it.
    This fixes issue 360.
    - Split loot notification and CHAT_MSG_LOG parsing into its own library and remove that code from loot.lua
    This fixes 353.
    - Add LibItemUtils-1.0 to the toc.
    - Removed the LibBabble stuff since that's now in the LibItemUtils
    - Fix the error strings on the library. Also change the links to item:XXXX instead of Hitem:XXXX since the 'H' is not needed.
    - Merged in the epgp-5-lootmaster branch, since branches seem to mess with our brainzzzz...
    - added AceSerializer-3.0 to the toc file
    - Added debug.xml to the epgp.toc and added debug.xml to svn:ignore. This is for local testing/debugging purposes.
    - Do not call callbacks immediately because that leads to confusing behaviour. The user expects a call after this function returns, but we call it before for the items we find in the cache and after for the ones we are missing. We would rather be consistent and call all callbacks from our OnUpdate handler later on.
    - Fix the item cacher to try harder and simpler. Now there is only a global timeout and a ticker. We retry every 1 second for 30 seconds before we give up on the itemcache. Each time we get something new, we extend the trying period to current time + 30 seconds.
    - Merge from epgp-5-lootmaster branch.
    - Added LibSerializer-3.0 to the externals
    - Actually remove the deformat code :-/
    - Add LibItemUtils-1.0 to trunk, replacing its deformat code with with Deformat-2.0.
    - Add Deformat library and remove local deformat from the code. This is part of issue 351.
    - Update localizations.
    - Remove dependency from Beautiful soup. Now this can run on any standard python installation. Woohoo!!!
    - Add extra logging when writing a file.
    - Add a script to fetch and wrap up all non-enUS localizations from curseforge so that we do not have to do this by hand each time.
    - Export only non-zero EP and non-base_gp GP members. Also make import aware of this change so that it resets missing people from the list to 0 EP, BaseGP GP on import.
    This fixes issue 349.
    - Fix the empty list problem on login when there are: k * 101 + 1 members in a guild.
    - Apparently this was not commited. The tagged 5.3 release has it though.
    - Fix issue 343. Whisper mod now disables announces properly when disabled.
    - Fix text typo.
    - Remove the snapshot functionality and the automatic snapshot on logout. Add import/export buttons to the log window and add popups to facilitate this from the webapp.
    - Put global configuration table up in the file so that comparator functions can reference it.
    - Fix whisper message to output properly. Also move expose the announce function to be used by other modules, like the whisper module and also make the whisper module announce opening of whispers when recurring awards start as well.
    This fixes 338.
    - Update localizations and fix chinese localization loading.
    - Put all guild info variables in their own table.
    - Simplify global configuration parsing code.
    - Return the current contents of the note after a SetNote call.
    - Adding some debugging information for main addon.
    - Add tiered console output support. Now EPGP has :Debug, :Info, :Warning and :Error to output to the console. Everything from :Info and above should be localized. Debug doesn't have to be. Also added a function to :SetConsoleLevel(INFO|DEBUG|WARNING|ERROR) to set the minimum console output level.
    This fixes issue 335.
    - Fix the way we handle the guild info text. When part of the epgp stanza is not there, assume the default value. Also add a function that edits the guild info text as appropriate to save the variables.
    This fixes issue 334.
    - Remove the hack that adds 2 more rows than they can fit. The window apparently changes size after it is shown for the first time so this problem should really be fixed in another way.
    In any case this fixes 333.
    - Fix options after module renaming. This fixes issue 331.
    - Fix standby awards. This fixes issue 330.
    - Do not check non-existing variables to ignore loot events. This fixes issue 326.
    - Properly escape all non-ascii characters.
    - Temporary fix to allow disabling/enabling the automatic boss kill module if it is hooked on DBM detection.
    - Add Latin American Spanish localization.
    - Update localizations.
    - Make module toggles toggle the module itself.
    - Change module references to be inline with the new module names.
    - Rename modules.
    - Pass the name of the boss instead of the module that detected the kill.
    - Use the DBM api if available to track boss kills. This fixes issue 319.
    - Break the update text into 2 lines and make it update properly on first show.
    - Fix computation of decay to correctly decay and floor the results. This fixes issue 320.
    - Add support for a guildwide standby award modifier. This fixes issue 219. Patch provided by Terry Michaels.
    - Fix issue 314. LibGuildStorage was never moved out of an uninitialized state causing it to emit GuildNoteChanged events on almost each frame update.
    Next step is to profile GuildNoteChanged events to see why they are taking so much CPU.
    - Fix alt lists from growing indefinitely. This fixes issue 314.
    - Fix argument escaping when uploading a new release archive.
    - Rewrite LibGuildStorage into a state machine that writes back its state lazily. This fixes issue 308.
    - Add Spanish and French translations.
    - Make the script ask for confirmation and actually do the import and upload of the release.
    - Add debugging and safety code to SetNote as to avoid corrupting data. This is work towards the fix if issue 308.
    - Add russian localization.
    - Fix whispers and names with non-ascii characters. This fixes issue 306.
    - Add Archavon. This fixes issue 303.
    - Fix a problem where a player that is removed from the guild causes corruption of data when his/her EPGP changes before a ReloadUI() happens. This fixes issue 302.
    - Output ignored officer notes on demand. Add a button in the configuration to do this. This effectively fixes issue 278.
    - Fix some bugs with automatic boss tracking since the implementation didn't work (it looks like I committed an unfinished part). This fixes issue 154.
    - Add missing string. Part of issue 154.
    - Implement automatic boss death detection. This doesn't work on multiboss fights like Four Horsemen. This fixes issue 154.
    - Do not change state if SetNote is called on a member we do not know of. This fixes issue 291.
    - Register the first GuildRoster() to happen after PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD. Also guard for cases where GetNumGuildMembers() returns 0 and perform the call again to eliminate spurious warnings. This fixes issue 287.
    - Do not add items to the loot queue of awards if a member is not able to credit those GP. This fixes issue 286.
    - Fix PR display to not print scientific notation when pr > 9999. This fixes issue 284.
    - Add a cache of last award amounts made and auto-fill when the same award is chosen through the single or mass EP award frame. This fixes issue 256.
    - Improve visualization of people below MinEP. This fixes issue 262.
    - Clean up popup code. Use Button:Click to simplify some functions as well.
    - Add alert icon to officer note warning popup. Also make it accept on enter. This fixes issue 282.
    - Add ChatThrottleLib support if available. This fixes issue 279.
    - Make sidepanels close when the main frame is hidden. This fixes issue 281.
    - Fix snapshot saves all the officer notes from the cache since GuildRosterInfo is not available during logout. Alos dump and restore on rollback the guild info part of the settings. This fixes 277.
    - Update the right member's EP or GP through the side frame even after a scholl up or down.
    This fixes issue 276.
    - Reject invalid officer notes and print an error to the user. These notes were making the epgp cache break in all sorts of ways.
    This fixes issue 267.
    - Remove some debugging output.
    - Fix auto-fill on manual GPs. This is issue 274.
    - Return the actual string instead of nil when an item has a single GP value. This fixes issue 274.
    - Add a count of members in the award list in the status bar.
    - Add a status bar to the bottom of the standings to display if we are looking at a raid or the guild, decay, minep and basegp.
    This fixes issue 272.
    - Remove the help text from the GP dropdown and add the tooltip instead. This fixes issue 270.
    - Make manual GP fill in `X or Y` text for items that have multiple values.
    This fixes issue 269.
    - Stop storing a list of action buttons and give an event to register to if the buttons chose so.
    - Fix thinko. When we do mass updates we can continue updating stuff even if the state is LOCAL_PENDING.
    - Fix so that people that cannot change EPGP have their buttons disabled. Also fix the wrong reenabling of buttons while the guild note cache is in an inconsistent state.
    - Fix thinko and add some documentation about the states.
    - Lock down UI actions when a remote client is doing an update. This fixes issue 247.
    - ProtectActionButtons when we know we have changes pending the cache to avoid data corruption. Also stop calling GuildRoster() a zillion times when we give a mass award. This possibly fixes issue 261.
    - Add a redo button to the log.
    Make EPGP automatically backup the officer notes on logout or reloadUI.
    Add a button in the configuration to rollback to the last
    backup. Because of the redo queue the state of the personal log is
    also retained.
    This fixes issues 254 and 195.
    - Remove debug code. Refactor the code to be more readbale, more generic, and shorter. Also fix a bug: There are multiple popup frames. We save references to UIObjects so in the OnHide function when we restore the anchors we always restore the anchors of the first frame that popped up and got backed up, even if we are in another popup. This is fixed by doing a backup for each popup frame we see for the first time.
    - Add a convinience debugging function call for testing the popup and lootqueue.
    - Remove trailing semicolon.
    - Further modifications to make the popup patch more resilient. This fixes  issue 251 .
    - This patch resolves the popup components alignement issue.
    - Override raid and party announces and send them to the raid if the EPGP master is not in party or in raid respectively.
    This fixes issue 245.
    - Fix problem with officer note pointing to itself. Fix issue with names that are not in the basic ascii character set. Also update alt data when someone was an alt but stopped being one.
    This effectively fixes issue 257.
    - Fix version in development versions once and forall.
    - Add a whisper feature for members on standby.
    For this to work the EPGP officer should be in raid and the
    auto-whisper feature should be enabled. In this mode the addon
    interprets incoming whispers. If 'epgp standby' is received the sender
    is added to the award list.  If 'epgp standby <name>' is received then
    <name> is added to the award list.  After each award to the raid the
    extra people are awarded the same EP. They are also removed from the
    list and they are whispered the EP they received and also the fact
    that they have been removed from the list. At this point, from here to
    the next award they need to readd themselves to it.
    This fixes issue 217.
    - Fix error when pressing enter on a GP popup. This fixes issue 253.
    - Fix tooltip problems. Apparently AceHook:HookScript calls the original script automatically now. This fixes issue 209.
    - Update callback documentation.
    - Improve the way we handle the version in releases so that the dev versions have proper versions reported even if they live in different directories.
    - Stop recurring awards when leaving a raid. This fixes issue 243.
    - Add key to the focusing iris to the loot table. This fixes issue 242.
    - Add officer chat to the options of announces. This fixes issue 236.
    - Make loot with 2 gp values fill in X or Y in the popup. Also fix the validation code to enable/disable the ok button.
    This fixes issue 238.
    - Fix issue 231. /epgp now toggles the epgp frame, and /epgp config opens the configuration menu.
    - Add T7 and T7 heroic armor tokens.
    - Fix automatic loot tracking to work in raids.
    - Fix a critical bug with decay and reset.
    - Add missing documentation on callbacks fired.
    - Add announcement for EP/GP reset.
    - Fix time in recurring announcement. This fixes issue 214.
    - Fix the log to refresh properly, fixing issue 212.
    - Remvoe Deformat lib from toc file since it is not used anymore.
    - Fix issue 210. strftime on windows is different than the one on the mac so %F %R doesn't really work for windows.
    - Stop using Deformat-2.0. Implement deformat on our own it is not that hard.
    - Fix issue 207. Guild information text was not being parsed properly.
    - Fix issue 208. This adds GP to greens and blues.
    - Fix font issues.
    - Fix problem with modifying the game fonts.
    - Fix scrolling the standings frame.
    - Eliminate an error case in case the network is slow.
    - Update toc and make changes to the release builder script to accomodate.
    - Leave the recurring button enabled when recurring EPs are running.
    - Make the recurring checkbox, enable/disable when the reason and awards are correct or not.
    - Add missing localization entry.
    - Yet more use of self in handlers for efficiency and conciseness (is that even a word?)
    - Make code use self that is passed to the script handlers to be more concise and more efficient.
    - Rename the "Award" into "Mass EP Award" for the mass EP awards when in raid. Add a string that shows the time to the next EP award when recurring awards are selected.
    - Some string fixes and a function cleanup. Add announces for recurring awards.
    - Really set disabled state.
    - Start with all modules in a disabled state. When the main addon is enabled, establish a timer to check when GetGuildInfo("player") will actually return the guild name. Once that is available, we set the database profile to the guild name and enable all modules.
    - Only create the frame once.
    - Check if the EPGPFrame exists or not.
    - Localization fixes.
    - Adjust size of the log frame a bit.
    - Rip out logging from epgp.lua and into its own module. Make correct use of RegisterCallback.
    - Change the reporting strings a bit and make correct usage of RegisterCallback.
    - Remove debug messages.
    - Remove unused library from loot.lua
    - Polish the announce messages and prepare for the extraction of the log from the main code.
    - Remove the ImportLog function.
    - Remove calls to GetLibrary. We can "call" LibStub directly.
    - Move defaults in the options module. Defer updating the timers for recurring when the side frame is shown.
    - Rename report.lua to announce.lua
    - Commit ommitted file from the previous commit.
    - Add an options panel and hook the options to teir modules.
    - Add AceGUI-3.0.
    - Remove trailing whitespace.
    - Remove trailing whitespace and reindent to 80 columns.
    - Added LootQueue!
    - Remove old Libs subdirectory.
    - Rename the Libs subdirectory as well.
    - Remove unused libraries.
    - Remove unused libraries.
    - Added Report module, for awards/credits reports.
    - Add callbacks for changes in configuration and hook the decay button to disable itself when it the decay is equal to 0.
    - Add messages for awards made to ease implementation of the reporting and logging modules.
    - Fix a bug when showing the guild list and showEveryone was unchecked.
    - Fade out all members not in the raid while in raid mode. Also fix a bug of refreshing the standings when leaving a raid.
    - Change the logic of the standings and award lists. Check the function comments for more information.
    - Save recurring EP and recurring EP period state across reloads.
    - Change all filenames to lowercase.
    - Fixed IncStandingsEPBy to not allow duplicate rewards. Added new function EPGP:GetMain(name).
    - Added missing localization entries.
    - Add a right padding padding for the table creation to make room for the scrollbar.  Also put all the rows in their own frame where the scroll bar is going to appear. Add and hook the scrollbar for the standings frame.
    - Hooked SideFrame2's Award EP button, to the newly created function IncStandingsEPby(reason,amount). Changes in documentation in epgp.lua
    - Remove member in the raid from those in standings not the other way around.
    - Add code to hide all siderames when the main frame is shown. Also fix the highlighting issue when the rows are resorted.
    - Clear all sideframes when we hide their parent.
    - Fix the help tooltip to align properly.
    - Added tooltips for showing alts, and a tooltip in GP Reason dropDown to inform the user of its function.
    - Add API for querying alts.
    - Move OnShow handlers for EP and GP controls into their own frames so that we start with the right state when we are first shown.
    - Add another sideframe for raid EP awards.
    - Make the side frame hide if user clicks on player whose side frame is open.
    - Confirm GP popup now fully functional!
    - Remove LibBabble-Boss and LibBabble-Class.
    - Fix GP popup to assign GP properly when the ACCEPT button is pressed.
    - Partial fix of EPGP_CONFIRM_GP_CREDIT popup and some cosmetic changes. Popup works if Enter is pressed, but the buttons still need work.
    - Fixed scope bug.
    - Added feature to enable/disable buttons if side frame GP/EP input is unaccetable.
    - Remove unused files.
    - Add check for empty strings.
    - Return false when EP/GP change is 0.
    - Fix bugs in validation functions. Remove assertions from negative EP or GP. These are going to be set to zero if they are ever negative.
    - Fix references to non existing button once.
    - Localization fixes and cosmetic changes.
    - Fix thinkos...
    - Make functions not take a name since that is not going to work for mass awards/credits.
    - Add testing functions to use the UI for validation.
    - Fixed side frame 'Award EPs' button to handle 'Other' case.
    - Binded the sideframe buttons 'Credit GPs' and 'Award EPs' to the appropriate functions.
    - Name the editboxes since blizzard's ui craps out without names.
    - Use the right variable for setting the editbox's value.
    - Factor out creation of EP and GP controls. Also remove a lot of the manual padding code. This will allow us to add EP controls for the raid awards.
    - Fix bug when clicking other members when the side frame is open for another memeber.
    - Do more relative alignment and get rid a bunch of constants.
    - Cleanup the code in the sideframe to use relative names so that it can be reused.
    - Added feature to disable and fade the 'EP Other Reason' editbox, unless it's selected from the drop down menu.
    - Fix the officer note warning to not allow the edit of a note unless a user clicks accept.
    - EP DropDownMenu now working properly. Added feature to keep selected player highlighted while side frame is shown.
    - Added more features in EPGP side frame, the EP DropDownBox needs to retrieve list of raiding instances, for now it does the same as the GP one.
    - Cleanup the code a bit and make the checks not go nuts.
    - Indent files properly.
    - Added EPGP side frame, to handle custom assignments of GPs (and EPs to come). Modified popups.lua to replace usage of 'this' with 'self'.
    - Remove LibBabble-Class.
    - Dim rows a bit more when they are on standby.
    - Yet another bugfix. Test before you commit!
    - Small bugfix.
    - Do not insert dups in the item cache.
    - Add a cache of recent loot seen in tooltips.
    - Add class coloring.
    - Add the notion of extras to epgp. Implement selecting people in the UI to be added as extras.
    - Make the show alts checkbox into a show everyone checkbox. The semantics are changed to show alts or not when in guild view (not in raid) and to show non-raid members or not when in raid view.
    - Initialize defaults before we parse guild info to prevent errors.
    - Fix sorting functions to work properly with min_ep set. Fix decay to decay properly.
    - Add keyword substitution for Revision.
    - Make the decay popup pick up the decay on its own.
    - Added Decay EPGP popup (along with entry in Localization), and commented everything in EPGP_Popups:OnInitialize()
    - Working GP_Confirm static popup, hooked with GPTooltip and using Localization.
    - Add a check next to each name in the listing. This will be used by the standby code.
    - Fix text padding in the table rows.
    - Add a decay button.
    - Properly indent the code, make the file into its own module and add the debug code into the OnInitialize function.
    - Simplify standings updates.
    - Fix highlight texture path and change font to highlight font.
    - Change formatting of PR and increase the spacing between the rows in the table.
    - Hook up the table controls with the backend.  Sorting works through the headers and show alts toggles showing alts or not.
    - Minor adjustment in popups.lua forgot the EPGP_TEXT_CONFIRM_GP_CREDIT string!
    - Added the Confirm_GP static popup in a new file (popups.lua and update the epgp.toc accordingly.
    - Change the way we create tables. Make table rows.
    - Rename scrollFrame to scrollBar.
    - Make log lines into fontstrings. Make buttons to award EPs only enable when in raid.
    - Change version number to work with patch 3.0.2.
    - Add the log frame. The actual log contents need some work still to allow for hyperlinks.
    - Add more convinient functions to access the log records.
    - Remove stub function.
    - Rework the UI. This doesn't have buttons or listing rows but it is a good start.
    - Put all initialization code into OnInitialize().
    - Moved checkbox to left side.
    - Indent code properly.
    - Stop using xml templates and put all the code in lua for the EPGP v5.0 user interface.
    - Implement fix for Issue 72. The new formula for GP computation is:
    GP = 0.483 * 2 ^ (200 / 26) * multiplier
    This means that for an epic chestpiece of ilvl 200 the GP is 100. For
    every 26 ilvls higher the GP price doubles. Also the multipliers have
    changed as follows:
    Head/Legs/Chest: 1
    Shoulder/Waist/Feet/Trinket: .75
    Ring/Cloak/Wrist: .5
    Wand/Relic/Idol/Totem: .5
    Main hand weapons: 1.5
    Offhand weapons: 0.5
    Some items have 2 multipliers and they are used in certain exceptions:
    2h weapon: 2 or 1
      * 1 if it goes as an OH to a TG warrior or to a hunter, 2 otherwise
    1h weapon: 1.5 or 0.5
      * 0.5 if it goes as a MH or to a hunter or a tanking warrior, 1.5 otherwise
    ranged weapon: 1.5 or 0.5
      * 1.5 if it goes to a hunter, 0.5 otherwise
    shield: 1.5 or 0.5
      * 1.5 if is a tanking shield, 0.5 otherwise
    - Only track GP for epic items.
    - Guard against first login on slow network connections. Sometimes GetGuildRosterInfo returns nil even though GUILD_ROSTER triggered.
    - Add Loot tracking module.
    - Fix library imports.
    - Small bug fix for PLAYER_GUILD_UPDATE event. We do not want to stop updating the cache when we get this event unless we left the guild.
    - Add OfficerNoteWarning module.
    - Add GPTooltip module.
    - Remove embeds.xml since it is not used anymore.
    - Add first cut of EPGP v5. This is just the core addon, the UI is still under developement.
    - Add first version of LibGuildStorage.
    - Add AceConsole to the mix.
    - Change externals to point to the new wowace repos.
    - Use -dev in the title to distinguish between the release and the dev version.
    - Add new libraries to toc and embeds.xml
    - Add LibStub and fix some more paths.
    - Fix typo in externals.
    - Change svn:externals to pick up Ace3 and in general updated libraries.
    - Add russian localization.
    - Fix issue 192.
    - Fix issue 180.
    - Fix 2.4.2 patch issues with officer note encoding.
    - Make NPC id extraction more efficient and resilient.
    - Fix GUID for Supremus.
    - Fix issue 88.
    - Fix SetEP and SetGP functionality.
    - Update boss detection to work for 2.4.
    - Add T6 tokens added with 2.4.
    - Make the EPGP master the ML if the ML is set or the RL if not.
    - Fix issue 143. Alts/outsiders can be toons with names including diacriticals.
    - Fix item ids for T6 shoulders.
    - Remove MasterLooter popup since this is replaced by the Loot module.
    - Remove EPGP_UI.backend references and get the backend through EPGP.
    - Get backend module through EPGP, not EPGP_UI.
    - SaveRoster just once after assigning EPs to all members.
    - Fix indentation.
    - Make the cache handle negative or more than range ep/gp automatically.
    - Add comment.
    - Simplify code.
    - Fix indentation and simplify code.
    - Fix indentation.
    - Fix indentation.
    - Fix indentation and simplify some code.
    - Simplify a lot of the code by using locals. This is a small performance improvement as well.
    - Fix item id for Leggings of the Forgotten Protector.
    - Fix problem with error when awarding to members in raid but not in guild.
    - Make reporting a bit less verbose when awarding to the raid.
    - Rename EPs to EP.
    - Uncomment EPGP pushes to officer notes.
    - Add protection for multiple raid adds.
    - Remove ML popup. Add passive tracking of both loot and boss kills.   Loot no longer needs to be given out by the master looter for the addon to popup an entry box.   Boss kills automatically popup a dialog for boss EP award and they remember the last value entered for each boss. Standby EPs are used by default through whispers.
    - Fix Deformat path.
    - Fix path.
    - Add more libraries.
    - Make searchbox not reset when it loses focus.
    - Use a ceiling to 0 when subtracting EP or GP from a member or list.
    - Stop saving keybindings.
    - Added a guard for bug 133. Wasn't able to reproduce but the guard will eliminate the error from coming up.
    - Add spanish localization thanks to Urko Alberdi!
    - Small


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  • #221

    Is there a way to use public notes instead of officer notes?

  • #219

    aw.. never mind i found the error... if you have information in offier's note in your guild rooster... thoes ppl don't show up on list... if you delete the notes they are back on your list :)

  • #218

    Hej Hej

    i have the same problem, i can't see all guild/raid members.. i can't even see my self... but others in raid got all 10 members in there list... now since i do the loot and the points... need to get all members on the list... how can i fix that?

  • #217

    why does my addon have some of my guild members not in the list when raiding ?

  • #220

    are thay on a alt? if so make shure that player has the first letter in there officers note CAPed 

  • #216

    Hello, ty for the addon.

    I do however have a question. I set my addon so it will announce ep given into guildchat. Though every now and again (actually quite often, like once every 1,5 weeks) it will just reset that, and i have to set that i want things to be announced again.

  • #215

    When i type /epgp the list shows all ep values 0 all gp values 100 and all pr values 0 for all member of the guild. Can someone help me how to fix this?

  • #223

    Hi, just wondering if you got some answers or fixed the issue.  Right now i'm having the same problem, al  my EP, GP and PR values are shown like this EP=0 GP=1 PR=0 ¿Can anyone else helpe me please?

  • #214

    Is there an option or ability to show the current epgp / priority data to the guild or raid? Kind of like how you can announce DBM data to raid/party/etc. 

    If not, would love to have one!  :-D

    Thanks for such a fantastic addon!

  • #213

    In the EPGP (DKP reloaded) settings- in Loot tab

    This feature is disabled yet it still gives me the popup to assign gp the player that gets the loot. It is very annoying, it shows up on "all officiers in my guild" on any epic quality item even in LFR / LFD / solo play.

    EDIT(skip here TL;DR): apperently this was caused by WebDKP. This message is left intact for others with same problem. "Solved". Which I fixed by a simple uninstall of that WebDKP addon.

    Last edited by yoshi_ on 3/19/2012 8:37:19 AM
  • #212

    can anyone help my epgp is showing something wiked dkp instead of epgp anyone got any ideas on what i can do please

  • #209

    Why is the curse client trying to replace epgp and epgp_lootmaster with SW-DKP?

  • #210

    You better report this to This should not happen.

  • #211

    Support ticket sent to Curse.  Will pass along the result.

  • #208

    Hi :)

    I was wondering if there's a smooth way to give the mass-EP to everyone currently online in the guild (instead of only the ones in the raid)? We usually give some start-EP to everyone online at raid start, and not having to invite everyone to the raid and then kick people would be very smooth for us. Also, if this option exists, is it possile to set for everyone above a certain guild rank to recieve mass-EP while the alt/social ranks does not?

    Very grateful for an answer :)

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